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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Venables' coached/learned under: Snyder at K State - hardnosed Stoops at OU - who many adore, they just out-recruit everyone and win 10-11 games yearly. OK is not a great place to go to - nothing interesting in that state to speak of. Dabo - who just out-recruits and out coaches most of his opponents Watch Venables - the dude is passion and he has learned from people who can build programs and sustain them.
  2. Something UGA did right

    I would sacrifice one game if it guaranteed the dominoes start to fall. My fear is he wins just enough to start this whole dysfunctional cycle all over again in the Spring. All the lies about the changes and deceit about who is running the O.
  3. Something UGA did right

    You know I bet other coaches laugh at preparing for Auburn: 1. Weather the 1st and maybe 2nd qtr 2. Convene and make halftime adjustments 3. Play qtrs 3 & 4, play mistake free to win the game
  4. Something UGA did right

    The choice is to move on or not, regardless of record. I am not saying hiring K Smart was the right choice. That is a different decision. For us, I concur, I don't trust JJ to make the next hire. His last two: a coach who had to sit out due to NCAA violations and we poached from a great program who couldn't pay the coach what we could pay. Not super tough to land those guys IMO. Hiring Chiz - he had a losing record and hiring Gus was easy, he was salivating to come back. Considering those 4 hires....he hasn't recruited a coach in high demand I don't think. My fear now is we upset UGA and Gus keeps his job. In his mind, he made all the right moves this year.
  5. 2015 season and dismissal[edit] The 2015 Georgia Bulldogs football team were the favorites to win the SEC Eastern Division. The Bulldogs started the season 4–0 with SEC wins over Vanderbilt by a score of 31–14 and South Carolina by a score of 52–20. On October 3, eventual national champion Alabama came to Athens and defeated the Bulldogs by a score of 38–10. Georgia then had two additional conference losses to Florida and Tennessee. Georgia finished the regular season 9–3 after a four-game winning streak, including road wins over Auburn by a score of 20–13 and Georgia Tech by a score of 13–7. The day after the Georgia Tech game, Richt was dismissed after 15 seasons as head coach for failing to reach the SEC championship that year. He was named the head coach at the University of Miami shortly after.[8] They set a precedent....I hope we have the leadership to follow. Gus has made about 20 million dollars beating teams we are supposed to beat and losing every possible rival game except 3-4 during a 5 yr stretch (IMO). Not since the kick 6 in 2013 have I been overwhelmingly proud of my team.
  6. Stidham not allowed to audible

    And Gus will always say he hasn't won a championship without a QB like Marshall or Newton....ergo, he won't win one until he has a Heisman winner or a QB with 4.4 speed who can throw. He restricts players way too much.
  7. Coordinators Silence

    Hmm. Knowing that, maybe we should have made scoring more points a priority knowing the sun was going to be out all day. Hold on, wait - football? Aren't we supposed to score as many as possible in case our opponent tries to score as many as possible???? Our coach said, "we're in good shape, up by 9" at half. Gonna lose a lot of big games with that mentality. Oh crap, we have lost a lot big games since 2012. I keep trying to forget that.
  8. Coordinators Silence

    Wow. Dang good point. I forget about that
  9. come on guys

    I do wish would elevate the players and accept responsibility for a loss. That is an immensely talented team. He might see more emotion out of them.
  10. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Yeah well said. We got out coached by the village idiot starting a ton of freshmen and sophomores. Taylorekeeton also said it: I feel for the youth that have endure this in school. And my son will suffer through this as a student there No way Gus out coaches a team of equal talent. 8-4. What will be the excuses be this yr? Every year we have "reasons".
  11. Embarrassed or Mad?

    I hope this is not redundant. I wonder if most are mad or embarrassed. After driving 4 hrs today and thinking about this, I have come to the conclusion I am flat out embarrassed. I have been an earnest, passionate fan since '83. I have not been embarrassed by the same dumb repetitive stuff though. A bad loss here and there, but nothing like this year in and year out. This is flat out embarrassing. We look like a DII or DIII program and I have seen some of that - my son almost played for one. Our coaching was a joke. I am not a coach, but I am sure I would NOT keep doing the same daggum thing every set of downs! 5 mil for that? I don't need to explain the difference to ya'll - mad or embarrassed? We haven't been this talented with so many weapons since 2004. Up by 20 and favored to win...? Mods - delete my OP if this is redundant.
  12. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Playing not to lose will cost us this game
  13. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Even Danielson sees the change in play calling
  14. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Nice drop ! Will take it