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  1. Is he at nickle and J Davis moved back to corner? I’m cool with that
  2. Nothing weird or wrong commenting on a particular aesthetic. Begging for illegal access to potential teenagers is definitely weird
  3. Why does this post berating people get to exist, but any post explaining why his OP was potentially weird get deleted? Very weird.
  4. Buddy, I wasn’t the one that disliked the post nor am I the only one who thought the OP was very weird. Please quit acting like I’m the problem here. I’d also encourage you to read the FA thread where multiple people have a run in with OP. It ain’t me stalker
  5. Congrats on trusting every rando on the Internet. Some people are a bit more discerning
  6. Bring in young Jared Harper to the lakeshow on a small rookie contract, and baby you got a stew going
  7. If you have a dominant alpha like Lebron then it really shouldn’t be a problem
  8. We lose a leader in Desean Davis, but guys like D Brown, KJ Britt, J Dinson, and D Thomas all are guys that can step into that sort of role. We take a step back (maybe) at linebacker but we’re better at the other two levels. This D has the chance to be much better than last season if McClain and Pappoe play to their potential
  9. Iggy a first rd pick. J Davis the best nickle in the conference. Dinson and D Thomas are both solid and there’s solid depth in Smoke and Sherwood that could replace them if they’re not careful . Gonna come down to if Tutt is ready to get picked on
  10. “And I’m told spent a lot of time recruiting for Auburn on its big recruiting weekend...” love love love love this child. Just need him to make it official gang
  11. So if Rondo comes back, then the Lakers ate basically the Pelicans from a few years ago but with Lebron
  12. So Kawhi becomes an unrestricted free agent at the age of 31. Say he wins a title with the Clippers, that still would give him time in his career to bolt somewhere else and try to elevate another team and win another title. Has anyone ever been a finals mvp with 4 different teams?
  13. I think by desirable locations, the poster meant popular big market cities. Brooklyn is still NYC, and the Clippers are still LA. Yeah, the Lakers and Knicks lost for Kawhi, Kyrie, and Durant, but all those guys are still living in the cities they wanted to
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