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  1. He has a burning love of French fries. Eats everyone he sees.....
  2. Expect another AU scandal to "break" next week.....
  3. So did a lot of us. Not the first hot young coach who flamed out on a bigger stage, won't be the last.
  4. You guys know that he was named after bammer RB Major Ogilvie, right? And later fired by Saban as OC.
  5. Dang, you kids need everything explained Barney-style. 😜 Anyone who's ever tried to catch a crawfish by hand in a creek, which would be most of us prior to the bubble wrap childhood generation, can tell you that a crawfish can reverse direction in an eyeblink, and can go backwards about as fast as they can go forward. Hence the term "crawfishing" refers to someone trying to back out of something they said.
  6. Personally, I'd be all for moving to a far more restricted athletics model along the lines of DIII or NAIA, or perhaps the Ivy League. That's where you get at least a degree of integrity back into the equation. Investigating donors is a good way to get us there fast. So if we're going to do it, I would be in favor only if we're going full scorched earth and changing the athletics model. Anything less will result in AU being a DI doormat for a decade or more.
  7. If you want to NOT have a program at all, this is a GREAT way to not have a program. You won't have to worry about what coach won't touch AU any more, because no megadonor would touch AU any more, and without them, there are NO coach's salaries & buyouts, state of the art new facilities, or NIL. Or program. NAIA here we come......recruit off the intramural fields.
  8. No one is scared. You're talking about handing the keys to a substantial business to a guy with no experience running one who has just the kind of ego that won't listen to people who could help him. He's also a guy who is on a mission for HBCU's, ever occur to anyone that his mission might trump any money we could throw at him, especially with his net worth? ALL D1 HC jobs are every bit as much politics as they are X's and O's, and that takes more than just personal polish and ability. Been there and lived that movie. They also require business sense. No evidence that he has those abilities, not because of who he is, but because of where he hasn't been to learn. He hasn't been so much as a GA at a D1 program has he? Smart people in roles where they have no experience or background fail at a very high rate. Last of all, how many superstar players in any major sport became great coaches? I've heard many times over the years that star players almost never make great coaches because they never had to worry about that last 0.01% of technique, whereas guys who could barely play at Worthless State NAIA (looking at you, CNS) make great ones because they had to sweat those details to even sniff the field. Journeymen starters down to 4th stringers are the ones who grow into coaches. Deion would make a recruiting splash. Maybe. The odds are immensely against him being a lasting success. The we're right back where we started from.
  9. Is there a way to give this post both a LOL and a thumbs down rating at the same time?
  10. Both of my Master's are UT, one from Cockrell, one from McCombs. It is a shame that AU doesn't have a network like the Texas Exes. I'm a life member, and I guess I have privileges there too, but I've only been a couple of times. Too many other great places to eat and relax here.....
  11. Nope. I was pretty plugged in to the UT program at the time, see my other post. CGC and CWM both came with the understanding they would eventually be HCIW. That's why UT had Akina, so CGC would have a DC if CMB decided to hang it up. There were a couple of times in CMB's office where I wanted to slap him for taking AU DC's, but as a Texas Ex, I couldn't get all that angry about it. FWIW, I think CMB surprised himself over how many years he wound up staying in coaching. He seemed to be ready to retire as early as 2009 at any time.
  12. Yes on both. Chiz was really supposed to be The Guy, but most figured Muschamp would bolt before it happened. I was in Mack Brown's office a few minutes after he got off the phone with Chiz, who was in a panic over the wretched state of his ISU program headed into the Fall, and was begging CMB to help him find a way out. Three or four months later, we hired CGC. Don't know if CMB made some calls on his behalf or not, I never asked.
  13. Bolded statement would be vehemently disagreed with by the three people I talked to that worked with him.
  14. According to one of the free boards, Phillip Marshall has said "Firing is imminent". Kind of vague, don't know how much cred PM has any more, but that's what was posted. Just a crappy situation for all involved - Harsin, players, AU, alums, fans..... Mods can move to the mega thread as needed, just thought some might have given up on following that thread.
  15. Datapoint from another board, just FYI: There were 44 underclassmen from 1998 (110 total on the roster) who weren't on the 1999 roster after CTT came in.
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