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  1. BB recruiting: do many kids decommit? % wise, I would guess 1 per class, if that. I really liked what I saw on his film. Absolutely clutch with a suitcase full of skills. Hope we get him back. I am guessing a blue-blood came calling and he decommitted.
  2. Huge, Huge, Huge! Wow - welcome to the family Trenton! WDE
  3. Huge 'get' - welcome CAM - Boom!
  4. I know what you mean, just seems to me we don't have players listing us like we used to. And I know we have burned with early commits from LA. Maybe it is my bad memory, but we used to get more "maybes" than we are now. But on the upside, seems like we are doing better in the SC, NC region, maybe Georgia. GA is hard to tell b/c we always do well with GA. You know our baseball team has a Canadian who is a stud....Nah, we probably shouldn't go to Canada for talent unless we get a hockey program going. Haha Thanks E -
  5. Yeah, we have to be the worst team - we beat GT (#3?) and NC (#14?). Both on their field...I am guessing they are considering the entire season, not the last month or so. I wonder if any other team had to beat such similar competition on their home fields. Auburn ended up with a tough draw for certain. Oh well, I bet State and Vandy are saying, "crap, we have to go through Auburn to advance to the finals." Haha...
  6. Duncanville - high level, elite HS program. Would love to have this cat commit to Auburn. With his length, he could be an elite college talent. Need to keep recruiting TX. Is it me or am I just not seeing us recruit LA much anymore?
  7. War Eagle! And welcome to the Family. Who are the other Calloway players we are recruiting? Aren't there others? Seems like a pipeline is forming. edit: I remember: Tank B is from Calloway. Maybe another....maybe this will help with Bigsby.
  8. I know I am a homer, but if you are RB with a desire to play in the NFL and you are down to Auburn and's not a decision. I just don't want thUGA to get in this fray. I have Tank as #1 on my big board. The other back is #2 (wink).
  9. This cat is a baller! Dang, he made several great plays by going after the ball, has speed and every catch was with his hands - no sloppy catches. WOW. Love that South Florida pipeline. With Richt pulling the plug, maybe we can pull some defensive players from there again. War Eagle and welcome!
  10. Follow up: I just reread the entire thread and wondering how the hat figures into his skills. Go back to page 1 and look at the pic. Didn't Favre play spring ball in a hat? I think Romo did also. Does this mean this cat will morph into a Favre-Romo kinda talent? I am thinking we need this guy the more I study the 'little things'. Thank me later....remember: details matter.
  11. And all this is about to change with 2019! In 2020, we will be turning away 4 and 5* QBs unless they have a 32 ACT score. Pass that pitcher, my cup is running low. Seriously, Birdman nailed this. And I sincerely hope Dillingham needs a place to hunker down for 3-5 yrs, while having tremendous success here. If so, the obvious trend will be reversed and Gus' demons exercised.
  12. Imagine what a serious conditioning program would do for a raw talent, given his size....
  13. Thanks Zeek! Fun read. I think I missed the part where you ensured 2-3 committed before you posted this. I probably just overlooked it. Seriously, fun read.
  14. And I suspect the big dogs sign in the second one?