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  1. 28 freakin' pages because we fired a coach who was frankly, a no-name young guy, and who is also going to take home $600k for sitting around for a year (How many of you who are all worked up feeling sorry for him have ever sniffed that in annual salary?), AND we replaced him at WR coach with the same guy who was Desean Jackson's college coach. And that's going to somehow be a negative on the recruiting trail? This thread is a bigger negative than the move we just made. Give it a rest.
  2. He was a 1 year OC for coaches who were either fired that year or left (Sarkisian). In the latter case, his O was good enough to land Sark the USC job. On the WR side, you're talking about Desean Jackson's college coach here, and Boise's WRs performed extremely well under him. They guy is vastly more qualified than the guy we fired.
  3. Hot take from a BSU fan posted on another AU free board: I’m a Boise State fan and I thought I’d post after seeing the news. Based off Harsin’s time in Boise, this isn’t normal for him. If anything, he could be accused of giving coaches too many chances. That being said, I think this will be a very good move for Auburn. The wide receivers at Boise State flourished under Kiesau. He’s provided the best depth and development I’ve ever seen at the position. In the two seasons since he’s stepped away there’s been a noticeable drop off in talent at BSU. If anything, it was odd to me that Kie
  4. I watched the replay on an 80" HD screen, and if I can't say for sure there is enough evidence there to conclusively overturn the ruling on the field, I don't know how an official watching on a little screen can do any better. If you watch closely, when under the shadow of Shenker's body, his arm is pretty much the same color as the football. You cannot see the stripe on the ball from the backside view. IMO there is no way you can conclusively say from that angle whether you're seeing ball or arm from the side. From the viewpoint of where the ball was thrown, it looks like a catch.
  5. Tubs signed kids who he knew full well would likely never make it to any college program. It was a PR thing for him - kid gets to have a signing ceremony at his school, teammates (potential future recruits) and the kids' coaches all get to feel good one last time. With Saban, he knew Every Single Kid he signed was going to make it into bammer. See that DL from B'ham whose grades got magically changed by an ex-bammer cheerleader who was his guidance counselor as exhibit #1 out of 500 or so. All of Saban's got in, he repeatedly refused to release Springtime scholly numbers, and somehow the
  6. Dare I say it.....that was Sabanesque.....
  7. Well, we almost had our Appalachian State moment. Almost. Whenever App State is mentioned, most serious CFB fans will automatically remember their 2007 upset of Michigan in the Big House. Many publications still call it the greatest upset in history. That season was Lloyd Carr's swan song, and it would usher in three years of doormat performance UM under Rich Rod, then only middling results with Hoke. It was The End for UM for the 2000's, and they're still tOSU's little brother, despite "splash" hires for HC. Well, there are two similar upsets that I would argue that were just as big, bu
  8. Nix played well enough to win. OL pass pro is still our problem. D will get better as they learn the new system.
  9. FWIW, TV said their peak dB in the 1st half was a number that I remember is being 10 dB quieter than LSU's peak. Since dB is a logarithmic scale, that is quite a bit.
  10. While the most glaring issue was the screwup on downs, the no-calls the other way (tackling the DL on more than one occasion) and the targeting call on McClain were cumulatively about as bad. WRT to intentional grounding, Bo was right on the edge of the tackle box when he threw, and there was a receiver in the same general direction as the ball. It was a less arguable no-call than the announcers wanted it to be. It was just a very poorly officiated game, almost like the crowd had its greatest effect on the refs.
  11. While this may be a rough year, Harsin's attitude reminds me a great deal of the one across the state, minus the anger issues. That's not a bad thing.
  12. IDK, a measurable percentage might actually be passed out by then with the game starting 1 1/2 hours later than what they're used to.
  13. The worst part about the drops is that they all came at absolutely critical times. Then the fumble and losing the ball on a possible TD, there's your game right there. D for all its faults might have held them to 21 without the fumble. We knew we had very inexperienced WR coming in, and it came home to bite us. Overall though this was a solid performance in as hostile an environment as you can get against a top 10 team and legitimate conference champ contender. 9-3 is not impossible, and 10-2 with a big run or two against UGA could happen too. Their O looks suspect.
  14. UPDATE: as far as I can tell, you can NOT watch this game on the Disney+ bundle. It is not listed as upcoming in ESPN+ and Hulu's interface is horrible, so I can't really tell.
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