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  1. yup. Thanks A unique back who got lost in the shuffle I think, but there is only one ball.... Joiner could develop into such a back.
  2. imagine how another year of high school will fill out his frame are just seeing his junior film. Then add the off season and a freshman year. He will remind me of ....who is that guy that played for us with Cadillac and Brown and ended up with the Giants for several years? Big back with nimble feet. He could be something very very special his soph year at Running Back U.
  3. I think our talent level is the reason we won most of our close games; I never thought it was play calling. Nobody saw that 1st play against Ark coming. But do we learn from that? Didn't appear to be the case. I can't communicate how excited I am about this season.
  4. I know nothing about law...Let's be clear on that. I feel if he can't pay his monetary debt, the judge orders something in lieu of. Say if he owes $10,000 and can't pay, then he works for the city or university that he owes at a rate say $10/hr for 1000 hrs. If he refuses, then jail time about the only other option I guess. I also think the media needs to play this which can discourage future actions. Sorry, I am not good at forgiving the debt.
  5. Surprising the pen/game were so close. Wow. Glad we are playing disciplined ball.
  6. Accountability. I break the law, I pay the fine. Why is it different for others? Heck this is effecting thousands of adults in our community and no real penalty? I wish some media was involved and show how actions should have consequences. Ridiculous
  7. any possibility that Joiner plays TE in college? I know he is a tad short, but could be a heck of a threat in that position. Hands, speed, elusive (geez his film shows that).... Look at what he did at 0:59 into the film. I think he could get deep into the secondary 2-3 times a game with some short TE routes. Kinda cradles the ball as he catches it, but that can be changed.
  8. simple solution: 1) add some security 2) park the fire truck nearby 3) throw the book at the guilty and keep hitting them with all the costs! 4) get some media updates on the offenders showing impact on the guilty
  9. And we added Coach Porter....we basically have two RB coaches, plus all the scouting talent on this forum.
  10. What punishment did Updike end up actually getting? I heard banned from UAT games and something like 6 months...What a candya__ sentence. I presume the judge was a UAT grad. You know, throw the book at someone, make an example of them and people 'wise up' real quick. That's what needs to happen to Jochen Weist - max him out and let the press report it.
  11. That was funny by the way - Real Question: We all want playmakers on the field (As CCL said - get the ball in your best player's hands). Can JF III return kicks, maybe punts? He dropped a couple of balls I think I recall as QB. Did O-Mac return kicks?
  12. I think elite national-level jumpers are older and have had their last growth spurt. Think about Carl Lewis and others - usually older guys, maybe an upper classman in college. It would be awesome if could make the jump, while at Auburn.
  13. We have two vacancies....the ST and the 'pending assistant' and we want a strong recruiter: Random Thoughts: 1. I read the thread that Shelton Felton may not be eligible because we signed BigCat Bryant. Ok, but who is the next great talented recruit who has a great HS coach, before we sign them? 2. How about we look at the turnover in Florida, where we lost some ground this yr with recruiting. FIU hired Butch Davis - Miami just got harder to recruit. Why not look at the former FIU, USF and FAU staffs - surely they have an OC or maybe former HC we could consider. Worth a look-see. (GA Southern turned over their staff too I think). If we must....who is the predominant/respected HS coach in FL? Go to Florida if we want to recruit Florida. 3. An argument could be made - those programs were in the ditch, "don't go there." Well, grab a stronger tier 2 program like UCF and overpay their OC to be our ST coach. Or poach their recruiting coordinator/coach to be out ST. Memphis (hold your breath) has won 27 games the past 3 years - prime poaching ground. Somebody is doing something right there - they are not on any player's radar I promise, but they are getting players somehow. 9 games each year? Memphis? Really.
  14. as said before, hire someone who can recruit GA and FL. UGA whipped us this year with GA recruits and we know they are stocked with talent. The Carlson brothers lower the actual coaching requirements.
  15. Guice runs with passion and hits hard. Reminds me of K Irons, James Bostic, maybe Pettway with his aggressiveness but Guice is smaller and I think more shifty. Personally, I fear him more than L Fornette. LSU is always stacked. I believe they won, inspite of their head coach. If Oregeron has figured out how to be a HC, we are trouble. And if you look at his work at USC and LSU as the interim guy, you have to think he has. That's what I hope becomes a combat multiplier for us: our coaching. We typically have great talent, holes with depth and hit or miss coaching. If Gus can figure out how to be a consistent, solid HC, then the wins are consistent, which helps everything else (recruiting and depth). So for me, this thread is about missing on a few recruits, I think if Gus can learn how to be a consistent HC by feeling the tempo and momentum shifts (and making the adjustments), we will take care of the 'missing recruits' because our success on the field increases greatly. Little things like when to play tempo vs HUNH, or when to call that TO for the defense, or which receiver should not be in the game.