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  1. I can't seem to get the pic to post, but did anyone else catch coach Harsin and A.D. Greene at the game?
  2. Ok, no one rational said he was better. But that doesnt mean that he couldn't be a drastically different player under a different coaching staff. Same thing can be said for Mac. Put him under a different staff and his numbers are likely very different. Perhaps still good, but not the same.
  3. I dont think anyone is saying Bo is better....just that it isnt a direct comparison because Bo is having to deal with way more issues than Mac is.
  4. Hes got multiple issues yes, but many are fixable. Just a question of if it will happen. As far as Mac Jones, hes certainly not Greg McElroy. We'll see in a few years what he's really made of.
  5. Theres a whole lot of ifs there, but its possible. Hopefully we will actually have a real route tree with real progressions instead of the one route plays we've gotten so used to. WRs that run their route without loafing when they know the ball isn't coming to them, because there's actually a chance that it will. Just establishing a consistent identity and rhythm could make a huge difference in his happy feet, especially with improved Oline play.
  6. Thats basically where I'm at. Nothing against the others, but we've had years of mediocrity from most of them. Granted they may have been hampered in some instances by Gus's oversight/micro managing but we've not really seen consistent improvement through coaching. Wholesale change removes all doubt. Sink or swim.
  7. Mac also has 5x the talent around him. This isn't a single issue. Its multifaceted.
  8. I'm ready to start hearing about coaching hires. And they better be good, cause we need HELP.
  9. If only we knew we could run the ball on the goal line the last time we were there....
  10. Bo almost threw a pick 6 there. Then two nice passes to SW.
  11. Good effort. Thats what we need to see. Build on it boys. Fight.
  12. Gotta love those "Oh YES! Oh nooooooooo..." moments.
  13. Yep, really a head scratcher. Is he not being coached? Is he just not listening? Is he getting conflicting teaching? We just don't know. But I agree that not having someone behind him pushing him has made him somewhat complacent. Speculation of course. We have no idea what's actually gone on.
  14. $$$$. It's all about the $$$$. ND likely brings more viewers and therefore more revenue.
  15. He's made SEVERAL poor throws. But yes, that absolutely was a dropped TD.
  16. False starts hurt us here. But we absolutely looked better on this drive. Its something at least. Maybe if they let Harsin have a good talk in the locker room we can come back out with some fire.
  17. I just dont get it. Its a real Jekyll and Hyde deal when you look at the difference when he does and doesn't. He absolutely CAN be good, he's just not consistent. And when you look at the track record of QB issues at AU....it lends to thoughts of lack of coaching.
  18. Man Bo stood in pocket.....I thought he might actually have that one. But overthrown. Im telling yall he's only off because of that bad habit. Work him relentlessly about that and he can be much better.
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