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  1. Happy for DD. As for Boom, I've always been a fan of his, and his undeveloped people skills. Boom is also big on personal responsibility, including his own. He's been known to tell players that he made a mistake about them. Wouldn't surprise me if makes this good. Too little too late? It's only for DD to say.
  2. This isn't the Auburn DB(Larry Casher?) getting knocked out of the game and taken to East Alabama Medical Center as a precaution where he was subsequently assaulted by THREE of his girlfriends who rushed over to check on 'their man'.
  3. Shug Jordan once said "if they don't think an Auburn man can get the job done, they ought to close the place down."
  4. Pretty sure James Willis died a few years ago, at least he's dead to me.
  5. Cord brought his long term girl friend to Auburn on the official visit, so I don't think he's dating around. Same for the Aussie. They're both GAM.
  6. JayG's reporting solid in my book, and not, he didn't pay me to say that.
  7. Somebody here posted a pic of him at spring practice with his hot girlfriend. Good luck but I'm sorry to see you go. Yes the WR field was crowded and you weren't going to see much playing time, but where are you going to go do better?
  8. Cord. Not going to give the keys to the Ferrari to Bo in the first game. As for Willis, still hasn't been able make a zone read after two full years of college football. He has skills, but if he can't consistently make the correct read he is of limited value to us as a QB. He also doesn't seem to take coaching very well and no, he's not as fast as Nick Marshall. Gatewood is the wild card to me. Saw him in exactly one game this season and he looked OK against a worn out Purdue defense. He's got Cam sized body and have no idea about the rest of it. Even Eli Manning sat his first year at Ole Miss because senior Romaro Miller was on the roster. We won't name a starting QB until less than two weeks before the Oregon game.
  9. Who's going to throw it to him next season?
  10. Still have to take the road test in Georgia. My youngest waited until he was 18, in part because he saw it as a 'test' that he could put off.
  11. Can't we all just get along? Can't I have a respectful difference of opinion with someone without calling them a smarta$$ or referring to a trailer park? I pick and choose in an article about what I choose to believe. Few articles are 100% correct or 100% wrong, but I do take into account the writer's motivation, and who may be feeding him 'scoops' and for what purpose. We have few friends at, but it doesn't mean all their stuff is garbage. Gus isn't exactly a bastion of pure honesty when he speaks to local or national media either. There was allot of angst after the UaT game, and the administration including Leath and Green did little to squelch it.
  12. My feeling is that if Broussard was the best option to be playing against UW, the coaches would have had him playing. Surely he would have gotten other opportunities later in the season but apparently PT somewhere else was more important than being on the Auburn football team. I don't fault our coaches for this. The grass may be greener somewhere else, but maybe not.