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  1. I believe James will exceed Holland's number of snaps as Holland is too one-dimensional.
  2. Beating bammer like that isn't realistic. We haven't beaten them by more than 10 points since 1969. And they've had some weak teams since then. I get way more satisfaction ripping their guts out in the 4th quarter than winning by double digits.
  3. I meant at the time we played them, which was 9.
  4. Other than 2004, we never had the team that could beat them by 3-4 TDs. What would have beating them by 21 vs. 8 points have done for you in 2005? We manhandled them and it was never close. I often get bammers that beat their chest that they killed us in 2012. Wow, beat a 3-win team. I reply look what we did to your 9-win team in 2005.
  5. Despite the 28-18 win in 2005, that was a beatdown. It never was in question. Sure, Tubbs could have Spurrier-ed it on, but ask any bammer, until that point, that was the most humiliating Iron Bowl loss since 10-0 in 1988.
  6. You mean 2006. Byrum started in 2007.
  7. Carlson made it known to the coaches in 2014 that punting duties affected his place-kicking, thus why his punting burdens were removed in 2015.
  8. And you're relying on White being better than he was. If he were, he would have easily proven it in Fall practice and been the full time starter game 1. And you're saying White most certainly would have stepped his game up, but not the QB that led his team to 2 consecutive national title appearances, winning one, by coming back from MULTIPLE deficits in both games. If only if's mattered, we would have won. Good Lord indeed. Why is Stidham here? He should quit because we obviously have a returning Heisman winner on our team. I feel sorry for Stidham as he has to attempt to fill the shoes of a legend.
  9. The problem is you cannot look into your crystal ball and determine an outcome of if's, especially based upon White's history of inconsistency against prolific defenses starting all game. Your more reliable crystal ball is Watson because he proved time and again that deficits, even against the #1 ranked defense, even multiple times in the same 2nd half, wasn't an issue. In fact, he reveled in it.
  10. It isn't period. If White plays all game, maybe we score another FG. Maybe we score another TD. Maybe we score 10 or even 14 points more, although I highly doubt the latter. You're seriously suggesting it was 100% impossible for Deshaun Watson, the guy that drove the field with a deficit 5 times and scored 26 points in the 2nd half against the #1 ranked defense, then proved it wasn't a fluke by doing it again 12 months later driving the field with a deficit 4 times to score 28 points against the #1 ranked defense, but impossible he couldn't come back against us? If so, you are out of your everloving mind. Watson scored as much as he needed to win. That's why he only needed 10 points in the 2nd half against us and why he only lost 2 games in 2 seasons. If he had needed another TD or 10 points in the 2nd half, he would have gotten it. The guy was the textbook definition of clutch.
  11. Of course I watched all the games. Did you? We were not going to beat Clemson with White or anyone else playing all game, not with Deshaun Watson on the other bench.
  12. Why is this a common belief? Didn't Deshaun Watson lead his team to 4 TDs in the 2nd half against the #1 defense in the country? Didn't he drive his team 68 yards in 2 minutes to beat the #1 defense in the country with one second left for the national title? Hell, he almost pulled it off the year prior (3 TDs and 2 FGs in the 2nd half). But no way he could have mustered half that effort against us if needed?
  13. You've lost it. You've lost reality.
  14. This is confusing. Is Coe redshirting in 2017? Or was this a reference to 2016?