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  1. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    Always an advantage to play a morning game than a night game if you are the visiting team....
  2. JS had a decent game and it would have been much better without the dropped passes.
  3. Well all I can say is if you are a premium member of Au rivals be sure to read the War Room. I think 23 knows what he is talking about.
  4. I feel good if it comes down to an Auburn Georgia battle. Our offense will be a much better fit for Fields. Plus Georgia had a terrible offense last year.
  5. Who is Auburn's 2nd toughest opponent?

    The top three most difficult (Alabama, Clemson and LSU) we are currently slight underdogs in Vegas. I can make a case for all three of them as the most difficult. I would rank Georgia and at Arkansas as the 4th and 5th most difficult. We could win or lose any of theses games.
  6. WDE! Great pickup! Big addition to this class! Now JF and a few DL and I am really happy!
  7. My guess is Fields does not really know yet where he is going. But as 23 and eliltor have indicated he wants to see how our offense and probably Ga offense performs. That should give us a big advantage because Ga offense stinks.
  8. I'm very glad we have him
  9. Ok 23 and Ellior I will believe both of you as you both seem to be well connected. Question if FSU has slipped on JF, are we ahead with UGA and/or is it very close? Thanks
  10. Yea our QB recruiting has been terrible with Gus. Let's see Cam Newton, Nic Marshall now J Stidham with Sean White. Possibly Justin Fields & Bo Nix. Just terrible!
  11. Nation's top OLB has AL 1, AU 2

    It will be a huge steel if we could somehow get this kid!
  12. Just read an article implying he is down to two and we are not in it. While I do not believe we are out of it, I am starting to feel like we have slipped a bit. Hopefully I am wrong.
  13. I think he is ours!
  14. 2018 4* RB Dameon Pierce

    Isn't Pierce good friends with Justin Fields? If we were to get Fields could it effect Pierce decision?
  15. 2 assuming we look good and score a lot of points and passing yards against Clemson