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  1. Now that he’s been in that kind of environment, will be a great learning experience
  2. Fool me 50 times...........we’ll see
  3. I was expecting the D line to dominate more. I’m not seeing it
  4. If we have same showing against Kent State and lose bad to aTM, any chance Gus gets fired like Les Miles? Or do we have to endure this all season?
  5. God this has gotten so old and tired! Can we not end this already? The man is not a major college football coach. End of story
  6. I think were in worse shape. Gus does just enough so he can’t get fired. We’re never going anywhere with this guy. So frustrating being an AU fan right now
  7. I thought this Ride For The Brand was about toughness. At least that’s the image I got in my head. I think some didn’t get the memo
  8. Yes please!! When can we end this experiment??
  9. QB RB WR don’t matter. We have no OL!! It all starts up front
  10. Will be same as last year. Squeak by PAC 12 team, then go 8-5 if we’re lucky. Then probably still keep Gus. When does basketball start again???
  11. Won’t be long before this will be fact
  12. If the OL is giving max effort, we’re in trouble!!
  13. Should have went for 2. Hail Mary is a slim chance. But if they make it, I want the pressure on them to go for win or tie. If they score, much lesser chance they miss the XP than scoring on the hail mary. Someone mentioned returned 2 pt conversion. They would have got 2 points either way. Whether XP or 2 pointer. I think going for 2 would have been much smarter
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