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  1. djg0017


    AuburnAlabamaTexas A&MGeorgiaKentuckyLSUMississippi StateVanderbiltOhio StateFlorida StateWashingtonOregon 55
  2. djg0017

    Why is uga only a 14 pt fav @ Mizzou ?

    Lock is going to be an NFL starter one day
  3. djg0017

    Why is uga only a 14 pt fav @ Mizzou ?

    And Mizzou ties it up!
  4. djg0017

    Why is uga only a 14 pt fav @ Mizzou ?

    UGA’s score was a pretty poorly officiated play as well.
  5. djg0017


    AuburnAlabamaMississippi StateLSUOle MissGeorgiaFloridaVanderbiltClemsonTCUOklahoma StatePittsburgh 62
  6. djg0017

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    My dude Ryan Davis’s screen game is gonna kill Aranda’s blitzes all day
  7. djg0017

    2018 Auburn vs. LSU Score Prediction

    24-10 AU. JS TDs to Schwartz and Slayton. Nick Coe sack fumble for a TD. Carlson 50 yarder. WDE!
  8. djg0017

    Beat LSU

    One of the loudest stadiums and best defenses in the country against that offense? I’ll be very surprised if the LSU offense puts more than 14 on the board
  9. djg0017

    Can Kam Martin be "The Guy" in 2018?

    I think Kam is #1 on the coaches’ depth chart by a good bit. Up to this point has been best pass protector, ball protector, and pass catcher. However, so far so good on using a committee approach.
  10. djg0017

    Georgia at South Carolina

    And UGA corner drops the ball before crossing the goal line.. wish SC would’ve recovered it
  11. djg0017

    Heisman Watch

    Wins are the biggest stat for QBs hoping to be a finalist imo. A 3500 yard, 25 TD passer will always be in the race as long as he’s the difference maker for his team. With that said.. Grier, Haskins, Tua, etc. are going to be hard to top if they keep winning
  12. djg0017

    Rankings Talk

    For sure! It’s nice to know there are no outliers...yet. Theoretically means when we have an easy game and win we should be more likely to move up a spot than down
  13. djg0017

    Rankings Talk

    Pleasantly surprised that 8th was the lowest anyone ranked us. Usually a hater or three
  14. djg0017

    AU/LSU 2:30 CBS

    Yep, could tell his knee just buckled under him right away. I thought MCL at the time because of the inward buckle, but not sure what all was injured. Hopefully he will recover well!
  15. djg0017

    AU/LSU 2:30 CBS

    Looks like LSU will be without their starting RT and their best pass rusher for the Auburn game.