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  1. Reality is that even if Gus does learn and turns a corner, unless the OL is straightened out in a hurry, it won't matter. We need a monster OL class to build on. If not we may end up like UF in Muschamp's last year. Great defense, but no O-line. Then it spirals out of control.
  2. You just answered your own question. It doesn't matter what we do when they are in the backfield. Even with max protect.
  3. They are calling rollouts because the O-line can't give him any time. He's gonna be running anyway.
  4. Bo running for his life. Go figure.
  5. You would think after watching Muschamp fail at UF by having no O-line whatsoever, that we might try to at least have a FEW big time O-line recruits each year.
  6. Several of you need to turn the tv off, finish your bottle of bourbon, and go to bed.
  7. And now here comes the tarp. Thanks for not calling it while we were clearly having problems on the mound with wet hands/balls.....
  8. Under different circumstances I'd be fine with it. But here it just seems like they are just saying to take our consolation prize.
  9. The way these announcers are talking it seems like they are trying to manufacture consent for this game to get called. Talking about how its great just for us to be here.
  10. God I hope we rip them open for that crap.
  11. What's protocall if this gets rained out?
  12. Did it hit him hard enough that it might slow him down a bit? Lol