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  1. There were a couple of times he should have attacked his key and pitched early. There were several opportunities there for 3-5 yards on an early pitch instead of taking a 2-3 loss, but he was dragging the play out allowing the rest of your defenders to get off their blocks. The team stats alone tell the story that he kept the ball a few too many times. I'm not saying this would have made a difference in the overall outcome but in future games it will when we face slower defenses. Good luck against Clemson!
  2. That actually reminded me a good bit of our 2015 game against WVU. We were outmatched on the DL, and Werts did what he could but he needed to play way more aggressive. You can easily tell he's still not comfortable in our offense yet and the amount of time it took him to make decisions doomed him in the backfield. I expect him to have a huge week next week since our OL can buy him more time to make decisions with the ball. Kudos to you guys for the win. My only concern for you moving forward is your passing game. Our secondary is actually pretty good but most plays Stidham had all day to throw. He won't have nearly that much time against Clemson so he's going to have to find ways to get rid of the ball quicker. Good luck next week!
  3. truebluealum

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    Just be sure to propose before the game is over. It's going to be real awkward if you wait until after we beat them.
  4. truebluealum

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    This may be as much of a tradition as any we have at GS. The weekly Alan Tyson pre-game video. I tailgate with the Tyson family every home game (I'm good friends with his daughter) and you wont meet nicer people anywhere else in Statesboro. Enjoy! (P.S.- He is in a lot of plays/shows at our local Emma Kelly Theater and has scripted and memorized this whole thing.)
  5. truebluealum

    open it up or go vanilla

    Honestly I anticipate getting a pretty heavy dose of Pettway and Johnson with the occasional shot deep by Stidham. That will depend on how we play your run game though. I imagine if we are leaving the middle of the field open Stidham will throw a lot of underneath stuff that could go for big yards. I don't know if that is considered "opening up" the playbook, but unless you are completely bullying us on the LOS (which I don't anticipate - as good as your linemen are) I don't see you only running a few plays over and over again and going up big on us. I hope we prove to be tougher than many of you are anticipating.
  6. truebluealum

    How are you preparing for Gameday?

    Bought my new game day polo a few days ago. I'm pumped!
  7. truebluealum

    triple option will present challenges

    Yeah! I didn't know that about him until I'd read it myself.
  8. truebluealum

    triple option will present challenges

    GS game notes were posted on Monday. Two deep is on there (not that you're going to know any of the names).
  9. truebluealum

    Georgia Southern - Weekly Presser

    That's true, and to be fair it's very hard to talk about an opponent during the first game of the season when you have no film.
  10. truebluealum

    Georgia Southern - Weekly Presser

    Are there usually this few questions about your actual opponent? I know its the beginning of the season so there are a lot of questions about the team overall but there doesn't appear to be anybody there interested in the game this weekend.
  11. truebluealum

    Georgia Southern Game Sold Out

    No this is a message board everything has to be an argument, my comment was an obvious attempt to express how crowd noise was going to be a problem for your offense because we are bringing so many fans!! Duh! (joking of course) But thanks it's been fun. Too bad we went 5-7 last year otherwise this board would have been flooded with many more GS posters.
  12. truebluealum

    Georgia Southern Game Sold Out

    I'm not able to make it because of my wife's pregnancy, BUT I was surprised to hear how many of my friends were going. Then even more surprised to see that Auburn was only a 4 hour drive from Statesboro.
  13. truebluealum

    triple option will present challenges

    Could go either way. Last time it rained on us we scored 50+ points in a bowl game (so it didn't hurt us any). But if it gets slick then yeah it's gonna be an issue for both teams.
  14. truebluealum

    triple option will present challenges

    Because we were awful last year and retained our head coach. However people are heavily underestimating how much of a difference replacing our OC is going to make. Im not picking us to win but I highly doubt this is a WVU 44-0 type game. But kudos to you if it is. Because I honestly think we are an 8-9 win type team this year (if the Offense comes together).
  15. truebluealum

    Auburn vs. Georgia Southern score prediction

    Head: AU 41 - GS 27 Heart: GS 34 - AU 31 Hail Southern!