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  1. Facts. Hastings drop a lot at the end of the year . Seth drop two easy ones against ASU.
  2. Yeah I really hate the holding on the receiver & would prefer to look for the ball cuz we’re missing out on easy picks. Dean could’ve had two
  3. I hope we don't rely heavy on the screen game like we did last year
  4. Regardless we should be getting more than 6 picks a season. Our corners rarely play the ball. Seems like any pass downfield on us is either a completion or pass interference
  5. I think we did abandon the run too quickly this game. Gotta get the players in a rhythm
  6. We need th lineup we had when we played last game & put Horton in
  7. Won't be surprise if Carlton Davis leaves for the draft or atleast thinks about it
  8. Georgia will come with a different attack on offense. Will our offense move & score consistently if we don't have Kerryon
  9. Just this game tho. Nick Marshall did it all season. Don't Nick Marshall was a tough QB he took on plenty hits & broke many tackles. I'm proud of Stidham he came a long way
  10. I love Stidham He played great but not tougher than Marshall tho. Let's not get carry away
  11. NCM been blocking all season wym.