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  1. Aubiewood

    Roku - Streaming the Games

    Hulu app on Roku with live TV subscription may be an option? They do one week free trials I believe.
  2. Aubiewood

    Filling in for Stat

    Pretty typical. When the backup finally gets in, you realize why he's the backup. ;-)
  3. Looked to me like he was mostly relaying info from Chip Lyndsey in the box.
  4. Aubiewood

    Where is Kam Martin or Malik Miller?

    The doghouse is the only explanation. Gus CANT suddenly be this stupid. And if it's doghouse, those guys may have earned it.
  5. Aubiewood

    celebrating stidham

    I miss that offense so much. Remember when you'd watch us and the cameraman would get fooled? Hasn't happened in a long, long time. If not Malik, at least have JS keep a few times. Otherwise I'm not sure the point of carrying out the fake after another slow, telegraphed handoff to 36.
  6. Aubiewood

    KJ injury update?

    I'm sure Gus will let us in on all the deets very soon..... BWAAAAAHAHAAAHAAAHAAA
  7. Aubiewood

    open it up or go vanilla

    From watching CCL offense pre-Auburn, going "vanilla" is not his MO. His offenses tend to be very aggressive with many downfield passes. I'm betting that's what we'll see.
  8. Aubiewood

    Jason Campbell joins Radio Network

    JCam a welcome edition. Sharp guy. Love what Stan has done for AU football, but he's the weak link on that team IMHO - especially with his live game commentary.
  9. GIT SUM, WUTTT? YARDIDGE, OHHHH! Good job, y'all!
  10. Aubiewood

    Will Hastings vows to not fade away again

    But if size was the reason given for losing playing time, how is that different this year? Is the O philosophy that different? Wish him well for sure.
  11. Aubiewood

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    I am slightly worried.....about the Clemson game, but I think we'll win. ;-)
  12. 49 the low tonight. HS football playing in the high 50s low 60s! That qualifies as nip, right? :-)
  13. Aubiewood

    scouting report: Georgia Southern

    This will be an absolute barrage of Stidham long balls. GSU pass rush is weak. AU OL is a strength. Stidham will have time and will rack up some gaudy stats in this one. I do expect the triple option to sustain some drives, but once AU is up a few TDs, GSU has to start throwing and that's when the wheels come off. That's how I see this one playing out through my O & B glasses.
  14. Aubiewood

    2017 Fall Camp - Tues, Aug 15

    What is NCM doing in Clemson's weight room?
  15. Aubiewood

    Mark My Word 2017

    Mark my words, Sal Cannela will catch 10+ TD passes. Mark my words, AU embarrasses Clemson with 21+ point beat down.