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  1. FYI. Last week a journalist ran the numbers from the state of Washington . The Covid death rate for people under age 65 without comorbidity is .000037% .
  2. You need quit believing all the media headlines and do some reading yourself. Here is a start. The CDC publishes most statistics that you are free to look at. Dr. Fauici himself says flu death rate is 0.5%. It is public record that covid death rate for healthy individuals under 30 is miniscule. Don't take my word for any of this. Do some research and draw your own conclusions. I recommend changing your search engine from Google unless you like biased results
  3. It is by no means a choice between money and health. Sports can return safely. Don't believe the hype.
  4. You may not be aware that there has never been a successful vaccine developed for a coronavirus . I for one find it hard to believe that even though they haven’t been able to develop one in the last 75 years they will be able to do so in a few months. Herd immunity seems the best way to quickly end this. New research suggests it may only take 15-20% infection achieve herd immunity. Since this virus is less lethal to those under 60 than the flu, I encourage people to get it that can distance themselves from the elderly and those at risk.
  5. BTW the CDC announced May 28 that covid death rate is 0.4% overall. It is 0.05% for those under 60 years of age. The flu death rate is 0.1%. So the players and students (and most fans in stands) are more likely to die from the flu than from covid. And in case you missed it, Dr. Fauci (along with the New England Journal of Medicine) said that wearing a mask is "symbolic". It really offers no benefit. The Surgeon General said, back in March, masks may actually facilitate the spread. Don't take my word for it. Look up the facts yourselves.
  6. Covid is a non event for a healthy young person. These cases are all asymptomatic. Protect the vulnerable, i.e. over 65 with pre existing conditions, and let's get on with our lives. No reason to shut down the world economy for a virus that has a death rate comparable to influenza. Stop believing the headlines and do the math yourself.
  7. Read the last sentence of this article. Really want this guy?
  8. Last year's Iron Bowl. Naaa bamma doesn't hold
  9. If I am 2nd team (any pos.) and guy in front of me is totally stinking it up and I don't get a chance to play..I'm gone. I assure you Joey and his family have been on the phone this morning gathering options.
  10. Not questioning the claim, but wondering. If he is a Qb guru why was he rb coach and not Qb at SC
  11. I'm hearing it had nothing to do with an inappropriate relationship. But still personal