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  1. With "BowlCut" being UGA's HC, the way he swooped up to get "Radio/Sleeping Beauty" for UAT, this decommit smells awful.
  2. Kaoz

    lessons J.B. Grimes learned

    Best "assistant coach" article that I have read in a long time. I do appreciate that one being posted.
  3. Just saw my first yellow butterfly of the "season".
  4. Kaoz

    2018 Fall Camp - Final Scrimmage

    It has been quite a while since we had our QB1/QB2 issue figured out this early. This team almost feels complete to me. And I wasn't expecting that to happen at all. But, I sure didn't expect the 2013 Team / Season to be the juggernaut it was.
  5. Shaun Shivers = Warrick Dunn Dunn did so much for others. He would be a great person for "Worm" to emulate.
  6. Haven't seen any yellow wings yet, but I have been on the lookout.
  7. That is Gordon. He was placed in a Federal Witness Program after TatooGate. That is why he seems to be very "grown ass man-like".
  8. Kaoz

    What was your first Auburn game?

    2000 Iron Bowl It was miserably wet and cold, but the sh_t-eater on my face was frozen in place.
  9. Kaoz

    Well... just because

    I have a an Orange with blue and white stripe jersey (#17) like #4. Bought it from Hibbet's in 2003.
  10. Kaoz

    did we just screw Bama........again

    If Bammer gets in... Seems like 2011 all over again.
  11. Kaoz

    New Gus Theory

    Tubby as HC and Gus should be back as O.C. Hey, can't we all just dream?
  12. Kaoz

    FINAL: Auburn 49 Mississippi State 10

    No FIELD GOALS! Almost feels like a wet dream!
  13. Kaoz

    So bama gets busted as well

    I would like that info as well.