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  1. Not true. The 2007 OL class was arguably our best OL class ever. They performed very well in 2009.
  2. Defenses are obviously going for the steal, which is much easier in college vs pros. In UV’s case, it worked to their advantage because the clock was their chief concern. Harper wasn’t double-teamed on that in-bounds attempt. He could have run off a second or two, which might have put UV out of it. IMO, it was UV’s best defensive play of the last 5 minutes of the game.
  3. A piece of that net they cut down needs to be shipped to James Breeding.
  4. Love it. Conversely, 2019 guy could visit December 2013 guy to break the crushing news that we haven’t won the SEC in football again. 2019 guy would get another straitjacket.
  5. bumppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  6. Was expecting to wake up today and hear whether it's a ligament tear or not. How long does it normally take to get MRI results at this level?
  7. The greatest half of college basketball I've ever seen.
  8. Regardless of who you were referring to, who among Bruce, Harper or Brown wasn't taking ownership? CLEARLY in this clip, Bruce was. Harper and Brown didn't speak, so how do YOU know they didn't at some point? Answer: You don't. Brown, who J'von said is always on his case to improve his game, gave J'von a hug in that clip. THAT is a leader. Brown reaped the fruits of his labor. Perhaps had it not been for Brown always on J'von's case, J'von might have not come through for us against NMSt and Tennessee. Instead of dogging Brown for his personal performance against NMSt, you should be giving him credit for elevating J'von's. Harper and Brown are the clear leaders on the team. How do YOU know they didn't take ownership when they got on the bus, or back to the hotel, or the next morning, or at the next practice, or pregame before Kansas? Or at every opportunity because they ARE leaders. Answer: You don't. Harper led the team in scoring against NMSt. Nearly every time you mention Harper, you're dogging him about something. Harper won the Florida game with a deep three, a fact that YOU said he should stop doing. Harper has closed out numerous games with clutch free throws. We wouldn't have won the SEC Tournament if not for Harper. We wouldn't be in the NCAA tournament if not for Harper. Post-UAB game, Harper and Curry were a mere 0.022% apart on free throw%. To argue that FACT makes YOU wrong. Harper hit FIFTEEN of SIXTEEN free throws in that game. THAT is nearly unheard of in the college game. THAT is being a closer, which was the ONLY point of comparing Harper to Curry. Nothing more. But no, you made it your decision to fabricate that single point into a full spectrum comparison. That lie is on YOU. No one from the opposition wants to see Harper or Curry on the line to close a game. That's why NMSt worked so hard to keep Harper from getting to the line. And Harper, out of character, missed two free throws down the stretch. And, out of character, had three turnovers down the stretch. Wow he's human. So once again, you crucified him, even though he led the team by hitting four three's in that game. Instead of blaming Harper for a handful of uncommon mistakes, you should properly give credit to NMSt for trapping and harassing Harper which caused those turnovers. But no, you keep being you. You keep being wrong. Keep dogging our team while the rest of us sit back and enjoy watching something Auburn basketball hasn't accomplished in sixteen long years. Embarrassed? No question you are to this board and more importantly, this team. And with that, you're on ignore. Bye loser.
  9. Yes, unfortunately, NCAA owns the rights to all NCAA tournament games. So the only way to hear Auburn NCAA Tournament games is via Auburn radio affiliates. is not even allowed to re-broadcast NCAA tournament games.
  10. You ABSOLUTELY NAILED this preview. Because of your post, I kept telling my text buddies Kansas had ZERO chance of coming back because of their low three%. AUsome AUsome AUsome preview!!!! WARRRRRRRRRRRRR DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN EAAAAAAAAAAAGLE!!!!!
  11. You stated Bruce. Take ownership.
  12. Bruce did take ownership: