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  1. I used to spend two full days per week breaking down film. Granted it was for 14 seasons of my son's 1st-7th grade teams, but I was about the only coach in the league that hadn't played P5 football, so I had to make up in time what I lacked in innate knowledge. Always had a top 3 D for the ones I coordinated. Think I could get an off the field analyst job? Maybe at bammer, they have so many that they might not notice one more......
  2. Sooooo, how did his Fresno D fare vs Harsin? Surprised none of you coaching gurus have looked it up yet. Never fear, rank amateur here to save the day: 2017 - Harsin went 1-1 against Fresno, being held to only 17 points both times, well below their season average and even less than they were held to by BYU, Wazzou and UVA. 2018 - 1-1 again vs Fresno, still held well below their season average with 24 pts in the regular season W and 16 pts in the champ game L. fSU ranked both times. 2019 - didn't play fSU I think Harsin saw something he liked in a guy who stopped his O as
  3. I kind of had the same perception you do until I went through the numbers. Peterson faced a SOS of -3.3 on average (0.0 is average SOS for all of CFB, Gus faced a +6.06!) whereas Harsin faced a -1.48 SOS AND was short-handed his first three years due to probation (9 total schollies lost). Peterson went 8-5 his last year, Harsin turned around and went 12-2 the next year. Harsin gets an A- from me, but I'm not sure I saw an A+ coach on the market.
  4. Just positive vibrations, man.
  5. My understanding is that the Texas AD and Sark are tight, and have been for a long time. Lot of people out here are upset with the AD over this. It's said that he rammed it through. Sark will be on a tight leash.
  6. With all the up/down, GusGottaGo/Who did we just hire?/Hey Harsin might be something special/Why ain't we hirin' nobody?/OMG Mason will be great!/Bobo? Really?/Tutt's awful for leaving/No he should go for it/Wait. Tutt's back and we love him/ad infinitum mood changes on here, I ran across something I thought was pretty funny and might add some entertainment value to this site. Check out the The Mood graphics on the right side of this Michigan Wolverines page, including the graph of The Mood all the way back to 2013. What about it Run? Do you have access to aggregate data that you could
  7. It's a difference of magnitude. Other SEC schools for the most part are jaywalking, speeding, and running red lights. Alabama is figuratively robbing banks and kidnapping (literally, in the case of that recruit from Russellville some years ago). Had a friend from MI years ago who had attended some sort of summer camp at the UAT campus back in the late '70's or early '80's. He had no ties to the SEC. The first time I told him I was from Alabama (the state) he automatically assumed I had gone to UAT and couldn't wait to tell me about the parking lot at the athletics complex he saw during hi
  8. What was in the water in the South around that time? Within a couple hundred miles of each other, Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, and Marcus Dupree all within a few years of each other. You could make an argument for them to be the three greatest CFB RBs ever, going by talent differential vs their peers of the era. I remember Dupree just outright taunting a very good Cornhusker D during some of his runs, in a time where you just didn't do that because they'd pay you back on the next down. They never could catch him for payback.....
  9. If no Spring practices, 6-6 at best, maybe worse. Full Spring & Fall camps, 7-5 to 8-4 range. If there is no Spring, this will be our 2nd new O and blocking scheme in two years with no camps to teach it in. You can't overcome that with talent. Our peers are just doing the same thing they were already doing. No Spring was worse for us than it was for most of the SEC last year, it will be an even bigger hurdle this year.
  10. Worst of all, he's old school, set in his ways, won't change for anything.
  11. Most importantly of all, BSU was 10-3 regular season in '18 and 12-1 in '19. I'm good with that trend.
  12. You're in no position to caution or judge me in any way, nor am I with you. Baylor does have a lot of ground to make up. They could start with living up to their core values. I'm done here.
  13. Well if Bigbird did it, then I guess we all have to.... I'm in at #295
  14. Baylor had this guy quit a job and commit to them. That should be a two way street, ESPECIALLY for a Christian school, where forgiveness is a core value. Apparently he's done quite well coaching black players at Troy and other stops. Should all of those players that he helped now turn their back on him? Neither of us is without sin 'Loof. The standard CANNOT be perfection in all aspects of life. WRT to his teammates, they all played their hearts out together at AU, black and white. It's not at all impossible that one of his black teammates made the suggestion for the costume, is it? Not
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