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  1. Confetti at South Carolina game

    You’re not. I just despise poor grammar.
  2. Confetti at South Carolina game

    So you DO have a Caps key.
  3. Motivation for the Alabama Game

    Maybe my fav series ever. 3s were raining.
  4. Motivation for the Alabama Game

    That lost 3 straight up 3-1? Point is...Warriors shot from 3: Game 1: 33.3% Game 2: 45.5% Game 3: 27.3% Game 4: 47.2% Game 5: 32.6% Game 6: 38.5% Game 7: 36.6% The only game they won that series shooting under 45% from 3 was Game 1. Like the 2016 Warriors, AU, HAS to shoot above their average from 3 to beat great teams, esp on the road.
  5. Motivation for the Alabama Game

    Yup. This team is like the 2016 Warriors. Hit 10+ 3s and you’re unbeatable. Struggle from 3 and if you’re facing a good team, you’re toast.
  6. Top Ten Comebacks in Football History

    It’s not painstaking. It’s super easy. PM me for more info.
  7. Top Ten Comebacks in Football History

    “Alabama opened the contest with 24 consecutive points before Cam Newton ran for a 5-yard score just under three minutes before halftime. Then, with 4:10 remaining, Newton found Philip Lutzenkirchen for a 7-yard touchdown as Auburn took its first lead of the contest.” Has the writer ever watched the game? Even once? Much less check the box score before writing the article? Cam passed to Blake for the TD at 5:08 before halftime. He never ran 5 yards for a TD. Ran for a 1-yard TD in the 3rd Q. And the Lutz game-winner came with 11:55 left. Massive fail.
  8. Men open a 8.5 Point Favorite over Kentucky.

    2-33 since 1990. Hard to believe we lost both times in 1999. In case you were wondering, last road win, 1988 vs. #1 UK, 53-52. John Caylor 3-pointer to win.
  9. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    No because one loss in football equals about four losses in bball. 12 game regular season vs. 31 games. Plus a 4-team tournament vs. 68-team tournament. One loss in bball, learning experience. One loss in football, devastating. 8-10 losses in a bball regular season is surmountable. Two losses in football, insurmountable. Moral of the story, the margin for error in football is light years slimmer.
  10. 2018-19 Leading Rusher

    That was under Loeffler.
  11. 2018-19 Leading Rusher

    Sure we might pass it a bit more but the HB Dive always has been and always will be Gus’ staple. Unless it’s a returning leading rusher, it always starts off as RBC and always transitions to one primary rusher by around Game 4.
  12. 2018-19 Leading Rusher

    That has never happened at AU w Gus as OC or HC. He always rides one guy starting around Game 4. Even w Cam rushing for 1500+ yards, True Freshman Dyer still rushed for 1000+ not starting until Game 3. I’ll be Whitlow or Asa.
  13. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    We haven’t lost to them since Jeff Klein was leading the offense. That was @ Knoxville. SHOULD have beaten them the season prior at home their MNC season (4 straight plays at the 1). Won’t lose to them this season.
  14. Congratulations Asa Martin, Mr Football

    That guy was a freaking legend in North AL. Played every skill position, returned kicks and kicked PATs. Broken numerous offensive state records, I think some still stand today. I thought he would end up killing us in every Iron Bowl, but was never seen except on kickoff returns and was an average one. Lost all four Iron Bowls. Goes to show all-state high school talent doesn’t always equal College stardom.