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  1. I am about to cry and getting sick to my stomach

    Fans DO matter. You see an empty stadium for weeks and let's see what happens
  2. Hanging On is not good enough

    I do agree with this on occasion....but...Take the Clemson game we had not won a against them since 2010 ....we are in their house and they are the national've GOT to play aggressive. Throw conservative notions out the window. Now if the roles were reversed then you could call a more conservative game ....maybe
  3. Malzahn and Arkansas

    Wow be a pig Gus ......please
  4. Hanging On is not good enough

    Good post AURex. I always have said..if I was a coach I would always play aggressively . If you do lose at least you went out swinging.. I still think of those two missed opportunites against Clemson. There we are in the red zone twice and Gus wusses out with field goals... got a stinking delay of game on a 3rd and 3..if I remember and had to kick the field goal...I mean just run a play. It's only flipping 3 points
  5. KJ quote is surprising

    Nah I didn't take it that way at all. I took at like ...look dude you know I can't talk about playing calling. He put some sassy on it with the payment tongue in cheek . A lot more refreshing than...Player speak
  6. KJ quote is surprising

    In a video clip I just watched. KJ was quoted he doesn't get paid enough to talk play calling.Thought that was cool. I like this guy first I though he was an average back...but now I think he is coming to his own. He is a work horse.
  7. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    I like how you started with the important things like how one side of the field was hotter than the other ...that immediately got my attention . You sound like my everyone calm now? are yall over yalls little thingy. I hope so yall are so grumpy... Look in the field of life Auburn football isn't that important's a fun thing we do. Should we be this pissed at a odd shaped ball being inched down the field But it was a chosen obsession of tradition that has been passed down or created for one reason or another. If you are ok having your passion be mediocre that's fine run with that crowd. I'm not in that crowd so your picket sign means nothing.
  8. pettition out to fire gus

  9. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Extremely mad. I love my fall and Auburn season look foward to it every year. All teams lose every now and again and there are bad seasons. Is this the worst Auburn team I've by a long shot that's what I'm mad at. Loads of talent on this team. I know people might hate me for saying this because I don't like it myself....but I wonder what this team would be like with a year under Sabans coaching?
  10. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Uh no its true remember it like yesterday
  11. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Oh I'm not smart .practical but not smart
  12. Auburn's next Head Coach

    You guys remember the Bama nation sitting with paper bags on their head....with signs all around saying Saban come save us....well I thought as well as most of idiots why would Saban leave the dolphins to come to crappy turd town...well you know the rest of the story
  13. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I'm glad you know Pete Caroll...tell him I said hi
  14. Auburn's next Head Coach

    The old don't ask the good looking girl out because she will say no....well I'm not scared...ask want the best...? I do..don't care if it is thought to be a waste of time.