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  1. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    Those five pieces Myers added were pretty damn good, MD has gotten no one and has lost a ton of potential. Players are already so developed/experienced by their mid teens that the college game is all about recruiting, and MD just doesn't have it I'm afraid. It won't get easier with a worse team.
  2. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    Hard liner to left is caught, game over, 2-1 win for Louisiana Tech. 😥
  3. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    0-2 count, 2 outs, Podany up, tying run on 3rd.
  4. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    Down 2-1, 1 out in the bottom of the 7th, runner on 2nd. Way too much sac bunting by Auburn, supposedly 2/3 times they've done it today they popped into double plays.
  5. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    That's true, but why did they give Swindle a second start (G1 and G3)? It's kind of weird that CMD used her less than Harris last year, but she's all of a sudden the go to #2 this year? I'm already not loving some CMD decisions. He yanks Handley after 3 batters with an 9-3 lead. She was obviously a bit wild, but she was throwing some strikes and you're not going to get a much better time to work through trouble than a 6 run lead against a bad team. Give her another batter or two.
  6. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    What happened to every pitcher getting a start?
  7. wildling

    Softball vs. WKU

    HRs by McCrackin, Rivera and Veach in the 3rd inning!
  8. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    Wow you're right, they were 4-48, Auburn was projected to win this game 8-0.
  9. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    Veach hits a solo HR to CF, she's 3-3 on the day with 2 singles and this blast.
  10. wildling

    Sand Dollar Softball

    Single scores another, error on Greenwood in LF and the batter advances to 2nd. End of 4th now, 4-3 Auburn.
  11. wildling

    247 Softball Preview (merged)

    How hard did you guys look, from the first page on google: Looks really bad to be frank, a ton of errors and a .207 BA in her junior year in the softball powerhouse state of NC.
  12. wildling

    KK Crocker leaving softball team

    KK was probably going to get a fair bit of playing time though, she'll have to go to a much lower level school to get more.
  13. wildling

    Coach Dean interview

    Thanks for posting, pretty boring though tbh.
  14. wildling

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    I didn't say "just attending a camp". But if you didn't attend the camp you're not on the list, correct?
  15. wildling

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Looks like that just means she attended a camp and was one of the best attendees, probably good enough for the hot 100 though.