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  1. API

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Who's going to throw it to him next season?
  2. API

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Still have to take the road test in Georgia. My youngest waited until he was 18, in part because he saw it as a 'test' that he could put off.
  3. API

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    Can't we all just get along? Can't I have a respectful difference of opinion with someone without calling them a smarta$$ or referring to a trailer park? I pick and choose in an article about what I choose to believe. Few articles are 100% correct or 100% wrong, but I do take into account the writer's motivation, and who may be feeding him 'scoops' and for what purpose. We have few friends at, but it doesn't mean all their stuff is garbage. Gus isn't exactly a bastion of pure honesty when he speaks to local or national media either. There was allot of angst after the UaT game, and the administration including Leath and Green did little to squelch it.
  4. API

    Why Broussard left team

    My feeling is that if Broussard was the best option to be playing against UW, the coaches would have had him playing. Surely he would have gotten other opportunities later in the season but apparently PT somewhere else was more important than being on the Auburn football team. I don't fault our coaches for this. The grass may be greener somewhere else, but maybe not.
  5. Here's an article from January of this year talking about a SEC rule that limits to 28 the number of players you can enroll between December and May.
  6. Thanks. If we can get our useful retention up, I'd like to see us offering 19-21 schollies a year and keeping guys with more experience around. I think you can 'offer' up to 28 and enroll 25, expecting that 3 will be 'sign and place in JC'. Bowden oversigned one year and had to gray shirt an existing scholly player.
  7. API

    Ideas for the Program

    I'd vote for 1 & 2. Related but off topic, is there any interest in us recognizing Vince Dooley, Auburn Man while he is still alive? It would also be backhand slap at the thUGA crowd who can't seem to acknowledge Vince's contribution to thUGA. We can do something for the Georgia coarch that the thGUAs can't seem to do for them selves. Nothing too elaborate; perhaps the vistor's locker room or the vistor's sideline.
  8. API

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    For the record, I object to being called Harvey Updyke.
  9. API

    Last Call for the Gus Bus?

    I still have a first class seat on the bus. Recruiting is going very well and the players are more important than the scheme itself. Fight on.
  10. API

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    If winning the game means that Stidham plays 100% of the snaps, I'm OK with that. Now if we get out to a 3 - 4 touchdown lead in the 4th and can play other QBs I'll see that as gravy. Of course if we're down by 4 TDs in the 4th, I guess you play the younger guys also but the howls will continue until two minutes before the kickoff with Oregon.
  11. How many total schollies are we planning to award for 2019? Of those, approximately how many are expected to sign next week?
  12. API

    Freeze and Malzahn spotted in Auburn

    Old pic from perhaps summer 2018 or maybe even Spring. I know I saw it come out several months ago and said to myself "hmmmm".