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  1. Passion is contagious and helps fuel success. Look at the results that guys like Bruce Pearl and Dabo Sweeney have gotten. Both have tons of it and aren't afraid to show it. It resonates throughout their teams. I know Gus has plenty of it too, but because he is much more introverted than those two, it isn't always as apparent. I do wonder if Gus took note of this and decided to make a conscious effort to be more outgoing and enthusiastic around the team. I also wonder if having a hot fire burning under his arse has motivated him to get out of his comfort zone and make this change. Either way, it's a good thing. Whether it translates into better results on the field remains to be seen, but I have a good feeling that it will.
  2. Experience does matter, but not as much at RB as some other positions. Of course, ball security and blocking proficiency are very important. I think if he handles those two things well, he will supplant Kam by year's end. We'll see. I didn't mean that Worm won't be a RB. I just meant that he'll have a little different role from Boobee and DJ because I doubt that he'll be lining up in the backfield much on obvious passing downs due to his size.
  3. Sam lost me here, "For Auburn, the competition this season will come down to Whitlow, Shaun Shivers and Kam Martin." Nothing against Kam, but if DJ learns the blocking schemes and stays healthy, I foresee him being ahead of Kam and becoming interchangeable with Whitlow before the season ends. Shaun will, of course, be used in a different role.
  4. Good idea. Phillip Marshall is the one "reporting" it. Even if not true, we sill need to fire Leath's ass for giving Gus that ridiculous contract.
  5. I've been watching this for hours. I swear, I don't think it has moved at all. Maybe it will run out of moisture before it gets to my side of the state.
  6. I would also like to hear more details before totally condemning Brad. I worked with a guy that was on the sex offender list because he gave some kid in a wedgie. That type of thing, when we were kids in the 80's, was very common place and in no way a sex thing. Society has become a bit ridiculous in regard to some of these matters.
  7. Never feel embarrassed about mashing a tater. They are like bammers, but without all of the made-up championships.
  8. I fart in your general direction.
  9. Gus isn't going anywhere this year. He pretty much guaranteed that on Saturday.
  10. I think you pretty much nailed it, except for the part about JJ losing his job over this. I think he will lose his job over the other scandals instead....or maybe a combination of everything. I just don't think that the PTB would fire him over Gus' buyout. We've been down that road before.
  11. Where is the petition to fire Jacobs? I'll be happy to sigh both.