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  1. Scotty2Hotty

    Hill accepts Schwartz's race challenge

    Right but have Brown and Hardman ever competed in track?
  2. Scotty2Hotty

    Hill accepts Schwartz's race challenge

    I'd love to see a 100M race between Hollywood Brown, Mecole Hardman and Anthony Schwartz.
  3. Scotty2Hotty

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    We beat them last season. Soundly. Kept them out of the SECCG. And they still got in. How would beating them this season alter the committee’s successful 2017 reasoning?
  4. Scotty2Hotty

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    Car is on blocks. Wheels are on ebay with no bids.
  5. Scotty2Hotty

    The first time I worried about Gus as our HC...

    Exactly the game I thought of when I saw the thread title. We were favored by 23.5 points. I can’t think of a worse outright loss Vegas-wise. /thread
  6. Scotty2Hotty

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    Ole Miss 48 AU 24
  7. Scotty2Hotty

    It’s official...

    We’ve went from the Penthouse to the Outhouse - Gus Malzahn
  8. Scotty2Hotty


  9. Scotty2Hotty


  10. Scotty2Hotty


    Impossible for you to know that. Sandberg may not have as strong an arm as Stidham, but he could possibly resurrect the zone read.
  11. Scotty2Hotty

    Mississippi State Score Prediction

    Only way MSU scores that much is defensive and/or special teams scores. No way they score four offensive TDs.
  12. Scotty2Hotty

    Which QBs have improved under Gus' tutelage?

    The Todd option pitch to Tate on 2nd & 9 for a loss of 7 yards the possession prior in UA territory with AU up 21-20 still pizzes me off to this day. Why would you have the slowest QB on the planet run an option? Against the #1 D in the country? And they're supposed to buy Todd was a running threat?
  13. Scotty2Hotty

    quoting MSU coach moorhead

    Worse than an Athlon preseason mag.
  14. Scotty2Hotty

    AU opens as favorite against Miss State

    The MSU cowbells have been around forever. They have accumulated more and more as the years have gone by.