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  1. AUJedi

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    CAN’T or WON’T. I think with the puppet masters, it’s WON’T
  2. AUJedi

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I think those games are positive selling points too. The Iron Bowl is the biggest game in college football besides playoffs. A lot of recruits who see that game probably want to be a part of it
  3. AUJedi

    Coach Ryan Russell

    Defensive players haven’t seemed affected
  4. AUJedi

    Coach Gus

    After watching many interviews and pressers of Coach Malzahn and watching how he coaches, I’ve become almost fully convinced the man has Aspergers. Aspergers is a mild form of autism. I have a family member that’s been diagnosed with Aspergers. Everyone thinks of someone like Rain Man when you mention autism, but autism has a broad spectrum. Someone with Aspergers would be considered highly functional autism. Unless you live with or spend a lot of time with them, you would never suspect anything is wrong with them. They appear very normal. Someone posted a cartoon recently that showed someone drinking coffee while the building was burning. It’s funny and sad, but that describes someone with Aspergers to a T. They have an obsession with structure and routine, and ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ most times. I don’t think Coach’s stubbornness comes from arrogance. His system is his ‘routine’ or order, his focus. They don’t veer from their routine. It’s just how their mind works. I wish someone would convince Mrs. Kristi or any of his family to convince Coach to get evaluated by a specialist in the off season. Even if he doesn’t pan out at AU, if he wants to continue coaching, it would help. His inability to change or adapt is the one thing that drives fans crazy and is destroying his career. I don’t hear any complaints about any other aspect of his coaching. If he didn’t have this one glaring weakness, we’d probanly have one of the elite coaches in the country. All of this might sound like hogwash to most, but if I was part of his family, I’d check into it. And if his family did nothing, if I was Mr. Greene and the plan was to hang on to Coach, as part of his evaluation I might suggest or make mandatory some type of psychological counseling or testing in regards to some of his decision making process
  5. Gus has to have some form of autism. There’s no other explanation
  6. WHEN we fire Gus, and hopefully by some miracle, this year, what is your level of confidence that Auburn will make an excellent hire for the next HC?
  7. Is Gus the ultimate Bama troll??? 😆 I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone being an AU fan these days
  8. AUJedi

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I get sick of hearing crap like this! This is typical Auburn loser victim mentality. ‘Poor pitiful us. Bama cheats, we can’t win’. I don’t deny stuff don’t go on there. Probably goes on everywhere, but if this is the whole reason for Saban’s success, then what happened to coaches like Shula and Dubose?? Where’s their championships?? I never saw their players play with the intensity that Bama players play with now. I hate the turds as much as anyone, but give Saban his due. The man is successful because he’s worked his butt off recruiting and coaching. I despise tide fans but I can’t help but have respect for Saban and what he’s built there.
  9. AUJedi

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I hope not!!! I’d rather sit at home than go to the Birmingham Bowl again!!
  10. I don’t think it necessarily has to be one of the ‘hot’ coaches. I think Saban was a good coach before but I think the NFL experience affected him and made him better. Maybe look at someone who once had success but then failed( like trying their hand at he NFL). You know that they were a good coach but that failure made them tougher and stronger and reignited a fire to reprove themself. Whoever we get, I just want someone who is a freaking competitor!!! Someone with a burning desire to win willing to put in the work and go toe to toe with the Sabans and Smarts of the world
  11. If something like this happens again, I’m turning in my Auburn Fan Card-40 years worth!
  12. Anyone not represented by Sexton!
  13. AUJedi

    A program at a crossroads

    Spot on. If I focus on Bama, it’s because of Saban and his success. I wouldn’t if Shula or Dubose was the coach. Question: Could Saban win a championship with the talent we have at AU now? Or Kirby? If so, then for $49 million, our expectations are absolutely not too high
  14. AUJedi

    What I want to see against the vols doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the game. Aim low and avoid disappointment