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  1. If I was Chip, I wouldn't sleep at night. So close to years of quality depth plus intangibles along with so many unknown variables. WDE
  2. Thanks for sharing. I am just a fan and not sure what I am looking at with WR. BOOM! Indeed, welcome to the family, Mr. Jackson! "The Force is strong in this one."
  3. ..when I first read "USC" yesterday, I thought it was S Carolina and laughed. Now I am laughing at myself. I am biased, but you couldn't pay me to go to So Cal. Those are different people. That is a dif culture. Might as well stay in Cali if you get a degree from there.
  4. Aptly stated: not over the top and grounded. Wow. Nice. Reminds of me Britt's (I think).
  5. Yeah I recall Pettway saying Ark didn't really want to tackle him that game. It wears on a backer, play after play. Spoiler alert: I love this RB
  6. I read a couple of these ideas, but I don't think in a cumulative fashion: JS has a great year and improves his current draft projection, then goes. That means we had a great year! SW decides to transfer to ensure he plays a full season ( I know I read this and unlikely if JS leaves ). MW develops quickly and shows promise, leading to SW to transfer. this leaves: JG & MW only Who else are we recruiting? I know JF, but anyone else? I hate to think our depth is MW and JG...then maybe PN (2019). Sorry BN. Old timer syndrome. Not what I am hoping for...maybe I am getting greedy. For me, M Willis was a great surprise and looked crazy good at A Day. Especially for his experience. Geesh. WDE and "Beat them all!"
  7. Some of the better puns....
  8. Best news I have heard all month! Thanks so much! Florida? Where backs go to be forgotten. I Just rewatched his film. Watch the first 7 plays. Speed, slips a tackle, side steps well, changes gears well, nice quick first step, drags players and stiff arms. Has a nose for open field....I don't think Pierce is missing much. He would be a true gem. maybe not the best cut back, but who has all the moves? I love this player, but I am a fan, not a scout.
  9. After we get halfway through the season and continuously recruit, we will flip a couple of the committed players we are seemingly missing on (any position - nobody in particular). They will see they were mislead and Auburn is surging in the right direction.
  10. My last post on this very important matter: The post by Gowebb11: Culture and that 'swagger' are critical. Period! And they are formed strategically by the coaching staff and the AD. They have to be in synch. And no doubt at your corp, culture is created as a strategic priority and measured. I wish I worked with you or for you. Strategy is a multiyear, consistent approach to creating a competitive advantage. I feel, and may be wrong, that we look at recruiting as a tactical or year by year approach. Our strategy needs to encompass: player & coaching culture, branding, social media, journalism/media, events like Big Cat weekend, that last weekend before signing day, facilities and finally counter-recruiting. Winning cures a lot, but it is not the silver bullet. I want more: I want Auburn to get our fair share and get to the point that we get who we want. To get 'there' we have to become more strategic and sophisticated. Yes I am greedy and want 'more'. War Eagle and "beat them all!"
  11. I didn't say our founding father's got it right about if they were wrong about one thing, they must be wrong about the electoral college? That's funny. If the system doesn't work for you, choose another major city to move, outside of America. I am sure you will be happier. I will help you pack.
  12. So we want the concentrated population centers of 3 or 4 geo areas to "rule" the masses of 50 states? That is ludicrous. The majority of the GDP comes from non-pop segments of America. Think about it for a second, how many of those population centers like NY, LA, Chicago and Miami are running at a deficit? How many have the most crime per capita? How many demonstrate the most violence/ lack of respect towards law enforcement? Where do most of those serving in our military come from? If we don't have some checks and balances like the electoral college, the entire country will suffer from the same failed policies and leadership that strangle those population centers. That was the philosophical intent of the founding fathers: no small geo pop center would 'rule' over the majority of the country. Forces a politician to be balanced enough to appeal to the metro folks and the common folks.
  13. I've thought about this a lot. name a state (other than FL and TX) where the state has two nearly equal programs on the field. I can only come up with Auburn and the turds. And I mean for a 15 yr period of time.... (FL is big enough with enough talent, UF and FSU can basically get who want/need and TX has a plethora of talent also). Mich and Mich St come to mind, but not close. The 'flagship' program always enjoys a huge recruiting advantage. And they will virtually forever unless the tactics are changed. TAMU changed conferences and that strategic change flipped the script in TX. TX still has the advantage, but the gap closed overnight, big time. Some would say TAMU now has the edge and they prob do. USC (in Calif) vs. ??? (For 15 yrs?...nobody consistently can rival their advantage) Clemson (not for 15 yrs; neither them or USC had a huge advantage for a while there) vs. USC My point is what my son said, "social media is a huge driver." I am not talking about a coach using twitter. It's more complex that that! How does Auburn look and compare on social media? I honestly don't know, but that is a strategic question that, if ignored, will be harder and harder to overcome. Do we look/act like we did in the 90's, but have a twitter handle now? Strategic - a multiyear, very high level approach. Not just recruiting tactics. Takes both...Chiz was onto something with the Big Cat theme, but we need several 'somethings' and more image building. If we play the traditional game, we will get the same results. Winning doesn't cure all - - we didn't get a bump in 2010 that I recall or 2013, but I am no expert. Just thinking...
  14. I hate to type this.... UGA is the flagship school in their state and their state has a boatload of talent each year. Yes alabama has talent, but we aren't the flagship school in AL or GA and never will be. The non-flagship schools always have it tougher and we share the state with the hottest team in 50 yrs....we are gonna have to adapt in some areas to regain ground. And I am not smart enough to have the answers.
  15. Two quick ones: I did not mean for my post to turn into a uniform debate. Sorry. I didn't mean to associate "flash" with uni change. But tOSU has changed up uniforms using throwbacks and other new wrinkles. Texas to a lesser degree has done the same. Only bama and penn st haven't changed at all. The schools mentioned: bama, tx, penn st, tOSU are all flagship schools for the state. They get a automatic bump in popularity at Christmas time and so on. I don't want to change, but if it means we make in-roads and get the players, I will pull my head out of the sand. Sweeney - Clemson can't match the inevitable offer. Remember what he said in 2011 after he beat Auburn? He will move. Even if it's not Sweeney, they will get a quality coach and will have a carryover effect. I believe Auburn should go high tech and create "flash" somewhere, hire multiple marketing analytics pros regarding brand/social media and and take a very strategic approach to recruiting and create new niches. The landscape is changing...Nebraska got left behind because they wouldn't change now I don't even know who coaches there and they are the REGION'S flagship school.