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  1. Todd, Cam, Marshall and his QBs at Tulsa and Arkansas State were all good at it. His last 2 QBs were not. That will change back with Stidham. And it will be a big reason why we'll have double digit wins because we won't have to rely on just the run in the red zone.
  2. You're underestimating our new starting QB. We'll be 10-1 before the Iron Bowl and that game will decide the West, SEC and one of the four playoff participants. And it'll be because of our immense upgrade at QB.
  3. Where did he rank in yards/completion? Passing TDs? Red Zone efficiency? What did folks see there?
  4. The eye test also tells me Stidham, just like Kelly, is a giant leap better than White. He will produce more yards and points than White and it won't be close.
  5. Higher than Chad Kelly? What about yards per completion, which is the more important stat? More catchable deep passes is what Mr. Stidham will bring to this team that is so desperately needed.
  6. It will all help to a small degree, but if Stidham goes down, we will again see the same short White passes. I would much rather have Lashlee/Stidham than Lindsey/White. It's like choosing a Mercedes over a Kia. One takes a few seconds to hit 60. The other you might get there if you hitchhike after it breaks down.
  7. When the majority of your passes are <10 yards, your completion percentage increases, but your odds of scoring through the air decrease because of those same limitations of being able to stretch defenses. Stidham will solve our >10 yard pass woes and our inability to score through the air. Defenses will be forced to cover all areas of the field, which opens up running lanes, which ultimately brings that balance we've been missing and it won't be because of a magician play caller. It's interesting Marshall had the same two offensive coaches as White, yet Marshall threw several 20-40 yard (and even 57 yard) spirals on target. Yes there were some thrown off target by Marshall. Point is he was allowed to throw far more of those than White with roughly the same run-pass ratio. The capabilities of the QB, more often than not, dictate play calling. Another similar example is Sims/Coker vs. Hurts. Same play caller. Yet the latter QB can't throw those 20-40 yarders accurately with consistency as the two former QBs so often did, thus why Kiffin's offense was handicapped with short passes throughout last season.
  8. Lindsey will not be the reason we will be successful passing. Regardless if it's 80-20 or 50-50 run-pass or somewhere in-between. That will be due to Mr. Stidham.