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  1. Cozmo

    bowl practice will fix everything

    Extra practices with this offensive coaching staff isn't a good thing...
  2. Cozmo

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    Exactly. Anyone blaming JJ while giving Leath a pass has zero clue. Gus would either not be here or not have received the extension if JJ was still here, fact. The two despised each other the last few years and JJ's "controllers" wanted and still do want Gus out. Leath and one main booster created, approved, fell for etc this extension and no one else. Also, if one thinks Leath cannot be fired or let go, they must not realize that Leath is on incredibly shaky ground within the school and it has nothing to do with the football contract. It is just the icing on the cake...
  3. Cozmo

    Allen Greene comments

    He's gone. We would actually lose money in the long run if he is kept. The people in power know this, and know that a lame duck Gus next season is easily the worst thing we need.
  4. Cozmo

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    I frickin hope not, and not because of him. We wont get better with a player like him at QB and he sure as hell won't get better under Guschip.
  5. Cozmo

    I don’t like the HUNH

    Luckily for you, we only run it about 7 times a game. Unluckily for you, our offense actually runs better when we use it...
  6. Cozmo

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    He was here two two years under Tubs...
  7. Cozmo

    markaviest bryant

    Im pretty sure our coaches, especially Steele and Garner, know this and what they face and aren't the types to blow smoke up our asses....
  8. Cozmo

    Offseason Coaching Changes

    That would still leave us with one spot to fill
  9. Cozmo

    Most Wins last 100 seasons

    What is really impressive to me is the amount of times AU has played teams on this list, especially compared to others on here. We'd have a good 60-70 more wins if we swapped shedules with Tennessee the last 100 years... Imagine instead of playing UT, Ga Tech, UF, Uga, bama mixed in with Clemson, FSU, LSU etc every year, and playing Minnesota, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin (who had a miserable program until 25 years ago), Indiana etc instead? Almost a shame that Michigan has only won two titles in the last 70 or so years and that OSU doesn't have more either...
  10. Cozmo

    Greg Brown

  11. Cozmo

    Greg Brown

    D.C. was the QB coach in name only, there's a reason he's "coached" WRs since that move.. Jimbo coaches the QBs at FSU and always will...
  12. Cozmo

    Did you know? (Chip Lindsey's offense)

    Helfrich hasn't called plays in almost a decade, and Ensminger may be one of the worst OC's of all time. Great guy, but not a developer or play caller whatsoever unless you liked our 2003 and last half of 2008's offense. I really hope you were joking..
  13. Cozmo

    Chip Lindsey new OC

    Well, one way to look at it, if he does, then we will have a whole new staff this time next year.
  14. Cozmo

    Chip Lindsey new OC

    Having to play 5 QB'S due to injuries will do that to any team.. He's an uparade to Rhett and actually called plays the last 3 years and developed QBs, something Rhett never did... He wasn't my choice, but there are definitely worse choices out there..