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  1. Tweeted late yesterday that he was offered. EDIT - I see now he's a MSU WR who's in the portal.
  2. @aubiefifty There's a good piece by AU Tigerette Dana Hall McCain on Freeze and 2nd chances, I believe it's on AL.com
  3. I think the confusion was that Bird said "Coach CK thinks highly of him (Garrett)", BB in a Golf moment then linked Coach CK's bio. Or maybe we hired CK too and the Golf moment was Bird blabbing the news. 😉
  4. He didn't say anything about his injuries in public until ITAT broke the story.
  5. IDK about the rest of the forum, but I've been a RA supporter since the beginning. Kid has shown flashes, and I think he starts again in '23.
  6. Poor Sean's injuries always seemed significant enough to take him out of the game right away. Last one was a broken arm IIRC. I'd like to have seen what he could have done with one healthy season.
  7. Cox played most of one year with the majority of his thigh black from a deep bruise. He had trouble with his throwing footwork all year, and was particularly bad in one game where there was a sudden cold snap that hit on gameday, Arkansas maybe? Nix played hurt a good bit too. As I said last Saturday after the IB on here, RA is a warrior, and he can QB my team anytime.
  8. Neither. Go read the complaint. A settlement of something that vague is usually more akin to a contract negotiation. If the plaintiffs had a real case for something traumatic, there would have been no settlement that didn't get substantial PR or at least leakage.
  9. See my post above. She was openly and regularly baiting the university and its administrators. She's an attention junkie, and if you read the actual complaint made by the 12 plaintiffs in her case, it's a pretty darn vague and general complaint about "environment".
  10. Not an hour after I got my AU degree, I was pulled over by the AU PD for driving on campus (illegal then for students). I showed him my laminated wallet diploma (do we still give those out at graduation?) and basically told him to go f himself. I'd have told CPD or the Dean of Engineering the same thing after I had the diploma. Nothing intimidating about it. She had her diploma already. She needs to move on and get attention for something positive in life.
  11. One more time - she was NOT a student. He had no power over her at all.
  12. The legal aspect had already been over for years at the time of the DM. She was also no longer a student, and he may well not have even known she was one of the 12 plaintiffs in a case that didn't hold water. All he had was that she was attacking the University and a guy he considered his friend.
  13. How 'bout you find at least one source that is not a blazing craphole of raging wokesters with an agenda? Some of it might be believable then.
  14. Likewise, thank you for taking the time to understand the real situation, rather than running around in "sky is falling" mode! 😁
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