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  1. Wouldn’t have found a fine woman like that at MIT
  2. not pertinent to Ruffin other than I didn’t realize that the open period of 2021 recruits just started. No coincidence the kid decided to open things up right when a new crap load of coaches could start courting him. Just gotta let this baby play out
  3. Or maybe someone is telling him that Sharife Cooper is a two year player. Who knows? Not too concerned though. Bruce will always get good guards
  4. Just getting a little cold feet before falling madly back in love with Bruce and AU. No worries. 2021 commit anyway. So plenty of time
  5. Auburn held out Danjel and Austin for a full season and then the ncaa evaluated the situation and levied their own punishment on them as well. Would be really weird for the them to come back and repunish the program when no new damaging information towards AU has been revealed in the trial. I feel like AU should be in the clear here and the NCAA's focus should be more on the programs that got muddied in all the discovery of this trial. Mainly, Kansas, LSU, and Arizona.
  6. new 150 out. PF targets Chris Moore and Jaylin Williams both made big jumps
  7. Hey, if JB Grimes thinks he can play, then that should be good enough for everyone. Okay?
  8. Good lord. That young man has a sweet sweet stroke. The future is bright. The future is bright gang
  9. I've said the same. Not sure he'll be a first rounder but people definitely need to get used to the idea that this is his last season
  10. Stress stress stress stress. Gonna visit the cbd store now