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  1. We better enjoy him this year because he will be a first round pick after this season.
  2. Easily my favorite QB in AU history and one of the nicest people you could meet. Slack to Tillman and Slack to Ace will always be my Sullivan to Beasley. Reggie had freakin ice water in his veins...
  3. Oh, it definitely will. And, no one knows anything anymore...
  4. Definitely hasn’t been the 24 hours we’ve been looking for...
  5. Agreed, but not what we were talking about at the time.
  6. Ok, you can do that then. Also, I never said Kelly was elite, but he is certainly held in a lot higher regard nationally as far as coaching goes than Malzahn. Personally, I wouldn’t want Kelly, but would take him over the circus we have now any day of the week.
  7. Brian Kelly is 230-90 as a head coach and is being pursued by USC as we type.
  8. Chubb and Michel not playing would’ve had nothing to do with us using the exact same game plan on offense that we used 3 weeks prior. Swift put the dagger in us last year, regardless.. You don’t see Bama and UGA lapping us? They both outrecruit us while also outcoaching us before, during, and after the games. And, I’m not even talking about development yet as that is on a whole different level. You don’t see LSU, UF, AM, UT etc improving? Coach O is 2-0 against us while using backup Big Ten QBs and with a guy Tuberville wouldn’t even trust to have complete control over Hugh Nall. Heaven forbid if LSU actually gets that side of the ball rolling...
  9. And whose fault was that? UGA just replaced arguably the greatest RB duo in SEC history yardage wise with Swift, Holyfield, etc while having arguably their best RB on team not even play a down due to injury. Are we to just accept excuses while everyone else is either improving (AM, UF, UT, LSU etc) or already running laps around us? And next year better? We play Oregon, at LSU, at UF, at AM, UGA, Bama etc. All of those teams will return the same or more than we do...
  10. Yeah, I hate when people try to blame us for wanting to win now and act like we have zero patience. It’s completely false and is disproven rather easily. Here’s an example, Tuberville was actually worse record wise after five seasons than Gus, but he had the support of the fans because we already saw him make tough changes to coordinators and we trusted he could turn it around after 2003 with the right guy, just like he did in firing Mazzone and bringing in Petrino after 2001. We’ve never seen that with Gus and never will, and we all know that...
  11. Thank you, bud. I just cannot stand the false narrative that Gus supporters try to throw out there. You can say he’s a good guy, recruits solid citizens, runs a clean program etc, but these excuses/lies some are making over and over for a guy in his 6th season averaging 5 losses a year while being paid as a top five coach is ridiculous. Some of them have to be trolls because they certainly do not have Auburn’s best interest at heart. If one wants Gus to stay because of the good qualities I mentioned above, then just say that and I’ll appreciate that. But, to put down the fan base and place blame on the players he actually recruits and develops makes zero sense at all IMO.