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  1. I think he has way too many tied games for my liking. Just kidding, the guy is just driving a machine. Unreal. He could've coached Soviet Hockey in the 70's.
  2. I will one up you: Karen Aston Texas did not renew her contract on Friday - what has she done? Sweet 16 three times in last 7 or 8 yrs and elite 8 once. Big 12 womens BB is not SEC, but come on, she would be an upgrade. She has won everywhere she has been. Had we paid Flo in Feb, we would have our vacancy... Why did they cut her loose? She couldn't get past Baylor. Auburn could attract a women's coach of Aston's ability with our coliseum and the excitement of Bruce Pearl and the men's program. I know they don't coach together, but there could be some synergy. oh well, what could've been
  3. Honestly, we can't. Consider landing those two and with Cooper...not only has something like never happened for Auburn BB, it's never happened for Auburn FB either. 15th has to go our way or I think there is zero chance...but I am not an insider - I know nothing.
  4. If my memory serves me correctly, his decision was Auburn as a WR or Clemson as a DB. Seems like with his gangly range and incredible balance, he could be running some picks upfield for Auburn and Coach Steele. Better running some interceptions back than never seeing the field on O.
  5. meh....uhhhh; I would argue Sean White could not see the middle of the field well at all. Not to be argumentative, but we had some middle of the field crossing routes and he could not see them unless he rolled out. I think he was definitely limited by his height. Doesn't mean we can't set the next QB up a lot better - because give Nix a TE, more options, and a scheme that builds upon itself, we may be looking at 35+ points per game next year.
  6. I wonder if his Euro experience will be anything for Green or Brown to consider as a positive to help them develop quickly. April 15 and April 30 basically, right? Man, I am antsy. Nobody is going anywhere, just announce tomorrow! Kidding, not kidding.
  7. This sucks. Watch Vandy and Ark end up in the SEC CG as a result of some squirrelly change. Just kidding, but you know what I mean.
  8. And many of these kids may play DB as freshmen or soph because they are great athletes and coaches want them ont he field, while they have a proven QB. Proven for HS, not D1, SEC football of course.
  9. I tend to agree, but did you see this cat's highlights? yeah, Yeah, I know they are 'highlights' for a reason, but geez, this kid can play. I like him about as much as that Cedar Hill kid, on page 1 - Salter. 28 TD and 6 picks as a junior, but 6 TDs and 4 picks as a sophomore - this kid is coachable! Drone threw for 46 and 10.... big boy football and coachable also. I think he can flat out play. 1st season getting more than 30 snaps.
  10. Think of him as one of those 3* that Tubs used to 'coach up.' I am very much the same way to be honest...
  11. Was reading that this guy's biggest strength is extending plays by 'hovering around the pocket'.
  12. Yup, just saw the other highlight video - 1st season. He played against some elite 6A programs - like perennial state champions. Kid is going to be special.
  13. Leach just got his first HS QB commit. Yeah, he is from TX. That didn't take long...