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  1. Pretty sure M Miller was on that 2013 squad and Chiz recruited him. Maybe 2012 - gonna have to fact check that. 😏
  2. I know, for sure. But I think it would be an upgrade to move Grimes to an admin role and upgrade the coaching position. If Grimes wants to stay on, great, but in a different role if we can upgrade from one of these fractured programs. It is Gus' job to lead this staff and upgrade when feasible and possible. That is what he is paid to do. Not sure anyone thinks this senior laden OL surpassed expectations this year. Do we have reason to believe next year will be a great improvement?
  3. Well that sucks for us. Great recruiter and OL coach with ties all across the Southeast going to our rival. A lose-lose for Auburn. I wonder if Gus even called him...
  4. Maybe I missed this, but why can't we hire BOTH CM and Matt Luke? I am serious. Let Grimes slide into an advisory role or 'analyst'. We should be able to get both pretty cheap (low ball their salary) since Ole Miss and Arky has to pay the difference. I know someone will say Grimes doesn't want to move. Show him how beneficial it would be to the program. That is Gus' job - to lead. Matt Luke would be an INCREDIBLE asset to the staff, in addition to Chad Morris for OC (well QB developer and recruiter). I hate to say it, but Gus might just listen to Matt and Chad explaining how his tendencies and lack of passing game is crippling his play calling. He really might listen. Do something? Who knows. Call them Co- Offensive Coordinators, who has OL and one has QBs. Could be an incredible collection of coaching talent on the O side of the ball and we don't have fire anyone.
  5. Plenty of good thoughts here. One quick one - It seems like, seems like to me, that Gus is in a foreign country from Jan - Sept 1st, flies in and needs several games to figure out who his personnel is. How is this possible every year? After 7 yrs, how does he fall into the same ruts of being so predictable from the second QTR until the 55th minute of the game? those are my two issues and I believe those are the only two issues that cost us games (that we should have won, or could have won).
  6. Just read the SEC office is requiring Auburn opponents (why Auburn's opponents??? ) to take a MANDATORY 2 hour class on wearing headgear properly before the 2020 season. ???? Clearly they are worried about Sean hurting more defensive players.
  7. nice...better if the plastic bottle were an iron perhaps.
  8. This is great; love the spirit. I recall sitting in the pew on Sunday morning after the 1984 game vs FSU (42-41 victory) and the preacher said, "I had a short, sweet sermon all planned. However, in light of last night's big win, I thought it would be appropriate to have forty-two points this morning!"
  9. I am outta likes - love it.
  10. Ahhh. Thanks for the clarification buddy. I am fine with that either way. It was in the 2nd qtr and both teams knew they had 30 min to work with after that. -thanks
  11. Yeah, "pretty unfair". I thought he was about to have an aneurism arguing that we should not be allowed to get the snap off to end the half. Such a hypocrite: think back to 2013....they had one second and a tv timeout to review: they were allowed the opport to quick snap and kick a FG. Exactly the same set up! I have never respected him. All 'this and that' about 'his process'. Boloney - he has the most talent, best players and cut throat coaches. That equals a lot of wins. Heck one of his assistant coaches quit last year, cleaned out his office and didn't even say goodbye. Speaks volumes.
  12. Amazing - Congrats @Momma Worm !!
  13. I am not a Gus fan because he loses games he should easily win (not every loss, don't pick me apart), but he has many positives also. I am still not a Gus fan, but honestly: 1. He runs a clean program we can all be proud of. He runs off players who don't belong in the family. 2. He is the most consistent HC we have ever had with recruiting. 3. He is a Christian and whether you are or not, he teaches those values to his players. Values are 'everything' as an adult.