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  1. Didn't like the mention of his name when it first happened. Didn't want him to be the hire. Not happy that he was. From a coaching standpoint, I'm not concerned. I just felt like Auburn absolutely 100% did not need to bring a guy in like this with so much "baggage". After the last couple of years and the rollercoaster we've all been on, the last thing anyone associated with the football program or the university should want is a circus surrounding the next coach. How long is he going to be facing questions about past issues? How long is AU leadership going to be subjected to questions, scrutiny, and protests from students, alumni, and the fanbase? As a side note, we have a local watch party club here in Indy, run by a fantastic Auburn Grad...club has been around for close to 30 years, i believe. And she resigned her position and reached out to the University alumni board to remove her name. And I can't blame her. She feels very strongly (obviously) about this hire and does not want to be associated with a program that turned over the reigns to this type of person. Whether you think that to be an extreme reaction or not (personally, I don't), the point is ... why hire a guy that has the potential to create this kind of emotion and division. Is it worth it? Listen, I love Auburn. My daughter will be graduating early on December 10th and her degree in Interior Design will open doors for her all over the country for the rest of her life (was offered and accepted a job after her sophomore year internship!). Wife and I have been Auburn fans since we each had friends attend AU in the early 90s...will always be a special place for us and our family. Forever. Will I support the program? Yes? Will we root for the success of the kids and the coach? Absolutely, But I am very disappointed with the decision that suggests that wins are more important than character. In my opinion, this does not represent the Auburn Creed very well. Sorry for the ramble and thx for reading this far. War Eagle!
  2. Making the drive down from Indy to see one last game while our daughter is still there (she graduates in December). Her cousin attends WKU so we will be with them in the upper level!
  3. As much as I hate the collegiate products overall (as a collector of basketball cards) I am always on the hunt for autos of players in their AUBURN uniforms. Was disappointed to see that the Bowman U release and the Collegiate Draft Picks did not have the school branding on them. At a quick glance I do not think there are any releases this year that will feature Smith or Kessler in the true AU uniforms.
  4. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/33536679/source-florida-gators-targeting-san-francisco-todd-golden-next-men-basketball-coach I think this is a really good hire for Florida, although the salary per year is surprising. Got a young guy that was definitely in-demand with some SEC experience.
  5. I'm in Big 10 Country. Big 10 Grad. And I'm never surprised anymore at the abysmal failures of the top tier teams in the conference come tournament time. Teams like Purdue, Iowa, and Wisconsin absolutely maul you on defense. In your face, hands all over you...make you fight for every inch on the court. Work you to death. Problem is, in a neutral environment with different officials calling a tighter game, things can go south very quickly. As long as the Big Ten crews allow this to happen during the season I will not pick a team from that conference to win it all. May not be the soundest of logic, but it seemingly plays out that way time and time again. As for UK's loss yesterday. WOW. It continues to amaze me how much talent Calipari has amassed in his coaching career and how little he has done with it. Not that I saw this team as a title contender, but E8 was a definite possibility and they just got outplayed by a team from Jersey City from a school that is smaller than the HS in the town I teach in. Hope CBP had the guys watching these teams (UK/IOWA) and how they appeared to simply show up and think it was good enough to win. Takes a lot more than that in March/April.
  6. No way should two Big 12 teams have a #1 Seed, when one of them lost their first tournament game. And I do not want to hear the committee talking about "trending to explain the above, and in the same breath explain away TAMU getting bypassed.
  7. Finally. Cannot believe, with how much is already out there on him, that he was still pompous and arrogant enough to continue on this path. Good riddance.
  8. I know we are supposed to keep this civil, but ... WW to me looks and acts like a petulant teenager that has never been told No and always gets his own way. Personally, I hope they nail his butt to the wall (although I know that would impact kids that had nothing to do with his shenanigans). Do I believe that will happen...nope.
  9. I just don't understand his (Lunardi's) logic of giving both Baylor and KU #1 seeds. Aside from UF, AU's losses have come against teams in the field and/or ranked in the latest poll. = Quality Losses (if there is such a thing) Baylor can say the same, but did not win their conference out-right. Kansas has two unranked losses and also did not win its conference out-right. So, he's saying that splitting the championship (in the toughest conf this season, according to the #s) is worthy of Co #1s, rather than also rewarding the top team in the SECOND toughest conference? I just cannot wrap my head around that. Ultimately AU has to take care of business and win the Conf Championship. But I fear that, given these projections, if KU and Baylor get to the Big 12 title game they might still share those 1s. Especially if that scenario does play out and Auburn loses the title game.
  10. “I'm not being disrespectful, but (Auburn) charged the court, shirts off. And it's not a big game. I'd hate to see them when they play in a big game." Let me tell you about Coach Cal. He's a narcissist, and in general, just an ass. Yeah, I'm salty because he constantly manufactures things that, in some cases, are outright lies, and gets away with it. The crap he's spewing about that atmosphere at Auburn Arena is ridiculous on so many levels. when he of all people should appreciate how much a game like that meant to this program. He just cannot let anyone else enjoy the moment, especially if it comes at his expense. Remember, this is the same John Calipari that has refused to play Indiana University anymore because of the Christian Watford shot in 2011 that brought IU back from the dead in the world of college basketball. He threw a fit about the atmosphere in Assembly Hall and, to this day, will not play IU in Bloomington. I'm telling you, he would do the same thing to Auburn if he could get away with it ... and not one student rushed that floor on Saturday. Bottom line is, he has had arguably more talent that any coach outside of Coach K in the last 15 years on his rosters year-in-and-year out, and what has he done? 4, 5, 6 Five-stars each year...and what has Coach Cal done with it? The man is insanely jealous and insecure, especially when he see how much the players at Auburn love Bruce Pearl. He will NEVER have that kind of relationship with his players...he knows it...and it burns him up. The fact that quite a few UK fans have stated the last few years that his act is growing old (major recruiting wins...not playing out on the court) is telling, IMO. Will not miss him at all when he finally disappears.
  11. Love this! Proud to be #375 and always looking for good inspirational or "Life Lesson" videos to share with my 7th graders in the classroom.
  12. Was definitely not a fan of all the talking and posturing from both teams after seemingly every play. Just do your job, get back to the huddle, do it again, and let the scoreboard do all of your talking for you. But when that corner was so demonstratively talking and jawing at Seth in the 4Q you just knew what had to happen, and kudos to Bo for going right to Seth on the TD pass. The talk that ensued after that was 100% warranted! As for CGM...I've supported him a lot of the years, but i do think this ship has run its course. I think he would be the -perfect- guy for a job like Vandy where the expectations of the fanbase and admin would be much lower, and have little doubt that he will be successful at his next stop at that kind of tier.
  13. As someone who has experienced the misery that is Indiana football up-close-and-personal for a lifetime, I can honestly say that I have never seen a season quite like this. Coach Allen, in my opinion, has created something in Bloomington that I have only seen from one other coach there. Bill Mallory won a lot (comparative to other coaches in IU history) but I never saw the energy or emotion from his players that we are seeing currently. The only comparison I can draw is when Coach Terry Hoeppner was there, and he tragically died of cancer while on the job. He's the only guy that I can ever recall seeing in Bloomington that truly had guys that I feel would have run through a wall for him. Coach Allen definitely has that type of relationship with his players (as was on full display in the Wisconsin post-game interview) and we have seen first-hand with a guy like Bruce Pearl how big of a factor that can be in so many ways. I'm certainly not advocating for a guy like Allen to be on a short-list for Auburn. But I really hope that the next coach, whomever he is, can bring the same passion, energy, enthusiasm, and genuine love for the players and the job as much as a guy like Coach Allen. You can see it in the way he interacts and talks to his players, especially after games (win or lose). You can hear it in his press conferences...it's all about the players. That's how you create an atmosphere of love, respect, and desire to do extraordinary things for your teammates and your coach. That's what we have been seeing from the Auburn basketball program, and that is exactly what you are seeing with Coach Allen and the Indiana football program. And they have a TON of talent returning on both sides of the ball in 2021. If IU can ride this wave and win some recruiting battles they can sustain success in a place where that's almost unheard of. Never thought I'd see the day where INDIANA is seemingly on a different level than Auburn in football. 2020 has been one crazy year.
  14. Indiana self-reported and self-imposed back in the day when Kelvin Sampson had an issue with making phone calls at the right time. That did them absolutely no good and the program still got leveled. For ... phone calls. I fear all this does is make the NCAA even more determined to punish since now you've essentially admitted the wrongdoing, which means you knew you were wrong, which means you must still get a spanking. Kansas and LSU are probably doing this the right way as it seems time-and-time again self-imposing does little more than add a layer to your punishment.
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