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  1. Also I bet Cam can and will straighten out any negative crap D.C. or Jimbo may be telling him about Au.
  2. I believe you guys. And assuming both FSU staff and other Auburn sources believe we lead it's just really weird to me that almost all the analysis think he is going to FSU with Ga his second choice. 🤔
  3. Great Pickup 4* on both ESPN and Rivals!
  4. It appears his composite score is mainly do to 247 having him way down their list, that's strange since both ESPN and Rivals have him a 4 star. Regardless I hope he is ours!
  5. Great pickup!!! Nice get out of Ga! By the way is he friends with Justin Fields?😉
  6. I know most think he is going to FSU or Ga but I think our offense will be awesome this year and JF will want to play in it.
  7. Hope we get him!
  8. That would be a terrific WR class!
  9. Based on what I am reading here and other places, I still like our chances.
  10. Guess that would make it more difficult to get to Auburns picnic because of the distance
  11. Just read he is going to Florida for Friday night lights not Alabama tonight.
  12. Austudent23 just said Au coaches are still trying to get JF to come to the cookout on the JF thread.
  13. Agree, I bet Saban is going to say what great Coaches both Kirby and Jimbo are. He will talk about what a great job Jimbo does with QBs etc. All this just to keep him from going to Auburn. I really hope we can convince JF to come to Au on Saturday.
  14. Maybe I am wrong but I thought Fields was still a possibility.
  15. I agree if he commits others will surely follow. Especially if he does it sooner than later.