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  1. tigereye78

    Coach Ryan Russell

    Very well said. Sadly, again higlighting the true underlying problem. Thanks for sharing the detail on Coach Russell's training method. Interesting stuff!
  2. tigereye78

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    I may have forgot about Dre.....but never Boobie. ???
  3. tigereye78

    2019 4* WR Ramel Keyton (Vols 5/16/18)

    Thanks Zeke. I would much rather lose a couple of recruits to Rocky Top but still be the more dominant program anyday.
  4. tigereye78

    2019 4* WR Ramel Keyton (Vols 5/16/18)

    Has this young man commited anywhere yet? I understand this is the date of declaration.
  5. tigereye78

    Hey Golf ...

  6. tigereye78

    Legit Question

    All I can say is that I totally agree. Crepea is by far the biggest jerk in a media room and on the printed page. Every question he poses to Auburn coaches in a press conference is dripping with sarcasm, bias,and disadain for the AU coach. He is immature and lacks any professionalism.
  7. tigereye78

    Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    Does anyone known channel number of TruTV on DirectTV?
  8. tigereye78

    Brad Lester ?‍♂️

    Precisely. I'm more than willing to bet that HU was decked out in bammer apparel at the time of his crime. Got 100,000?(NC) Tshirt etc....
  9. tigereye78

    Herb Hand to Texas

    Judging by our overall Oline performance last year...yes. Love this news!!
  10. tigereye78

    Woodson New Coach

    It may be "superior technique"; but as I stated the end result of that face guarding technique has not been a successful one for Auburn DBs. If its not used in the NFL and our DBs are poorly executing it to the point we get burned for easy TDs; then a change in technique seems to be an obvious answer. Teach the DBs to play the ball and good things will happen; in my opinion. I suppose we are all supposed to be defensive masterminds who are up to date with all the latest techniques. Your condescension is laughable. Lol. War Eagle Sir.
  11. tigereye78

    Ryan Davis had a amazing season!

    What a great season overall for Ryan Davis. Which only adds to my wonder about why he was hardly used in the bowl game. Am I mistaken or did he only get 1 target and 1 reception the entire bowl game?
  12. tigereye78

    Stidham Returning

    One can only pray....War Eagle.
  13. tigereye78

    Woodson New Coach

    I'm sure I don't know all the strategies and techniques involved but from a non coaches' perspective it seems to be a recurring issue. Catches by the opposing teams receivers when our DB's back is turned seem to be a recurring theme. If it's a coaching issue and can be corrected; it hopefully will be soon. Thanks for the suggestion corchjay. War Eagle.
  14. tigereye78

    Woodson New Coach

    Maybe he can teach the young DB's how to play the ball in the air instead of playing the reciever only with their backs to the ball. One can dream....
  15. tigereye78

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    It boggles the mind!!