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  1. We run the Whirly Bird and Coach Morris will say it was his idea after the game. No....Scratch that. Joey running into an Auburn huddle is more likely.
  2. There is a lot we just don't know about the OL and maybe the biggest factor: new OL coach. A new OC who actually gets to do his job will be a big factor. I scan all the position groups and it is hard not to like any of them. The way Carlson finished with the Iron Bowl was amazing (MVP type game). I think kickers/special teams may be our weak link.
  3. E is not going to get one me I guess for this - But which position group is our weakest? This is not 'most inexperienced' - which group is our achilles heal?
  4. I don't know, but we need that person to step up. Well, not for my sake, but other people's sake. Is what I mean or meant. This is not coming out well. Redcup Auburn on Instagram could do it for sure. Whoever that cat is.
  5. Maybe my post this morning lit a fire... I didn't intend to get him off high center..
  6. Great reminder about Fulmer. I forgot he snaked his way back in and yeah, he was slimy when he was there, so I am sure he still is. UT used to be a respected program when Johnny Majors ran the show. He was a man of integrity I believe. Thanks
  7. Behind the scenes, do programs snitch on each other about gross recruiting violations? I know this is a very slippery slope and coaches are less likely to do such b/c they may be looking for a job in a year or two. But come on! Tenn garnering all this talent and I am not buying, "but they are selling playing time." This works for most, but all that talent on the OL? Ummm, no - I reject that for all of them. Most want a chance to play for a championship and Tenn hasn't even been relevant. I am tired of reading how we are losing kids to Tenn and losing most b
  8. Sorry to inform you, but I did not sign off on this. This is not approved. Please remove this thread and continue. Think about how stupid I will look if you are not there to keep me in line. Is that what you want? Is that what you are after? Seriously, I genuinely appreciate your tireless effort to keep us informed. Thank-you.
  9. Give me that little guy - Mondon and Brooks (just for fun). And the big guy from GA, the OT Sims Seriously, those three.
  10. The hunting south of Georgia - is that bow or gun? Looks to be year round if 'turkey' is just printed on the map. Pls confirm.
  11. ok, I agree some kids may be silent commits, but what credibility do they have trying to build a class as a silent commit? I think close to zero. I am not an antagonist, but wondering out loud. Other than a kid trying to continue to play the recruiting game, why be a silent commit? Especially if you are trying to influence others...And I know some programs tell a kid to be silent as they are trying to 'stick it to another program' or keep some other kids hanging in the wind. I think those are very different reasons. Can't be a silent commit and really build a
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