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  1. WDE0007

    Herb Hand to Texas

    Now we just need Gus to hit a homerun OL hire! Thank you, Texas!
  2. While I can't defend his questionably large sums of cash...I can say that many football coaches have a work cellphone provided to them. I know some of Auburn's coaches get one.
  3. WDE0007

    Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    The only quote I'm iffy and "what..." about is his quote about how it was easier to get a job at Auburn than a Texas HS. But the overall consensus I got from those quotes was that he didn't choose the right words to explain what he meant. I got the impression he was saying no matter what level it is, a championship is a championship and feels equally as special and important. The quote about the SEC Network focusing on getting coaches fired, I took it as he feels the SEC Network should be focusing on the sports and talent and not so much the gossip and such. I think Gus should complete some media training, personally. Maybe a media training session or two can help him articulate his thoughts better so that they don't get misconstrued, sound arrogant, or offensive.
  4. WDE0007

    Jacob Eason to Transfer

    Report: QB Jacob Eason Expected to Transfer to Washington from Georgia Report: QB Jacob Eason Expected to Transfer to Washington from Georgia TIM DANIELSJANUARY 9, 2018 Joe Robbins/Getty Images Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Jacob Eason is reportedly planning to transfer to the Washington Huskies after falling behind Jake Fromm on the UGA depth chart. Adam Jude of the Seattle Times reported Tuesday that Eason is expected to make the move "barring a last-minute change of heart." He'd possess two years of eligibility after sitting out the 2018 college football season based on NCAA transfer rules. The 20-year-old Lake Stevens, Washington, native went through an up-and-down freshman campaign with the Bulldogs in 2016. He completed 55.1 percent of his throws for 2,430 yards with 16 touchdown passes and eight interceptions across 13 games. He appeared in just three contests this season as the Bulldogs advanced to the College Football Playoff title game Monday night, losing a heartbreaker to the Alabama Crimson Tide, 26-23 in overtime. In late December, the sophomore quarterback said he tried not to let the coaching staff's decision to go with Fromm impact his outlook. "That's football," Eason told reporters. "In life you're going to be hit with obstacles and some are going to be out of your control. Some you can control, but this one was out of my control." He added: "You could be mad about it, you could sulk about it all season, but I took what happened and did what I could with it. I did what I could to help the team get better and I was there with Jake and with Brice [Ramsey]. I'm the same person in the quarterback room." Meanwhile, Washington is set to have an opening under center in 2019 after Jake Browning plays his senior campaign next fall. So Eason should have an opportunity to compete for the Huskies' starting job when first eligible.
  5. WDE0007

    Bama vs Georgia

    I'm not trying to knock on Jarrett Stidham; I think he's a good QB. But after watching last night's game, I just couldn't help but feel so jealous that UGA has Fromm and Bama has Tua. True freshman QBs playing for all the marbles who showed NO sign of freaking out. Not that Jarrett doesn't keep his composure...but I personally thought he lost his composure at the worst times...the SEC Championship and the Peach Bowl. And I hope Gus and Lindsey were taking notes. That's one hell of a coaching job on QB development by both UGA and Bama.
  6. WDE0007

    upside and downside of 2 QB system

    Please go back and watch the Clemson and Texas A&M games from 2016. Any more than one QB, and you're asking for a dumpster fire.
  7. WDE0007

    Spuat or Thuga

    Embarrassingly in the minority and pulling for Georgia to win (I know I know...I'll see myself out). It just means more to them than it does to Alabama. For Georgia, this is everything. But for Alabama it's just another championship to add to the never-ending list. Though before anyone shuns me, I'd like to justify my decision that I know way more obnoxious and annoying Alabama fans than I do Georgia fans. If Alabama wins tonight they'll never shut up--because they haven't stopped running their obnoxious mouths since the final four Playoff selections. I live in Georgia, grew up in Atlanta, and now work near Athens. I know a large number of Georgia fans, and the ones I know really haven't been obnoxious...
  8. WDE0007


    Just because they had a year at JUCO doesn't mean they weren't around good coaches or good players. Hence why so many JUCO players get recruited year in and year out. So I stand by my statement.
  9. WDE0007


    Jarrett is not ready for the NFL. He showed his potential vs. UGA and Bama, but he showed he still has a ways to go in the SECCG and Peach Bowl. If someone is giving him bad advice, I'll be pretty surprised because it seems he stopped seeking guidance from those adults. Recently, he's really only name dropped his girlfriend's father as someone he goes to for advice and guidance about his career. And for what it's worth: His girlfriend's dad is the CEO for the Houston Rockets. So I really doubt he's getting poor advice there.
  10. WDE0007


    My personal observation has been that the most successful QBs under Gus were developed by someone else (Cam, Nick, now Stidham). No offense to Gus, but for an "offensive guru and genius," he is not the greatest QB developer.
  11. WDE0007

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    I see an 8-4 season with losses to A&M, UGA, Bama, and either Tennessee or LSU. I know people think we can win on the road vs. Georgia next year because they're losing so many seniors...but UGA is reloading not rebuilding (must be nice *sigh*). They'll also have Jake Fromm under the realist in me doesn't see an Auburn win.
  12. WDE0007

    UCF had eyes on winning. AU had eyes on NFL

    It seems I'm in the minority, but I fully support the players leaving early to get their coins. Carlton has a promising stock: all the distinctions he earned throughout the season. KJ has a promising stock: SEC Offensive Player of the Year. Holland may have benefited from an extra year, I'll give yall that. But in the end this isn't about what's best for the team or best for the fans. This is about what's best for him. Kam Pettway leaving early has everything to do with supporting his family: he has a daughter and wife. Though I'm sure not being able to stay out of the dog house played some part in it too, but that's not the point I'm going for. If I had the opportunity to go make an NFL MINIMUM (MINIMUM!!!!!) of $450,000, I sure as heck would go after my dream of being in the pros. That minimum salary is more than I'll ever make. As a 21-year-old, I would take that chance. Besides, with all the connections they made through Auburn Football, if their NFL career doesn't work out, they can always come back and be part of the coaching staff. Just look at our current staff roster--a good majority of them were former players in recent years.
  13. WDE0007

    Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    It's one thing as a fan to know they weren't making adjustments. But it's another to have CL actually admit it. Sigh.
  14. WDE0007

    Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    I think we can take Stidham out of the question--he's definitely not entering. Holland on the other hand...I have a strong feeling he's entering As for Kirby selling Chubb, Michel, and co. on staying: I've said this many times on here before. The only reason Chubb didn't enter the draft last year was because he wasn't as healthy as he thought he was gonna be in 2016, AND he was one season removed from a season-ending knee injury. So I think people really need to do away with the narrative that Kirby had to beg him to stay. Had Chubb not injured his knee in 2015, he'd be in the NFL right now. Michel and the other seniors staying probably had to do with them wanting to improve their stock. If they received a first to third round grade (even fourth), there's no way they passed that up.