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  1. It's one thing to be positive and gracious, but you lose all credibility when you say " She can do more than pitch. She can hit, and I mean really hit." after you gave the girl 4 plate appearances (0-3 plus a SH), and she's going to be playing a much higher level of competition. That's pretty embarrassing.
  2. I was quoting ellitor who said something like "she's likely going to leadoff", but then edited his post and my post.
  3. If she's our leadoff hitter, Auburn is going to be awful. .319 career OBP (she doesn't walk) against weak competition (119th SoS per Massey in 2019), 9 CS in 30 career attempts. Judging by her total chances in the OF, you can speculatively say her range is good, but she has committed a few too many errors imo. Overall, not someone you'd want starting in the SEC.
  4. Ahh you're correct, they didn't bother adding either of them to the roster or stats page on the NPF website.
  5. 6 games in, no "just graduated" seniors nor Victoria Draper have appeared this year for the Eagles.
  6. has the full softball transfer portal. It appears to be updated daily. Carmyn Greenwood and Tate Moseley are both in the transfer portal...
  7. Damn, you just keep digging huh? There's no real point in continuing this if you think "Nobody pitches consistently up on purpose."
  8. How hard is it to tell Fornis and Greenwood apart commentator? They even gave you a prolonged close up as she ran off the field.
  9. Harris pitches up on purpose. To get flyballs. Flyballs go far tonight (and here). Other team good at hitting flyballs. Maybe bad idea. Get it?
  10. It's not 1960 anymore, you can stop using average.
  11. Just a horrible decision by Dean to start Harris in the first place - a fly ball pitcher against a fly ball hitting team with a massive wind blowing out.
  12. Flyball pitcher with a 15mph wind blowing out, hmmmm....
  13. Are we legally obligated to play Fornis because she was drafted?😴