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  1. Hey Golf ...

    Since we are not exactly on the topic of Football ITT, is it still possible to get the old AU Eagle Blue Background these days? Or has that Gone with the Wind?
  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Georgia Florida South Carolina Tennessee Missouri Kentucky Vanderbilt Auburn Alabama LSU Mississippi State Texas A&M Ole Miss Arkansas Auburn Auburn 490
  3. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    He does strike an odd resemblance to one Mr. Marcello... wdeWDE would never stoop to that level!
  4. 2018 4* RB James Cook

    Not excited about our RB recruiting for 2018. Hope Horton has a "side piece" he has been keeping warm JIC. Outside of the Top 3 or so, wasn't a stellar RB class to begin with. BJ Emmons is still out there in JUCO, but he has issues that I'm not sure we want to gamble on after Jovon.
  5. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    FSU V. Bama will have less to do with JF's decision, than our result v. Clemson. He may really be considering uga, but it will be silly on his part. They don't have an OL built for RPO, nor do they have any QB's currently who can run such an Offense. Exactly what are they going to show him? We all watched Eason last year. He can't outrun me, much less an SEC pass rusher.
  6. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    I'm with you buddy!! 100% If it helps us, and our players, IDGAD what happens with them. That is them!! I care about the boys who suit up for AU each week. The ones who risk life, and limb for AU. Guys like Jeremiah Dinson!! That kid has my respect from now until the freaking cows come home!! Even if they don't, I will dance at that boys wedding!!!
  7. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    I don't think he leaves. JMO, of course. But there will be one or two guys ahead of him that are taller/bigger guys. He doesn't have a ton of QB experience at the college level. Also, unless we sign Fields, I HOPE he stays!
  8. Hey Golf ...

    Is it creepy that I have a thing for cheerleader's belly buttons? They have to be "Innies" though...
  9. 2018 D Line Recruiting

    She finally had enough Huh? All that late night recruiting study...hanging out, outside the football center... It happens to the best of us!
  10. 2018 D Line Recruiting

    Just not that much ELITE DL talent within our recruiting footprint in 2018. There are a few more guys in 2019, at least early risers. Hopefully, a few kids emerge/have big SR years, and we can get our foot in the door. That is Garner's specialty. Getting in on the late bloomers, and/or flipping guys late in the process. 2018 just doesn't seem to be a great DL class. It is one reason that the last two classes he signed were so important. We have a couple LB's that can play Buck/DE in a pinch. TD, Threat and watch Josh Marsh. i know he has bee labeled a S, but if he grows at all, he could be a helluva BUCK!
  11. Lesson learned from UGA loss

    Woodstock where? I reside within the city limits myself. We didn't have a QB after Sean at that point in the season. Not that Gus was going to turn loose anyway. If Pettway was healthy, I believe we win anyway. but without him, we were a team without a star. I remember hurting for Sean. When i saw him attempt that throw after he was hurt, you just knew. It was Noodle City, and he couldn't have helped it. We didn't score many defensive TD's last year. I hope we change that this year.
  12. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    We are in the best shape of anyone in the Justin Fields Sweepstakes. Not to sign him, but to be able to win without him. 1) Stidham will be here two years. Scouts will need more that 1-1/2 seasons before he gets the draft grade he deserves. He has told several players, and recruits he isn't leaving after one year. 2) Malik Willis has 4+ years left, and if early indications show anything, it's that his best QBing is ahead of him. Nobody knew who he was really, prior to late last fall when he took Roswell HS to State on his back. Both running, and passing. I like his future. 3) Joey Gatewood...enough said. Actually I will say a few things. He has BARELY scratched the surface of his abilities, not unlike Willis. However, he is 2" taller, 20# heavier, and runs as well, if not better. Squats 520# easily, and is just a natural. Of the three mentioned, he may have the highest ceiling. (Yes, higher than Stidham) It just depends on how things unfold. He is the only one capable of playing at the next level at a second position, besides QB. He has been overlooked lately, and taken it all in stride! How can you not LOVE this kid?!?! Finally... 4) Bo Nix. Kid is a gamer. He can put a team on his back. He can run, throw on the run, or drop back and read the D. He knows the game. He is right there with Stidham IMO. If he grew 2", it would be ideal. I agree, right now JF seems to have it all. I will be interested to see how Harrison's season unfolds. He is a 7 on 7 legend. He just needs to do it on the big stage. I am hoping Cam guides him towards the plains. We will see. Currently, it's AU, UGA, and FSU. All three feel good, but that's because I don't think JF has any idea himself.
  13. welcome back Jeff

  14. Building formidable offensive line

    We have talent, and some depth. I wish we had two solid, experienced OT's so Smith could move to RG. I will take whatever we can be successful with, but is perfection too much to ask?
  15. Hey Golf ...