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  1. Summary: Give us the kid from whereever, just recruit top talent (enough talent/stars) so we can compete straight up with the first string of bama, LSU and Thuga. Auburn's only chance to have a winning record vs our top rivals is better coaching. We will never have superior talent (1st and 2nd string), year in and year out. We had it for a while when bama kept hiring anyone named "mike, " but that had to end. Otherwise, it comes down to coaching for Auburn because I believe Auburn will outwork the opponent. Right now, Texas is poised to provide Auburn a pipeline of talent like Dye and Tubberville enjoyed from S Fla.
  2. The media is so consumed with their agenda and the social issues, real updates using data that is explained critically (not hypothetically) is not being shared. I believe the virus is nasty, but for less than a half percent of those infected, which is good. Unfortunately, the long term effects are unknown. I guess watching Walter read the news and the news being reliable is from a bygone era. I am thankful my family is healthy and I pray for all of the AuFamily and those afflicted.
  3. I agree run the HUNH like never before. You know I think Gus wrote a book on that....snicker - snicker
  4. Sorry to see that Brother and yes, let's pray for him and your family - so many obstacles right now.
  5. Maybe I saw it wrong....I thought I read something about T Will and something else that didn't make sense on this thread. Maybe someone deleted it. I was confused.
  6. Considering WR height and speed, you have to look at what your competition looks like. I have no idea what the SEC-W secondaries look like, but you hope Chad Morris and Gus M are looking at those factors. Maybe that is one reason we keep trying to recruit taller receivers. I just hope they also have some skills with some speed. Oh and quickness. Is that too much to ask?
  7. LJ Johnson? yeah, that guy looks 'SEC ready' I am off this summer. I can drive him from TX to Auburn for a visit. Text me if that needs to happen.
  8. Concur and I think Goodwin is much better (before injury). Goodwin is very explosive. Carroll takes a few steps to get to top end speed....whatever. with Carroll at IMG, does that help us since Caddy was there? Goodwin reminds me more of Tank, thinking of just the guys on our current roster. Carroll - - MAR? I don't know.
  9. Koolaid huh? Why is he called Koolaid?
  10. You are picking me apart here...and I will forgive you for that. We are not 'little brother,'. Well not since we went home and home. I went to those game in BHM in 84 and 85 when there was no way we had 40% of the tickets. The home-home thing changed everything. I kinda doubt it was ever 50/50 with thousands of tickets being sold in BHM. I clearly stated 6-0 with six trips to the playoffs. Two teams from the same division have never been to the playoffs. If we go, it is safe to presume bama stays home. yes I know we beat them and they went to the playoffs one year based on popularity, but I clearly said we go to the playoffs and win more than one title. We go playoffs and win more than one title. That is pretty clear. Heck, let them go also - "and we win more than one (national) title" by beating them again I guess. I thought my choice was clear: I want to own bama and win titles. Let's get back to the recruit. So much for some fun banter about whipping bama and winning titles. McKinstry - what does he play CB?
  11. Pickens, Goodwin, Foster.... Do we ever flip kids like this? Maybe I never remember.
  12. Hold on. We have choices? so let me get this straight: A. 6-0 vs bama and maybe a Natty. Or B. 3-3 and a natty? We have to put the 'maybe' in there, because to dominate them infers we are dominating a dominant team. Also, we know the 2004 team deserved (and should be considered) the national champions. Hmmmm. This is difficult. I like my chances with the 6-0 and 6 trips to the playoffs. Why? I think we would win more than one title. I choose "A". Do I win the new car?
  13. Too bad he can't go visit Lubbock this time of year.... The warm, west Texas air blowing the smell of cattle through campus is quite something to look forward to. But hey, I am sure he likes to snake hunt and go shoot pigs. It's probably popular where he is from.