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  1. Happened on his recruiting visit, but just now suing. Kinda weird...
  2. Graduated from AU once and Texas twice. First I was a Tiger, then I was a 'Horn. Had the screen name since way back in Recruiting Eagle days, through the ITAT glory years and now here.
  3. Marquel sounds like a great kid! Isn't Jorrel Bostrom's Bo Jackson's distant cousin who tried to play football here but couldn't break into the lineup?
  4. Another reason to call it "Saban's Dozen" is that a Baker's Dozen is 13, and I believe that was the 13th penalty.
  5. Remember the movie "The Crying Game"? Call this one The Kicking Game. The t-shirts would be awesome with spins on that movie poster
  6. Or perhaps "Revenge of the last second" 0:01 Part Two
  7. My vote is "Saban's Dozen" because he got COMPLETELY OUTCOACHED on that pivotal penalty to ice it for AU! "Boink" is also a good possibility.
  8. I believe Green left out the LSU DB who got to the NYC ceremony the year Cam won it. I remember Herbstreit ragging him during the ceremony with something like "Is this the closest you've ever gotten to Cam?" because Cam looked straight at him on a run and just accelerated away from him for a TD. Patrick something?
  9. This entire thread is why I don't understand the fantasy that some miracle coach who "demands excellence" is going to come in here and suddenly beat bammer, uga and lsu. You don't have to be just a little better to beat calls like we see in the ATM thread a few posts up, or in Mark Murphy's infamous "Holding Gallery" from the IB a few years back. You have to be a LOT better than them, and when they have a free hand in recruiting - how many top 3 classes have those three had combined? - it literally becomes impossible to be that much better. You could have Tom Landry, Ara Parseighian, Mike Ditka, and Knute Rockne on the staff, and the very best you would do is a little under .500. If that, facing elite recruits and "elite" officials. Compound that with them building depth and resting starters by playing one cupcake after another all year until they get to their 2 big games, and it's just not possible to find a miracle cure by replacing the HC. And to the poster who thought we got calls in '10 and '13, seriously? Remember the unsportsmanlike on Fairley in the IB called from the SEC office prior to the game?
  10. Did you see my post above regarding LED life? I have them in my business, 20 year guaranteed life. I am now replacing the 4th and 5th ones after one and a half years. Yeah the bulb is free under warranty, but they don't screw into a fixture like normal bulbs and the electrician charges $150 per trip to replace them.
  11. Stolen from CoachPink7259 on another free board, well worth the time to read. Coach has some nice insights here: Probably not great timing with the Basketball opener less than an hour away.. but here it is. The breakdown. As always make your own judgements based on what you see here. Fair warning: the end gets a little dry as Gus was trying to Ice the game with DJ. Also Auburn dominated TOP and there is a lot of info here. Because of the TV issues I missed the first 3 or so minutes of the game so I will have to start at 12:00 in the 1st Q. DRIVE 1 - 2nd and 6 - Buck Sweep: w/ Jet motion from Schwartz. Great job here by Nigh and Tega to reach and seal the edge for Kam Martin. 1st and 10 - Power G: with an interesting wrinkle.. Nigh kicks out and the guard pulls underneath playside.. works almost like Counter. Nick Brahms noticeably destroys the inside technique player. 2nd and 8 - Drop Back: Curl and Wheel near the boundary. Hastings wide open, great protection, great throw.. dropped. 3rd and 8 - Drop Back: Levels routes. Same drag we saw from Schwartz in LSU game but instead of blockers in front we get a dig and a post. Great throw to Wilson by Nix after seeing drag wasn’t there. 1st and 10 - (Heavy substitution) RPO: Power G w/ Nigh kicking on playside—Same look as before—w/ quick screen to Schwartz. 2nd and 9 - (Subs) Outside Zone: Guess who? Shaun Shivers = Outside Zone guy. Should’ve stayed outside.. the cutback was not there but all hats were in the right place up front. 3rd and 8 - Drop Back: Great protection. Looks like no one was open and Nix pulls it down. 4th and 6 - Missed FG DRIVE 2 - 1st and 10 - Sprint Out: Gap away protection. Hitch to Schwartz, good throw, Drop. 2nd and 10 - Play Action: Good protection. Deep Ball to double covered Anthony Schwartz. Wouldn’t have mattered if Quadruple covered.. GREAT throw and great catch. 1st and 10 - Play Action, Sprint Out: Fake Outside Zone, Deep Post to Wilson. Another one on the money by Nix, another BAD drop. Love this play call after the big shot. 2nd and 10 - (Keeping foot on the gas here) Double reverse to Schwartz. Played well by defense. Still gets a few. 3rd and 6 - (Mass Subs) Drop Back: Deep Fade to Williams. Good coverage. 4th and 6 - Missed FG DRIVE 3 - 1st and 10 - (Weird Look, DJ Split Out and Stove at RB) Swing pass/Screen: Good block by Seth Williams. Stove gets to the sideline and gets it done. 1st and 10 - RPO: Inside Zone Left w/ Bubble to Stove. Great blocks by Cannella and Nigh. Stove Makes it happen again. Can you say, playmaker? 2nd and 2 - (Hurry Up, no subs) Same RPO to the other side. This time the give on Inside Zone Right. Good combo with Brahms and Harrell. Harrell climbs to the LB and DJ hits it hard. Good stuff. 1st and 10 - (Hurry Up, no subs, same exact look.) Same RPO. Back to the Bubble. Not quite as aggressive blocking for Cannella and Nigh here but Stove does his thing yet again. Love the quick reps of this RPO here. 3 in a row at lightening speed. 1st and 10 - (Hurry Up, Same Look, SAME PLAY) Woah. 4 in a row. And it was there had Nix not fumbled. Ouch. Bad mistake. DRIVE 4 - 1st and 10 - RPO: Inside Zone Left w/ Quick Screen to Schwartz. Schwartz gets up field in a hurry 2nd and 1 - Quick Game: Whip Route by Williams and Short corner by Hastings. First I’ve seen of this. 1st and 10 - Quick Game: 5 and out to Hastings. Nix has been really solid here. 2nd and 4 - (Tried Hurry Up but Bc of Subs had to wait almost 8 seconds after getting set.) Power Toss (READ) Right. Martin’s quickness gets enough. Love this play. 1st and 10 - (Subs) Quick Game: Hitch to Schwartz. Good quick throw. 2nd and 5 - Buck Sweep w/ Jet motion by Stove. Corner makes the play. 3rd and 4 - (Subs) Under Center, Jet motion, Fake Power, throwback Screen to DJ. Defense was ready. Like the play call. 4th and 4 - Punt DRIVE 5 - 1st and 10 - Inside Zone Right: Shivers gets a different look here. Brahms and Harrell again wash the inside technique player on the combo. REALLY nice. 2nd and 3 - (Hurry Up, No Subs) Inside Zone Right (READ) w/ Lasso Block by Nigh. Nice pull by Nix and follows Nigh on the Lasso. The speed at which they snapped this had the D scrambling. 1st and 10 - (Heavy Subs) Lock Left Drop Back protection. Good job by DJ on the locked edge rusher. Fade to Williams. Good throw.. Allogator armed it. SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAUGHT. 2nd and 10 - Drop Back: Back to the Whip and corner by Williams and Hastings. Another clean pocket, another good throw. 3rd and 7 - Fake Quick Screen to boundary, throwback screen to Martin. PERFECT EXECUTION. 1st and 10 - Sprint Out Draw. 2nd and 7 - (Heavy Subs) Back to Inside Zone Left with Shivers. He hits it hard again with good movement again from Bras and Harrell on the combo. 3rd and 3 - (Heavy Subs) Inside Zone Right: Good movement in the middle but Driscoll gets driven back.. DJ breaks through the arm tackle anyway. 1st and 10 - Fake Reverse to Schwartz , Fade to Hastings in double coverage. Bad throw, should’ve been intercepted. 2nd and 10 - Drop Back: Nix hits the check down to DJ and he gets up the sideline. Good job Nix. 1st and Goal - (Hurry Up) Back to the RPO: Inside Zone Right (READ) w/ Bubble to Stove. DJ surges with good movement in the middle again. 2nd and Goal - Enter Joiner for Wildcat: Fake Jet, Counter Right. Couldn’t have been blocked any better. Should’ve been a TD.. Come on man...You finally get your chance and fumble? 3rd and Goal - (Heavy Subs) Joiner stays, Fake Jet and power. Supposed to go to Joiner in the flats but is blown up so Nix improvises and damn near completes to Cannella in the back corner. 4th and Goal - FG Made DRIVE 6 - 1st and 10 - Shivers motions into back field and gets another new look on Counter Left. Brahms has got to do better here. Can’t lose hat placement. Good across the board otherwise. 2nd and 9 - (Hurry Up, Same Look) Fake Power Read with Shivers w/ Wheel Route to Joiner for huge play. Great blocking down field by Jackson. 1st and Goal - Inside Zone Right: BIG assist from Tega here. Otherwise not much push. TD DRIVE 7 - 1st and 10 - Play Action: Crosser to Williams. A little behind. Catchable though. 2nd and 10 - Quick Game: 5 and out to Hastings 3rd and 4 - Drop Back: Deep shot to Schwartz. Schwartz stumbles and can’t recover to the ball. 4th and 4 - Punt DRIVE 8 - 1st and 10 - Flare Screen to DJ. Played well. HALF DRIVE 9 - 1st and 10 - Inside Zone Left w/ Jet motion from Stove. Hat placement is good all the way across with decent movement. Tega and Harrell handle man blocks really well and Brahms keeps his hat on long enough to spring DJ. This is what we consistently need. 2nd and 4 - (Subs) Inside Zone Left. Great movement all the way across. DJ can’t quite slip out. 3rd and 1 - (Hurry Up) Inside Zone Left (READ) Good enough movement but gets clogged. DJ hits the crease left by Read man, and he hits it hard. Move the chains. 1st and 10 - Inside Zone Left (READ). OL starting to get into a rhythm. DJ hits it nicely again. 2nd and 5 - Fake Power Read. DJ swings and misses on edge rusher. Nix rushes out and throws it away. 3rd and 5 - Quick Game: Hitch to Williams. 1st and 10 - (Heavy Subs) Inside Split Zone Left w/ Jet motion from Stove. Strong run by DJ. Great climb by Driscoll. 2nd and 1 - RPO: Power G Right w/ quick screen to Stove. Wilson has to have better hips on the block. Gets driven back. 3rd and 1 - Back to our Power Toss (READ). Tough play. Move the chains. 1st and 10 - Shivers gets another shot at Inside Zone Right: Edge Rusher comes free. Good defensive play call. 2nd and 9 - (Heavy Subs) RPO: Power G Right w/ Bubble: Martin with a strong run. Great block by Shenker. 3rd and 1 - Inside Zone Left: Horton mauls, Driscoll mauls... Brahms gets blown up... BUT he keeps his hat placement and in doing so opens a nice crease for DJ to hit wide open. 1st and Goal - (Hurry Up) Inside Zone Left w/ Lasso by Nigh: Nix walks in. TD DRIVE 10 - 1st and 10 - RPO: Counter Right (READ) w/ Bubble. DJ tried to go too wide. Needed to be a tight inside hit. 2nd and 8 - (Heavy Subs) Drop Back: Max Protection. Underthrown to wide open Cannella on the deep post. Good pocket presence, bad throw. - Just noticed no offensive penalties up to this point. 3rd and 8 - Shallow drag to Schwartz a la LSU last week. Nothing doing. But wait... Unsportsmanlike Ole Miss.. First Down. 1st and 10 - RPO: Back to the same Inside Zone Right w/ Bubble. Hill gets up field for a few. Gus really liked this look. 2nd and 7 - Inside Zone Left (READ). Good push but great hit yet again by DJ. 3rd and 1 - Inside Split Zone Left w/ Jet motion from Stove. Good push all the way across especially by Brahms and Harrell on the combo. 1st and 10 - (Subs) Pop pass to Schwartz. Read well. 2nd and 9 - RPO: Split Zone Left w/ hitch to Williams. 3rd and 1 -Inside Split Zone Right. Tega and Harrell mauled with a nice kick from Nigh. 1st and 10 - RPO: Inside Split Zone Right w/ hitch to Williams. Same play as before... Good coverage this time. 2nd and 10 - Drop Back. Tried the hitch again but Williams slipped. 3rd and 10 - Drop Back: Shallow drag to Schwartz once more. Hits him but good defense after the catch. 4th and 10 - FG Made. DRIVE 11 - 1st and 10 - Play Action: Hitch to Williams. 2nd and 4 - Inside Zone Left: Harrell mauls.. DJ hits it hard. Really good rhythm going with Inside Zone. 1st and 10 - Play Action: Fake Power Read to DJ. Deep Post to Wilson. Great catch. 1st and 10 - Inside Zone Right w/ Jet motion to Schwartz. 2nd and 8 - Quick Game: Hitch to Schwartz. 3rd and 3 - (Subs) Inside Split Zone Left w/ Jet motion to Schwartz. Move those chains. Rhythm is a dancer. 1st and 10 - Inside Zone Left: DJ has a cut back off of Driscoll but runs lazily. Fatigue setting in maybe? 2nd and 8 - (In comes Martin) Inside Zone Left: Martin makes a little out of nothing. One of his most complete games. 3rd and 6 - Drop Back: they bring the house and got home to Nix. 4th and 6 - Punt DRIVE 12 - 1st and 10 - RPO: Inside Zone Right (READ) w/ Hitch. Nix keeps. 2nd and 8 - Drop Back: Rushed Out Bc of blitz and throws away. - Play call of the game here? 3rd and 8 - Quick Tunnel Screen to Williams: GREAT job by Tega flashing his athleticism here. - More of the same up coming. 1st and 10 - Inside Split Zone Left Jet motion by Stove 2nd and 8 - (Subs) Drop Back: scrambles out and great job by Stove to come back to the football for a 1st down improv throw and catch. 1st and 10 - Inside Zone Left w/ Jet motion from Stove. Announcer points out the snap came with :19 on the clock.. interesting. 2nd and 10 - Inside Split Zone Left: Nix keeps which is weird because Spencer Nigh blocks the Read man.. what did he read? 3rd and 9 - Another Quick Tunnel Screen. This time to Schwartz. I mean this one is quick. Very nice. All kinds of blockers in front. 1st and 10 - Inside Split Zone Left w/ Jet motion from Stove. 2nd and 8 - (Good wrinkle here) Shivers comes in and we get typical Outside Zone Right but this time we get a Read and Nix pulls for a few. Nice. 3rd and 4 - Sprint Out Draw goes nowhere. 4th and 4 - Missed FG. Yikes.
  12. Masked 3:16 Geaux Tigahs. Having said that, they have one of the worst cases of helmet envy in all of CFB with respect to bammer. I think they will fold even without SEC ref help. But I'll still be pulling for them. Dawgs can lose to anyone who plays them, even if a W would help us. IMO, best case for us is a close bammer loss to LSU, dawgs get pounded so they show up to J-H with their tails between their legs, we beat the dawgs to get to 9 wins, CNS lives up to his history and again can't beat a 9-or-more-win AU, then let the chips fall where they may.
  13. 1. Played football in high school? Yes, more or less. Mostly less 😉 Position? I was on the wrasslin' team, and the FB coaches didn't much care for the wrasslin' coach or team, so they put me wherever they thought would run me off the fastest. 😱 Like DT (I wrassled 130 lb) vs a all state caliber 220 lb C. 2. Played in college? No , outside of intramural 3. Played pro?No 4. Has coached football at the high school or college level, and what position? 5. Is currently coaching football and where, if you can or care to share. I just wrapped up a couple of years ago when my son moved on, but I coached 10 seasons in a local league founded by a bunch of ex-college players and coaches to develop their sons. I was one of only a handful of coaches or assistants who hadn't played D1. My OC played WR at Texas, for example. He and I alternated as HCs. His son is a possible D1-2 QB prospect now in HS. I learned a ton about strategy, playcalling, play design, the whole game. Fielded the best D in the league my last season and 2nd or 3rd best the year prior. Best praise I ever got was another veteran coach referring to my son as "That dadgum barn fire" because he was so disruptive on D, where we kept moving him between DE and LB to take advantage of certain situations.
  14. Well, you've certainly earned your rep for ignorance, arrogance and inability to have reasonable discussions.