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  1. I'm thinking it simply may be a mix up ......or maybe it has something to do with the transition/meshing together of the grass to turf......same here AU64....its just a guess/thought.
  2. I don't know how it would make easier to see other than it being a brighter green. ID love to see an official answer, because I have never been it like that.
  3. Gorgeous looking field, especially from the aerial shot. Question though, why does the sport turf extend onto the regular grass along the foul lines in LF & RF? It would seem more logical for the natural grass to run foul line to foul line and eliminate any potential seam or uneven transition in the field of play. I know it appears it is only a foot or so of sport turf in fair play, but just caught my eye. Fantastic job though by everyone involved. I know the players will appreciate it and it appears to be an unbelievable upgrade from the previous surface which I know was less than ideal.
  4. HitandRun5

    Summer Ball Updates

    Seems to be a few of these pitchers developing arm problems this off season....
  5. HitandRun5

    2018 Opening Day Starters BSB

    That's pretty strong on paper and it's certainly exciting to see. Look forward to seeing how it will translate to the SEC. The only thing I'd be surprised at in this scenario is going with 22 pitchers and there's even a few left off like Glavin. Going to be interesting to see how we get down to the 35 for next spring. Thanks for pulling together and sharing. It's fun seeing the excitement around AU Baseball.
  6. BA didn't put much effort into the Alabama report. It list Josh as attending the West Okie JC and only list Klobo as an AU player of note. No mention of Cole, Blake, DRob, Mitchell, Coker etc. all I would take over Klobo. So far, we've come through pretty much unscathed for the '17-'18 class. Didn't think Steele would make it to campus. Would love too see Williams and Burns in AU Tiger unis next year. A lot of rounds left and some interesting picks that may have been "money" picks to use on future picks.
  7. FSU held them to 3 runs yesterday.
  8. It's a big loss for us, but a great opportunity for Coach Bo. He is directly responsible for a majority of the current team and the top notch class coming in (on paper and who actually sticks, TBD). He is universally liked by all and as others have said, a great recruiter. I don't believe his duties include hitting coach. I believe those are Coach Sisson's responsibility along with overall game plan. Coach Bo worked a lot with the infielders from what I've seen. All that being said, I'm sure Butch has got a short list of top-notch talent that he will move swiftly on... hopefully after the CWS!!
  9. HitandRun5

    Baseball Postseason Chatter

    My main complaint is we knew Keegan was going to be back pitching Friday nights and Gordo was no longer on the team and Sprinkle was a question mark. It's clearly evident they made out of their predictions with out doing ANY basic research. It's evident by those few pitching examples and the omission of DRob and Bo Decker providing senior leadership despite not playing in 16. Sorry for the rant, but I dislike predictions when they aren't supported by simple fact checking. Lazy.
  10. HitandRun5

    Baseball Postseason Chatter

    This has to be some sort of a joke!! Did you read his season preview (click the Auburn link in bracket).? He doesn't mention Keegan coming back in 17 or DRob. He states Blake and Daemon are going to have carry the leadership role. He states that wth Casey, Gabe Klobotsis in starting rotation and Gabe Cardenas & Daniel Sprinkle in the bullpen Auburn will have a good pitching staff. Had us #42 and 8th in SEC. Definitely wont be incorporating this poor attempt at forecasting in my research.
  11. HitandRun5

    Baseball Mississippi St Game 3

    Well, there you have it, Perfect Game has spoken (or maybe just a weak year for 1B) Haha. All joking aside, he's come a long way from fall ball to get to this point of being serviceable at 1B. Especially at key moments in the game. I think it's the only way we keep DRob, Conor and Dylan in the lineup at the same time. We need to get DRob's arm healthy for obvious reasons but also to allow those three players bats in the lineup down the stretch.
  12. HitandRun5

    Baseball vs Mississippi St Game 1

    Me too! Regarding the shaking/waving of arm, I heard during the broadcast that he was having a hard time with sweat/moisture on his throwing hand and he couldn't get it dry. Rosin bag didn't help and I noticed he was trying to dry it on his pant leg. I hope the soreness is only due to it being his longest outing.
  13. HitandRun5

    Baseball vs Mississippi St Game 1

    Jarvis is out with back spasms so Holland at SS. Robert has a sore arm, so he's DH and Decker in RF. Jeremy gets the start in LF. He actually had smoked the ball his 1st 2 ABs but nice plays on him.
  14. HitandRun5

    Baseball vs Georgia Tech

    There was no doubt seeing it live and multiple replays later that night. Kicked up chalk right in front of him and still blew the call. This is same ump who totally whiffed on the phantom HR! DRob was robbed of a hit and another potential RBI.