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  1. Norfolk State is one of three schools in the graduate program I just accepted. Safe to say they are off to a good start in my eyes!
  2. Yikes yikes yikes, just not a good bracket for us
  3. Back to back SEC champions? We can say that right???
  4. Who wins MVP? Nobody went without at least one terrible game
  5. Up 20 diving for the ball.. Embarrassing for Tennessee
  6. Lamonte has been too handsy, glad they finally called one
  7. These refs aren’t even biased, they just suck lol
  8. I’m just gonna say it, Harper is playing stupidly today
  9. Just went on interviews for Ph.D. programs this semester and UT was by far the worst. They can just take an L in any and every area. Would love nothing more than to destroy them here
  10. AMac cmon.. his head hasn’t been the same for a while
  11. Pedal to the metal!!! I want to beat them so bad they lose their bid (obviously joking — for some of you out there 👀)