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  1. We Need! He could easily be our starting Center next year!
  2. I really have no idea, I believe it is wide open. I would not be surprised if anyone of the QBs on the roster starts against Oregon. Hopefully someone will distinguish themselves in the Spring.
  3. Just read it on twitter! WDE!
  4. I agree the OL did get better towards the end of the year. I think we could really be good next year if Tega, Brown and Davidson all come back.
  5. It may be completely unrelated but this is the best the offense has looked all year. I know the play calling by Gus was excellent and that had a major impact but I'm hoping part of the reason was Dillingham. Memphis was #4 in the nation in total offense. Also this is the first time I can ever remember Stidham actually stepping up in the pocket and not scrambling to the sidelines when under pressure. I didn't recognize this offense today. I was pleasantly surprised. WDE
  6. Clemson Georgia and Alabama are all doing a great job recruiting OL. This is the major difference in our recruiting and theirs over the last few years. I think we do a pretty decent job in all the other positions but you need the big uglies to win Championships.
  7. From what I have read I think we are still in it but it could go either way.
  8. Difference is Jalen Hurts has recently graduated. I thought graduates can transfer wherever they like?
  9. I will actually be happy with our OL class if we get Bell and Putnam with the 2 commits we already have. But having said that I would be surprised if we land Putnam and Bell is not a certainty either.
  10. Yeah his delaying his announcement may actually be good for Auburn but who knows....
  11. We haven’t missed on Putnam yet have we? Last I heard it’s between Au and Clemson? Is that not correct?