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  1. Sorry if it's already been discussed but if Pierce commits do we still take Asa? You'd have to think he'd probably head to bama if that happens. Would love to get them both though.
  2. This LB class might be real fun to watch in a few years if we can close with a few more
  3. This. I felt like the questions he was asked were almost baiting him to be favorable with UGA. Whatever gets you clicks. I might just be a little biased though.
  4. I know it's all over the place but best guess on when he might commit? I personally think it'll be towards October instead of August.
  5. Is he planning on taking any more visits during the summer or is he shutting it down? I've heard both.
  6. Did one of our other LB prospects fall through? Just seemed like we were trending with a few.
  7. Did something change with one of the others we were recruiting at that poisition? I have a pretty good idea who it is. From my hometown.
  8. Need to get him to the cookout this weekend. Would be huge to have him visit again.
  9. Curious to see how his visit to Athens went.