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  1. doverstutts

    2018 Maui Invitational

    all they have to do is walk on the beach,look at the bikinis, and they will be wide awake and adjusted to the time zone....they are 18-24 years old....horace will have to stay at the hotel and babysit
  2. doverstutts

    Charleston Classic (Merged)

    the NE team is getting wrecked by va, tech. right now.....up by 20 and makes me wonder about bama and particularly their coach......AJ might not be as good as i thought by comparing how both teams defensed NE.....
  3. doverstutts

    Charleston Classic (Merged)

    the score was closer than the game....updykes never led and NE missed several easy buckets close in, layups actually....bammer looked horrible with hardly any was a clinic on how basketball was meant to be played and how bad teams play it
  4. doverstutts

    Secondary school

  5. doverstutts

    Charleston Classic (Merged)

    i hate that he had to leave, loved watching him....but, he had no choice and has already been suspended at wky
  6. doverstutts

    Charleston Classic (Merged)

    they looked awful....NE actually missed several easy shots around the basket or it would really bad....NE was proof that coaching in college matters more than just having a talent.....they were very well coached....updykes looked like they were playing on the playground
  7. doverstutts

    VCU Guard Samir Doughty transferring to Auburn

    i just want to win and i don't care who makes them...heron is gone and is now a none issue....he was a very good basketball player.....we have doughty,who is a good basketball player, wiley and purifoy as cogs to replace him.....we will do fine as soon as the rust is gone
  8. doverstutts

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    miss college outhustled us for 22 minutes and during that time, they moved, and shot the ball well....well coached little group that should not been within 11 points with 18 minutes to play not matter who we did or didn't practice, when we did wake up, whoop....i think it was a 45-0 run....i am really looking forward to this tourney....just hard to grasp that we are in the talking points as being in the elite of college basketball....i knew pearl would get it done, and it did take longer than i thought it would, but he needs to be rewarded for this monumental job so that he can be the AU basketball coach until he decided to ride off into the glare of the backboard.....this man is a fantastic coach and ambassador for AU, nah, i won't even go there
  9. doverstutts

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    got nervous when they cut it to never know, especially the way they shot the 3 and how bad we were defending and shooting
  10. doverstutts

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    getting out hustled badly.....
  11. doverstutts

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread

    i'm glad this is a can't lose game because we are not playing well as a team...miss college moves the basketball well and can shoot....well coached team
  12. doverstutts

    Men vs. Mississippi College - game thread
  13. doverstutts

    Mississippi College Preview/Review
  14. doverstutts

    Liberty Score Prediction

    liberty 14 gus-3
  15. doverstutts

    Mississippi College Preview/Review

    here is another link....