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  1. Was that CBP last game?

    if bruce is let go, at each game that is played, the arena will have echos when the ball is bounced....i will not watch or listen or care because the next hire will make tony barbee look like adolph rupp....the PTB proved that they are willing to accept losing 4-5 football games a year by signing malzahn to a long term deal, so why should i expect them to hire or even care about hiring a good basketball coach?.....surely they are not so arrogant that they think they can do better than bruce pearl?...i do not like nor do i trust the new president one damn bit, and i don't think that the new AD is anything more than a PC puppet that can be controlled by the money people....the guy has not even made a hire in his career.....leath was under a felony investigation due to ethics violation and just plain lied about that....he had no intention of paying for the use of that plane.......until he got caught....if bruce is let go, might as well cancel basketball
  2. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    i don't think purifoy will ever see the court at AU again
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    this one is going to be over quick if they don't start playing team basketball...defense is awful...oh well, this year has been fun and this is gravy anyway...all good things come to an end
  4. Men vs. Charleston

    we set basketball back 50 years tonight,but it was a win
  5. Men vs. Charleston

    this is tony barbee basketball tonight....damn, we look atrocious
  6. Men vs. Charleston

    brown is hurting us badly tonight and it might not be a bad idea to play harper and mitchell in the 2nd...defense and rebounding may have to win it for us tonight....chuma needs to work the lane more than he has so far....really concerned about how we have played
  7. Men vs Alabama

    i'm not upset or mad or disappointed at all....this year has been fun.....ya'' know that i don't follow rainbows and smell unicorn farts like some on here do, but AU basketball is back to being fun again, and thats all i be competitive and have a chance to win every game....we are there and will only get better as long as bruce is here
  8. Men vs Alabama

    if bryce can heat it up a little in the 2nd half, we should be fine....updykes seem to have dead legs today and we need to take advantage of it
  9. Men vs. South Carolina

    We are SEC CHAMPIONS in basketball !!!!!!....i can't stop telling myself that....ima' going to bed, now and instead of counting sheep,i'll just count Bryce browns 3's until i fall asleep
  10. If we share the title

    i know you are joking but damned if it didn't look like it with the way both games were officiated......i hate basketball officials anyway
  11. Men vs. South Carolina

    the officials in the UG/UT game are letting UT get away with looks like the fix was in today and i am only half kidding
  12. Men vs. South Carolina

    dadgummit !!!! i can watch bspn,bspn2,bspnU and never, or very rarely, have an interruption...the SEC network ?....its all the time....i am having to use Tunein to listen because the SEC network is unwatchable
  13. Men vs. South Carolina

    i read all of your crap....your garbage is not critical analysis, its trying to stir up s**t
  14. Men vs. South Carolina

    great and coach and all that know him say that he is one of the nicest,sincerest people that you can ever meet....he would have been my choice if USC had not grabbed him the year before we got bruce....i don't care for his style of basketball, but it is effective
  15. Men vs. South Carolina

    doc, you have to acknowledge what they did,too.....we have the head-to-head and will be the #1 seed...UT was picked to finish 13th in the, everyone not UT will say we are champs....UT folks will say they are co-champs......still, you have to respect them and their season....its not like its the updykes or ugay