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  1. The team is still hitting better than the 2018 team was through 47 games, with a .313/.400/.528 slash line vs .293/.394/.452 in 2018, which is pretty shocking considering we lost 2 solid starters and didn't really add anyone great (Godwin is hitting well but only has 37 ABs, Greenwood and Nillen have 61 combined ABs and have been decently below average). The pitching is obviously much worse, but fairly expected after losing Carlson and the MM injury.
  2. Swindle is the best pitcher? Handley gives up walks, Swindle gives up hits. Harris be pitching way more than she has been, with the lowest career ERA of the three and the best peripherals as well (significantly lower WHIP).
  3. Thanks for the article. I reviewed the play-by-play and it really didn't seem like there were that many infield hits (2 singles to 3rd, plus an error by 3rd, that's it through 5 innings). Seems like a move by Dean to "make a statement" that only results in a lower chance of winning the game.
  4. Weird/not good stuff happening lately. Our batters are not taking any walks. Only 2 EBHs all series as well. And 3 errors today. Don't like the 2 SAC bunts, they may have been bunts for hits but how often do those work for RHBs with non-elite speed against SEC defenses? ^Taking out Perry and Tannon doesn't make sense barring injury. Also, is Godwin injured, she didn't play all series?
  5. I'm not in love with Maresette's chances against one of the best 2b in the country (Aubrey Leach). Their RF is not that strong however (Bearden/Ayala) so hopefully she'll be able to exploit them if she plays.
  6. And Godwin still has the higher OBP and SLG%! But let's just go with what they did in the previous game or two, McCrackin should definitely be benched this Saturday.
  7. Maybe use some stats invented after 1900? Godwin gets on base much more often, and has more power, and has had to do it more often in PH situations as you said, all signs point to her being better than Maresette.
  8. She's gotten a chance, no? She's not doing too poorly, but Godwin has done much better, and Maresette doesn't pass the eye test imo, a mostly arms swing, poor baserunning, and she's a little emotional at the plate (often looking visibly exasperated when she swings and misses). This is a high level D1 program, not house league.
  9. Not sure why Dean isn't starting Godwin in place of Maresette, give her more looks at the pitcher when you inevitably put her in in the 5th.
  10. OK thanks. Greep's a lefty fast looking outfielder, would the play at first even have been close?
  11. Dowell more likely tagged the runner, not that it makes any difference. Should she get an error as well given the batter advanced to 2nd? Obviously the inning ended, but the runner originally on first could have stayed at 3rd.
  12. Yeah Massey had them ranked 58th last year, they are 219th in the NCAA this year. I really hope we don't steal any bases, it will make Dean think he can do it in the SEC.
  13. I think she's the type that's fine taking walks, and Handley's command isn't the best, so I don't like the nibble strategy that much either. Go at her, she'll hit some bombs but she'll also get herself out a lot too. You have Fa Leilua on deck who is very good, and then the 3-4-5 sticks, who are definitely big steps down but not totally incompetent. Miss. St. pitching is not elite, but it is unpredictable with 5 pitchers, each of whom have started 3+ games. Their innings leader Emily Williams has only one appearance since Mar 10, an ugly 0.1 IP, 3 ER on Mar 16 against Kentucky. They have two good freshman in Grace Fagan (no relation I don't think) and Kayla Boseman, and junior Candace Denis. I would think Williams would pitch if she's not injured, but any of the the non-Loza four are realistic possibilities. https://static.hailstate.com/custompages/stats/SB/2019/teamcume.htm http://stats.ncaa.org/team/430/stats?id=14800&year_stat_category_id=14661
  14. With none out, up 4-1 fairly early in the game, you have to pitch to her even if she's having an insane year. The pitching decisions are definitely questionable, one defense though is that Harris is a fly ball pitcher and the ball appears to have been carrying (slight wind blowing out, WNW 2 MPH).
  15. One thing I noticed this series- Dowell is now batting lefty, she was mostly/only righty last year.