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  1. Buccee's is sadly just one step shy of perfection. They don't have ammo. Yet, anyway.
  2. This is reminiscent of xCTT's ability to find defensive diamonds in the rough. I remember, I think it was Dontarrius Thomas coming in out of a 2A school with something like a low 3* rating, and CTT saying he expected him to be an All-SEC player and future NFL player. Raised a lot of eyebrows, just as it did converting that big WR to LB who went on to have a great pro career, EDIT - Karlos Dansby If you're the 839th ranked QB and BYU calls you while committed to BSU, you probably take that chance, especially closer to home. If you're the 839th ranked QB committed to AU, no one else at this
  3. I've been closely involved with community economic incentive programs on the business side unrelated to sports, I get that aspect. At some point though, there is a line to be crossed and I think we're either right at that line or already across it. But Auburn UNIVERSITY is just that, a institution of higher learning with the mission to economically impact the state and its taxpayers through education, not football. Per the Creed, athletics was always meant to be a PART of the experience, but only a PART. It's becoming a dominant part.
  4. Higher Ed is broken. I don't even understand what the point is of BB players taking classes with the present transfer system. There is no way you can get a semblance of an education changing Universities every year and leaving the system in 1-2. Football is headed the same way. And we raise and spend this kind of money on coaches. I love AU sports as much as anyone, but there is no way you can convince me that this money couldn't have gone to something better within the AU community. How many scholarships and endowed chairs would that have funded?
  5. I'm not exactly sure which board to post this on, move as needed, but thought it would be of interest to the general AU football audience going all the way back to Josh Chapman's recruiting. Tiger Droppings story on Propst accusing Saban and Smart of paying players.... Move along, nothing to see here. How long til Emmert retires again?
  6. Was Jorrel Bostrom once on the team many moons ago? Was he Bo's nephew or cousin or something like that? The name sounds familiar.
  7. I think we can actually be over 85 due to the COVID situation. Can't recall where I saw that, maybe someone else has seen it? Could have more open spots than we realize.
  8. Some of you are assuming Golf still knows what to do with the females he meets. We could well be talking about the 300 pounders from his nursing home.....
  9. No you didn't imagine that. I believe the term used was "violent" rather than "worst", but it's been a looooong time.
  10. Tom Landry. Mack Brown reached the top tier but didn't stay. Bo Schembechler was said to be a decent guy by some, but we know about his counterpart Woody Hayes. Paterno was said to be a nice guy until the truth surfaced. It's a mixed bag, maybe more a-holes than not.
  11. I used to spend two full days per week breaking down film. Granted it was for 14 seasons of my son's 1st-7th grade teams, but I was about the only coach in the league that hadn't played P5 football, so I had to make up in time what I lacked in innate knowledge. Always had a top 3 D for the ones I coordinated. Think I could get an off the field analyst job? Maybe at bammer, they have so many that they might not notice one more......
  12. Sooooo, how did his Fresno D fare vs Harsin? Surprised none of you coaching gurus have looked it up yet. Never fear, rank amateur here to save the day: 2017 - Harsin went 1-1 against Fresno, being held to only 17 points both times, well below their season average and even less than they were held to by BYU, Wazzou and UVA. 2018 - 1-1 again vs Fresno, still held well below their season average with 24 pts in the regular season W and 16 pts in the champ game L. fSU ranked both times. 2019 - didn't play fSU I think Harsin saw something he liked in a guy who stopped his O as
  13. I kind of had the same perception you do until I went through the numbers. Peterson faced a SOS of -3.3 on average (0.0 is average SOS for all of CFB, Gus faced a +6.06!) whereas Harsin faced a -1.48 SOS AND was short-handed his first three years due to probation (9 total schollies lost). Peterson went 8-5 his last year, Harsin turned around and went 12-2 the next year. Harsin gets an A- from me, but I'm not sure I saw an A+ coach on the market.
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