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  1. This is confusing. Is Coe redshirting in 2017? Or was this a reference to 2016?
  2. Mr. Stidham will challenge SW like Cam challenged Trotter.
  3. So still no proof? Thanks for playing. Seriously, where is a half ounce of fact in that article you referenced? When I asked about the pain he was in, about the big hit in the fourth quarter that left him awfully slow to get up, Newton smiled for the only time and said, "I'm OK; it was worth it." And he added it wasn't just one hit that put him in a golf cart. Are you insinuating that the "it wasn't just one hit" came from prior to the game? THAT is your proof? You're going to have to reach harder than Harvey Updyke for THAT. The 10:08 shot in the 4th quarter of the Oregon game was the ONLY injury to Cam in the month of January 2011. But please do continue your denial, spin, and preaching opinion as fact.
  4. So you have no proof. Thanks for playing.
  5. You're assuming that if the starter goes down, his backup can immediately come in and resume the team's success. Again I reference Patrick Nix (in one game) and Cardale Jones (in three games) who have been the only two QBs in my memory who have rescued a perfect or National Championship season in the last 25 years of D1A College Football. If there's a 3rd, please state who and what season. The point being, the chances of that happening in the last 3 games of the season again are so minuscule, "solid 1&2 at QB" are not worth noting. No way of knowing if White is fragile or unlucky? He's only been injured 4 times in 1 1/2 seasons of starting. How many times does your beloved car need to break down before you get rid of it at any cost? Lawson was injured twice in 2 seasons. So just 2 injuries in 4 seasons. That's not a pattern. Same stats as Cadillac Williams (2001 and 2002). Plus DEs don't define or determine season successes. QBs do. Stidham's lone injury was a break. Only 1 of White's 4 injuries has been a break. The other 3 have been normal pocket passing game bumps for a QB. Call it bad luck, poor conditioning, assumptions, whatever you want to call it or dream up, but the fact is he is fragile. Why continue to own that car and sell it to us as solid as a rock and it will never happen again? No one, minus you, is buying that car.
  6. So you're saying that because White was asked to run a designed run once or twice a game is the reason he's been hurt so often? His scramble run against Oklahoma that resulted in injury was a passing play. I don't recall him running a designed run and getting injured. The majority of his injuries have happened on a called pass play, not a designed run. Please provide proof otherwise. I recall Jason Campbell running a few scrambles and he never got injured. The point is our starting QB the last 1 1/2 years has completely deflated our team's chances of SEC Championship hopes due to injury. We need durability. Would you buy a car without a warranty if the dealer told you your car would break down every single year? It sounds like you've bought your perfect looking car on the outside and hoped it would last a full year in spite of the dealer's warning.
  7. This is the first I've ever heard of this. You'll have to provide proof as I do not believe it. There is no doubt his back was injured at the 10:08 mark in the 4th quarter as he grimaced heavily. Chizik alluded to it in the presser as he told reporters "Cam needs to go (get x-rays)." If his back had been injured prior to the game, why would he need to get x-rays after the game? I'm calling 100% BS until you provide proof.
  8. Cam didn't get injured against Oregon until 10:08 left in the game, thus he had more than 3 quarters of healthy action, so definitely not why he had an off game, which 20 of 34 for 265 yards and 2 TDs cannot be deemed an off game, even by Cam standards. Plus he went 2 of 4 after the injury, so the shot he took to his back did not keep him off the field nor dramatically alter his accuracy. I only used Cam as an example because of so many shots he gave defenders. There have been starting Auburn QBs that managed to avoid injury for extended lengths of time in recent history. Jason Campbell played injury free for about 3 seasons total in a 4 year span. Brandon Cox, minus a shot he took against LSU in 2006 which did not result in any lost action, played injury free for 3 seasons. Nick Marshall, minus a minor bump he took against Ole Miss in 2013, and stayed out the following game against Western Carolina because he wasn't needed, played injury free for 2 seasons in a zone read offense. My point is we have to have durability at the starting QB position. We cannot afford to have White, as the season starter, go down mid to late season again when Georgia and Alabama are so important, then hope Stidham pulls a Patrick Nix 1993 Iron Bowl or Cardale Jones 2014 performance and rescue our 2017 season. In other words, Stidham must be the season starter for more reasons than talent alone. Yes he got his ankle broken, but it hasn't been this frustrating pattern like White has suffered, call it bad luck, but it is a pattern. Has nothing to do with lack of toughness. It's durability and we need it badly.
  9. #3 at Baylor, which is taken by Craig-Myers. He wore #15 in Bowl practices, which is taken by Queen. He's now wearing #8. Remains to be seen if he'll keep it, but I like it.
  10. Not blaming last season on any one player. We won all our games against poor defenses. When we faced quality defenses, minus LSU, we lost. Health is always apart of a successful season. We return 3 solid OLs and 2 solid RBs. I truly feel Stidham will be the difference because when our run game gets limited against quality defenses, he will get us critical 1st downs and TDs, instead of relying on Carlson to bail us out of a stalled drive.
  11. Cam could have gotten injured on any of the many shoulder shots he gave defenders throughout 2010 and our undefeated National Championship season would have been down the drain, but he didn't. White, a pocket passer, has yet to complete 8 consecutive games without injury. Injuries are apart of the game.
  12. Todd, Cam, Marshall and his QBs at Tulsa and Arkansas State were all good at it. His last 2 QBs were not. That will change back with Stidham. And it will be a big reason why we'll have double digit wins because we won't have to rely on just the run in the red zone.
  13. You're underestimating our new starting QB. We'll be 10-1 before the Iron Bowl and that game will decide the West, SEC and one of the four playoff participants. And it'll be because of our immense upgrade at QB.
  14. Where did he rank in yards/completion? Passing TDs? Red Zone efficiency? What did folks see there?
  15. The eye test also tells me Stidham, just like Kelly, is a giant leap better than White. He will produce more yards and points than White and it won't be close.