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  1. Beaker

    2019 4* RB Mark-Antony Richards

    How in the world does Miami lose that many commits? Richt isn't on the hot seat. And how do we not pick up any?
  2. Yeah -. Thanks for all the contributions, especially recruiting. And it prob is a good time to update that avatar.
  3. I have to assume the new OC and Gus have visited Mr Pickens? Surely this would be Kodi, Gus and the new OC. Heck, maybe I was supposed to go also....I need to get a new phone. Any word from Pickens on his thoughts of the new O structure? Early enrollee? Are we still 'solid' (whatever that means to a 18 yr old)?
  4. Sorry, I hate to interrupt - Was there ever a note made about his OV and the latest/greatest since his OV? Sure would be nice if he came in with Bo (I know incredible understatement).
  5. Beaker

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb (UGA)

    With the all the talent the Lobo's keep getting out of the Deep South, why do they underperform? Amazes me. JK - my son camped there a few yrs back. I really like ABQ and the campus.
  6. Beaker

    Who replaces Chip?

    Bentley as QB coach. He needs to expand his resume. Gus is the OC/HC. Do I get a vote? What time is the conference call with Gus and Alan Greene? I can't find that text. (pretty sure the rule is still in place that P Nix can't coach at Auburn for 2 yrs b/c Bo is coming)
  7. Beaker

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams (App State)

    Signing early or late? I imagine late so he can take visits to those schools now interested in him. early enrollee? I doubt it, but wanted to ask. Kinda sucks to be App State, huh?
  8. Beaker

    Who replaces Chip?

    how does NSD play into us naming an OC? Even if Gus chooses to just run the O and hire a QB coach (which seems to be the smart, streamlined approach to getting the HUNH back), how does NSD factor into a public announcement regarding OC?
  9. Beaker

    Who replaces Chip?

    dang....heck of a summary. I have been working (hard) to stay positive as we know Gus will be coaching in 2019. Then you drop all this on my head! It's all good. Well stated. "Those are the facts and they are undisputed."
  10. Beaker

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    I still disagree. We don't need to throw a true freshman out against Oregon, on the road in the largest NFL stadium in America. His chance of success increases exponentially against Tulsa (yes, similar uni colors, but that's about it). If he lights it up and shows the world we made a mistake vs Oregon, then so be it. Gus has only been ready for game one, once (last year vs Wash). But hey - if he is an early enrollee, let the chips fall where they may. Gus: go get a great QB coach and forget the charades of hiring an OC, please.
  11. Beaker

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Bo....let's say we don't get KB. Is he an early enrollee? If so, what is the realistic possibility he starts game 2 and 3 to see what he's got vs college football players? \ if I were 'king for a season' that would be my plan. Start Cord vs Oregon and give game 2 to Bo.......if we are in the ditch, pivot at halftime. How realistic is this? The kid doesn't take sacks and appears to have the the football knowledge down. I think it is a great idea. And if you have that plan now, it drives so many things in Spring ball.
  12. Beaker

    Who replaces Chip?

    nope, so let's not keep playing games any longer and just hire a QB development coach.
  13. Beaker

    Who replaces Chip?

    I don't think there is anyone here really believing Kodi Burns is going to be the OC. Waste of time talking about it. Imagine if we lose a coach or T Horton is replaced this winter. You think Kodi Burns is picking up a phone to recruit a RB coach? funny
  14. Beaker

    Who replaces Chip?

    Darn...I just read nearly the same thing on the web. If some reporter or beat writer thinks this, my thoughts are probably tainted. I still like my reasoning. As for Coordinators, I just have a shallow feeling that Gus' professional contacts in the coaching biz is pretty limited. B/C of this, I am thinking there isn't a big pool of candidates. Can anyone comment on that thought? Anyone know? Think about it - we didn't exactly go get a 'homerun' OL coach when we desperately needed one. There is a reason.
  15. Beaker

    Who replaces Chip?

    The smart play really is for Gus to be HC/OC and go hire a QB whisperer. - removes all the controversy about who is running the O side or calling plays - streamlines the communication to the QB - if we can hire a legit QB coach, we now have someone to develop QBs - squarely places all the accountability on one guy - Gus does best when he is desperate I think this is in our best interest even though I am not getting back on the bus, period.