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  1. Personally I feel like the jury's still out on Kirby Kirb over at UGA. Sure, he got them a conference title and led to the national championship game his second year...but Gus did that his first year as HC in the SEC...and he did it in a much more competitive and tougher division. The SEC East is weak, especially these past few years. UGA will be the top dawg (pun intended) for probably the next few years cause they have almost no competition except for UF. There's no doubt Bowl Cut is a great recruiter, buuuut his overall record over the first three seasons is almost the same as Richt's. Kirby's going to have to get UGA over the hump and find a way to beat Alabama in title games if he wants to continue bringing in 5 stars. And as someone else already pointed out...Kirby has a lot of players transferring or getting kicked out. A 5 star recruit won't wanna be the backup, or at least not for two years straight, when he could go to another SEC program or Clemson and start. USCe deserves to suck for hiring Muschamp. He proved absolutely nothing at UF except that he's only great as DC, so I'll never understand USCe's thought process on hiring him as the HC for a program that's in the same division as the one he failed at. As for our man Gustavo, I think he still needs a bit more shakeup in the coaching staff, mainly OL and WR. I like Kodi but I still don't think he's the best *realistic and available* man for the job.
  2. It's hard to say given how the starting QB position played out with our SEC powerhouse rivals, UGA and Alabama. If Bo plays as well as hoped, then Joey's probably entering the transfer portal at the end of the season. But...I think both those schools' QB stories should teach every player one thing: even you are the backup, you need to be ready when your name is called, cause you never know when you need to take over. Or why. Stay ready, prepare like you're the starter, and let the chips fall where they do.
  3. The last time I felt this good prior to the season was 2013...I certainly didn't think that season would go the way it did, but how many fans did? Gus has the No. 1 dual threat QB in the country, which everybody keeps forgetting! He does best with a mobile QB who can throw, and he has that this year. So that, plus the loaded defense and offense...there's no reason for us to be 8-5. A 9-10 win season is definitely realistic. But we'll see how Oregon goes first. The 2016 season opener (Clemson) was the only time we lost the first game of the season in the Gus era (war flashbacks...*shudders*), so I feel good about it for the most part.
  4. Ohio State quarterback Tate Martell can now officially be contacted by other schools about a potential transfer. According to reports by Lettermen Row's Jeremy Birmingham and the Toledo Blade's Kyle Rowland, Martell has entered his name into the NCAA transfer portal. A photo from Twitter user @SloppyBaseballs appears to show a photo of Martell's name in the NCAA transfer portal, entered Thursday, alongside other players who could be considering transfers: Entering his name into the transfer portal does not guarantee that Martell will ultimately leave the Buckeyes. It does mean, however, that other schools are now free to contact him about playing for their program. Per Birmingham's report, Miami and West Virginia are two schools who could pursue Martell. During Rose Bowl media day on Dec. 30, Martell told reporters that he had no intentions to transfer from Ohio State, even if Justin Fields transferred into the program. “I have no doubt that I'll go out there and win the job,” Martell said. That, however, was before Fields' transfer became official last week. Now, with Fields expected to be the immediate frontrunner for the starting quarterback job if he gets a waiver from the NCAA for immediate eligibility, Martell could look for an opportunity that would enable him to start elsewhere. Like Fields, Martell – unless he waits until after he graduates – would need to either receive a waiver from the NCAA for immediate eligibility or sit out one year if he opts to transfer from the Buckeyes. Tom Mars, the lawyer representing Fields in his appeal to the NCAA, though, told Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch that he would not represent Martell if he chooses to pursue a waiver for eligibility. Should Martell transfer, however, the Buckeyes will likely need to pursue another quarterback – whether that comes with a high school recruit on National Signing Day, or with another transfer – as they would be down to just three scholarship quarterbacks: Fields, Matthew Baldwin and Chris Chugunov. Walk-on quarterback Kory Curtis has also entered his name into the NCAA transfer portal, potentially leaving the Buckeyes with minimal depth at the position.
  5. I hope he comes to Auburn. Gus Malzahn always does best with a transfer QB who was developed by someone else...
  6. I know from my own reliable sources that some of the players weren't the biggest fans of Stidham (there are many reasons why I've heard, but I won't get into that), so the locker room tension rumors were probably true. I think Stidham leaving has something to do with those players coming back for their senior year.
  7. Georgia fans were pretty unhappy with Chaney and his playcalling. Considering he's still under contract, he was probably encouraged to leave. He's the reason all those 4 and 5 stars at UGA declared early.
  8. D Line is STACKED! Wow I can't wait until September.
  9. Rooting for Cody, but I often think about that missed 33-yard FG in the National Championship. What could have been...
  10. The 2014 Outback bowl. We lost in OT after Carlson missed the FG.
  11. I didn't realize his stats were that decent considering how little he played. I hope Fields beats out Tate Martell for the starting job. Martell is a sore loser and extremely unsportsmanlike. Subtweeting Fields, then that entire interview where he tries to act like he's being competitive when really he was just being a jerk about the rumors. Just say you'd be excited to play alongside Fields if he comes, and keep it moving. No need to start declaring yourself the starter or talking down/condescending Fields.
  12. WDE0007

    Sugar Bowl

    Letting Bama get away.....twice. After blowing a sizable lead both times.
  13. If Justin Fields does actually transfer, it would be pointless. He'd have to sit out for a year and won't be eligible to play until 2020. By the 2020 season, Fromm will be out of UGA and in the NFL, so Fields would be the starter at UGA. Kirby is going to block Fields from transferring anywhere in the SEC, so I won't even bother hoping we get him. Also, I find it hilarious that Dawg fans are calling for Kirby to get fired just because he "might" transfer and are calling it mismanagement. Like man...they wouldn't last a day as an Auburn fan.
  14. This is incredibly insensitive. Many abusers threaten their significant other into staying with them. Sometimes the woman doesn't have a choice because she fears/knows the aftermath of her leaving will be worse than her getting hit or punched. I would strongly suggest you reconsider that judgment.
  15. Christian McCaffrey. Alex Kozan was high school teammates with McCaffrey. I read an interview he did where he said he tried to get Gus and the coaches to recruit McCaffrey, but Gus and co. dismissed it because, "he's from Colorado, they don't really have any speed out there." In the same article, they mention that the running back needs in the 2014 recruiting class were covered with Roc Thomas and Kam Pettway...sigh. Obviously, in reality, even if Auburn wasn't stupid and recruited him, the chances of him choosing Auburn over Stanford were slim considering he's a Stanford legacy...but I would have loved to see him at Auburn. He's tearing it up in the NFL.