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  1. Worth Replacing Gus?

    If you were replying to me, you missed the point of my post. The point is that in the short term, it may be hard/impossible for us to improve on the W-L record or recruiting, and if we miss, which has been consistently shown to be more likely than not by many schools with equivalent or better resources, we run the greater long term risk to the program of missing a shot to rise again to sustained success the way we did in the 1980s. If you weren't replying to me, then never mind!
  2. Worth Replacing Gus?

    Going back a little further, look at Texas' 20 years of wandering in the wilderness after they fired Fred Akers (1 year removed from MNC contention) followed by one good year with Mack Brown, then the Charlie Strong disaster and now Latest-Hot-Coaching-Hire Herman losing to Maryland at home. Then he goes to USC, puts the Top 5 Trojans on the ropes, and proceeds to......wait for it Gus haters.......rotate QBs to lose in double OT. There are three coaches in the NCAA right now that everyone else is looking up at - Satan, Urban, and Dat Boy. Satan has advantages with the NCAA, media and REC that no one else will ever have, not even bammer again after he's gone. Urban seems to be as untouchable, and plays in a weak league. Dat Boy caught lightning in a bottle with a magic QB, the same thing Gus is accused of doing, plays in a weak league to boot, and now we will see where he goes with this year and beyond. Harbaugh is showing signs of Sabanesque rule stretching, but doesn't have the results to show for it yet. In short, we're in the same boat as 116 or so other D-1 teams. Better off that probably 105 of them at least. Who exactly are we going to hire that can 1) Create our very own REC 2) Has pics of the NCAA pres and top brass with farm animals 3) Revive our journalism program and place AU grads in key spots everywhere from ESPN and the NYT to the Shoals Area's Times-Daily, and 4) Translate that into recruiting and on-the-field success? It's NOT Patterson or Petrino, that's for sure. Looking at the long game, I think our best option is to stick with Gus as long as he doesn't fall below 8-4 and recruiting stays solid until Saban retires, which won't be many more years. JJ should be gone sometime prior to that. At that point, you have a Dye-like opportunity to take the program thru a renaissance. You don't want to go into that opportunity perceived as a coaching carousel. You want to go into it as a premier job on the brink of great things, just needing a little better coach to get over the hump.
  3. celebrating stidham

    Sadly, I have to agree with all of this. I'm usually the one pumping sunshine, but I felt worse about our O last night than I did after Clemson. Stid can't keep his feet still, which is going to slow his time to throw after he picks a target. He stares down receivers, and his fakes are, well, fake. If you want to see what we need a QB, you should watch a replay of the USC- Texas double OT game from last night. Both QBs had to handle ferocious pass rushes. The USC QB in particular was deadly on quick routes against major defensive pressure. Neither QB had happy feet the way Stid does.
  4. Sean White arrested

    He was suspended for substance abuse, not grades, as I understand it.
  5. 3D Printing

    I have a GlowForge that will theoretically be delivered by the end of October. I bought into the end of their Kickstarter deal, but they are a year behind on deliveries after getting slammed with $28M in orders! It is basically a CNC laser cutter-engraver that allows you to make some really cool 3D assembled bits. AUDevil, seems like a GlowForge might actually be as good of or a better choice for your purposes. https://glowforge.com/ If you want one, shoot me a PM here and we can both get some perks for the referral.
  6. Can the offense turn it around?

    I needed that ray of sunshine Stat, all the moreso since I can no longer vent on that other forum (apparently due to an unsolvable tech issue) we've both been on forever, and I'm too new here to start a thread or even to know who's worth replying to.
  7. Stidham

    Have to disagree on Stidham. He repeatedly ignored Pettway on the short outlet pass, to the point that Pettway didn't even bother turning around to look for the ball late in the game. Seemed like JS was always looking for the long ball, whether the play was called that way or not.
  8. Didn't I see Dabo The Anointed with his play sheet on the sidelines? Maybe I'm not remembering it right. There is definitely a problem with this team, I'm just not so sure its all Gus.
  9. Clemson 10 Positives

    Nice to see something positive out of that....
  10. Holding ball too long?

    More than once, KP came out of the backfield on a delay route and we were yelling for Stidham to throw it to him, but JS NEVER looked short, it seemed like he only wanted homeruns.
  11. Hurricane Harvey

    Texas grocery store chain HEB's response to the Harvey disaster has been amazing - 60 of 83 stores in the affected zone open the day after Harvey, one opened with just 5 employees (their stores are huge), 79 of 83 open in a week (most Walmarts and Krogers remain closed), 2,000 volunteer employees brought in from around the state, and they were on the scene with a convoy of semis set up as mobile kitchens with the ability to feed 35,000 people per day the day after! Here's an article that details some of what went on behind the scenes. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/inside-story-what-took-keep-texas-grocery-chain-running-chip-cutter
  12. Talent = Wins

    OK, now I'm officially depressed. We could be very good and still wind up 8-4 or 9-3, when in years past we would have had a great 1-2 loss or even unbeaten year.
  13. Greg Robinson beats out Cyrus Kouandjio

    A bit of sweet irony, though I do feel a bit sorry for CK, would have been nice to have him on the Plains where he wanted to be.
  14. Who is Auburn's 2nd toughest opponent?

    No doubt its LSU, until we show that we can win down there like we used to a LONG time ago. People forget all the little things they have done to sabotage the team's psyche, and how good they are at it. The phantom whistle in the end zone. Field security harassing our AA kicker and not giving him room to practice, resulting in, what was it, 5 missed FGs? On and on. We have to be LOT better than them to beat them there. We only have to be a little better than Clemson on that day.