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  1. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    I watched the Clemson Spring game the other day and am glad Bryant was officially named the starter today. He misses a lot of his throws high:
  2. Auburn's Stats Leaders 2017-2018

    Receiving yards - Slayton Receiving tds - Slayton Receptions - Hastings Sacks - James Total Tackles - T Williams TFLs - Davidson Ints - Dean Def TDs - Roberts
  3. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    I've got Slayton leading in TDs with 8-9. Craig-Myers with 7-9. Kyle Davis with 5-6.
  4. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    I've got Craig-Myers and Slayton finishing as our two best WRs in stats.
  5. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    Watch his very first pass in College Football...confident, effortless and on point...
  6. Mark My Word 2017

    Get it line bro.
  7. Mark My Word 2017

    MMW: Carlson wins the Clemson game in the final 2 minutes MMW: AU goes 11-1 regular season, loses only @ LSU (again), wins the SEC and makes the Playoffs MMW: Alabama goes 11-1 regular season and makes the Playoffs MMW: Shea Patterson scores the most TDs in the SEC MMW: Stidham is named SEC OPTY MMW: Lamar Jackson becomes the 2nd back to back Heisman winner
  8. Mark My Word 2017

    Found it in the Mark My Word 2016 "Gus is retained, hires Kendall Briles as OC, signs Jarrett Stidham, and AU completes the 2nd biggest turn-around in AU history in 2017." Looks like he had high hopes for 2017.
  9. Byron Cowart

    That's the point. A player wouldn't if they did not play a snap in 2017. But in Barnett's case, he transferred after 4 games in, thus the special request for a waiver.
  10. Byron Cowart

    Duly noted, but Barnett had to request and receive a special ruling in order to play in 2017.
  11. What questions does Stidham have left to answer?

    Admitting the truth is pain-free. Try it sometime. Say it with me, one word at a time, "Johnson - beat - out - Johnson." And the pain is gone. That'll be $400. See the lady at the desk.
  12. Byron Cowart

    Since FAU is FBS, meaning he would have to sit a season, I suppose he could transfer before 2017 starts and use 2017 as his redshirt year and he would have two seasons of eligibility remaining.
  13. What questions does Stidham have left to answer?

    How many TDs did he score against those big boys in 1.5 games of action?
  14. What questions does Stidham have left to answer?

    Thanks for admitting Johnson beat out Johnson.