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  1. Nobody saying anything the about the last note in that presser about losing C Flott? CB who may flip to LSU it said.
  2. Beaker

    2019 4* OT Xavier Truss (UGA)

    I would "truss" that Grimes could make such a smart and hopefully coachable player into something special. "Can't teach size."
  3. Beaker

    walk-on wide receiver arrested

    Totally concur. When I listened to what Cam said, you could hear sincere surprise in his voice. And I am guessing not many female reporters asked such detailed questions. In my weird way, it was a compliment. Cam prob didn't have a lot of female reporters in prior seasons....I know he didn't at Auburn. People honestly LOOK for reasons to wave a SJW flag and I am tired of it. It's like little kids on a playground wanting to get another kid in trouble. Pathetic -
  4. Beaker

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I think equally significant in getting attention from top flight WR talent is our QB pipeline. I am sure some will argue with me, but we haven't had a "pipeline" of talented QBs like this, ever. Yes, we have had talented QBs, but nothing that rivals: Stidham, Willis, Gatewood and probably the #1 DT QB in the country.....Nix. I give Burns all the credit, but look at what he has to work with as he sells Auburn vs. his first year.
  5. Beaker

    The Texas Talent Debate

    I have a very different twist: having had a son who played at a high level in TX and I grew up in FL, maybe this helps address "upside". I believe the total upside on most kids in the SE is a lot higher. In TX, it seems the programs that produce a lot of D1 talent have a ton of coaches and many are in affluent areas. The kids have a lot of access to individual coaching for weightlifting/speed- agility (outside the program, during offseason at private trng facilities) along with nutrition programs. There is almost no limit to the added 'help' these kids get. Many kids are closer to D1-ready in HS. Take the avg D1 talent in the Southeast, few programs have the enormous coaching staffs in TX ( I believe ) and many just don't have access to the nutritional programs and weightlifting/speed-agility programs... If the kids are close to even as seniors in HS - Thus the upside on most SE players is probably higher. If the kids are equal as seniors in HS, give me the kid with higher upside everytime. Look at the great talent U of TX gets, then compare those kids to UGA, Auburn, UF 4 yrs later....anyone want to swap rosters? BigBird? Does this supposition make sense to you?
  6. Beaker

    RBU Auburn University

    Fullwood...definitely would have won the Heisman if he had not been in Bo's shadow or heck, if Bo hadn't won it the year prior. 8+ yds per carry? in the SEC, during the era of run oriented defenses? To me, you can see how he had adopted so many of Bo's attributes (changing speeds, worked on balance, pivoting on a foot while swinging hips to regain impressive). That is insane.
  7. Beaker

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    true.... However, Auburn can't just stick it's head in the sand. If we don't strategically start addressing it for 2025 or ???, then it won't get changed. Just like when Dye got the bama game moved to a home-home series. That didn't happen over the course of a couple of years. I don't care if the first time is 2025 when this gets 'evened out' and fixed so we are not at a disadvantage every frickin' year. Just get it fixed. History shows the current schedule was forged during simpler times with simpler issues. But it is short-sighted and irresponsible to ignore equitable scheduling during these more complex times of SEC championships and CFP. Not looking for a fight, but "these are the facts and they are indisputable."
  8. Beaker

    Gus sending ‘em to the League!!

    yes, very good article and impressive trend.
  9. Dang right....those were men playing a boys a game. I recall UNC at Auburn in like 86 I think and they pulled their healthy QB in like the 3rd QTR. Basically 'quit' the game. The coach stated after the game that they had a long season ahead and needed him healthy for conference play. He was absolutely mauled a couple of times as he was sacked. It was about that time I think we took out the Texas QB for a few games while sacking him. I am sure someone with a better memory can correct the years, but I am close.
  10. Beaker

    2019 3* TE Tyler Fromm commits!

    Was his mom in the pic? I just focused on the player. 🤔 haha
  11. Not once the season really heated up. I had great hope for him, but was disappointed. I think he came in with some kind of all conference award (2nd team?) or some such.
  12. Beaker

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Stidham had lot of running yds in HS and some teams were very good, but Bo changes gears and has a quick step. They're running style isn't similar at all. As someone said above, Bo sees the field and reads it (it appears). No, neither played against a HS team with a bunch of future SEC defenders, but who does? Bo's potential seems unreal. I am guessing we haven't had freshman QB come in this 'ready' since Jason Campbell? Or Tyler Queen.....(just kidding, step away from the weapon, step away now)
  13. Beaker

    Visitor's list for A-day

    Why wasn't the G Pickens there? or was he? I sure hope we keep him. I recall another posting that is may be leveraging our offer to get more ( and I understand the recruiting game ).
  14. Good point - UGA and bama have and will always be a BIG, PHYSICAL & rival games. There is no ebb and flow here. I am not advocating running away from competition. I said we should ensure two biggest rival games not be scheduled so we are at a disadvantage for the SECCG. You did not read my post closely or just wished to post something different. I am not talking about ....was it 1983 when we had Maryland and Boomer Esaison here for Homecoming? Those are one offs. Also, I think when we did the home-home series with UVA about 10 yrs ago, that was at a peak of UVA. Of course present times - Washington....This is part of the game and makes it fun! My point is our UGA game helps bama for game planning and physically. The bama game puts Auburn at a disadvantage for our SECCG - EVERY SINGLE TIME we get there. If you don't care about that, ok. I do. I think Auburn should have an equal and level playing field every time to we go to the SECCG. How did it work out for us this year? ( I know, I know - injuries are part of the game....I know, I know Kirby and Saban shared analysis....I know, I know we need to be stronger and better....) I wonder how it would have been if the games were spaced apart....totally different game.
  15. nothing personal, but this line of thinking will keep Auburn from being a consistent 10 win team. Auburn should not have the toughest sched, WITH THE WORST TIMING, every single year. New AD needs to fix some of this mess. Auburn always has a tough schedule, but we need that schedule to be managed without accepting the mantras: 1. we need to be better 2. it's tradition If you subscribe to either one, do not, do not, complain about 8-9 win seasons as highlights.