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  1. Gatewood responding well

    "The force is strong in this one."
  2. If we share the title

    head to head....pretty simple. Even I can understand that.
  3. another slightly related story: my mom beat me when I back-talked her once. I also accepted the fact it was stupid thing to do. I never did it again, and I felt awful for doing it. ok, not "beat" but you get the idea. It smarted and got my attn quick!
  4. Last four Games without McLemore

    If we manufacture a win tonight, we will only lose 2 more before the NCAAs. I would not trade coaches with anyone considering the tall task in front of us. Coach Pearl could motivate me to sell off my kids I think.
  5. Are we headed in the right direction?

    nobody is in the same situation...every program has unique challenges. We also are in a premier location with talent surrounding us (with great, marquee programs surrounding us too). Tough job, but feasible. The thread is about "are we heading in the right direction?" I believe we are, but Gus has to change his philosophy on some things to gain consistency.
  6. Are we headed in the right direction?

    Excellent point about his matriculation and I would add, "who did he learn from?" We all hope you are right my friend about his ceiling!
  7. Are we headed in the right direction?

    It all comes down to consistency. I am talking 2 or more years. 1. We have never seen consistent offensive production since Gus arrived as HC. Why? Well there are lots of reasons. 2. I honestly think Gus looks at some games as "expendable" and uses them as test cases. This drives me (and you) NUTS. 3. Lastly, he really believes we don't have to fully develop a back up QB. Before you argue with me, tell us which game last year that Malik Willis threw one important pass in? He completed like 5 or 6 passes ALL YEAR !!! but we heard Lindsey in the summer talk about the importance of development of back ups and "next man up" being ready. 4. Gus doesn't really prep well for bowls, period. You don't build consistent 10 win programs with that kind of philosophy. It's a fact. Sure, we struck gold in 2010 and 2013, but can't sustain consistency. edit: I surely hope I get proved wrong. I truly do.
  8. I have this impression that Gus doesn't listen to a single analyst. Maybe he does not know how to use their talents/abilities. anyone know if Auburn uses that software that analyzes trends? I read about it somewhere. Pretty wicked-powerful stuff.
  9. I am impressed. Don't let Bruce Pearl see that clip. hahaha
  10. I concur 100%. The stars are aligning in our favor and if you want to go to the NFL, the SEC is the launching pad. The kid sounds wicked smart - heard him speak on a podcast.
  11. Ron Stallworth

    Pensacola Wooham HS if memory serves. I think he was on the cover of Parade magazine (newspaper insert for all you young people). He did start slow and you are right, when you have Tracy Rocker on your team, you get less pub. Rocker played great and I am glad he is getting back on campus.
  12. he grew up huge longhorn fan, went to school in Austin and mom went to UT; it's gonna be tough to pull him.
  13. Woodson doing early work in Mississippi

    The "agent" or recruiter for Kelly lived in TX I think. I can't remember his name. I think he was associated with a couple of other schools, but the other programs cut ties a lot sooner than Oregon did. I will gladly set up an Auburn satellite office in Dallas and work for the new AD. If you want to get that ball rolling I will send you my number so you can pass it along to the AD. I am an incredible judge of HS talent and can tell Gus how to coach better.
  14. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    are we still talking about a bunch of 19-20 year olds?