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  1. is Samoa, Utah near Salt Lake City? Maybe a suburb...
  2. We need an Iceland pipeline. The Giants of Iceland | Strength Beyond Measure
  3. McClain is listed as 212, I did not think he was that thick. My son played at 197 ( not a D1 kid) and I thought ZM was closer to 205 because they had a more similar look. So you are reason the smartest LB we have did not have a break out year? You know he could have gone to Stanford? Maybe is was Samford. I get those two mixed up all the time. here's to Steiner, Pappoe and McClain having a tremendous year next yr.
  4. wow....yeah I did not know the actual results of his recruiting. For someone who knows - have we been intentionally been recruiting smaller, faster LBs or is that just happen-stance? (Pappoe and McClain) is where I am coming from. Maybe the back ups are more thumpers. I am guessing with a 4-2-5 those backs have to move super well and slip into coverage, but - I know why we recruited Pappoe, but you get my drift. Maybe Wooten is bigger ( I think he is ) and where was Steiner this year.
  5. Gotcha - ZOOM, Teams call; I mean they can meet. I am a teacher - I know what you mean. 'Get in front of a prospect' is a better choice of words.
  6. man I hope you are right; that is about the only thing that makes ANY SENSE to me.
  7. I don't know but I suspect two things: the guy knew who Harsin was because of Boise and Boise recruits Cali Caddy can get into kids home due to name recognition thus I think we have a shot, albeit a small shot
  8. I will buy the kid some chowder...come on. He is really from MN. I say that tongue in cheek, but I would love to get a great transfer and maybe start some momentum.
  9. Thanks Coach and this is well written. Tremendous insight. The part about Friend offering kids in Seattle is encouraging. Surely with the avail playing time and a top tier program, we can reestablish ourselves on the recruiting trail.
  10. I know he is rated higher, but that Jarquez kid seems to have more skills (to me). The competition Byron played against seemed slow or less than enthusiastic to be playing.
  11. Honestly - he may be a bust at Auburn. I did not see him make one bubble screen to the far receiver. Oh geez - I forgot: we have a new coach and offensive philosophy. Yeah - that kid is a 'take'. I am getting old and forgetful. Forgive me. Dang! Today is a great day now that I think about it!!!
  12. A lot of wisdom in your post, we can all appreciate that. thx
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