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  1. Seems like our recruiting is slipping and I guess we should not be surprised. I hope I am wrong. Maybe we upset the Dogs today. Unlikely but possible.
  2. Agree, unless we lose TWill I think OP stays.
  3. Samau

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    Just a guess but I think Saturday’s game will determine if Gus is back next year or not.
  4. Samau

    Has a QB ever regressed as bad as Stidham

    Sean White is the only one I can think of but he was injured. I will say part of JS regression is because of the poor OL play. Our entire offense is really bad...
  5. Samau

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    Pretty sure it’s true and three of the 5 games he played in were two or less plays.
  6. Samau

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I voted Bill Clark because he is very good and won't cost us 7 million a year like a couple on that list.
  7. Samau

    Staff Changes

    Our offense is bad. I would get rid of all of them except Kodi Burns because he can recruit excellent WRs. I would keep most if not all the coaches on the defensive side.
  8. Samau

    No practice today

    I guess the coaches feel as good as the entire team is playing that they do not need to practice.
  9. Samau

    Yet another National Recruiting Debate

    Ok well we will agree to disagree about that. Our current RBs are not as good as rivals Georgia or Alabama (in my opinion). That along with our OL are the reason we are near the bottom of the SEC in rushing.
  10. Samau

    Yet another National Recruiting Debate

    No I am not happy with our rushing performance are you? I just read a Twitter post from Cole Cubelic saying Auburn was dead last in the SEC in rushing.
  11. Samau

    Yet another National Recruiting Debate

    Just my opinion but I do not think we need to recruit Nationally either. It thins out your resources and time. Our strategy of concentrating in the Southeast is a good one. Also most kids do not want to go somewhere that’s too far from home. Currently I think our biggest issue is we do not have enough elite recruiters on the offensive side of the ball. Most of our 5 and 4 stars are on the defensive side. We are especially weak at the OL and RB position. We have not recruited well at either position in the last couple of years and it is showing. I think Kodi has done an excellent job getting WR talent and we have recruited pretty well at the QB position but that’s it as far as the offensive side goes.
  12. Samau

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    E Other than RB, I would be happy with that class. But Gary may be underrated.
  13. Samau

    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    I was expecting a big recruiting weekend but that's quite a list! Hope they all have a great weekend.
  14. Samau

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    Putnam and or Webb and I am very happy with OL class.
  15. Samau

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    Agree with everything you said. The only thing I can add is he also can run. Looks to be a complete QB. Hope we get him!