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  1. Where has this thread been hiding?!? The only reason I found it was from the derailment of the "Minnesota post game" thread that turned into beer talk. Thanks ShocksMyBrain! Favorite sours, go! Me personally, ever since I had New Belgiums Le Terroir it just seems like nothing else compares. It's super sour( which I love, I'm the kind of idiot that would burn my mouth out with war heads as a child) but very complex and balanced at the same time. It has one taste up front, and then a different secondary taste as it washes over the back of your tongue. Just beautiful.
  2. I've always thought about Washington, the rain/fog doesn't really bother me.
  3. I'm aware that winter there is nothing like what most down here have ever even imagined. But, at the same time its gotten to the point where I can barely stand to go outside for half the year because its so hot. At least further north you can actually enjoy the good times without feeling like you are roasting alive.
  4. As freakin hot as its been getting down here in the south.....I've been thinking the cold don't sound so bad. Just gotta be prepared. Heck when I opened my back door today to look at the rain it hit me like I was in the shower. ITS JANUARY.
  5. Am I the only one that just pictured Chris Farley in a chef costume having a freakout? Just me? Ok, i'm weird, I don't deny it. Just imagin the "Da Bears" character impersonating Gus with his sweater vest.
  6. He's such a PoS for kneeling inside the redzone. People that don't twist the knife are so awful! Frankly I wish he would have scored, maybe it would force the idiots in charge to admit they made a mistake.
  7. Gus and pouty faces on the sideline
  8. They could easily score here if they wanted to.....yet people are saying Fleck is a PoS?
  9. Better than what happens here. SPIN SPIN SPIN
  10. Well, thankfully we can all shed AU football from our systems and move strictly to basketball and baseball.
  11. It was over a long time ago
  12. Basically. He's clueless every year.