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  1. I was at the game yesterday as well. The two things I noticed were their defense out-scheming our offense (shocking, I know). There was one play, I believe it was when we were all the way on our own 1-yard line, a couple of their defensive players knew exactly what play we were about to run and quickly adjusted. Another thing I noticed was Cam Newton leaving the sidelines after we had a pathetic three-and-out. I think he left then, because I didn't see him on the sidelines at all after that.
  2. What I would give to be a fly on the wall during Greene's meetings with Gus...
  3. I know that many schools have coaches with NFL experience, whether as a player, coach, or both. I know Steele and TWill (and I'm sure a few others I can't think of off the top of my head) do, but maybe Gus should hire more coaches with pro-level experience. He tends to make a lot of "I'll give you a chance in the toughest conference" hires.
  4. WDE0007

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    I watch a lot of UGA's games, and I personally think Auburn's only shot and hope of winning this game is hoping to god UGA is off their element. Physically...they just simply have the edge over us in most aspects on the field: QB, running backs, special teams, O Line/QB protection. Our receivers are neck and neck with theirs. Our D Line and linebackers are stronger than theirs. I also disagree with an "air raid" on them; Deandre Baker and their Top 10 pass defense says hello.'ll be tough to rattle the team, especially Jake Fromm. He's cool as a cucumber 9 times out of 10. The only times he's gotten his world rocked were on the road against SEC West teams. But if you look back to his high-stakes games in the SECCG and the National Championship? The kid owned that challenge as much as it pains me to say it. Even though they didn't win the National Championship, it really truly had nothing to do with him.
  5. WDE0007

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    ^^ I think people on this board sometimes forget that at the end of the day, the players and coaches are normal, regular people who just happen to be on national television every Saturday. They have friends, families, classmates, etc. who might be on here or know people who are on here. And if the source to "inside info" isn't someone on the team (player or coach), then it's probably someone with connections to insider info at Auburn Athletics.
  6. WDE0007

    Auburn opens +13.5....

    I think 13.5 is rather generous...I think they'll beat us by more than 2 scores.
  7. WDE0007

    Saban Riff Raff

    Because most kickers already come from money. Majority have them played soccer, which is one of the more expensive sports in the country to play nowadays.
  8. WDE0007

    Uga QB situation

    Jake Fromm won't be at UGA for two more years. 2019 will be his last, and he's declaring for the draft. There's no way he's staying for his fourth season. Reference point being Aaron Murray tearing his ACL the second to last game of his senior season. The only way he's staying his senior year is if UGA has a mediocre 2019 season, which is unlikely, but hey it's college football. If Fields chose AU, it wouldn't make a difference for us. He'd be benched here too, and Gus would ruin his 5-star talent. We all know Gus isn't the best QB developer.
  9. WDE0007

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Gus will be back next year regardless of what happens in Athens and Tuscaloosa this season. He'll be on the hot seat all of next season, though.
  10. WDE0007

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Like others have pointed out, it's more of a matter if Auburn will let Freeze come to Auburn. But even if it's a yes on Auburn's end, and even if Freeze wants to come work here (especially given that his daughter goes to school here), would he want to knowing how controlling Gus is?
  11. WDE0007

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Man, quit speaking it into existence, y'all.
  12. WDE0007

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    Yes and no. No because he isn't going anywhere no matter how unhappy people get at the end of the season. His buyout, plus the coaching staff's buyout, is just simply too much especially when you consider you have to hire a whole new coach and staff. Yes in the sense that, in my opinion, he's coaching for his job the rest of this season. If he loses to A&M, he'll have to beat UGA or Bama on the road. If he got a massive extension after beating those two teams for the first time since 2013, I can only imagine the job security he'd have after beating one of them on the road.
  13. WDE0007

    Malzahn Ole Miss Presser (Video Added)

    Those press conference meal stats are my favorite.
  14. WDE0007

    Allen Greene comments

    I thought it was a classy response...I mean what would else would he say? He can't just be like, "Yeah, he sucks as a coach, and I'm firing him at the end of the season."