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  1. doverstutts

    bruce's contract extended through 22-23 season

    fantastic news
  2. doverstutts

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    no, its the truth and why my enthusiasm for football has waned and why i enjoy basketball more now
  3. doverstutts

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    he just signed a 7 year/80 gazillion dollar contract....anyone saying that he is on the 'hot seat" is stupid, i mean in the "too stupid to breathe" category.....he won't be going anywhere for a long time, much to my dismay.... AU had the best team in the country this past season, did not make the playoffs and ended up with 4 losses.....i guess thats the new norm....he is not a bad coach, actually can be quite good at times, but he is so inconsistent,arrogant,stubborn and oblivious to the obvious that its maddening.....its hard to enjoy football, unlike basketball which i enjoyed immensely......having confidence in a coach goes a long way in how you embrace the game
  4. doverstutts

    Gus is an average coach

    i have been down that road with colorectal cancer and 6 years later, prostate cancer.....keep a healthy, upbeat attitude,pray a lot and turn it into a blessing....only a cancer survivor can understand that cancer can be the biggest blessing of their life....the chemo does make a person feel damned awful and the radiation is rough when treating throat cancer...good luck, and malzahn is an average coach and this past year proved it....7 more years of it
  5. doverstutts

    A-Day thread

    when is the first basketball game?......AU will pay malzahn about 1.25 million dollars per win this season......we have no skill players
  6. doverstutts

    Davion Mitchell Transferring

    samir D must have been showing out in practice.....bruce coming back should help us recruit a replacement, maybe a wide body, too
  7. doverstutts

    AD : Pearl will return

  8. doverstutts

    Official Tournament Thread

    strange thing is, villanova was nowhere near as talented as the updykes, BUT, they knew how to play good,solid basketball with all players knowing their role....very well coached team.....very unselfish team......i hope loyola wins it all, but my guess is a michigan or villanova champion
  9. doverstutts

    AD praises Pearl in probe

    make sure he is coach at AU until 2 years after his death at age 108
  10. doverstutts

    Official Tournament Thread

    somebody please send tony barbee a tweet with a crying emoticon
  11. doverstutts

    Was that CBP last game?

    if bruce is let go, at each game that is played, the arena will have echos when the ball is bounced....i will not watch or listen or care because the next hire will make tony barbee look like adolph rupp....the PTB proved that they are willing to accept losing 4-5 football games a year by signing malzahn to a long term deal, so why should i expect them to hire or even care about hiring a good basketball coach?.....surely they are not so arrogant that they think they can do better than bruce pearl?...i do not like nor do i trust the new president one damn bit, and i don't think that the new AD is anything more than a PC puppet that can be controlled by the money people....the guy has not even made a hire in his career.....leath was under a felony investigation due to ethics violation and just plain lied about that....he had no intention of paying for the use of that plane.......until he got caught....if bruce is let go, might as well cancel basketball
  12. doverstutts

    Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    i don't think purifoy will ever see the court at AU again
  13. doverstutts

    Men vs. Clemson

    this one is going to be over quick if they don't start playing team basketball...defense is awful...oh well, this year has been fun and this is gravy anyway...all good things come to an end
  14. doverstutts

    Men vs. Charleston

    we set basketball back 50 years tonight,but it was a win