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  1. During football season, for 6 days out of a week I love Gus being our HC, just not on Saturdays.....I like how he does a lot of things, just not coaching....I have no animosity toward him as a person.... The rumor is that the money is ready for his buyout, which I seriously doubt.....After this season, its time to find out if that is true....We will have to improve considerably to beat a good SEC team and that will have to start at the top.....Gus will not change or adapt, and you know that won't happen
  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't make me walk on air for no reason !!!!!!....i just want his high school butt outa' here
  3. yep, it really is.....i just hope that we can steal one somewhere to get 8 wins...thats about the max
  4. yep, it really is.....i just hope that we can steal one somewhere to get 8 wins...thats about the max
  5. Guys, there is a place that i got off of the SEC rant that carries the games free....i have it bookmarked in my vast storehouse of useless crap...its malware free/virus free....i won't post it because i don't know the rules....i will post it on the rant again....another option is subscribe to the free week trials on hula/youtube tv....i have used youtube and its good IF IF IF you have a good high speed internet....
  6. its amazing what a competent coach can do for an athletic program....i can hardly wait for the season to start
  7. me too......or i was until yesterday when i heard about the interview that bob stoops gave.....if the money is available( which i doubt) this would be the hire to make....otherwise, we might as well keep "high school harry" another year....he is not a bad coach, nor is he a good coach, so that leaves the obvious, he is an average coach....i just miss going into every game thinking we have a chance to win
  8. Malzahn is Malzahn and thats all he will ever be. The most distressing thing that I heard today is about the interview with Bob Stoops where he left the door open to coach college football again. It makes me sad to think about what we do have, and maybe, just maybe what we could have
  9. Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Tennessee Alabama Ole Miss Arkansas Florida Texas A&M LSU Missouri 48
  10. I'll be honest about it, its the main reason that I am no longer calling for Coach Goofy's head. That, and the fact that I have learned to like basketball better
  11. We are not divided at all because we all want the same thing, and that is for AU to be as good as it can possibly be. Some believe Malzahn is the man to lead the football program to be as good as it can be, and some of us know damn well that he is not the man to do it. But, like the quoted past says, I don't trust the PTB to make another hire. Malzahn is not a coaching roadkill, but we can do much better. The question is: would we?
  12. yeah and thats why i lost passion and excitement for football, but for every week of football season that passes, its one week closer to basketball
  13. 64, you are one of very few on this board that has followed AU as long/longer than me, so don't pay any attention to the way that i type or what it MAY sound like because i do have much respect for you. So, "come, let us reason together.". I can't help but notice that you don't like my man, Bruce Pearl, who is also a flawed coach and like us all, a flawed man. Why do you not like Bruce, and criticize him at every turn, but defend Coach "no doubt?"....i see a bit of hypocrisy there because your man does not have a good reputation back in arkansas and did some underhanded stuff....look it up, its well known and documented. Now, 64, lets say that you own a business, and you hire a dude and pay him out the nose to do a job and he just does enough to get by, does the same stuff every day, with just average results. You see your competitor hiring hot shots that go beyond what is asked and is constantly producing results that are excellent. At some point, are you not going to light a fire under your guys butt?. or are you going to continue to pay him more than your competitor for with only average results?. I saw that malzahn was over his head in 2014 and voiced it. Nathan will vouch for that. I want him to succeed, and so does everybody on this board, but it will only be average success because he cannot adapt. WDE is not blowing smoke up our butt when he started revealing things that he know. Why does he only surround himself with "yes men" and not try to hire proven coaches?. He is insecure about himself and his coaching ability, and it shows. Oh, he is a brilliant man, with the mind of an engineer, and that is part of the problem. Having dealt with engineers during my career, the sob's will spend a million $'s to make a $100 machine work, just because it was their idea and their development project. That is Gus 64, we are all on the same side man, but this crap ain't working,man! Back and take a look and be honest. I did and its why I like basketball more than football, that and a health episode against LSU 2 years ago. I no longer get emotional during games, I just expect Gus to be Gus and let it go at that
  14. I agree and thats my first choice also, which means we have no choice because he is not going to change a damn thing!. ....the more things change, the more they stay the are calling the plays so you know DC's are....we talk "Auburn fast"and have to hurry to get the snap off before the play clock expires.....its "deja vu" all over again, every damn year....what you see and have seen, is all it will ever be with GM