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  1. Triple voodoo. Gotta play with you first before really driving the knife.
  2. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. Theres the voodoo some of you asked for. Just not how you wanted it.
  3. You know, constantly putting your QB in 3rd and long is one of the things I hated about Gus(along with ignoring O-line recruiting) and we are still doing it. Letting the D Pin their ears back.
  4. Not worth the time @Brad_ATX....
  5. Sigh 😕.....I knew I shouldn't have come to the bar for this. And of course there's some Ole Piss guys here. War Eagle though! LETS RALLY!
  6. It basically screws our chance at the West division. With a win today we would only be 1 game behind A&M and Arky who are 17-10. We have the tie breaker against A&M so if we win 2 we would go ahead of them. Arky would have to lose two and we would win. Now Arky only has to win one game and its over. We still have an outside chance, but Arky would have to get swept and we'd have to take all 3.
  7. They gonna check the sticker on that one?😎
  8. And that certainly isn't just football related....
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