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  1. Had some of the same thoughts about OL.
  2. Maybe not godsend. But at least some optimism and even a lil hype from the Mahomes connection. Would either fly or crash and burn.
  3. Ehhhhhhhh I'd probably say it's a hard shot that bounces off the warning track for a ground rule double. Not quite the home run, but scores some points and has a guy on second beating his chest saying "let's go!".
  4. Its basically a coin flip after the first two. And just to get my .02, those of you saying we should have gone for 2 after the first OT TD, I get it. But....you know good and well if we did and missed it all sorts of people would be screaming it was the dumbest thing they've ever seen. Likely to be wrong either way. Just is what it is.
  5. I'm still ticked we weren't able to pull that first game out. But I think this has been a good learning opportunity for all the guys. Should pay off moving forward.
  6. KD has a serious chip on his shoulder. Thing has some serious weight.
  7. I'm worried. I backed it up and and one point you can see his eyes roll back and he seems to be unresponsive. Multiple people were waving for help and a few ran off to get someone.
  8. Absolutely. We could have won this multiple times and really should have.
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