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  1. I am worried about Ole Miss running the HUNH and us being able to react and keep up, with Mason upstairs and all.
  2. That would be hilarious. I like the Aggies, good people, but that would be great drama! Pass the popcorn.
  3. I have to disagree this time. I am not a Neuheisel fan, but he absolutely called a couple of plays perfectly before the snap and did much better than yrs past. That said, he is much better in the booth than on the field. But, one game does not make him a great booth guy.
  4. No man...you're good and funny. With so many people today becoming candy-a$$es, I guess that was worded funny. This is a simple gameplan for this game: go whip your man across from you and we win. This Sat is not about scheme. Time to get healthy running the ball, if we can run the ball.
  5. I hate to put pressure on this weekend, but if we can upset Arky, that would be a great way to finish the first part of the schedule. And I think we all figured 2 losses about right now. This weekend would set us up for the "wins down the line." If we lose, it will take on a feeling of desperation.
  6. Bo Jackson ain't coming through that door. Cam Newton ain't walking through that door. Takeo Spikes nor Carlos Rogers are walking through that door. We are going to have to take the players that want to be here and turn them into Auburn men. Now you go out there and lay your guts on the line, agin, and agin and agin, we'll win our share of the battles.
  7. I did not know Bo in college but will say this - The man took a beating in the games: lots of hits and didn't go down upon first contact. I remember walking behind him and then walked around him on my way to Dudley one morning and he was limping. Now he played that weekend, but I suspect he had to take a few days to recover physically from all the hits he took. I suspect him hating practice is born more out the fact he needed more time to recover (Mon and Tue) than most players. I would never say Bo was lazy and I have never heard that. The man literally makes hi
  8. Beaker


    I think you are right. In a weird way, it's a 'must win'. Mostly from a mental edge perspective. 11 KO may help Auburn. If we can score early, their crowd may never really get into the game. Very big "if". Can we rebound from a loss to a mid tier divisional opponent and beat teams that are figuring out how to play like TAMU or Ole Miss? Also weird: why can't we send 2-3 TEs out on routes if our WR corps is unreliable? I would rather take my chances with 6'7" Brandon Frazier than with S Jackson. "I'll hang up a listen."
  9. NIL $$ - Oregon and Nike this worries me the most
  10. I was wondering about that when I read some of this (when I was trying to catch up). on another note: the 16th is the next possible announcement for the good guys?
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