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  1. Punch him in his fugly shrimp face!!
  2. Virginia so lucky. I wanna fight Jerome, easy dub
  3. Really surprised we haven’t taken more corner 3s. It’s been there. WDE!
  4. Put these guys on the ground. No flagrants but they need to be hitting the deck hard if we’re gonna foul
  5. I’d probably go with Harper, Brown, Samir/Malik, Purifoy, and Anfernee. I like putting Brown/Samir on Kyle Guy/Ty Jerome and Purifoy on Hunter. I just hope Jared can be aggressive without fouling. I like having AMac in to have 5 outside capable guys, but I also like having Wiley in to pull the pack line inside a few feet as @Brad_ATX explicitly mentioned. Although this results in two slightly different offenses depending on who is at the 5. Ultimately, unless we are on a big run with a certain lineup, I would throw different lineups at them throughout the game. If depth is one of our advantages, we should use it to the fullest
  6. I would like this played at my funeral please
  7. I have been so impressed with our guard’s passes when we drive and kick. Almost Lebron-esque. Hope our guards can find those shooters instead of getting baited by the defenders. Definitely a game within the game
  8. My only Final Four miss was AU. Glad to whiff on that!
  9. Most talented team in the country for sure! But it’s not the talent that wins the banners
  10. It’s too hard to win with a bunch of silver spoon freshmen in the tourney... experience breeds heart!!
  11. I’ve said all year... Duke is not a good enough team to win!!!
  12. War DAMN Eagle! This team, these fans, I believe in Auburn and love it!
  13. If you have to foul out DO IT. Can’t take them with you