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  1. One minute of football, 10 minutes of commercials.
  2. Looked like he stumbled on replay. Could see his toe drag across the grass awkwardly.
  3. Omg i just rewound and watched that like 10 times. Its def Halloween with a full moon.
  4. We eatin clock folks! Drive it! Finish like Kobayashi! Is this annoying yet? Sorry, not sorry!
  5. Will we make the backup backup look like a Heisman contender?!?!
  6. They trying to show the Big Boy as a weapon. We gonna use him as a decoy later. I like. Bruiser with soft hands. YESSSSSSSS.
  7. Man I thought that was gonna be a fumbled exchange for a second. But i'll take it!
  8. There we go. Hit Flash in motion. Use that speed.
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