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  1. Love this! Proud to be #375 and always looking for good inspirational or "Life Lesson" videos to share with my 7th graders in the classroom.
  2. Was definitely not a fan of all the talking and posturing from both teams after seemingly every play. Just do your job, get back to the huddle, do it again, and let the scoreboard do all of your talking for you. But when that corner was so demonstratively talking and jawing at Seth in the 4Q you just knew what had to happen, and kudos to Bo for going right to Seth on the TD pass. The talk that ensued after that was 100% warranted! As for CGM...I've supported him a lot of the years, but i do think this ship has run its course. I think he would be the -perfect- guy for
  3. As someone who has experienced the misery that is Indiana football up-close-and-personal for a lifetime, I can honestly say that I have never seen a season quite like this. Coach Allen, in my opinion, has created something in Bloomington that I have only seen from one other coach there. Bill Mallory won a lot (comparative to other coaches in IU history) but I never saw the energy or emotion from his players that we are seeing currently. The only comparison I can draw is when Coach Terry Hoeppner was there, and he tragically died of cancer while on the job. He's the only guy that I can
  4. Indiana self-reported and self-imposed back in the day when Kelvin Sampson had an issue with making phone calls at the right time. That did them absolutely no good and the program still got leveled. For ... phone calls. I fear all this does is make the NCAA even more determined to punish since now you've essentially admitted the wrongdoing, which means you knew you were wrong, which means you must still get a spanking. Kansas and LSU are probably doing this the right way as it seems time-and-time again self-imposing does little more than add a layer to your punishment.
  5. That PI did happen midway thru the route. Again y problem is those obvious calls are not happening for us. And ... a FACEMASK against AU. Nice. Call them on both sides!!
  6. I just don't understand how it seems that AU does not get the calls at home that other teams consistently get. ONE flag against TENN today, yet we've seen multiple facemaks, take downs by lineman and guys falling on the field when there are 12, and not one flag to be found. Gets pretty damn frustrating to see it happen week-after-week at home.
  7. ....An in yet another sign of the Apocalypse, Indiana is ranked much higher (13th!!!) than Auburn. Never thought I'd see that in this lifetime!
  8. Thx for posting this. As I've stated a few times previously in other threads, I'm an Indiana grad, and was born-and-raised a Hoosier. I've seen my share of some fantastic Indiana basketball squads, and being born in '72 have vivid memories of the '81 and '87 title teams. My favorite of all of those squads was the 1987 team that had an absolute brawl of a 2nd round game with Auburn on its way to the title. Anyway, my point in posting was to say that given all of those Knight teams that were so damn good, I would put the 2018-19 Auburn squad right up there with any of t
  9. Whew. It definitely never gets old watching these videos and I will always get chills/goosebumps/misty-eyed watching it all. Few things I'd like to add to this thread...6+ years later! 1. I missed the "Miracle @ Jordan-Hare". Oh, I was watching the game...the whole damn thing. Except when AU was lining up for that 4th-and-forever situation I was so disgusted I jumped up, grabbed the trash bag, and took it out. I wish I was kidding but that is exactly how it played out for me. Came in to the house with scenes of bedlam erupting on the TV and as happy as I was, I
  10. Such a well-written piece by Samir. And I absolutely love the fact that a higher percentage of it is about how he feels he has developed as a person rather than as a basketball player. If I'm Bruce Pearl or any of the coaches on that staff I take more pride in that than the Wins. Going to miss that shimmy after a made 3. Going to miss seeing that Philly "P" on his arm (I'm a born-and-raised Philly Sports fan). Thx for all the blood, sweat, and tears, Samir!
  11. Oh man. So infuriating that someone who knew that they had the flu and knew the "climate" out there still chose to endanger people like that. Worse than the fools in spring break who partied on...at least they weren't sick. My best to you all.
  12. So sorry to see you and your family are experiencing this. I lost my dad in Jan 2019 and mom on Thanksgiving of 2019...one was in assisted living and the other was on her way. I cannot imagine the fear and paranoia I would be having if both were still around and "trapped" in a facility where this could be running rampant or simply living at home. Both would definitely have been in the high-risk category. I do hope that all ends up well for you all, especially (and obviously) your mom.
  13. Someone failed his Shivers Education Course.
  14. I found this GEM quite amusing: "Holding but only Bama gets called for that."
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