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  1. Seth was not open, though he would have been had he not loafed. As Sizzle pointed out, Sal was wide open on the play.
  2. Texas State would be interesting, and almost worth a home-and-sort-of-neutral site (San Antonio Alamodome is 30-ish miles down the road from Texas State) if we decide to recruit the Lone Star State. They have an enrollment of 38k, should be a good gate draw. For that matter, the U of Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners would be another good cupcake. Don't we have a game vs UNC coming up?
  3. Some of y'all are nuts. We had every chance to win that game, CGM's playcalls put us there. Missed throws by Bo were the difference, that and an inexplicable failure to wrap up a RB and the punt that touched Tutt. We were in that game until their long run. We will NOT win at LSU. Doesn't matter what we take down there, those corrupt Cajuns are endlessly creative in finding ways to mess with our team, from the phantom whistle to preventing our AA kicker from warming up on the sidelines (5 missed FGs) to mysteriously not having enough power for our sideline coolers. We have a real shot at bammer and uga, we will get one of them and we might get both. We'll see. 9-3 or 10-2 is acceptable with this schedule and a TF QB.
  4. I had driven down from Huntsville for that '89 game with a good friend, we were convinced we would blow them out. On that last drive, we were resigned to a L and decided to watch the last few plays from the upper deck ramps to get a little head start on our long drive home up a still-2 lane 281. We darn near fell off the ramps jumping up and down and high fiving everyone in sight!
  5. A few minutes into that Tulane game, I told my son it was going to be a snoozer offensively, as our plan was clearly to wear out that fat guy in the middle, who was their only dominant player, then just work on the run game and fundamentals while we slowly ground them into the J-H turf. Remember the rent-a-win game where Gus made Cam drop back and pass on every down or hand off so he could work on his passing and the rest of the team could work on run blocking? I don't think Cam had a single rushing yard in that game, but the reps paid off later. It's what Gus does in these games.
  6. I went to the A&M game, heard variations of the same story from several Aggie alums who had been to the Plains. One couple in particular singled me and my son out to tell us what a wonderful experience they had at AU and how much they enjoyed the eagle flight.
  7. If that's all you've got, you've lost the argument.
  8. Had a guy who worked for me who rode gran prix motorcycles competitively for over a decade, then raced in "senior" events for another decade. Never once got seriously injured in one of the most dangerous sports on the planet. Took up biking with our company because it was one of the things we did. One year in, he rode into what looked like a shallow puddle at speed, turned out to be a pothole. Went over the handlebars, injuring his neck to a degree just short of paralysis, had to have multiple surgeries, contracted an infection in the hospital, still suffers serious side effects a decade later. Point is, we have no way of knowing that Chuckie Mullins, Tyrone Prothro, or any of the rest wouldn't have suffered similar catastrophic injuries by some other means if they didn't play football. We all take risks. Most things that really qualify as a sport entails them. Ever been thrown from a horse? Equestrian athletes endure that risk. Any moment can be your last, no matter what you do. Enjoy it. Just don't think there's justification for the rest of us to pay for risks that you sign up to.
  9. Two MS degrees from U of Texas here. First one COMPLETELY precluded any outside work. I was a RA for that one. GTAs can probably get away with a bit more, frankly, less is expected of you too. I produced patentable work, and it all belonged to UT. Second MS was out of my own pocket, as was my AU undergrad. Even in those, if you read the fine print, if you produce any IP, the U owns it. Images are IP just the same way that patentable ideas are. Perhaps even more so because copyrights don't expire, unlike patents. It's fine if HS kids want to be capitalists. They can do that all they want to outside a university system that someone else pays for. All it will take is one arrogant college athlete flaunting their $, and angry parents will sue the university over funding from their tuition $ going to support said athlete's capitalistic ways in any way, shape, form or fashion. After all, "social" justice says we all get a piece.
  10. If you'd take the time to read all of Old's posts on this, you'd know that any kid who is on scholarship at the grad level, where any university clearly can profit from their work, cannot have outside jobs.
  11. "I'm a' pickin'" "And I'm a' grinnin'" Only those over 50 will likely know where that came from - 6 PM Saturday nights as I recall.
  12. I was sitting with some knowledgeable Aggie boosters. On that run you mention, one of them yelled "Oh mah Gawd, he's just dancin' back there!"
  13. No one will come after him as a HC either, he was a disaster in his one shot.
  14. FWIW, I was there, and it seemed to me and to the Aggies around us that the refs were letting both teams' DBs hang all over the WR's.