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  1. If he is basing his college choice on who comes to his practice, oh heavens what ever will he do if a coach raises his voice to him at practice, or his coffee is cold at the multimillion dollar football complex we built for him. Respect goes both ways, apparently something this child hasnt learned.
  2. Ive heard people talking about Riley helping at the edge spot. What about Dylan Brooks. I know as a junior in high school he was a terror, some say when he put on weight his senior year it affected his speed. Auburn must have thought so as well, he is listed almost 20 lbs lighter than his signing weight. Receiving in the portal is tough given we have no established QB. Alabama signed potentially 5 receivers this cycle out of high school, and still picked up two great ones from the portal. Thats a lot easier to do when you want to get to the league and you have a Bryce Young tossing the rock. OL in portal, unless the person has a couple of years eligibility, or is just outstanding, why take a chance, we have four of the five seniors. That situation is absolutely scary for 23. No matter how good the kids we get this cycle, its doubtful they should be starting in 23, but some will have to given the total lack of bodies. And as much as people complain about our offensive line, the few backups we have now.....cant beat them out......and will be starting in 2023, think about that. We better be advertising NIL money for OL these next couple of years til we get a few classes of HS kids seasoned.
  3. The transfer portal: 247 sports has a transfer portal ranking that ranks schools on who they bring in, much like a recruiting ranking. Four SEC schools are currently in the top ten, with Ol' Miss sitting at #1. Auburn is 35th. When are we going to start? Perhaps, just maybe, its not the coach and it is NIL money, you know the same frickin alumni that people on here bitch about meddling|, who have the money and might come forward if we werent such a piss arse fan base???? Until we figure out how to put an organization together to raise money and distribute it, something similar to a front office of an NFL organization, we will still be bitching about a head coach with an empty gun battling F-35s no matter who is in that position. Or maybe you think Jimbo Fisher, with all his fame and fortune and couldnt keep his wife, but somehow wooed the best recruiting class known to mankind. Or Lane Kiffin who openly talked about money and the NIL and suddenly hits paydirt in the portal. Nah its just cause our coach did not attend some friggin dinner and everyone got their panties in a wad. I sat in the stands during that Barfield era with three frickin all pros in the backfield playing like shat. And I was at Auburn when Pat Dye stood up in the first team meeting and kicked the best DL we had off the team, and many followed. But what do I know, a hungry kid and his family would much rather have a barber shop and a recording studio than 50 grand in his pocket, right?
  4. Agreed. Consider there are roughly 10,000 kids on D1 football schollys and over 2000 entered the portal since August, by full year probably closer to 2500. These arent high school potential, they have already made the grade and gotten a scholly and are hoping to upgrade. Hopefully this fella has a full department under him. A side note, there are 53 players on an active NFL roster, LA Rams currently have 20 free agents. You may not like the portal, I dont, but you better learn to dance because it is the future, along with big bucks for NIL which I hope we embrace as well with a proper organization to negotiate "contracts" for 85 kids, and if you dont think they deserve pay, then why do we have them on scholly in the first place, cause if we dont pay them, they will walk. We should be looking at someone with a pedigree who has worked with Jimmy Sexton or the likes, cause that is who will be sitting across the table from us.
  5. So we got a DT and an OL! Is he practicing at OT?
  6. Seems like the Seahawks should be function just fine with a QB coach for a couple weeks. Its a league rule, not a decision by the Seahawks.
  7. I believe that overthrow by Bo wasnt just a missed opportunity, it let their defense know we could not stretch the field. We never could sustain a drive after the first one. They crowded the line and took away the run, and we tried short passes, they crowded the line, took away the run AND the short passes, screens, and we had nothing. I dont know what else Bobo could have done, he cant throw to open receivers, and he cant catch the ball for them when it is accurately thrown. I agree we have two great CBs, Simpson has really played well and McCreary was fantastic as usual.
  8. He is very talented, but I agree, they will probably only take him if they miss on one or two, and I dont think that will happen. Plus, look at what their prototypical DL are. Tall and lean on the outside and behemoths on the inside, he is a tweener for them. Thats just how good they are now. WE, we would take in a heart beat and be very happy.
  9. I read an article when he attended Big Cat and they gave him diet and workout direction pending an offer. I then saw pics of him and he had lost about 30 pounds and had some buff to him. He obviously took the direction....and got the offer. Could have been the physical change, or the fact he took the direction to heart that convinced the coaches, perhaps both, good for him.
  10. Anthony Munoz was a pitcher for USC baseball team when they won the national championship in 78. Not a bad offensive tackle either.
  11. The vast majority are for the 23 class which is awesome, and a handful from 2024 which are ranked #1 in their position. Unbelievable showing. I so hoped that the administrative side of our recruiting would be organized in a fashion similar to the top tier programs, looks like we got that with these results!!!!
  12. Seemed to hold his block pretty well to me. It is pass blocking, he is supposed to back up. Now go further in the highlight and watch the Jaquez Hunter run, the friggin line blows the entire DL off the ball by about five yards. Im not feeling all the angst against our offensive line, we had 2 running backs over 100 yards and not one sack nor hurry by Nix. Could they improve sure, but the glass is certainly half full not bone dry empty.
  13. His guard did not leave him alone, it was the guard's assignment. You give a guy an assignment, turn your head to seal off the left side, you glance back and Jones is ambling away from the DT, you instinctively reach out and hook him to keep the play from blowing up. However, on that breakaway run by Hunter, Jones absolutely buried his opponent redeeming himself quite nicely. Hamm needs to learn to seal off, a couple of times the LB ran right by him, on one of them I dont think he was even looking outside. Granted the play was away from him, but not sealing off against better teams will be crucial, Im certain he will get his own private showing of film today. Not his fault, Hamm is a great guard trying to play tackle because we have no one better.
  14. Same with the Hunter throw, the safety was making a beeline, throw it in stride and it could have easily been picked.
  15. Corch Jay on another site knows him pretty well. Said he comes from a very nice family, very unselfish, said when they asked him to block for Armoni he bulked up and took the task with no complaints. He was touting his wares well before he got to Auburn and was so hoping he would come, even without a scholly. Seems it is working out for both, he got the chance, we got a good back, and he probably will get a scholly next year. Did I hear one of the commentators Saturday say he ran like a little ball of anger. Me thinks there is some NIL money out there with that moniker.
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