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  1. wildling

    2018 fall softball practice starts

    Yeah scoring 0 against Wallace State Dothan is a really bad sign, not entirely shocking though. Take a bad offensive team from last year, lose key players and add no new impact recruits, and the players who are supposed to fill the vacancies have no experience = bad results. https://www.masseyratings.com/game.php?s0=299002&t0=Auburn&h=0&s1=299002&t1=Wallace+Community+College-Dothan
  2. wildling

    Women's College World Series

    Tannon wouldn't get much playing time on Washington, Taylon would likely start but would have to play 2nd.
  3. wildling

    Softball: The Future

    That is almost certainly not the case, the softball strikezone is tiny, and even good pitchers don't have pinpoint command. Plus a mostly singles hitter isn't the one you turn loose on 3-0.
  4. wildling

    Softball: The Future

    As I said before, CMD did a poor job giving players a fair shot - only 11 players on the team had 30+ ABs, plus Olszewski with 29 and Bree Fornis with 10. Tissier, who might be our starting catcher next year got 9 ABs, including 0 in conference play. Give Swindle or MaKayla a shot as well. There are signs CMD is rash, emotional and impulsive. His body language when Perry blew threw his imo late and subtle stop sign (throwing up his hands like a child denied candy by his mom), then benching her despite the Tiger's offensive struggles (I know she sucked in SEC play, but you can't ignore her vv good non-conference stats). He also insta-cut Livy Schiele when she wanted to explore transfer options - I know you want players fully committed but given the last minute coaching change [she was a Myers recruit] and Auburn's need for talent, I feel like being a little lenient and doing something that allows the possibility that she stays on the team would have been more prudent. Veach's SLG% dropped 100 points though, and while Podany's SLG% increased slightly, her OBP% dropped a lot. I really like Podany but I think her fielding can't make up for her bat against pitchers who can throw a lot of strikes (ie in the SEC). I think expecting Rivera to repeat her 2017 stats (esp SEC stats) was probably optimistic, but she really seemed out of control this year. She started out fence-swinging as you said, often finishing her swing with one hand instead of the two she used on almost every swing last year), then eventually calmed down before getting back out of control for the playoffs. She was also making some ill advised throws from the outfield, plus the dive towards the line on FSU's walkoff ISTP HR. Taylon and Rivera are also solid assets, while JP, Podany and KK still provide me with hope. The pitching won't be Carlson good, but we're still pretty deep in the circle. The bad news is that the incoming freshman look like "defenders" again.
  5. wildling

    Softball Recruiting Areas

    Emmah Rolfe looks pretty good.
  6. wildling

    Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    PM sent. stop posting in thread about the moderation.
  7. wildling

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    Damn, that sucks.
  8. wildling

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    This is the time to give KC a break if we want to do something in the playoffs, she's 2nd in the SEC in IP.
  9. wildling

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    Yeah, I wouldn't give Chardonnay too long a leash either way, but looking at the forecast there's still a reasonable chance they play G3, I think a cellar visit is still in order. With a 3-0 lead our chance of winning is so high either way that it's kind of a waste to pitch KC again.
  10. wildling

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    I wouldn't mind a little wine to close out G1 tbh, keep Kaylee fresh for G3.
  11. wildling

    Softball vs. Kennesaw State

    When the strike zone is the size of a dime being aggressive is highly overrated. Look at 2017 - we were basically tied with Georgia in runs per game (5.48 vs 5.52) despite a BA that was 2nd last in the conference (Georgia was first) because we took a ton of walks. Reviewing the first 14 batters of G3 vs Ole Miss (4 innings), 7 swung at the first pitch, all 7 hit the ball poorly, with McCrackin getting the only hit on a bloop single. This ump had a small zone as well, they probably could have had a .400 OBP if they went up there with no bat.
  12. wildling

    Softball vs. ole miss game 3

    Starting Harris is ok, but Swindle is not SEC material imo, with a career .284 BA against vs mostly weak competition (to her credit she gives up very few free passes). And Amanda Roth isn't exactly Kasey Cooper up there, that was her third HR of the year. If you walk her, they could steal 2nd and be one hit away from winning the game.
  13. Draper has a 2 year track record of very good SEC hitting (far exceeding anyone else on the roster), plus an out-of-this-world 2018 non-conference résumé, you have to give her at least a few more weeks. One thing I might do is move Alyssa Rivera back up, she seems to have made an adjustment from her slightly out of control swinging/fielding at the start of this year - she's likely to be our best hitter from this point forward. The one somewhat interesting question is what to do with Makenna Dowell when Taylon returns. The obvious thing would just be to bench her, but if the players were robots I would put MD at 3rd, Veach at 1st, and split Tannon/Justus at DP (JP could play some 1st as well). Politically I think just benching her is the play though.
  14. wildling

    Softball "Woman" Crush Thread

    I'll go with McKenna Dowell - great hustle and she looked good at the plate against ASU - I think she'll be a big part of Auburn's future.
  15. wildling

    softball vs. Alabama State

    Watching a replay of this, the amazing thing is the ASU pitcher actually looks pretty good. She threw hard, was all around the zone, but got bad framing from her catcher, bad defense and an ump who squeezed her hard. That and Auburn did an amazing job swinging at only strikes and laying off close balls. Good sign for the Tigers.