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  1. Told my youngest that Auburn would have to be damn-near perfect because they were not going to get anything from the officials tonight. 5-20 from 3 pt-range, just three FTs to UNC's 12, yet they boys are up 41-39. Damn impressive. Wasted trips down the floor with the lead are magnified in a game like this, so hopefully they can take advantage of those opportunities to extend the lead when presented with them. As an aside, I also told him that White for UNC was going to throw up a ton of "trash" ... and he's been true-to-form. I've never been impressed with what I've seen of him, and I think he's hurt UNC more than he's helped them thus far. Hope that continues!
  2. Totally random, but .... My wife and daughter will be on campus tomorrow, as she has been accepted to Auburn (!!!!!!) and will be a freshman this fall (Chose AU over UK and Purdue!), and they are meeting with some advisors on their way down to Florida for a big spring break celebration. They are very excited to be on campus for the game ... any great recommendations for a festive atmosphere to watch the game? We've been to Baumhowers and love it, but wanted to see if there are any better recommendations on campus.
  3. Man-o-man am I pissed. I know the committee has a very tough job, but the crap they do year-after-year to the Big Ten and the SEC is beyond ridiculous. They sent two messages AGAIN today: Neither the Big 10 or the SEC tournament matters. No way were they a 6/7 before this run, so why even play? Nothing changed. Auburn had nothing to gain by winning today, as evidenced by that sham of a seed. Tennessee probably didn't change either way even if they win, as evidenced by what the SC did to Michigan State, which won a reg season championship AND a tourniquet title, yet sits at a #2. They pull this crap year-after-year-after year, and blatantly favor the ACC. UNC a 1? Good grief. And to top it off, with that 5 seed they draw a NMSU team that is just a really bad matchup and could be a sweet 16 or better team. Just got to get after it and play like they were wronged, because they definitely were.
  4. Like most of you I've been watching a lot of Auburn basketball for a long time. At least, as much as I am able to watch living so far away from the Plains. But dammit if that wasn't THE BEST effort I have seen, start-to-finish, from an Auburn basketball team. I'm not stunned, because we knew these kids had it in 'em. But the timing, the stage. WOW. The thing that really impresses me about today was, from the get-go, these kids absolutely wanted this more. It seemed every single loose ball, 50/50 ball...AU got them. And CBP's energy. I think these kids would step in front of a bus for him. Well done, boys, and War Damn Eagle!
  5. All I can say is ... whoa. Never saw something like this coming, as I've seen up close how strong this Purdue offense has been most of the season. But ... aside from Moore, there was not a whole lo to fear. I went back-and-forth with my Purdue-grad buddies up here about the fact that, IMO, the difference would be Purdue's inability to deal with the speed of BOTH Slayton and Schwartz. Now, Gus, don't let up in this half. Keep the foot on their throat!
  6. Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope your day with your families is a great one! ...and I'm hoping that this time next year we will be celebrating our first Christmas with our daughter as an Auburn Freshman!
  7. I've seen Moore firsthand. This kids is electric... a genuine threat to score every-single-time he touches the ball. And boy does he touch the ball. I'm pretty sure he's scored TDs on the ground, thru the air, and on special teams (although that last one I might be mistaken). Point is, he's got killer speed and Purdue will get him touches all over the field. Would not at all be surprised to see him in the Heisman discussion if he stays 4 years at Purdue...which I hope he doesn't! Nashville's a 5 hour drive for us coming down from Indianapolis, so we are actively discussing the trip. The ONE thing that keeps gnawing at the back of my mind, though, is the probability of a repeat from last year's bowl debacle. I hate to even let that though enter my mind but let's face it, after the effort we saw vs UCF last year and coming off another disappointing regular season finale.... Finally, this Tyler Trent kid is from the suburb I live in here in Indy. What a kid and what a story. From the get-go Purdue has welcomed him into their locker room and he really has become a huge part of their team this season. Hell, Indiana made him THEIR honorary team captain before the IU/Purdue showdown in Bloomington two weekends ago.
  8. I absolutely love your post game write-ups, and appreciate all of your efforts that go into these very detailed analysis of the games. Looking forward to another full season's worth! my $.02 on a couple of things. 1. I was very impressed with the amount of pressure we were able to get on Browning, and I thought the first series of the game really set the tone for Auburn on both sides of the ball. Think of how many absolutely ridiculous catches some of the Washington wideouts made that are usually not going to be completed. And that last series, when we absolutely had to have the stops, the all-out blitz that ended the game was schemed so well. No time for Browning to even think of reacting and I think if he does manage to get the ball off there it would have been a quick dump that would not have netted a first down regardless. 2. Staying with the above theme I am so proud of the the way the defense absolutely did not break on so many occasions where it looked for the world as though UW was going to punch it in. I think it was back-to-back possessions in Q3 where they had the ball inside the 10 and came away with a lost fumble and a missed FG. Bend but don't break was the mantra of the night in our house. 3. #20 on UW pushed off so blatantly so many friggin' times I was about to charter a chopper and fly down to Atlanta myself (not sure what I would have done when I got there). When they actually did call it (which seemingly NEVER happens) I was amazed and relieved. I kept telling my wife if they don;t call it he'll continue to do it every time and it would continue to make coverage next-to-impossible. 4. FOUR MORE YEARS of a Carlson kicking FGs. Love it! Finally, and this has NOTHING to do with the game ... has anyone found a great online sight to stream the Auburn Radio Network for games? I'd much rather listen to Bramblett up here in Indianapolis than the clowns usually doing the games, but the problem is the delay. Last night's delay was at least 30-seconds. There has to be a better sight out there, so I'd appreciate any help! And yes I have tried pausing the live game and running on delay but it still seems to never work out very well.
  9. Toddc, thx for posting such a fantastic article! For me, among many gems the line that really stands out is this one: "When you talk about the epitome of what the college football experience is all about … that’s it. Auburn is the epitome." As a grad of IU-Bloomington, attending at a time when Indiana was actually a bowl team on a yearly basis (see IU-Auburn Peach Bowl era) I had the opportunity to watch some pretty competitive football in my time there. But the atmosphere was never, and I mean NEVER a true CFB atmosphere. Basketball in Bloomington is INSANE, but football is never received with the same passion and fanaticism. Thankfully a good friend of mine attended Auburn (and my future wife also had a close friend attending Auburn at the same time) so I was exposed very early to what a real CFB atmosphere is supposed to be like. There simply is nothing like game day @ Auburn. NOTHING. It's why, to this day, we make it a point to get down to The Plains at least once per year. It's why, to this day, that I truly believe that Auburn fans are among the greatest in the country. Without fail, if I'm wearing an Auburn shirt around town (Indianapolis metro area) I will receive at least one "War Eagle" ... what other fan base does that?? We have proudly raised our kids to be Auburn fans as well as IU fans, and I'm excited to say that my HS senior daughter will be taking an "official" campus tour when we come down for the A&M game in November. Cannot wait for the greatest part of the year to start on Saturday!
  10. Tickets have been purchased for the A&M game on 11/03. Birthday present for my son, who will be turning 11. Can't wait for the season to start and looking forward to returning to The Plains in November!
  11. I am so excited for the receiving corps, along with Stidham's veteran leadership under center. 2018 could be a magical year!
  12. Whew. The last few days have NOT been the best of times for Auburn fans, so news like this is exactly what was needed. Obviously I hope it works out in the best interests of Auburn, but I really hope JS not only stays healthy but dramatically increases his draft stock. I saw a few Mocks where he was a mid 3rd-Rounder. I suppose if this time next season there is talk of him being a Top 5 pick that would mean some GREAT things for the 2018 Auburn Tigers as well.
  13. The fact that he hasn't won it before now is ridiculous ... unless it IS secretly a lifetime achievement award. If that's the case, it's his hands down. I've seen one other college kicker first-hand whom I would possibly compare DC to, and that was Pete Stoyanovich, when he kicked at Indiana. He had all of the leg strength DC has, but in the clutch I'd take DC every single time. Really gonna miss him!
  14. My thoughts exactly. I cannot understand how any team can back their way into this playoff by virtue of NOT making their conference title game. Alabama sat around all week, risk-free, while Auburn and Wisconsin, both having already accomplished more than Alabama, worked their tails off knowing what was at stake if they lost: That a team with no division crown, no championship game appearance, and no game to be played on Championship Saturday would most likely back into the Top 4. Yes, they would be rewarded for not having to play that extra game. If this is the way the system is going to play out then screw it. Bring back the days of the Blue Bonnet Bowl and kill the playoff. I say they just come up with a point system. - 1 point per victory - 3 points for beating a Top 25 opponent - 5 points for beating a top 10 opponent - 7 points for winning your division/conference championship Add them up and teams stop getting penalized for losing that 13th game because they still have more points.
  15. Very relieved about this news. Above all else, who the heck would have been on the short list of candidates if they allowed Gus to walk? He has recruited well, has a nice class coming in, and potentially has a huge part of this year's offensive machine returning. Makes sense to me that he's given the reins to continue with what was started this year. Now we just have to win AT Alabama and Georgia next year to make it happen.
  16. 15 minutes to see what this team is made of. "It's our time", boys.
  17. UGA an absolute embarrassment on the field today. NOT the way the game should be played on so many levels. This win will be even sweeter later on.
  18. Alright. Time for some major adjustments. need to come out of the locker room and stuff that first series. Get the Mo and run with it.
  19. RB said immediately on the radio broadcast he had the Jersey, although I just didn't see it either. Oh well. Back to the grind.
  20. Good Lord how many late hits on the pile involving KJ. I'm up to 4 by my count. Stay classy, UGA.
  21. Never a doubt in my mind after the UGA game. Win out and be the first 2-loss National Champion.
  22. I was right there with you. Gus deserved every single bit of harsh criticism that was lobbed his way after that debacle in Death Valley. We were watching that game at a beachfront condo in Orange Beach and I had to leave to go walk for fear I'd get us kicked out. That loss was squarely on his shoulders and we all could see why it happened. The key was going to be how he responded. What did Gus learn. For a brief moment I started worrying during the TAM game that history was going to repeat itself, but those fears were quickly vanquished and Gus has been on full throttle ever since (well, maybe not the entire first half of the ULM game). How he's responded since that loss has won me over.
  23. Oh what a glorious evening in Central Indiana. ONly wish I could be down there on The Plains. We had about 30-40 people at a Watch Party at a local bar up here...and one asshat of a Bama fan sitting right behind us. Making typical, smug, comments throughout the entire first half, and proud of the fact that we could hear him. When he left after the opening TD drive in Q3 I was happy...but now I wish he would have stayed. So proud of this team, on so many levels. The Front 7, while not directly getting to JH often, had him scrambling more than he has most of the season. I can only remember one or two instances where he had 5-7 seconds to sit in the pocket. Can only imagine of one or two of those obvious holds had been called, but credit that line for bringing it every-single-down. The O-Line absolutely manned up today. I had to go back and check ... only ONE sack allowed. How far has this group come since Clemson. Hell, I remember watching Stidham get whacked repeatedly in person when we attended the home opener against GSU. They protected and produced the gaps needed for this team to put up 150+ yrds on a defense that allowed around 85 per game on the ground. Stidham...every week he's had less of the happy feet and more of the quick decision-making that has been needed. Got rid of the ball a lot today when earlier he would have hesitated and possibly been sacked, and he scrambled his ass off today to pick up some key yards. Kerryon ... wow. Cannot put into words what it's been like to watch him become THE MAN he's become in 2017. Really hope the trainers can work some miracles because KJ absolutely deserves to be a part of writing the final chapters of this script. Enjoying watching the Toomers Corner Webcam, and reading all the crap from Bama fans. Enjoy the evening all, and WDE.
  24. KJ is making his case for one of my favorite AU players of all-time. To comeback from that hit...wow. He shows so much heart and does not showboat. Just keep calm and stuff it down their throats, KJ!
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