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  1. Yep, in Randy Clements with him and the oline is fixed . He's been the backbone of that offense some would say
  2. Yes please and can KB bring Randy Clements with him😬
  3. Yes I was thinking the same thing. From what I understood he respects and looks up to CAB enough I would only assume it would be different.
  4. That's unfortunate. I knew why Stidham came. And I assumed Kam was the same. I didn't know the rest of the details of why it fell through.My what could have been.
  5. Thank you for the info. I didn't realize that's what stopped it from happening.
  6. He's the hottest OC in the country right now just in my humble opinion.Look at his offense stats W/L total offense YPG ppg the last 4 yrs. 2014 and 2015 Baylor #1 total offense in NCAA- 615 ypg and 48 ppg in 2015. look at FAU's record last yr compared to this year. FAU top ten total offense 2017 under KB. Look at U of H offense last year compared to his arrival this year. U of H #1 in total offense right now just passed bama. 570 ypg and 50 ppg sorry for any mistakes I'm typing from my cell phone
  7. With every thing that has come out in the last month regarding the Baylor board, and the stuff still coming out, He should be cleared (though probably not by the general public). I bet he coaches in the NCAA next year.
  8. I agree, but I thought he started getting rid of the ball better as the year progressed last season?
  9. Me too. Been watching him since his sophomore year in hs (played receiver on state championship team). He's a winner.
  10. He's the real deal. Going to keep getting better and better.