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  1. While I would love to think this was true, its been debunked by various folks that should know....I didn't read all the posts, so it may have already been shot down, if so, my apologies
  2. I took the liberty of carrying your post over to the open forum of 24/7, giving you credit for it of course.....all but a couple were in full agreement or had understanding of what you wrote....I was so glad that you wrote that, it was so very well thought out and well written that even if one did not agree with you, they would have to respect what you were saying.....I am bringing one back from the free football forum that was in response to what you wrote that is very well written also, although the poster did not quite agree with your assessment ....this comes in from another angle is also well thought out: I have a much simpler theory. It isn't fear. It's hubris. Malzahn brought an offensive system and philosophy that was a bit different from the predominant systems being run throughout college football and that he had been developing for years. He believed in it, and he still believes in it. But guys as smart or smarter than Gus and more willing to adapt have had a long time to examine the system and to break down Gus' tendencies and now, when opponents have talent at near-parity, Auburn is becomes relatively easy to defend. As head coach at Auburn, when Malzahn hasn't had an OL capable of moving the line of scrimmage, an NFL-caliber back, and a respectable talent at QB, the offense hasn't worked really well. But you know what other system works with a really good OL, an elite RB, and a talented QB? All of them. Gus was never a genius. He was a novelty. He's still a novelty, but the novelty has worn off, so now he's just boring and predictable. Even his little gimmick calls tend to be predictable, which is why so many of them get stuffed. The game requires evolution and an insistence on scouting oneself. I never get the sense that we've done a good job of scouting ourselves on offense. We're so, so tendency-reliable that coaches who have been around the SEC for a while know what's coming. But Gus still believes he's smarter than everyone else. He's not. But his belief in himself and his system is supreme, and it's why he won't evolve or truly relinquish control of the offense.
  3. Some places have him listed at 6'7" 230 but I watched some recent video and he looks more to be in the 6'5" - 6'6" 215-220 range like in the AU basketball post above....He does have very good footwork and seems to have good hands and can handle the basketball pretty well,too....He is going to be a very good basketball player at the college level and i suspect him and Cooper are going to have a bunch of ally-oops.....
  4. This may be the most precise and factual post, as well as well-written, that I have ever read. I have believed this ever since 2014 when these traits really showed up in the loss to the updykes. Its fear, and self-doubt that dictates GM now. Someone should email him your post, not to hurt him, but to maybe cause him re-consider his approach. Outstanding post, and so very much to the point
  5. remember uga going to run the clock out right before half?...i do...Another great decision by el gusto
  6. Why have we not been in the HUNH for most of the game?
  7. I am no longer watching. Coach DoubleBubble has to be fired....This is unacceptable
  8. You Gussites carry this dog home with you and feed him.....Hey maybe we won't get shutout.....This is embarrassing
  9. My concern with AW has nothing to do with his movement, hell hes damn near 7 feet tall and he is not wearing a tutu and involved in ballet....Its his hands that concern me and i wonder if its something beside a strength or coordination issue...I am deadass serious when i suggest another possibility and that would be "sweaty palms."....I don't care how it sounds, because a dude that has hit the weight room like AW obviously has, ain't gonna have weak hands!...Is "stickem" still legal to use, or something similar?...Some people sweat more than others and have smoother palms.....Hes way too strong to lose the ball like he does, theres another underlying issue somewhere
  10. cole, i thought he was fantastic running the UT offense against Murray....14 a's i think it was....i do wish he was wearing blue this year....he can hit FT's
  11. I agree with you on this one...the NCAA is almost as corrupt as what you see going on right now in Wash DC.....biased and corrupt to the core
  12. we need austin to get into the flow of the some point, we are going to need him score some to win a game
  13. I'm exhausted!!! I would like to see them slow down and run their offense in the 2nd, but my goodness this 1st half was breath taking
  14. this is making me happy!!!! don't get too happy with the 3's, just run the offense