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  1. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    No because he played in Game 8, which is past the halfway mark of the regular season.
  2. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    UCF in for Rude Awakening
  3. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    He was suspended Game 1 with two guys that were booted. He's not coming back. Signed,
  4. Pro Football Focus player grades

    11:31 AU - Will Hastings 49 yd pass from Jarrett Stidham (Daniel Carlson kick) 2 plays, 52 yards, TOP 0:36, AU 10 - LSU 0
  5. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    Southern Miss hasn't snuck up on the SEC since #4.
  6. Carlson Runner-up Again For Lou Groza Award

    3. Two against A&M and one against Georgia.
  7. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    We're consistent at beating LSU at home. And 0-2 vs A&M at home. So I have us at 9-3 next season.
  8. IF.... The good guys had won...

    Yes we do. Alabama. Committee admitted they were far the better team over OSU.
  9. More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    That would eliminate our NASCAR 1st & 10 RB Dive play. So not possible.
  10. Jarrett Stidham in the pocket

    I said the same thing. That is a NFL throw.
  11. Kerryon Johnson updates

    I didn't re-post it verbatim. Was my own words. In fact, the original was much more detailed.
  12. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Bunker via a poster who got it from Kerryon's family.
  13. Kerryon Johnson updates

    He had a shoulder MRI and CT Scan. It was negative. So yes, his shoulder was in pain too.
  14. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Check my last post.
  15. Kerryon Johnson updates

    It's that and a sore shoulder.