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  1. I agree and like this forum better than the other one I used to frequent. People make a point and move on. No petty and elementary antics. Non- Auburn family folks read this prob and form opinions. Best we remember to be one family and keep the dirty laundry in the basket.
  2. Some parts of the world of recruiting baffle me: 4* athlete, maybe a receiver, maybe a hybrid D player....prob has excellent combine numbers. Plays about half the stinking positions in HS. A legacy kid who would likely help recruiting very well.... very good size for either position. Color me confused.
  3. Recruiting is a fickle business. I had a DC, who talked to me about my son, tell me straight up it was the worst part of his job. Scary when you consider the future of your program is in the 'likes/dislikes' or 'not showing me a lot of love' comments by of a bunch of 18 yr olds. Very scary.
  4. Everybody agrees he is behind Peyton Manning develop-wise when Peyton was in HS, but that isn't relative. What is? Phenominal athlete with HUGE upside to become a great player who could be a great QB. He won't start as a freshman, period. That's fine - we hired a legit QB developer in Lindsey. I trust we can dev QBs now. I haven't heard much talk about how positive his attitude and confidence is. The dude isn't even playing QB and he is recruiting players to be 'his WRs'. Reminds me of Calvin Ashley in that regard. Those are intangibles everybody can benefit from.
  5. Dumb rule. If this is out of control address the issue: if you hire them, they have to be in a role for 2 yrs minimum. You can only employ 3 ( or "x" ) at a time. That is a better way to control things. Don't disallow a HS coach from exploring college football.
  6. I don't think anyone made this point: we are months away from the season... I think if W Hastings did great, that is awesome. Will it motivate the other receivers to step it up and close the game on Hastings and Nate Craig-Myers? It better because the ball is going to be tossed around with some accuracy. Will Hastings get injured? Maybe, but Wes Welker and Cole Beasley (75 receptions last yr with Cowboys) seem to have a role with good teams. And any receiver can get injured. Hastings productivity is great. This should motivate others! And yes, he is elusive and hard to cover. Maybe he should slide before contact after he gains a bunch of yards. Sounds dumb, but no fumbles....
  7. We win by 10 I believe. One caveat - we must play to our strengths and don't try to outhink/outcoach ourselves or Sweeny. Pat Dye style - line up and play ball.
  8. We drive up to Clemson and get a W, then the table will have been fully reset for many things. If we roll out some crazy gameplan again....let's just get the W.
  9. I am pretty sure Bo was carrying Willy Shoemaker when he ran that 10.15. That has to count for something.
  10. I am going with a jet sweep hand off for 3 (groan), then an indefensible timing pass to the TE for 6-7 and Bubba Pettway up the middle for 6. Wait...that's 16 yards on 3 plays. We didn't even need the 14-16 yard pass from Stidham to Nate Craig-Meyers. That catch and run will follow Pettway dragging two players; and I suspect we will score about 2-3 plays later. I see K Johnson catching a screen pass and a scamper to the pylon on a 14 yarder. Touchdowwwwwwn Auuuburn! Now that's your 2017 Auburn Tigers. Boom! What was this thread about? No worries here about punting.
  11. Or we just tell the team, we have 4 plays to make 10 yards.....Period. No punting required and play calling takes a new twist.
  12. I know I am no talent expert, but the receiver (#1) kept showing good hands I thought and decent speed. He went up and high pointed several catches nicely. Granted they play small ball and the competition wasn't great. I didn't see a lot of zip on the ball on the shorter passes. He seems to throw a great deep ball for HS. W Barrett seems to be much more developed than this guy based on HS video IMO. But....I am no expert.
  13. Maybe Auburn can reconstitute the nickname, "The Nigerian Nightmare" ala Christian Okoye. I loved how he played with passion (most of the time).
  14. I thought S Shivers (the Worm) was part of the 2018 class of commits. Maybe I don't understand exactly what 'commit' means. I know some are conditional. Having depth always pays off. This year showed how bad we need it. In years past we have had great backs emerge from the shadows and were unstoppable. Brent Fullwood ran for like 1400 yds after Bo if I recall correctly. And was 'the man' in the 42-41 win over FSU on the road when Bo was hurt (still may fav game).
  15. Ouch that stings. I do agree though....maybe it's like medicine, tastes bad today, but we get better because of it in the future. The future does look promising for FB and BB right now (and for different reasons).