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  1. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    yeah, it is and i love it although the dumbassery makes me crazy
  2. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    had they not had 4 foul out, this blown 25 point lead would have been a loss
  3. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    yeah, its fun to bitch about winning, though......if they would play smart with a lead, these lead losses would not be so strenuous for me
  4. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    i can't believe this crap...they blow big leads because they can't plat disciplined basketball
  5. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    too damn quick taking shots...selfish,stupid
  6. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    i hate that the dunbar asshatery killed the "mo" and let MTSU get their head above water because this game was the best of the year, and against a good team
  7. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    at times, this team does not play smart basketball at all...taking time off of the clock is something that is just foreign to them
  8. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    dumbass...i hope it does not kill the momentum ....this was working up to be the best game of the year....really looked good until excuse
  9. Gardner Webb - Preview / Review

    they are playing well tonight....i hope heron is not hurt too bad, but a back injury can linger and linger....ask me how i know
  10. Gus' first and most important job

    absolutely 100% fact
  11. Report: Malzhan staying

    AU just got played to the tune of $7 million. I would like to hear the TRUTH about all of this. He could stay or go, either way was fine with me, but I would like to know why people at AU thought he was worth the reported price tag. I doubt it is $ 7 million on a straight contract, or at least I hope it is, and hopefully the $ 7 million figure is due to incentives
  12. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    insanity rules
  13. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    if he don't want to be here, why should we want him?
  14. Men vs. George Mason

    wrong, bad basketball, selfish play....i don't know what you call good basketball, but it does not take much to make you happy....poor ball movement, poor perimeter defense....disappointing on what had been some encouraging play
  15. Men vs. George Mason

    we did not play smart basketball today at all....too many wannabe heros....looking for shots rather than assists