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  1. Maybe Auburn can reconstitute the nickname, "The Nigerian Nightmare" ala Christian Okoye. I loved how he played with passion (most of the time).
  2. I thought S Shivers (the Worm) was part of the 2018 class of commits. Maybe I don't understand exactly what 'commit' means. I know some are conditional. Having depth always pays off. This year showed how bad we need it. In years past we have had great backs emerge from the shadows and were unstoppable. Brent Fullwood ran for like 1400 yds after Bo if I recall correctly. And was 'the man' in the 42-41 win over FSU on the road when Bo was hurt (still may fav game).
  3. Ouch that stings. I do agree though....maybe it's like medicine, tastes bad today, but we get better because of it in the future. The future does look promising for FB and BB right now (and for different reasons).
  4. WOW...He's a junior? 6-4 and not skinny, nor a lineman body. He passes the 't-shirt test' - a physical specimen
  5. I totally get it.... I am one of those fans who could not see straight after UGA. For the first time in a few years I thought we had the upper hand talent wise and we lost. Heck I wondered why we didn't toss Woody Barrett out there knowing our own weaknesses. I have since learned that would have been worse, but the UGA execution and plan looked liked 50 shades of Clemson. Thanks for the insight.
  6. Ok I used the word "meddling". I get the definition. I was referring to how he reportedly turned over the reigns before LSU to the actual OC, but it seemed in all likelihood Gus was micromanaging player packages and QB play against UGA. I think a HC trying to play 3 healthy QBs in the same game, a game that is quite winnable, is meddling, micromanaging or stupid (choose any word or words). I wish he had ensured we had a back up who could play in Nov. Heck I think we would have beat UGA with our mess of an offense, if we had just been less predictable by changing up the HUNH at certain points. I felt Gus' fingerprints were all over the play calling against UGA. Lastly, the whole argument, "Gus was brought in to run the offense" point is old. That was years ago, the dynamics have changed. Lashlee is gone & Gus is 0-6 against our two biggest rivals for the last 6 tries. Things are changing. He made his hires (his choices) and got the best avail QB in the country. He did the strategic part, time for him to oversee and ensure his philosophy is carried not. Not call plays. Patton was picking which tank commander hit the bridge head first. Personally, I think Gus did a tremendous job in the off season. I want the OC and DC to do the same now, using his philosophy. Patton still checked training and managed battle prep, but he didn't do stupid things on game day.
  7. I keep reading, "He hasn't played in the SEC" and "he put up great numbers against mediocre defenses" with a great receiver to throw to. With our receiving corps, the second point is a 'wash'. The kid is focused: he didn't burn a year of eligibility or risk injury by playing DII, also he found a way to play 'some' by helping the local HS team. I have read he is spending "a lot of time in the film room." I hear "work ethic" and we have seen talent in his highlights. That is a good combination. Add in that Lindsey can develop a QB.... I only fear that Gus will meddle.
  8. The dude is a machine. I know some plays were the same plays from different angles, but wow. His coaches gave him a lot of flexibility for good reason. I liked the power he carries at the point of contact - a lot of kinetic energy. reminds me of Takeo Spikes. I know - unfair comparison, but that's how I remember Spikes.
  9. And it seems they are hitting better as of late. I got to see them this weekend. Great fun.
  10. Must win: UGA for all the reasons mentioned above and because we had a failed O plan knowing S White was not close to 100%. Outcoached. If we lose to UGA this year, we will likely lose the next one. That would be 0-8 against those 2 over the past 4 years....let's just change subjects. No need for that garbage on this site. ARK could be harder than most want to admit. 1. They have a great W-L record at home. 2.That is our 5th SEC game in a row - no off week since 9/2 (8 weeks). 3. We will be bruised and have a couple of injuries after 8 weeks and physical games just prior like Ole Miss and LSU. It's more than Gus' record vs Belliema, but we should be ok I agree. They did sign 2 impact 4* JUCO players on O, a TE and a 6' 4" WR. And Ark just gave up after the first QTR last yr - they weren't that bad (and we weren't as good as the score indicated).
  11. WOW...wonder what size that DE was. definitely a 'high school sized DE', but still a 'wow play'.
  12. he will have a choice: Auburn as prob a TE or similar or maybe a non SEC school as a RB. Or maybe UK or Vandy as a RB....I would love to see him at Auburn with his gifts. You never know how things turn out. Case in point: Stanton Truitt Similar gifts, but Joiner is much much bigger.
  13. Reminds me with Chizik and Muschamp went to Texas. No idea if they dragged anyone with them. Yeah - I am sure Auburn is persona non grata in Arizona these days. If a player has a sense of humor, they should ask someone on the ASU staff if they could transfer to the SEC. nah....they might toss them into the doghouse.
  14. I doubt any back gets 15 touches a game next year. Just doesn't seem physically possible: I project the avg drive will only be 5.3 plays/TD and Stidham will throw it twice on each drive. If we score 49 points per game, that's only about 40 plays per game. I think all the backs will be healthy going into Amen Corner. Stidham - 15-20 passes per game Running backs - 25-30 carries Yards: 630/game dang....I forgot about special team contributions, my scoring projection is probably low. Sorry bout that. Let me go make some more Kool Aid. Honestly, I don't recall being this excited in a long while.
  15. I am not making a comparison, but wondering how he would compare to Eric Dickerson at the same age. Both tall, both run erect/upright, strong....can a comparison be made? I know Dickerson ran through a lot of contact and had more speed, but I only saw him play maybe once at SMU, on TV. The back he was with the RAMS was probably different, but so is the NFL game. I think he could be a 'freakish' kinda weapon in the arsenal. Crazy year for backs...I think he could be incredible in our offense if I understand the direction we are going.