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  1. No idea on why no offers. Recruiting sites list 4.59 40. Played at an 11-3 5A school.
  2. I will say this again. Not ONE of our offensive linemen would start at another sec team. None. It is that bad people. Wake up. That and a young QB is our O issue. We have no depth on D, especially LB an D line. Scheme all you want.. bad players make bad plays. Fire the coach, hell yes, but know why we are where we are.
  3. Phone not in dark mode, only this site
  4. Can't read the article because of the dark mode. Barely see the text
  5. I agree with the for mentioned deficiencies . Prior staff left zero depth on the O line with a starting lineup that NOT ONE would start for another sec team. None. They are that bad and have been for 2-6 years. Current staff should have seen this as an emergency. They did address db issue and did make progress on wr position. But made big misses on QB, understand why Bo had to go, but if your paid big bucks better make big time recruitments. LB is thin no doubt and d line is a work in progress. I just don't see a sense of urgency by this staff to fill the needs this team needs personel wise. We are sadly close to Vandy level. We may win one more this year fellas as Missouri is not a good team by any measure.
  6. Do not worry about the buyout. $ doesn't come from AU coffers. It comes the ptb. Only question now is who is going to be the interim coach? Another west coast boy?
  7. Just FYI the SEC media picks are officially 0% correct in choosing the order of success since the inception.
  8. https://southfront.org/the-man-who-sold-ukraine/
  9. You really think one win or loss changes a recruit's mind? Jeeez your naive
  10. Why Porter ? He had nothing to do with Carlson. Kick coverage was poor and , did nothing with h backs. Send him packing.
  11. Definitely. Work began this summer on the new football facility.
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