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  1. I hate to beat a dead horse, but the UF play calling was "classic Gus". Gus got 'tight' and nervous. Jet sweep was run once. We lost 3 yds, so we never ran it again. WHAT? We did not make UF defend sideline to sideline - first time this year we made that mistake. We made that mistake 60 times from 2014-2019 probably...Gus can't figure out how to get Seth and Schwartz on the field at the same time? Schwartz had two targets during the whole game? Gus got tight. I expect the same against LSU to be honest. He may learn from this and play a little loose against UGA, then tighten up against bama. Prove me wrong, Gus, please.
  2. This is what burns me up. Same arrogance that cost us the 2017 SECG. A limping KJ is better than our second best option - Not even UT would do that. We will find out on Saturday if we have any real depth at RB.
  3. maybe we are splitting hairs, but I credit the win over Oregon to late game heroics of the players vs "just good coaching". My opinion. As for TAMU - I think we lined up better players on both sides. We had a decided advantage IMO. I could credit the coaching to the Oregon win, but when you have better talent on both sides (MSU, TAMU), I give most of the credit that day to the advantage of better talent. disclaimer: I am not wanting a debate on the likes of: "but the HC gets the credit for recruiting and all things Auburn, good or bad". I am just claiming Gus doesn't outcoach teams that have equal or better talent very often. Now - looking ahead, I sincerely hope Gus outcoaches Orgeron, Smart and Saban. I think we have a good chance in two of those games, I really do (based on talent). Sure wish Gus had solved the lack of RB depth from 2017 SECCG....oh well.
  4. THIS ^^^^ I am tired of this. When did Gus last out-coach someone? Not players winning b/c of talent, but Gus out-coaching opponent? Now how many times did we lose to an inferior team (ie: Gus was out coached?), say in the last 3-4 yrs ?
  5. I am not sure the opposing RBs would say they are "quietly doing their job". snicker-snicker
  6. quick hit on receiving (receivers) this year: targeting the TE is increasing A LOT! And Nix is hitting them if I recall correctly. I love how Nix is hitting those secondary targets, if they are his second choices. Targeting the TE will limit some balls thrown to WRs. Also, Gus is keeping Bo from having to throw too much, thus less targets. My perspective is mostly from the TAMU game. I know he threw it a bunch vs Tulane and even Oregon relative to the last two weeks. I think Gus has had the luxury of not asking Bo to go win the game for us (except the 4th QTR vs Oregon). I am not a sunshine pumper for Gus, agree the WRs seem under-developed, but tickled to death how this season is unfolding with the progress being shown. I think Dilly is having some influence in game planning. LOVED how Whitlow was 100% fresh for the 3rd quarter after the TAMU linebackers were 'exercised well' in the first half. Was that RB by committee (for Gus)? Maybe Gus is turning a page?
  7. And don't forget we have to pay Coach Greg Williams' salary!!! The man has jumped all kinds of hurdles to keep Auburn on top. (you see what I did there, right? uh huh!!! ) I crack myself up.
  8. Just great....I think you told me that last yr or the year prior. Well, I will hope we land the next target! Thx E
  9. Not trying to be technical, but didn't you mean "either or"? "Give or take" infers a predicate I believe. (sorry man, couldn't help myself)
  10. Is Tank an early enrollee? He will just have more gas in the tank in the spring.... #itsallgood
  11. Since much of this thread is about WR, can someone update us on Matthew Hill? I see a player who plays with intensity, has great agility and balance. Seems to catch the ball when thrown and I thought I saw him blocking in a couple of games. Probably special teams? I am thinking that guy should be getting some targets or "should have" with Seth out. Am I missing something?
  12. important and critical, but no chance this is the 'biggest'. He has stared down the barrel of gun a couple of times. We aren't anywhere close. I like the fact you pointed out how a good win will build a lot of confidence b/c this is the hardest game of the next 4
  13. are probably right. I did not think of it like that. Oh that hurts even more.
  14. best post of the month! Ed O has outcoached Gus (or Gus just 'was himself') twice now. Not something to be proud of.