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  1. doverstutts

    are fans fair in their remarks

    the one word line at the bottom of your post....he can't
  2. doverstutts

    Post game Arkansas thread

    which is why it won't get done
  3. doverstutts

    Post game Arkansas thread

    offensively, we are just not good anywhere....poorly coached teams are kinda' like that
  4. doverstutts

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    i think you can answer your own question...but heres a hint: the reason makes 7 million $'s a year
  5. doverstutts

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    this team will not win over 7 games,,,,might ought to lower those high hopes
  6. doverstutts

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    for good reason...officials should take lie detector exams due to gambling influences......they do gamble
  7. doverstutts

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    time to open up the playbook and use all 6 of em'
  8. doverstutts

    Nate Craig-Myers

    can't wait until basketball season gets here....
  9. doverstutts


    Auburn Alabama Mississippi State LSU Ole Miss Georgia Florida South Carolina Clemson TCU Oklahoma State Pittsburgh 56
  10. doverstutts

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    JH is not the first player that has been wasted under the current regime....hope he makes all american wherever he lands
  11. doverstutts

    GIF - That last pass interference was the correct call

    the no call on greedy/slayton was what upset me....if you're going to call it, call it both ways......i am suspicious of officials anyway.....if lie detector tests were given, i suspect a lot of them would fail when the question of gambling is asked
  12. doverstutts

    2019 Schedule Released

    depending on the QB situation,7-5, maybe 8-4, possibly 6-6
  13. doverstutts

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    i used to hate losing to anybody, but the present coaching staff has numbed me down and made it easier to tolerate...i don't even get mad anymore, though i do get disgusted from time to time.....last year, i had emotion during basketball like i used to for football, before the loss to LSU last year....that loss made me chill out on football due to the episode with blood is just a game and malzahn is just a good,but not great,coach, basketball is a fun game to watch and bruce is more than just a good coach....i'll save the emotion from losses for a couple of months from now
  14. doverstutts

    Unispired, unprepared, underachieve

    did you happen to watch the line play on both sides of the ball?...yes, manhandled or as i say "$@#&stomped"
  15. doverstutts

    So what's to come?

    been that was for what, going on 6 years now?.......