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  1. Uh oh, Herbie just picked Tulane as his Super Dog. Said Auburn will win, but we aren't respecting Tulane and we're coming off an emotional win. I agree with Tulane +17. I've got Auburn 30 Tulane 21
  2. Auburn 21 Oregon 16 Same as UW game.
  3. I think we'll see a healthy split of Boobie and Joey at Wildcat. Boobie the closer to the needed yardage. Joey a little further away to offer than 1% chance of a pass. Regardless, I expect the most Wildcat since 2010-2011. Would be cool if someone like @StatTiger could break down the number of Wildcat plays each season since 2009.
  4. Didn't say TV broadcasting = Radio broadcasting. Said Andy will be just fine because he has done radio broadcasting for over 20 years. Ditto with meshing the timing with Stan because they have both worked their respective positions 17+ years.
  5. Interesting concept. Signed, 1995
  6. Andy has called Auburn sports well over 20 years. As mentioned earlier, he has called Auburn PPV football games, Spring games and baseball. He'll be just fine. TV broadcasters get swapped every season, sometimes from game to game, so their timing is learned by which part they play. My belief is Brad would have gotten it had he had experience, which is why he'll call basketball. When Andy is ready to step away, Brad will take over football.
  7. Brad Law is the host of the tailgate show and does the score updates. He took over for Paul Ellen at some point.
  8. Nix play action deep to Matthews.
  9. Good memory. He had several INTs because their defense was terrible, often forcing him to throw on most downs. Not sure what Gatewood would do in juco. My point was a full year of juco at QB gave Marshall much needed experience for us. Remember he played with the CB group for a full year prior at Georgia.
  10. The zone read won’t be an issue with Gatewood. It’s his passing game at the college level that is an unknown. When Marshall and Cam had good passing games, that’s when defenses had to respect the entire field.