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  1. djg0017

    Pettway is a mess

    I do wish AU had a little better mental health service, but it’s about on par with other normal universities. Nothing specialized but good counseling available. Certain players probably could use something a little more in depth regarding MH.
  2. I think his ceiling could be Jaylen Samuels/Nyheim Hines from NC State. Guess we’ll find out what comes to be.
  3. djg0017

    Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    I’m only a little bit surprised. Best of luck! WDE
  4. djg0017

    Marquis McClain

    Yep or at least using him in the big slot position replacing Kyle Davis. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the field a lot more next year in the slot or as a hybrid TE like you said. Haven’t seen him play enough to know his blocking abilities but he’s looked at least adequate on special teams. Might be the best physical specimen on the offense next year
  5. djg0017

    uat vs. Clemson

    Yep, Bama could’ve just forfeited the Iron Bowl and beauty queened their way into the playoffs.
  6. djg0017

    uat vs. Clemson

    What did we do to deserve this?
  7. djg0017

    uat vs. Clemson

    Clemson never did that though 😂
  8. djg0017

    uat vs. Clemson

    Was it legal for Bama to be blocking in the end zone on that pass? Thought it had to be within one yard of the LOS
  9. djg0017

    I got Hastings... who u got?

    Ryan Davis was my MVP this year
  10. djg0017

    uat vs. Clemson

    That interference was weak
  11. djg0017

    uat vs. Clemson

    I can’t believe Bama has won 137 National Championships without being penalized. Truly amazing
  12. djg0017

    uat vs. Clemson

    interference? looked like he was doing a pull up on the receiver’s left arm
  13. djg0017

    Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Georgia is my most hated team. 2018 sucks
  14. djg0017

    Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    OU playcalling has been atrocious