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    nathan,check your pm
  2. we WILL miss harper bigly, along with bryce....there is just no way to around it.....there is a ray of sunshine though....i spent almost an entire day watching video of the incoming class, and they are damn good!!!! there will be a learning curve for "turbo" but the guy is good....he has a build that will allow him to get to the basket and be physical against opposing PG's....obviously, he is called "turbo" for a reason...his jump shot needs work and so will his defense(most freshmen can't even spell "defense") but he is going to soften the blow of losing harper more than most might think, but it will probably be after a few weeks into the season will be fun, though we won't win 30 games and make the F4....we will watch the building of a group that just might finish the deal in the next 2-3 years....this group is good!
  3. i rest my case! “That offense at Auburn, I’m not sure what the hell it is,” Lombardi said. “They run power, they run unbalanced… That offense, seriously, it might be one of the worst offenses in football. You can’t evaluate a quarterback. They can’t train a quarterback. That’s the other thing. He can’t train him."
  4. he doesn't speak out a lot but when hooks speaks, one should listen.....he is a bigtime basketball booster, goes to practice,travels with the team and tight with BP.....he has been a bit over enthusiatic at times, but does hold his finger on the pulse of AU basketball.....i think he may be a little too excited about this upcoming recruiting class being #1 in the nation, but by him saying that you can bet it will be very good
  5. this would be great, but if things do go this direction and all ends well, lets remember (and this is primarily to ME first than ya'll) that the kid is 17 years old and no matter how great and talented he is (and he is) there will be a learning curve for him so we have to be patient (again to ME first) with him...harper had me climbing walls and blowing spitbubbles when he was a freshman,so i will be more perpared for cooper and turbo
  6. yep.....not really interested in football much
  7. stephen hooks has some interesting things to say about the next recruiting class...i think he is being a bit optimistic, but he is really connected to bruce....he has said that we should not be surprised to see us finish #1 in recruiting and was very confident about it and that kessler was far from a uga lock,far from can go to the scout board and read what he says and after i read it, it made getting robbed a tiny bit easier to accept,although i never will completely accept it
  8. i was really surprised at how well both functioned today....williams is going to play a lot this season....he knows how to run between the tackles
  9. i will NEVER put minneapolis behind me and my hatred for sports officials intensifies with every day that passes
  10. there is a reason for that....there is hope here on this board.....this was the most fun of any type season since, maybe ever.....i listened to the radio today and AU basketball was mentioned alongside UK,UNC,DOOK-ie!....hearing that made me feel a bit better from saturday, though not a helluva' lot
  11. this whole final 4 thing has a tainted smell to looks like an old neglected battery that gets corroded and begins to leak......most officials are loafers that are too lazy to work and hold a real job, and possess a character that has been compromised.....its why i despise them, and now ya'll see why....i don't know if there was a fix in, but you cannot despute that thought by the officiating that took place in the final 4 games, benefiting ONLY ONE TEAM!!!....the NCAA is headed by the most corrupt piece of human ***t that has ever been a part of sports, even more corrupt than bryants old drinking buddy, walter byars and son, thats corrupt as hell!!!! you can see, there is no such thing as a "good official" just as there is no such thing as a "good politician," they don't exist....did organized crime touch this tournament? know that i don't know that, it could just be incompetence on the part of the worthless garbage in the striped shirts, or it might a situation that transpired on the orders of one, mark emmert, that human septic tank with a character like a hollywood movie did look bad,though....there is probably no conspiracy here, just bias on the part of the no good,rooten sobs calling the game, but it would not surprise me to log on one morning while drinking my coffee and see ya'll talking about the FIBS( i got that right) wiretaps catching sports officials interacting with the mob, and sanctioned and coordinated by the watchful eye of the NCAA....yeah, i'm still pissed
  12. no worry, this is a proven college coach, not high school
  13. here is the game between okoro/coopers team and bj bostons team, mcearchen vs norcross....damn, a ton of talent on the floor.....assuming we get cooper, just visualize him with this signing class, and is a talent,too and if bruce could somehow bring him in, make the chemistry work, that would be hard grasp how good they could be....amazing how far we are removed from the dark days of tony barbee