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  1. I wish he’d just use some really basic faints and fakes to get guys off their feet. Then he could jump into contact. But he less free throws per minute this past season than he did in his half season as a true frosh/high school player. Something happened where his post moves kind of regressed.
  2. kid was a big time AU target as a recruit . Don’t think AU has room for him but it’ll be interesting to see where he lands. Hopefully not UGA
  3. I don't think the signing period really means much for guys that reclassify. Last year, Kira Lewis didn't commit and enroll at Bama until just a week before classes start. Cooper has plenty of time to officially make a decision.
  4. Probably means he had a detailed phone convo with both Bruce and Jared, and Harper told him he’s gone no matter what. So young Sharife is now getting a nerd to take some online classes form him and he’ll be enrolled in the summer
  5. All without Schwartz and Hastings too. Wish we’d been able to hold onto Pickens but I guess he was just scared of the competition
  6. He’s from Charlotte and UNC is losing some dudes. I’d imagine they’re the favorites.
  7. Jvon Rayjon Tucker Okoro Danjel Mac oh man what sweet sweet potential opening day starting five that is
  8. Jesus. Hope this young man can actually get 100% healthy for once
  9. Quickest way to get to NBA is to stick it out at Bama for one more year instead of sitting out somewhere else
  10. He had a top 10 at the British last year and go 2nd at the PGA and won the tour championship. This wasn’t a fluke and 43 isn’t that old. He’s not going to dominate like in the past, but I think he’s got another 5 years of very competitive golf in him if he keeps in shape like we know he will