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  1. Nice post Bird. I dont know what people expected, not only is it a new coach, but then covid, and the time he was hired as well. He did a fantastic job with the portal and transfers which does not show up in the rankings. The moves with the DB shows he is thinking two years out when we will lose a lot of guys the end of this year (to prevent another position hole like the one we are dealing with regarding the OL). 23 will give us a good indication. In the meantime I expect us to put a much better coached product on the field this fall, much better fundamentals.
  2. He signed with Cal and had a great year. Guess he wanted to come back home so he transferred. Got injured and missed a season. Didnt do much the past couple years, other players passed him by. And this spring he was arrested, something to do with his car getting clamped and he tore it off. He has the talent, his athletic ability is not the question.
  3. |He is now listed at 6 foot 6 and 316 pounds. Coach played him at left, then right, then settled in at left, said that he is a natural there. He redshirted as a freshman, then played mop up for four games and opted for covid. Then just when it looks like this season he will get some serious playing time, they pick up Wanya Morris in the portal. Cant blame him or |Oklahoma, and it would be a heck of a gift to us!!!!!!!!! Four years to play and a natural at left tackle with some experience.
  4. Regarding official visits, Im no expert by any means, but if Im a kid, well. I have 5 official visits, so taking one to Auburn is nice. But if I am leaning to a school, Id take my four official visits to other schools Im thinking about, and save the one I am leaning to for last. Then its kind of a neck check (making certain things are functioning from the neck up, and not the heart), and say yeah its where I want to go. That being said, when a kid says that Auburn really surprised them, maybe they were just checking the box and now they are really considering us. Aiii, recrui
  5. Go back and watch the Nix video Bird posted, it shows our lack of schemes and blocking as much as Nix. Just some fundamental things that can be fixed, like not even having a hot receiver when you can see a blitz coming, and the frickin receivers just running their route when they see a blitz is coming. Receivers not even attempting to block, boy did I see that one where Nix is running for his life and one of our receivers just stands there watching him, while his friggin corner goes around him and tackles Nix. And honest to goodness I saw one play and thought, this kid cannot act
  6. Trivia for the day...the sand fleas/no see ums are from the family known as biting midges. They are also what pollinates the cacao tree (the flowers are too small for bees), and are the reason we have chocolate. The next time you are at a beach resort and you see them towing the little mesh rug (similar to what they do for baseball to smooth the clay) it does indeed make the beach pretty.....but its to break up the sand, and the sand flea nests so they dont hassle the guests which is the real reason they do it. Sorry more than you ever wanted to know about the little rascals, back
  7. And that is what makes it more troubling indeed. We landed some good transfers with 3 years playing time this year, but we cant hope for that next year with OL. So we have to get transfers that can immediately contribute, and rinse and repeat for the next few years, and a mix of some very talented freshmen. The good news is, we wont tell them they have a chance to start.....we will tell them they have to start cause we dont have any bodies left. Still sickening to see bama's offensive line, and then see the five they brought in this past cycle. the top center, the two top tackles,
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