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  1. https://southfront.org/the-man-who-sold-ukraine/
  2. You really think one win or loss changes a recruit's mind? Jeeez your naive
  3. Why Porter ? He had nothing to do with Carlson. Kick coverage was poor and , did nothing with h backs. Send him packing.
  4. Definitely. Work began this summer on the new football facility.
  5. I did coach the 7/8 year old county flag football championship team a few years ago. I turned the AU gig down because I would not be hamstrung by meddling boosters who wanted me to keep certain coaches. Just sayin
  6. Curious, since the AU planes are blocked from tracking, how do you know where they have been?
  7. Snap was a little inside, Went through the holders hands
  8. Absolutely not. But, this is all about TV money. Programs need it to survive. I hate it, but it's better than us all huddled in our homes under some draconian lockdown with no sports. Hats off to SEC and ACC for taking the lead and playing. If we had followed the lead of some others we would be on lockdown for another year
  9. Team will fly over and drive back. Just like last week. Really embarrassing when your biggest rivals are flying everywhere.
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