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  1. djg0017

    Jamel Dean Top 50 underrated player

    Gotcha! I’m comfortable with the talent of our complete 2 deep DBs buuuut I’m cautious about how it will all turn out.
  2. djg0017

    Jamel Dean Top 50 underrated player

    You think Smoke could start and have Thomas/Peters play Nickel/Dime? That’s kinda where I’m hoping we will end up eventually.
  3. Yep, going to really test Bama’s young DBs in week 3 in Oxford. Don’t know if I would say upset alert, but if Bama doesn’t have consistency at QB in their first true road game then they better watch out.
  4. I think Miss St’s starting DL is extremely good; Simmons and Sweat are as good as they come. But their depth is below average, so I’m not sure how the unit as a whole will produce. I’m actually pretty excited to see Clemson’s DL play this year now that we don’t have to play them in the regular season. Can’t recall a 4 man DL this good in a loooong time.
  5. I get that, but a guy who didn’t start last year as an All-SEC first teamer? The secondary is about the only place on the roster where I don’t think a Bama player is worthy of being selected over others. And yeah with recruiting season virtually being moved up 3 months with the early signing day, these preseason ballots carry a little more weight than they used to for recruiting.
  6. 1. Nobody on 1st team DL? I think Derrick Brown should’ve replaced Raekwon Davis. The SEC is very deep on the DL though. 2. Surprised UK Josh Allen wasn’t a first team LB next to Devin White. 3. Think Bama’s Thompson could’ve been replaced by any DB on the second team. Overall, our guys went about where I would’ve thought right now BUT Kam Martin will finish the year as a top 5 back for sure. Somewhat pleasantly surprised to see an Auburn OL picked at all. Unproven Bama players valued a little too highly as usual.
  7. djg0017


    RB2 not sure yet, but I’ve become very comfortable with KMart at RB1. Could be a beast for the next two seasons tbh. A lot of that is up to the coaches to play him correctly though As of this moment I think Asa will end up as RB2, but I definitely believe Boobie has all the potential in the world.
  8. djg0017

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Would not be a bad get imo
  9. djg0017

    2018 Former 4* QB Cord Sandberg

    5 years to play 4. Just an older true freshman
  10. Think we get KJ today and Derick Hall and Boobie Curry at the end of the month 😎
  11. djg0017

    Jamel Dean Top 50 underrated player

    Our defense is gonna be so beastly. Safety still concerns me from an experience standpoint, but the unit will be one of the best in the country again.
  12. djg0017

    steele on the d line

    Dontavius Russell is quietly one of the best DL ever for Auburn imo. Did his job soooo nicely for sooo many snaps!!
  13. djg0017

    Frankie Sullivan....still MIA

    I went to school with his brother Lewis, so I’ll be interested to find out which school he’ll be coaching at.. Best of luck to him.
  14. djg0017

    2018 Former 4* QB Cord Sandberg

    Yep. Don’t think they go the whole year without Fields starting
  15. djg0017

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    Think he’s Auburn’s to have if we keep on keepin on