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  1. Auburn might have a back up plan

    Clickbait. has another variation of the same theme, maybe even by the same author. It's just recruiting trail fodder, that's all. No one at AU is stupid enough to hire CBP even if CGM left.
  2. So who wants to keep him now?

    Seriously? No AU coach, EVER, has done that. I'd love to see how many coaches in all of D1 CFB have done that at all schools. I'd bet that the list is pretty short, and no school outside the all time top 5-6 has more than 1 coach on it. For that matter, the top 5-6 won't have more than 2-3 coaches on it in a century of football. That is hardly "a lot of coaches". Getting straight to the math, you want 9 wins in what is now a 12 game season, assuming 9 doesn't get you to a CG or the CFP. That is a 0.750 win pct. Looking at the all-time winningest programs, exactly NONE of them are over 0.750! AU is at 0.629. Michigan and Notre Dame are at the top of the list at 0.730 and 0.729, respectively. OU, Nebraska, and Texas, all of whom spent most of their FB history not playing more than 2 teams per season who were a significant test, sit at 0.721, 0.707, and 0.699, respectively. Basically, you're talking 8 wins/season on average against far less than SEC West competition. Saban, Bahr, Osborne, Switzer, and their ilk were products of their era, when cheating was all but unlimited for the latter three, and AU never had the $ to compete on that playing field on an even basis back then. We all know the very unique situation with Saban, Emmert and friends. That is unlikely to happen again in CFB after Saban hangs it up. Bottom line is that Auburn people need to get realistic in their expectations. Contending in November is a spot in the top 6-8 teams in all of CFB. This is now our 3rd time there with Gus. No other SEC team other than bammer under Saban has been there more than once in the past 10 years, most of them not at all. UF under Meyer is on the cusp of being a decade ago now. UF outside of Spurrier and Meyer has never had that kind of average, and Spurrier did it vs a down SEC. Arguably, so did Meyer. The LSU loss upset me too, but replacing Malzahn with an improvement is statistically very unlikely.
  3. Path to a National Title

    Man, there are a LOT of lose-able games left! Meatchicken could wreck the B1G with two wins, and make their season. They will be motivated! Muschamp just might pull one out vs Clemson, who could then knock of The U in the ACCCG. OU could well go down to WV, TCU, or even both. All that happens (consider Saban's MNC year at LSU - total chaos at the end of the season) and AU wins out, we could go into the playoffs seeded #1 vs......who exactly? Bammer would be in by virtue of sitting at home and being the last 1 loss team around that didn't lose during championship weekend. 2 loss Clemson over 1 loss HTH Miami? That would be a tough call. B1G in shambles, does a PAC team sneak back in now? Do you take one of the B12's cluster? Fun to think about, but just win baby.......
  4. “Give it to him”

    I found the Chip Kelly breakdown of the play. Go to TOS and search for "Chip Kelly play breakdown", I believe Marcello posted it. It is free content. Hope I am within Da Rulz in the way I phrased all of that!
  5. “Give it to him”

    Chip Kelly did a great breakdown of this play, explaining how Slayton positioned himself for the catch so the DB had no shot of swiping the ball out, or pretty much doing anything that wasn't a blatant PI call. If I can find the link, I'll post it.
  6. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    Wish I could have been there! Does anyone have a link to video of the AUMB halftime show? My daughter is in a perennially highly ranked HS band (class 3A Grand Nationals Champions last year) here in Texas and is thinking of band in college as well. Would love to show her that.
  7. Intermediate Passes

    It's worth pointing out that TE Canella was targeted, as best I recall, 4x against ATM. Did he catch one of them? I know he had at least one critical drop on an intermediate route. I don't think he caught any of them. Also, we targeted KJ and C Cox out of the backfield six times successfully. That's at least 10 of 27 pass attempts that were short to intermediate. The perception being tossed around here and on other boards that we only throw bombs was just flat out not true in the ATM game.
  8. Gus would be wise to look around

    Maybe the most decisive three game stretch in AU history. Any outcome represents a turning point. Either we keep Gus and the program is stable, or we roll the dice as you say in a very big way. UF, UT (both of them), and TAMU have all been wandering in the wilderness looking up enviously at what we consider "mediocrity" for some years now. All but UF tossed coaches with records similar to Gus's. I hated the LSU loss as much as anyone, but the best thing by far for AU would be for Gus to at least split the big 2 and remain as AU's coach for now.
  9. JJ Replacement

    Your sig quote: National Champions! War Eagle!!! ALL IN, STILL IN, FOREVER IN Time to change it 4ever.
  10. JJ Replacement

    "“If they don't think an Auburn man can do the job , they ought to close the joint down,” - Ralph Shug Jordan.
  11. JJ Replacement

    TOS posters think she is. I like the idea of hiring someone from the tech side of a pro league because the appeal to the customers (ie, fans and recruits) will increasingly be via technology. She can run a similarly sized budget and can think strategically about the tech side, which will be critical going forward. Can she manage and lead? IDK.
  12. I can't start new threads here yet, but hopefully someone will see this and give it a separate thread. This is an analysis by an Aggie poster of our O, complete with film cut-ups.
  13. next Head Coach

    Saban is anything but eloquent and likeable. Just get someone who has a system that works and coaches to it during the week and on Saturdays.
  14. next Head Coach

    If he wins out, or even wins most of them, then it's hard to argue that he's not worth it. He pulled it off at IOWA STATE. There will be a buyout with ANY active, successful HC. Do you think we'll get one for free? That's JABA - we'll get something for nothing. The consensus of the "dump Gus" crowd on every AU board is that we have to open the checkbook for this one.
  15. next Head Coach

    I don't know what to tell you if you choose to deny the facts in front of you. If he was smart enough to hire recruiters here, what makes you think he won't be smart enough to do it elsewhere? The Arkie alumni base has the money to hire the assistants.