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  1. Wiley drives me up the wall with his offensive game, but I hate to see him go to the bench because this team is not the same on the defensive and rebounding end without him on the floor. Compare ISU offensive/rebounding numbers when he was in the game to when he was not. Really a little shocking. If AW would just not bring the ball down, his offensive miscues would be cut 50%. Mac hit some big shots today, but he gave up some,too. I love Halliburtons game, and having seen him play several times this season, he gives the impression of being a great kid
  2. Purifoy and his decision making almost made this thing a one possession game. WTH taking a 3 with 18 left on the shot clock?. Low IQ play to play hero ball right there. That was my scream at the tv play....Lack of offensive rebounds hurt,too
  3. Why hasn't somebody worked with Cambridge,starting at about the 7th grade, on his FT shooting mechanics? His form is horrible. I am sure the staff will try to correct it in the offseason, but if his minutes increase, he is going to go to the line a good bit this season, and he can win some games for us if he can hit them. I was thrilled with his game last night and hopefully he will gain confidence from it. The guy has some serious raw ability and if you don't think he can hop, just look at where his head was on the put back dunk!
  4. We can't seem to hit shots from 2 feet away, the FT line is 15 feet away. We have no guards and our inside scoring threat is a brick layer. But I am satisfied because I hoped for 21-22 wins, make the tourney, and that would be a successful season with this group
  5. No, hell I'm worried about this year
  6. Damned refs have always been bad,corrupt and/or incompetent, just glad others are seeing this. They are people who are too lazy to get a job. Look forward to the day where cameras and software replace the garbage in striped shirts
  7. I feel bad for Purifoy, dammit, he has had FIVE---5---go down in the basket and pop out....My gosh, I don't remember one player having that much bad luck with bounce outs....We ain't playing that bad, we have had the shots, but they ain't falling....
  8. Listening to the pre-game, BP sounded a tiny bit aggravated. Lets see if we get a better performance today
  9. no, my bad, I was just going by a post on 24/7...Good for us, if true
  10. we did not make his cut of 10 teams
  11. I was spittin' fire last year due to lack of team personality. BP got the hero ball out of their system and the rest took care of itself. This years team is way ahead of last years team at this time, but I don't see this group having the same ceiling due to the play of the guards. I like J'vons floor play, most of the time, but Samir is starting to grate my nerves....Never thought we would be 15-1, so I am not too upset but I do worry about road games now
  12. I am a fan of JJ because of his ability to hit the 3 ball, but damn, his defense is awful A lot of that is due to his size, or lack of it. I suspect he will bulk up in the off season. His shot is kinda' similar to his daddy's when he played back in the day, and his daddy was damn good. I think JJ will be our starter at the 2 next season if he can develop his ball handling skills a bit. I just don't know about Turbo...Of course, he is a freshman, so I'll wait and see how his Basketball IQ develops
  13. Everybody is going to lose basketball games, its the nature of the game. When you're hot, you're hot, and when you're not, you're not. We needed a loss (just hate it was this bunch that we lost to)...We have been getting away with bad fundamentals and it was going to catch up with us sooner or later. This is not a real good basketball team, but I do think it will be at the end of the year...Wiley has got to learn to not have his shots hit the board so hard....He is so strong that his touch is affected and the other guys have to get him the ball when he works to get open down low ON TIME....This team has so much to improve on and has been getting away with some critical mistakes....They are still better than I thought they would be
  14. It would be a welcome change, buuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...............................................................
  15. xxxxactly!! I did not expect to be almost halfway through the season and be undefeated, so I am not going to be too upset if it happens....I have a lot of confidence in BP, though....WHOOPS!, almost broke my vow to be nice