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  1. They look bad on all sides of the ball
  2. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Chandler Cox seems like he has regressed over the last year
  3. Mississippi State vs UGA

    I don’t think Miss St can win without cowbells
  4. Tre Williams out for Mizzou

    Surprised neither of them are dressing out. I thought for sure we would keep everybody in pads in case they’re needed
  5. Starters for Mizz

    Tray Matthews?
  6. It's AU Gameday

    Yep, ESPN3 seems to be adequate
  7. It's AU Gameday

    Charter. I have the regular cable/internet bundle but I guess it’s not part of my package, just ESPN and ESPN2 apparently
  8. UAT at Vandy

    And looks like Auburn will be the #1 Total Defense for a few hours at least
  9. UAT at Vandy

    Vandy needs to get Bama moving left and right
  10. Texas A&M vs Arkansas

    IMO Auburn matches up well with both of these teams. Bad defenses and bad pass blocking
  11. It's AU Gameday

    Just realized the cable package in Auburn doesn’t get ESPNU
  12. Texas A&M vs Arkansas

    not sure why they’ve got their DBs playing 8 yards off on 4th and 3s! plant your toes on that 1st down line and expect the slant
  13. Texas A&M vs Arkansas

    Would love to see Auburn throw that A&M slant more often
  14. FSU in trouble

    Well there’s one team Auburn should jump with a win. Love to see FSU go down any day! Even if I picked them to win
  15. Want to see a playmaker develop today

    If we’ve got the game in hand, I really hope we rest KP and KJ and run KMartin and DBarrett a ton. Get Iggy involved in the screen game, end around, something! I agree with you, I think we’ve got to find a playmaker this game to use for the rest of the season. WDE!