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  1. I am becoming a bit anxious about the guard position and the lateness in the process.
  2. Kinda' looks like an offer to me, but we are not experts. Nope, I read it wrong
  3. yeah, give BP credit, he gave it all that he had. Just missed out due to $. I just wonder who all well could have had,though
  4. Yeah, I just hate that we missed on some other propects due to his little clownshow. It would be awful tempting for me,if were HC, to avod these "look at me" types in the future and focus on talented,lower profile,team oriented type players and develop them over time.
  5. Major? Nah, a project but not a major one. Role player,backup sure, but we are running out of options on big guys
  6. >IF< we could get those 2, would there be a place for Cardwell? I like the video that I have seen of him. Superstar?....Nah, but he has good hands and good footwork around the basket and he HOLDS ON to ball once he gets it, which should cause my BP to drop to acceptable levels again
  7. I knew there was a big difference but dayum
  8. Those two are pretty good!. Enjoyed listening to that much more than the BSPN shills that know less than ****
  9. No, a few things bother me about how this is playing out. Just think back to a certain DE from Auburn High School and how his recruitment played out. It may be how a few articles were written that makes me have concern, and there is nothing there
  10. I want missouri to beat a&m on Thursday because I just don't like our matchup with Nebo, especially AMac. Nebo took his manhood on Wednesday
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