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  1. I do like the increase in size and LENGTH.....Those long arms make it difficult to get off a shot in the lane and pass the ball in tight places....I'll be honest though, I am still concerned about the PG position this season
  2. fantastic news!!!!...just read it on ITAT and hooks confirmed it!!!!!
  3. i hope they wait until basketball season is over to get married.....priorities, you know
  4. since the guy decommitted, i think BP ought to take a real good look at this guy and if cooper does sign with us, and if he leaves after 1 or 2 years, then sears would be the lead, he would still play a lot spelling cooper as a Fr
  5. i mean, hellfire, we HAVE to recruit him, right?.....with all of his awards and accolades, why are not more SEC schools hot and heavy after him?....has he not been considered the best player in the state of alabama?....i would think we would be hearing more about him
  6. while i realize that it is the ncaa gestapo that we are talking about, i think we will be fine because our deal was something completely separate from the shoe company deal making investigation...i do hesitate to feel completely confident though, and if i were AG and prez coconuthead i would have the attorneys on standby to sue the hell out of them,especially if the updykes skate on this, if they bring down any charges against us ( i have a hunch that the updykes are actually one of the 6 but i wouldn't bet heavily on it)....i do suspect that our ordeal with the gestapo is over, but one can never really be sure or confident of it.....
  7. S Hooks is pretty confident that we stand a better than even chance of getting this kid
  8. don't sell this kid short just because he is a white boy, this guy is a basketball player....the "white men can't jump" label doesn't apply here with him....i've watched all of the video that i can find on him, and i am pretty damned impressed with his all around game....i am not going to make any predictions but i will not be surprised to see powell playing a very important role in the future of AU basketball, and it may even be off of the bench, ala malik dunbar
  9. it is crazy to see this type of talent showing up at AU for visits!!!....i am going to fall for Hooks45's exuberant homerism and get real excited about that "maybe" very special thing though, sometimes when you get a whole big bunch of talent on one team, maybe chemistry is not so good with only one ball used in a game.....cole,with his "all about scoring" comment makes me wonder if he knows something about the kid that we don't know......this is why i worry about horace not being there....i will miss that guy so much...always 100% effort to help the team and set an example with his unselfish attitude
  10. yeah, i forgot that, too...our athletic department is really doing a good job outside of football
  11. its nice to enjoy non- football top flight be honest, i like it better
  12. FINAL 4.......CWS......EQUESTRIAN.......HEY GUS, you're pullin' on that hind teat
  13. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss