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  1. Bo Duke

    Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    THIS x 100!!!
  2. Bo Duke

    2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    I think we are talking about different types of underrated. I'm talking about (and should have been specific) about AUC/247 having him at a 94, when he should be a 97/98 IMO. Sorry about that. I just think he has been committed to us so long that nobody evals him anymore for upgrades.
  3. Bo Duke

    2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    He has been committed to us for over two years ! He tells every school not to even bother. So you can't go with the old "# of offers" test. There isn't a school in the country that would tell him no. Some might put the ATH tag on him, but I saw with my own eyes that he can play. Kid threw 50 yds on a dime. Had OLB within reach, tucked it, turned and left him in his dust. He is 2"+ taller than JF, and like I said 30lbs of muscle stronger. Jf was sacked 4x vs. Rome. Rome is a good team, but Cartersville hasn't lost in over 3 years either. Is he really that far behind JF/TL? As a pocket passer, TL is awesome. They all do things well. I just think JG does more things well than the others. He is just a baby at the position. He will have time to develop. Not saying he is better than them now, but give him the same amount of coaching...I think he will be.
  4. Bo Duke

    2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    JG is underrated. Not saying he is at a Justin Fields level yet, but they play at different schools, with different budgets. PLus, being on Cam's 7 on 7 team has afforded JF the opportunities few kids are provided. Don't get it twisted, JF is the real deal. Can do it all, and do it now. The only thing JG has over JF is 2" of height, and 30lbs of muscle. Not anything to sneeze at when you play SEC football. They are both going to be great IMO. The one I want to see is Trevor Lawrence. He chose a league with perhaps 1/3 the talent he would see in the SEC. He plays in a division that Cartersville can dominate in the playoffs with the kids they scout, and bring in. He would not have the #'s he does playing 7-A ball vs. 4-A ball IMO.
  5. Bo Duke

    2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    Joey will be fine. he has had several outside QB "gurus" volunteer their time to him, because they know it will pay dividends later on. His maturity, and not sulking, or questioning his coaches decisions are even bigger pluses than his performance. Gonna be a stud, and will wait his turn to show it!
  6. Bo Duke

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    I don't expect it to stay close in the 2nd half. It may not stay that way in the 1st half. I just believe GSU will have some players show up. Like I mentioned before, I spent two + years there and have been to 2 Natty games there. One with ERK, and the other PJ(I guess). We lived at Sussex in the very back by the old driving range We could see half the field from out back deck.. (Quick story: I took Golf at GSU, and the first class we were all given a 50' putt to make an automatic A in the class. Well obviously I made it or I wouldn't be telling this story, but i still went to every class because nothing is better than Golf, except sex.). All I had to do was crawl out the sack and walk 40 yards. It was AWESOME! when I got back, she would be there making breakfast for my brother and I. Good Times! Anyway, a lot of great athletes go to GSU. It won't be like playing UTC, or AL State.
  7. Bo Duke

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    I don't expect an early blowout at all. GSU has Football Players most years. I am not as familiar with them as in past years. I can see them giving us fits for a series, or maybe a quarter, or two. Just depends on coaching, and definitely QB play for GSU. They can't turn it over, or it can get ugly fast. If GSU plays their best, it could be a wear them down physically type game, if AU isn't on point. If we come ready though, it could be ugly? Who knows? That is why these games are fun. A lot of these South GA boys will know each other. Should be fun for all of them!!
  8. Bo Duke

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    Dee Ford was the only DL who got anywhere close to Keeton. Even Lemonier gave up that day.
  9. Bo Duke

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    Have been to many a GSU game, and 2 National Championships. One of which Erk coached. Saw Greg Allman LipSync Statesboro Blues at halftime one year. We used to be able to see half the field from our patio at the apartment beside the old driving range. I think it was called Sussex Apartments(?). There was a bar called Collegiate at the entrance. Spent two years there and two at AU. FYI, I am going to be pulling for the O&B!! I love my Eagles, but not like my Tigers!
  10. Bo Duke

    Braden Smith

    Has been that way, but Herb, and now Chip will change that. Braden will be drafted Late 1st Round IMO. He will go high due to his lack of injuries as well as hid ability to move around. I bet he could play C if he HAD TO. He is going to be similar to Jeff Backus (Played at Norcross HS/Michigan/Detroit, is the only player to start all 4 years on the OL at UM and never miss a game, and hold the record for starts without missing a game for OL in the NFL IIRC), IYAM, in that he will go somewhere, and stay a decade or more, and not miss a game.
  11. Bo Duke

    Hey Golf ...

    Since we are not exactly on the topic of Football ITT, is it still possible to get the old AU Eagle Blue Background these days? Or has that Gone with the Wind?
  12. Bo Duke

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    He does strike an odd resemblance to one Mr. Marcello... wdeWDE would never stoop to that level!
  13. Bo Duke

    2018 4* RB James Cook

    Not excited about our RB recruiting for 2018. Hope Horton has a "side piece" he has been keeping warm JIC. Outside of the Top 3 or so, wasn't a stellar RB class to begin with. BJ Emmons is still out there in JUCO, but he has issues that I'm not sure we want to gamble on after Jovon.