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  1. API

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    We've all done it at least once in our life. Don't think I've ever done it on camera before.
  2. API

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    I'll take Barrett, presuming he's still available.
  3. Walk on QB Devan Adams awarded a scholly tonight. Smart money says that puts us at 85.
  4. True, but ...... You presume that we were at 24 awarded schollies as of the end of June. Then came Cord, who made 25. I'm not sure in my own mind that 24 was the correct beginning number. Perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn't. I don't know.
  5. With the reserve OL that left at the start of fall practice with his degree in hand, I think one more spot freed up. This is prolly good news for Will Hastings and some of the other walk ons that were given schollies at the end of camp last year. For a high school senior, Auburn offers 4 year scholarships regardless of your production on the field. Ian Shannon is still on the team where somebody else(bammer, cough, cough) would have cut him loose. I never was sure about Hastings, ect from a scholly standpoint, and I'm a big fan of Will Hastings. I've seen it opined by beat hacks that schollies given to walk ons were of the one year variety, but I don't know about that. Update this thread please!
  6. API

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    Truer words were never spoken.
  7. API

    Any former Auburn players here

    Outstanding. Did by chance you ever meet Jorge Portela?
  8. Corey put out a statement that he 'resigned' to spend more time with his family. JJ said he respected what Corey had done. This was an attempt by the Athletic Department to sweep the issue under the rug. If he was fired, say he was fired for conduct unbecoming a coach. But JJ didn't say that. Similarly, Clint was allowed to issue a statement that he had 'retired.' If he was fired, say he was fired for conduct unbecoming a a coach. JJ instead issued a laudatory statement about the levels to which Clint had taken softball, and was another attempt by the Athletic Department to sweep the issue under the rug. This revisionist history that both coaches were fired once the facts were know does not line up with the statements at the time. All was not buttercups and dewberries, though the Athletic Department wanted me to think that. I don't like being lied to, especially by those in who I put my trust. I've been ambivalent about JJ for years as people railed against him, but I an now certain that it is time for him to go, regardless of the results on the Birmingham law firm investigation.
  9. Correct, or at least it was so in the mid 90's. Used to be a deep thigh bruise or an 'owie' would qualify for a med reshirt, but things have clamped down since then. I would add that you never got a 6th year back in the old days, but under the right circumstances these days you can.
  10. API

    Stephen Davis Jr. leaves South Carolina

    Vindication is such a cool word. Hey, I'm not right that much, so when I am, Imma gonna remember it.
  11. API

    Ex-Bama QB Opines

    Saban lied to Cory Grant as well. Told him he would play offense, switched him to DB, and when Cory tried to leave, asked him to stay and give DB a shot for at least one season. Some of these kids know exactly what's going on, some of them think it won't happen to them, and some of them are unsophisticated enough to discern the difference. Nobody is going to look out for your own interests as much as you do. I think that Hurts turned out to be the better player is really besides the point. It's how the other guys were treated is the real story. Queue the Steely Dan album.
  12. API

    Stephen Davis Jr. leaves South Carolina

    I actually don't think it was grades, but something is way screwed up with this kid. Was a very late add for us in the 2016 recruiting cycle, then didn't want to play and wanted to re-hab his injury. Imma go out on a limb and say he doesn't really want to play college football. It's not for everybody and there are plenty of folks that would kill for the just the chance. Doesn't seem to have many friends or to make friends easily either. Presuming they can afford college, he prolly just needs to get his degree and get out of daddy's shadow.
  13. API

    Braden Smith