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  1. I hope you’re right! And I expect big things from Coach Pearl’s teams, but I think it’s harder to get there in basketball than in football
  2. I have some Bama friends that showed class and I think were truly pulling for us. I don’t understand how anyone in this state could have rooted against Auburn last night. If the situations were reversed between the schools and that had been Bama playing, I would have bled crimson! Or at the VERY LEAST, kept my mouth shut. Their joy over that loss ranks right up there with Updike imo. I’ll never forget it!!
  3. This may sound like blasphemy and I LOVE Auburn football but this loss hurts worse than any I’ve ever experienced. Even football. And I’m in my 40s
  4. I haven’t hurt this much over an Auburn loss in a long time! And my hatred for uat fans has went to a level I didn’t even think was possible. BUCK FAMA FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRERRDRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I LOVE Auburn football but nights like tonight are as exciting to me as any football game. I remember how exciting it was when Cliff Ellis had those good teams in the tournament. I hope CBP is there for LONG time but even so I hope the PTB always make basketball a priority and not let it fall by the wayside. I am PUMPED about this game tonight!!!
  6. I’ve not been keeping up with basketball lately as much as I should. But how is Kentucky ranked ahead of us in coaches poll. A team that lost by 30+ to Duke???
  8. I don’t think the Gus Bus Riders really love him. They just can’t handle conflict. But conflict produces change and progress. Keeping the peace promotes mediocrity
  9. As long as the new guy not getting paid $49 million to win 7-8, I’ll be a lot happier
  10. Before anyone starts making all the same excuses for Malzahn or Auburn football, just study Auburn basketball history and look at the current basketball situation. Enough said
  11. They still think Lebo and Barbee are hall of Fame coaches too
  12. Don’t worry. Bruce gone take care of that this season
  13. Put Worm in with the game over....Great 👍
  14. No problem with that call but I would have just straight up gone for it
  15. I’m with you there Auburn mamas. Thank you Lord!!!
  16. Should not even come to a review. That’s pathetic!!
  17. Can’t see that hold/tackle by 84 though smh
  18. Not gonna happen. But if by some miracle we win it will kind of pee me off because I know it will have nothing to do with Gus, but he’ll reap the reward from it
  19. Beating Duke is a total win-win. Beating Bama could be a win-lose. They’d probably give Gus a lifetime contract that we could never buy out. PS. Been an Auburn fan for 40+ years and this is the most apathy I’ve ever felt for an Iron Bowl in my life