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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Hopefully Gus takes himself out the equation if these Gus to Arkansas rumors come true.
  2. Bye Week- Who Returns from Injury

    Tray Matthews was out and is supposed to be back by A&M.
  3. New Gus Theory

    I'm really not understanding why people want Muschamp as the next head coach. Other than the fact that he fits the hiring criteria (aka previous Auburn ties and affiliation). I don't think he's fit to be our head coach. His head coaching experience comes from the weak division of the conference. I'm not sold.
  4. Hanging On is not good enough

    We should never be playing to hang on or not to lose. We should be playing pedal to the metal every second of the game until the clock says 00:00. So the "we just couldn't hang on" comment annoyed me too.
  5. In Order to Beat Georgia and Bama

    These two rivalries bring out the best in our players, so it's a shame they get stunted by such horrible play calling. I think the reason our team has been able to put up a fight these past few years, regardless of the questionable coaching, is because a lot of our players are playing with a chip on their shoulder versus these two teams. Our players from the state of Georgia who didn't get recruited by UGA or didn't get recruited as heavily by UGA as they were by Auburn...our players who--even though they don't want to play for Alabama--want to show the Turds what they missed out on. I'm not saying these players would have rather played for UGA or Bama, but just wanna show those teams what they missed, if that makes sense.
  6. Gus: Football Research Scientist

    All we ask of Gus is to stay out of the way and let the coordinators do the job they were hired to do. Obviously he does that with Steele. But my belief about the offense is that Chip calls the plays...but only the plays Malzahn allows him to.
  7. Malzahn and Arkansas

    Can't say I'll be butt-hurt if he leaves us for a division foe. Let me hold the door open for ya, Malzahn!
  8. Another mind boggling quote

    I will personally escort Gus onto his plane to Arkansas. Good riddance.
  9. Valid points. However, wasn't it actually Rhett Lashlee who called the plays in the 2015 A&M win? Correct me if I'm mistaken, though.
  10. I might be the only one who's fairly confident about us beating Texas A&M. Why? Because ever since A&M joined the SEC, have y'all noticed that both Auburn and A&M have never won at home when playing against each other? 2012: A&M wins at Auburn 2013: Auburn wins at A&M (bonus points for beating Johnny Football on his own turf) 2014: A&M wins at Auburn 2015: Auburn wins at A&M 2016: A&M wins at Auburn Hopefully this trend continues this year.
  11. Kyle Davis (update)

    Exactly. A player's personal problems and demons are in no way his fault.
  12. Name your method of protesting

    I won't be attending the UGA game or the Iron Bowl anymore. It's not out of protest or anything. I just don't want to spend the insane amount of money those tickets are going for just to watch us lose to teams we have the talent to beat.
  13. Something UGA did right

    UGA is dominating right now. Whether it holds up and they reach their full potential is yet to be seen, but so far they're off to a hot start and put themselves in a comfortable position. I can't say the same about our team. Sure, we do still control our own destiny in the West, but we couldn't even pull out a W against a team that got beat on their own turf by freaking Troy. Getting rid of Richt and hiring Smart brought in a culture change for that team and it looks like it's paying off. Gus doesn't do anything or initiate anything to bring in a culture change. I think it'd be fun if our team did a turnover award during games, like how Miami does the gold chain, UGA does the gold football pads, or Alabama does the wrestling belt. Say what you want about it, but their players looked amped up when they get to wear it after creating a turnover, and it livens up the team and adds motivation. I know our defense is A+, but still it'd be fun to do something like that.
  14. It's not fair to blame Gus or the other coaches for the players' personal problems or demons. You can (and should) blame them for not coaching them up or not developing them as players. But what they do off the field is not his fault. Gus isn't their daddy. He can try to be a father figure to them, he can try steering them to make smart, good decisions. But at the end of the day, it's the player's choice what they do in their free time. As a coach, there's only so much Gus can do.
  15. Supposedly someone on Rivals said his rumored(?) dismissal had to do with him doing something stupid (not drug related). I don't have a subscription to Rivals, so I can't verify if someone did say that. It's also starting to sound like it's similar to the Sean situation where it's an accumulation of problems (all related to substances).