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  1. Sure would make defenses a lot more worried and less likely to "cheat up" with Joey running Wildcat. BUT - Joey has to toss a couple in the first few games to keep them honest throughout the season. Boobie doesn't give us these options as much. Also - I would like to see Joey come in on some other situations during a game because he can toss that thing downfield on a 3rd and one at the 40. Protects Bo's health and is more than a 'wrinkle'. Dang! I am really excited. I mean more than usual. We may go 12-0. Someone pass me that mason jar again. Maybe we should give Gus a new contract - 😎
  2. Supposedly Sandberg was tearing it up.... Maybe we get to play all three against oregon. Chuckle, chuckle, snicker, snicker
  3. maybe Stat Tiger can do a 'modern history' analysis? Like say, include most of P Bryant's era since they worship him and go forward. Would that be 1970? How about from when color tv was pretty common? "The black and white era" sounds like a good starting point. If I were a true homer, I would say start when Patrick Fain Dye was hired (and you can start there, I won't complain). This would 'fix' all those anomoles with the Harvard's and Mt Union's of the world.
  4. Mismatch for sure, but that is what you are supposed to do in a mismatch. Those boys on defense will relish the moment in 2-3 yrs and say, "yeah when we played Tank, we didn't let him run all over us the way he did against bama!" Haha, it'll happen.
  5. Big strong looking QB - looked confident in the pocket. That receiver looked 'big time'. Wonder if he is available - wink wink.
  6. Capers looked strong! Big man and played big. QB looked pretty confident and made a good throw. Wonder who he is. 😏
  7. I heard Cord looked surprisingly well. I wonder if Gus could....rotate 3 ? Just kidding, it's Friday's follies.
  8. I believe both will get significant playing time this year. Accomplishes many things, including keeping them both fighting for the starting job in Aug of 2020. Can't afford to let one transfer!
  9. I guess Bo is throwing the ball too hard; kinda like Elway did back in the day. haha is Bo putting the ball on target so they are legit opportunities? Why are they dropping Joey's passes? I have no idea. Just wondering if someone can add some insight.
  10.'s between Auburn and Duke (for the most part). Those words probably have never been said or written before for a BB recruit. Wow.
  11. tap the brakes on giving Hand too much credit at Texas. Big state, tons of talent and most kids grow up wanting to play for Texas. It's an easy sell for Hand. They basically compete against Oklahoma and little bit against TAMU for kids. All others are not comparable.
  12. By committee by no means an even number of carries, duh! But what I am saying is I think we will have one guy get the majority (the hot hand theory) of carries (40-50%). As for a two back set, Big Bird is right, Cadillac and Brown were able to make that work. Can you imagine Worm and DJ or Boobie, together? The D will certainly have a hard time 'picking up' Worm until he is in the hole or past the tackle. Just hard to see his helmet. Joiner: what kind of back has he been this spring and summer? what is his role? I honestly hope Worm is on the field for over half the plays this year. So versatile, with big play ability, playmaker.
  13. Thanks E and Todd. I forgot DE was strongside. When I saw that, all the pieces fell in place. Sure wish D Newkirk wasn't injured again! I will have to go find an update. He was a freak in HS. War Eagle!!!
  14. I would say if he wants to make a "business decision," he should trust Rodney Garner. I would. Maybe coming from Derrick Brown's HS alma mater may help in some sense.
  15. I am sorry if this posted elsewhere - what are the numbers on DL we want to sign? DE - DT - Buck - is DE different than Buck at Auburn? Don't we have one DE and one Buck? Wish we had not lost R Jibunor