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  1. Exactly correct. Tom Ritter incorrectly threw an unsportsmanlike flag on the Fairley sack of McElroy on 3rd and long because of what “he got away with” in the Georgia game.
  2. Agreed. Mullen is like Gus. He succeeds most with a DT QB. We have one. They don’t. I believe our stunners every 12-13 years at the Swamp continue. Maybe not as dramatic as Nix to Sanders or the Byrum chomp, but I believe we’ll pull it out late in the 4th quarter.
  3. Look that up, Mod.
  4. Chastise: Synonym: berate, criticize Was used correctly, Mod.
  5. You might want to read the forum rules before pretending to be a Mod: 3) Watch the name-calling. Grow up and act like adults. Instead of constantly antagonizing and harrassing posters, you should attempt to set an example. You’re an embarrassment to this forum and what a Mod is supposed to be, which includes breaking up arguments instead of instigating and continuing them till the bitter end.
  6. Because other than 2013, Gus ALWAYS drops a gimme that no one sees coming and no one can pinpoint prior to the season, not even you, our Royal Highness. Those are my predictions for each game followed by my season-ending prediction. I will be wrong on the former. My latter will be closer. Where are YOUR predictions, our Majesty? Doesn’t vote, yet chastises the voter. 1) No Cursing, Overly Crude Language or Hate Speech. 3) Watch the name-calling. A Mod breaking the forum rules.
  7. Which cupcake am I missing your Highness?
  8. Oregon - W TaMu- W - We've never lost to them in College Station Ms State - W Florida - W - Nix to Matthews for the game-winner with 36 seconds left. Arkansas- W LSU - L Ole Miss - W Georgia - L Bama - L Bowl game - L 8-5
  9. Unfortunately, we don’t own the Swamp. The Swamp resonates with us because when we win there, it’s usually in dramatic fashion. Reference 1994 and 2007. Since 94, we’re 1-4 there. Since 88, we’re 2-6 there. However, the last two times we played Florida and LSU on the road in the same season (1988 and 2007), we beat Florida both times. So I do believe we take the Gators in the Swamp, but lose in Death Valley for the 10th consecutive time.
  10. You know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment .. Thunderlips ??
  11. Dee Ford the last DE with elite sack numbers. Carl Lawson could have been. I believe the combination of elite OTs in the SEC combined with the fact the SEC officials are not calling holding anymore unless it’s from behind or a throwdown have been the two main factors why SEC DEs don’t have the high number of sacks anymore.
  12. You nailed it. I recall one game recently (I believe it was the 2015 LSU game) where LSU was killing us in the 2nd half and everytime they kicked off to us that half, their guys were headhunting, trying to make the highlight reel helmet-to-helmet lick or at least a brutal lick, which they were definitely accomplishing, fueled by the bench, crowd and the previous licks. Point being, those licks weren’t illegal then. They are now. Even though it sucked watching them lay out our guys, I would have been cheering had the roles been reversed. And I cheered every damn lick Fairley gave that season, illegal by today’s rules or not. My favorite the sack on Jordan Jefferson when he split a double-team, picked him up and earholed him. Brutal, brutal sack landing with all his weight on Jefferson. Some call it dirty, but it was allowed then.
  13. The longer they whine about Fairley, the larger the legend he becomes. i.e. see any NFL show on Deacon Jones, Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus, etc.