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  1. Also reported on TOS. That one hurts.
  2. In three of our games this year, we've benefitted from arguable calls. Other threads have covered all the bases on the arguments for all three, so let's not rehash this here. All three IMO were officiating mistakes in bang-bang situations, rather than anything truly intentional. Having said that, we're finally getting the same "benefit of the doubt" that spuat has gotten since Tennessee's Johnny Majors said "If you've got 3rd and 2 in Legion Field, you'd better get 3!". Not once have I ever heard of a bammer complaining about any of the uncounted judgement calls at pivotal moments that went th
  3. Seriously? We had problems for sure, but we still held them to fewer points than the pro team across the state did.
  4. Check your stats a little closer Loof before you LOL. Michigan has averaged 4.26 losses/year since 2001. They are 4-12 in bowl games since then and 1-4 under your boy Harbaugh, who was a name hire if there ever was one. Their 10 win seasons in an awful B1G include: 2015 - opening game L to Utah, L's to both major rivals MSU and OSU 2016 - L's to OSU, their bammer, and unranked Iowa, then bowl loss to FSU 2017 - Bookended by losses to ND and OSU, blown out by UF 41-10 in the bowl Harbaugh is 0-fer vs OSU. I like our 3-4 record better. Still LOL'ing? How long did OSU wan
  5. mmm, nope. I'm a little closer to that than you are. The billionaires, of which Texas has more of than likely the entire SEC combined, are not the problem. Finding the right coach is the problem.
  6. Thanks Friction, you did a great job of summarizing my thoughts in more detail than I was willing to type!
  7. And has been for nearly 40 years. That's a long time.....
  8. I'm about done with Gus this year, but I have been very reluctant to pull the trigger because, as a Texas Ex as well as an AU alum, I've watched the Texas program wander the wilderness for decades now after they pulled the plug too fast on Fred Akers. Everyone talks about our record vs rivals, well, here's how bad it could get: Since 2010 (when Colt McCoy left) Texas is: 2-7 vs. TCU (picture LSU here, with less talent and no real MNC runs) 3-9 vs. Oklahoma (bammer, with less talent again)
  9. I think a lot of what we're seeing now is Chad not having time to put in his passing game in the Spring. Look at other schools with new coordinators - lot of struggling going on in places.
  10. In defense of Carlson, wasn't the wind very high when his two kicks went out of bounds? I'd be interested to know how other teams with new coordinators have fared this year with no Spring to put in a new/revised system. LSU is obviously a team that is struggling, they have a new OC and DC I believe.
  11. Pro Tip: Academy gets ammo shipments Mon-Wed-Fri. Line starts forming an hour before they open. They haven't really gone up on price hardly at all. Out here, they're getting enough ammo for about the first 20-30 people in line to get three boxes each.
  12. On the one hand, I agree. On the other hand, Gus always finds a way to beat 1-2 teams he shouldn't. I think bammer and Tenn are tossups just because of that. OM likely a L.
  13. If you watched highlights from MSU-LSU, you could see what was coming. It seemed like on every big MSU O play, a LSU defender had a hand on MSU's QB when he threw. One more step and it's a total reversal of the play outcome. I've not seen the game, but the number of TO's makes me think Ark schemed to get more than a hand on the QB and it worked.
  14. Glad to have you here CoachP, saves me the trouble of finding your post and cross posting as I did a few times last year! From my perspective, if all you read is JMR's Things I Think I Saw and CoachP's play-by-play, you know everything you need to know about our Tigers! Not that others don't make astute observations, it's just that those two posts will condense everything in one place, and you know it's quality stuff before you click.
  15. Hey Mods, Coach PM'd me that he's having trouble starting a topic. I vaguely recall that maybe there's a rule about new members having x number of replies to others' topics before they can start one on their own? Is that why he's having trouble?
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