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  1. he didn't have any SEC offers and he wants to prove a point. Dumb to make it public. They do look very fast against their competition. And most are probably very fast. And they will match up well initially. If Gus let's Chip do his thing, we will be just fine. I will go look, what is the report on KJ and maybe Bubba being avail?
  2. Not sure Under Armor still does this, but the last few positions are "vote-ins". Truly they select some great players and then post a bracket until there are only one or two left. Looks like any other ordinary bracket. My son had a teammate get to Orlando as one of the last 2 players selected in that manner.
  3. 2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele

    Significant. Shaping up to be a heck of a DL class.
  4. Future look of SEC

    you're right; I forgot the angle of those programs helping each other at our expense. It is a huge advantage for bama and potentially for uga if we have rematches. We are in a bad spot and I don't think people understand that.
  5. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    Holy crap. Wow. Those highlights are amazing. His happy feet remind me of Payton Manning. Not saying that is good or bad. He can definitely see holes developing in traffic and hits hits spots. wow and he has nice touch on the balls going downfield in the flats. Maybe the best thing - he seems confident in the pocket and knows where he is going. Wow. His TD - INT ratio is crazy for 6A ball. Can we just have Chip adopt Bo Nix and try to wrap this up? Chip would probably be a good dad. Maybe he is already. Sounds like a good plan to me. Wow.
  6. Not "if" but "when"....the man is 25 yrs old and played ARF without pads. This guy is going to absolutely truck a couple of DBs on a fake punt, every single year. Oh yeah - WDE!! BOOM!
  7. Future look of SEC

    you are correct - huge improvement.
  8. Future look of SEC

    I am just sick of this the more I think about it. This really is a major disadvantage for Auburn and needs to be corrected by the AD working with the SEC. The odds favor UGA and bama every year once you think about it.
  9. maybe....I heard an interview on a podcast and this man-child seems to be cagey and not sharing a lot in interviews. He said he was probably second closest to T-Will. Maybe we catch a break with this one. I am sure bama is pushing the "business decision" with this one, if you know his background.
  10. JJ Peterson was tight with Jeremy Pruit. I suspect Auburn may have moved into the lead with this thumper. We need to be swarming him right now. Or is this a dead period? Either way, you get my drift.
  11. Future look of SEC

    I am not a smart guy but I know this: with our record, we would have won the SEC before there were divisions based on W-L. Our reward for beating bama and UGA? Play UGA again and give them a 2nd chance. Georgia's reward for losing to us? Full scout film their 1's vs our 1's in the game that mattered much more to us- they didn't have to beat us to advance. Bama's reward for losing late in the season and not winnning their division? Go the CFB Playoff. This system is not right. Very bad... they didn't win their division!!! Also, time to drop kick this tradition crap!! We don't need to play UGA and bama both within 2 or 3 weekends. Our reward for a great year? Play the SECE winner the next week! Why do we want to play probably 3 ranked (or highly ranked opponents) everytime we have a good season bama isn't saddled with that disadvantage every year UGA isn't saddled with that disadvantage every year LSU? Nope. UF? Nope This is dumb. And don't argue, "if you're good, you beat good teams." Injuries were a huge factor in the SEC-CG. injuries were a huge factor that ended our run in Nov '16, made only worse by bama and UGA practically back to back. Play UGA every year, but spread the UGA and bama games out. I love tradition, but I don't love my calendar more than I want a healthy Auburn team. The AD needs to fix this mess. This is right up there with "Birmingham is neutral." Dumb, dumb, dumb. Spread these games out. Name one other powerhouse that plays their 2 arch rivals and conf championship within 3-4 weeks? Dumb!
  12. Future look of SEC

    There has to be some semblance of balance or you end up the like B10. Wisc is basically alone in their division while all the perennial B10 teams are with OSU in their division. Black Division Blue Division bama Auburn LSU UGA Florida TAMU USC Miss St Tenn Vandy Miss Arky UK. MO (switch with Tech) Ga Tech noteable: The bama v UT rivalry isn't competitive. Bama v Auburn isn't so much fun with their fan base poisoning stuff and destroying stuff - play them in ATL, keep the UGA and auburn rivalry, UT can still play Vandy yearly and bring Tech back. UGA annual game stays with UF. Lots of great storylines
  13. Sounds like a complete WR
  14. How very cool is that! Have a great game!!
  15. Chip Lindsey

    the SEC-G reminded me of the old days of Amen Corner with UF, UGA and bama all coming in a string. uga had an advantage of playing Tech while we were playing a very team full of 5* athletes that play physical football. Case in point KJ getting knocked out of the game.