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  1. Samau

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    E Other than RB, I would be happy with that class. But Gary may be underrated.
  2. Samau

    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    I was expecting a big recruiting weekend but that's quite a list! Hope they all have a great weekend.
  3. Samau

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    Putnam and or Webb and I am very happy with OL class.
  4. Samau

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    Agree with everything you said. The only thing I can add is he also can run. Looks to be a complete QB. Hope we get him!
  5. I think worm might be our best back, the only question I have is he a good pass blocker? Im asking because I do not know. He may be excellent, but does his size limit what he can do to protect against LSU DL?
  6. Samau

    Schwartz time!

  7. Samau

    Schwartz time!

    Ha my bad. I fixed it, thanks!
  8. Worm is very fast, has moves and is not easy to bring down! While I like our other backs especially Boobie, Worm may be our best back.
  9. Agree that he is our best back! He is fast, can cut quickly and runs hard!
  10. Samau

    GameDay at TCU OSU game.

    Stinks but we still have the CBS 2:30 game. Most people will be watching us!
  11. Samau

    Schwartz time!

    You better not blink when Schwartz gets the ball or you will miss the play!
  12. Samau

    ESPN Gameday: In AU next week?

    I read it will either be Au vs LSU or Ohio St vs TCU. I do not think it’s been announced yet.
  13. Samau

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    No problem I wasn’t upset actually I thought I made you upset. Thanks no apologies needed. You do a great job!
  14. Samau

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    Thanks Ellitor AuburnnnTexas and Big Bird. I will keep posting. I enjoy the board. War Eagle!
  15. Samau

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    Ellitor, I think you must have me confused with someone else? I have only been a member for 1 year and I do not remember arguing with you about anything? I usually agree with your posts. I guess we will just agree to disagree about this. But if I’ve upset you I will glad to not post anymore.