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  1. Braden Smith

  2. Thanks. Can we get an update with Hastings and King, and perhaps an update to the thread title?
  3. Jarrett Stidham Film Study

    If he has one read, and a check down, I'm good with that.
  4. So, an update is in order ?
  5. My understanding is that he has been practicing the kick offs, though we hope to red-shirt him.
  6. Yep, need to do a better job at retention. I get the feeling that we never wanted to make someone feel unwelcome once they got here. Other programs will overplace and run off anyone that is a marginal contributor.
  7. I really thought he had a shot to make it to some NFL practice squad. Wish him nothing but the best, but it seems like he's chasing a dream.
  8. Pulling starters when winning big?

    First, no guarantee we have the lead, much less a big lead at halftime. Anything less than a 42-0 halftime lead tells the first string O and D start the 2nd half. We can sub as indicated from there. Malik can play the last four minutes of the game to suit me.
  9. Just out of curiosity, how does a hot girlfriend get a pass to a closed scrimmage? Asking for a friend.
  10. Hey, I resemble that remark !
  11. To me, a frosh RB has to learn the protection packages and be able to pick up the blitz so our QB doesn't get killed. This has to be taught and learned by just about all high school stars when they get to college. Toting the rock is secondary though we wouldn't sign him if he didn't have the talent.
  12. US Tiger University Consortium

    I guess Memphis and Princeton didn't think this was worth their time ?
  13. Kick-off for Ga. Southern 630PM

    It's got that old 4:00pm CT pay per view feel to it. Less than a 3rd tier game, but 'surely we can find some people in Alabama and Georgia to pay to watch it' ?
  14. Tubberville to call games this fall for ABC/ESPN: http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2017/07/tommy_tuberville_joining_espn_television_game_analyst.html