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  1. I'm watching this while out to eat and I don't think I'm gonna make it all the way through. I'm about done with sports this year. Falcons suck. Braves look good for the first time since the 90's and they predictably choke. Auburn JABU. AtlUnited loses to Toronto. I'm done till basketball/baseball/softball.
  2. This gonna be an ugly game apparently.
  3. Run, slow developing play that loses yards. 3rd and long. Same as always
  4. The SMU vs Memphis game will probably be worth watching....
  5. Gus Malzahn: "Its Rhett Lashlee's fault folks, hes got to go!" SMU enters the chat....."ummmmmm what's that Gus?"
  6. Gotta set up that 1 vs 2.......Plus they know AU is a wounded duck at this point. Its only a matter of time. Just slowly dying. I just feel for all the players.
  7. If only we had an offense for this defense. ....
  8. Wow no flag. Can't believe that.
  9. It's blatantly obvious what's happening at this point. They will never call holding on our dline. They will be mugged the whole time while they talk about how good they are. Gary will just say" well of course they have to hold. Look how good they are!"
  10. He basically made the tackle lol
  11. And just like that we are back to apologizing to the Defense.