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  1. Texas

    Stidham about to be "turned loose"

    I agree, but I thought he started getting rid of the ball better as the year progressed last season?
  2. Me too. Been watching him since his sophomore year in hs (played receiver on state championship team). He's a winner.
  3. He's the real deal. Going to keep getting better and better.
  4. That's ok let's get a stop here
  5. How can they review if the whistle stopped play
  6. Texas


    Also remember he was working with the best qb developers in the nation on a daily basis
  7. Texas

    Baylor and Briles

  8. Texas

    Auburn is a contender

    The scrimmage wasn't his first time to play football y'all know. He's been playing like that for years.
  9. Texas

    A-Day game thread