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  1. Well let's start hanging that national championship banner.......wait....wait.....we're not Alabama.
  2. I absolutely am proud of this team. That is why I am so fired up about it being taken from them. Yes I know, there were plays and missed opportunities that if we had capitalized on that no call on the double dribble would not have mattered, but we still battled back and did enough to gut out the win. We were in position to win with 1:00 to go. It was our game to lose. Virginia battled, I give them that, they certainly are a strong team, but they were gifted that win on that no call.
  3. You know that doesn't work. Can't argue with stupid. Might as well walk away. It's better than jail...
  4. This hurts. ROBBED. They did what they had to to get back in, and taken from them on a blatant missed call. But what makes it so much that now all we will hear from the mouthpieces and gumps is "we weren't supposed to be there anyway". Gonna be hard to hold my tongue.
  5. Yeah....CBS really plays into Virginias game. Slowwwwwwwwwwww
  6. Welp....I still love every one of these guys. Hell of a ride.