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  1. What's happened to the defense that was playing lights out earlier in the season? Did the toil get to be too much? I know we are missing an elite 3rd down edge rusher but all the other pieces appeared to be in place. We're going to have to hold thUGA to 28 or fewer points. We got that left in the tank?
  2. API

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Is "apparent intent" a practical element of targeting? It would make sense to me if it was. There's a difference between two helmets colliding and spearing someone in the noggin with your own helmet.
  3. Tubberville was once asked how he kept four running backs happy. His reply: "I don't have to keep them happy. They have to keep me happy."
  4. Thought pretty much the same thing. Other than the end of half, let's keep his kicks to 45 yards or so. Nobody questions his leg, but the accuracy over 50 hasn't been good. I'd rather have the field position.
  5. API

    Nate Craig-Myers

    Yes. I think of the current group of 6, Tyler Carr and Jalen Harris will both leave with degrees. I believe that Jalen will leave with his masters also. Especially painful to see Harris leave as he's from a private HS in Montgomery where 45% of the kids go to bammer. He was a role model. Carr I kinda get as he left at the start of practice and they gave his scholly to somebody else. Everybody else have left during the season, which doesn't sit right with me.
  6. API

    Nate Craig-Myers

    Nobody asked me my opinion, so here goes ... If you don't want to earn an Auburn degree, don't come here. If you don't want to help the team win, don't play at Auburn. I am very sorry to see NCM and the others go. Most all are leaving because they aren't playing as much as they want because somebody on the team is better at playing their position. If you aren't playing the best players, you're playing favorites, and playing favorites will get you beat in this league. We've likely already lost more players than we can replace with a single full recruiting class. They'll be missed, but the program will go on without them.
  7. API

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    We've all done it at least once in our life. Don't think I've ever done it on camera before.
  8. API

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    I'll take Barrett, presuming he's still available.
  9. Walk on QB Devan Adams awarded a scholly tonight. Smart money says that puts us at 85.
  10. True, but ...... You presume that we were at 24 awarded schollies as of the end of June. Then came Cord, who made 25. I'm not sure in my own mind that 24 was the correct beginning number. Perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn't. I don't know.
  11. With the reserve OL that left at the start of fall practice with his degree in hand, I think one more spot freed up. This is prolly good news for Will Hastings and some of the other walk ons that were given schollies at the end of camp last year. For a high school senior, Auburn offers 4 year scholarships regardless of your production on the field. Ian Shannon is still on the team where somebody else(bammer, cough, cough) would have cut him loose. I never was sure about Hastings, ect from a scholly standpoint, and I'm a big fan of Will Hastings. I've seen it opined by beat hacks that schollies given to walk ons were of the one year variety, but I don't know about that. Update this thread please!
  12. API

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    Truer words were never spoken.
  13. API

    Any former Auburn players here

    Outstanding. Did by chance you ever meet Jorge Portela?