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  1. i am one of those...kansas is not what they were during the first half of the season....losing to kansas would be disappointing
  2. i can't believe they were able to pull it off twice....they hit ridiculous shots as the buzzer was going off... watching NMSU last night, remember,just like football, when you get two bad teams (not saying NMSU is bad at all) that are evenly matched, sometimes a team looks better than it is....i have watched many a football games that were great games that were played by teams that did not even make a bowl game....i will say if bruce will put chuma on the low block and feed him the ball, he'll score 40.....i'm going to watch them again tonight against another opponent and see how much they drive....they didn't drive much against GCU
  3. when he has played in a game, he has made maybe,two correct reads, total
  4. i was listening to the drive yesterday and sonny was on....thats where i first hear it and i think i heard him say that they only had one player that averaged in double figures
  5. their schedule may look like a list of online schools, but they are not a bad team at all....winning 30 games against anybody is pretty good and they did only lose by 3 to kansas at kansas. these guys are quick, can shoot the 3 ball, get up and down the floor and are a good passing team, plus they don't committ a lot of turnovers....they are not big and chuma and wwiley should own the paint...NMSU does not really play good defense away from the ball....the PG matchup will be a good one....harper and javon can actually go up gainst another PG their own size.....he is cat quick and a real good passer.....they are no pushover and play a 13 man rotation.....that will be in their advantage in the altitude of SLC.....our perimeter defense is going to be important....they do play hard,too......i see us winning by double digits if we play smart and focused
  6. i have been listening to WJOX this morning (its actually listenable with barker gone) and its all AU basketball....people just gushing over how we played in the tournament
  7. if you have a bspn subscription, you go to watchespn and watch it 24/7....i rewatched it right after it was over just to make sure i had not fell asleep and experiencing an erotic dream
  8. right off the bat, the academics and BOT may like the guy, but i can promise you average fan does not because of his antics with BP.....i am happy to see AG serious about winning and i do think we got a gem in hiring him as AD....i don't mean to take issue with you 64 (and you are right about jughead hiring pearl) but anything was better than what we had
  9. i don't know where to scratch my watch or wind my ass right, if we play defense like today, and play smart,share the ball we can beat anybody
  10. so did i because they did....they were not playing as a team and not playing smart.....this is how i thought they would play for the whole year
  11. the effort on the defensive end was as good as it can get....they made mistakes, but they got in the heads of the UT guards when they tried to drive the ball....we were so much quicker today,even without harper.....javon earned his keep......i still say UT wins it all...
  12. now, 26 wins in the SEC should give us a 4 seed