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  1. It’s interesting he talked about it. I’m not sure how it works, but the White Sox have inner city baseball program that awards financial scholarships to athletes in the program. It’s based on talent level and academics. I As a matter of fact, Michigan has at least two players (2B and CF, for sure) that are part of this White Sox program. Both kids played at inner city private HS, Morgan Academy and traditional powerhouse Mount Carmel. One of the announcers talked about the program on-air and mentioned how they wouldn’t have this opportunity without the program. Since it’s inception, the program has awarded more than 150 scholarships. Not sure how Michigan tapped into it, but I thought it was a great program targeting inner city baseball players in Chicago.
  2. Haha. You got it! I love the Board and I’m impressed with those that do post often. Love the passion and comments. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m certainly glad I’m not a coach at Auburn. Lol.
  3. Okay, thank you for answering and as I said, I knew it wasn’t as simple as I conveyed. Additionally, I think I’m jaded to the financials of P5 and in particular, SEC schools because in the grand scheme of things $300-$500 K to a bottom line is a rounding error. Not every school/conference has the luxury of the SECNETWORK and the $ it generates for each member institution. Thank you again for your insights/comments. As a former D1 athlete and parent of a student athlete, I wish it was that easy. War Eagle and keep up the great feedback you both provide.
  4. I’m sure I’m missing something, but why couldn’t they simply add 8 scholly’s to Baseball to bring to 19.7 and add 8 to Softball to bring to 20? I know SB don’t all carry full rosters but I’m assuming most if not all carry 20. You’d fulfill the Title IX requirement and I’m sure SB programs would welcome the additional scholly’s. That added number can be whatever you want it to be and I just choose the two men’s and women’s sports that I’ve heard complaints on number of NCAA allowed scholarships. Not sure how you handle if there is no SB programs (Vandy) or Baseball (Wisconsin and Colorado come to mind of P5 schools without). Curious to see your thoughts and as I said, I’m sure I’m missing something because this seems too simple of a solution.
  5. They have been throwing , learning to pitch in the SEC since last fall. They should have progressed more. They are sophomores in 1 month. Time to grew up and show you are an SEC pitcher who can take it from bullpen to field. If not, move over to give the opportunity to someone else.
  6. We had 11 hits, 3 BB and scored 3 runs.......GTech 9 hits, 9 BB!!!! and scored 9 runs You simply can’t GIVE AWAY 9 BB’s and expect to be competitive even with 11 hits! This doesn’t count the WP’s and HBP. Something or more importantly, someone is going to have to step up and throw strikes. Also, did I hear correctly on the radio tonight that Bailey Horn is throwing in games 11 months post TJ?? Keegan, DRob were still knee deep in rehab & flat ground work at 11 months.....Gabe Klobosits is nearing 11 months and nowhere near throwing of the mound let alone pitching in game situation. Just saying
  7. Saw this on Twitter today. Not a bad collection of arms! I think it’s really cool how the former players that have moved onto the professional ranks, are welcomed with open arms and have access to the staff, facilities, etc. Probably a good resource for Butch and program to have them around for the current players to see how they workout or ask questions.
  8. Saw this picture on Twitter today. Very cool seeing former players coming back to work out in the off season and getting ready for spring training. 


  9. Really was all only adjustments to his release point/arm slot and getting his arm stronger. He only really touched low 90’s at Auburn and his FB was pretty flat. As I said, he put a lot of work on strengthening his arm after getting drafted worked out a lot with a weighted ball, bands, etc. His off speed pitch has gotten a lot better and obviously his FB has really taken off and has some movement to it now. I think he got real lucky by being drafted by San Diego, in that he has been given the chance to progress and they haven’t been to successful at the MLB level, so he’s getting a chance a lot of really talented players out there who simply get stuck.
  10. This call up was a testament to the Padres Scout who saw the potential in Trey and the hard work Trey has put in since leaving the Plains. Ir was exciting to see him don his first MLB Uniform at Wrigley Field.
  11. I agree that it shouldn’t cost the guy his job. I was saying Henderson’s “blatant miss“ gave Cohen the ammo to get “his” guy and most likely those 98.4% of fans would probably support that decision when he left Smalls in. If the Lemonis to MSU reports are correct, I agree it’s a big gamble by Cohen and still believe Henderson should have gotten the position. Lemonis has a reputation as a great recruiter. He’ll get the opportunity, real quickly, to show everyone at MSU how great he is starting with the current returning MSU players. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  12. Much thanks, @gr82b4au ! Doesn’t sound like much of a rally and it sounds like Henderson was late pulling the plug on Smalls........and might have given Cohen all he needs to get “his guy”.....whoever that may be. Great run though for the leg humpers, and IMO Henderson deserves to have the interim tag removed!
  13. What was the final? Been at a wedding w/ no access. Thank you.
  14. The photo included with the attached article shows a Hartselle RHP. I’m not familiar w/ Garrett, so I don’t know if it is him or not, but everything I’ve read about him says he’s a LHP. Haha. Regardless, congrats Garrett and War Eagle.
  15. I'm thinking it simply may be a mix up ......or maybe it has something to do with the transition/meshing together of the grass to turf......same here AU64....its just a guess/thought.