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  1. CountStandya

    Quoting Gabe Gross

    Still didn't help him throwing the ball. .....Look I'm just saying having "heart" and love for Auburn doesn't necessarily give you ability to forecast such conclusions . I would definitely take more heed in the statement if it was Stan White....or Brandon Cox...Let's see what Pat Washington has to'm kidding...
  2. CountStandya

    Quoting Gabe Gross

    Well let me tell you why I'm an Auburn fan My Dad who was basically poor and abandoned at 10 years old in Opelika Al....was more worried about food than football...had to join the army to survive. Well a man name Shug would pick him up and drive him to his destination when he hitched hiked the same path.....nearly every time....My Dad didn't know exactly who Shug was but found out as time went on.....that's why I'm an Auburn fan and have been since my first game in 1980. Bama troll yeah sure.
  3. CountStandya

    Plays you want to see...

  4. CountStandya

    Who will be this Iron Bowl's unlikely hero?

    Barrett....has speed and speed.
  5. CountStandya

    Auburn might have a back up plan

    Gotcha I won't post stuff
  6. CountStandya

    Auburn might have a back up plan

    Wow delete the thread? Really how about ignore the thread if you don't like it?
  7. This is weird...don't know if I like it...
  8. CountStandya

    Bama Injury Update

    I hope all of them play at 100 percent and we still beat them so bad they wished they hadn't played.
  9. CountStandya

    Quoting Gabe Gross

    I hate to say this but Gabe Gross talking about Auburn football is like K Fraiser talking about Auburn football. Fill in QB with no ability to throw.....better stick to baseball...the boring sport.
  10. CountStandya

    Plays you want to see...

    How about a simple counter or toss sweep every now and then? Use of the tight end would be nice. I like the pump fake ideas against bama....always works against aggressive D. Button hook pitch bout dat?
  11. CountStandya

    Auburn vs. Alabama - Weekly Presser

    Yeah I totally agree...they seem like very cool guys to be as talented as they are. They also do seem intelligent beyond their years. like an aged maturity.
  12. CountStandya

    What is the key to an IB win?

    Passing the ball..aka Oklahoma and Ohio state...also remember Utah state and Lousiville back in the day....that's how you beat bama. That's been their weakness for years...that's why ole miss beat them twice.
  13. CountStandya


    I'm actually with Lou Holtz on this one. If you make the OLine wear the equivalent of a boxing gloves......well that would cut down on holding by a large large grabbing up under the pads and twisting the jersey
  14. CountStandya

    Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    Can't beat Bama without passing very well. Don;t know if screen passes will completely do the trick...up to the blocks I think this may get into the low 30's Auburn 30 bama 28
  15. CountStandya

    So who wants to keep him now?

    One great game doesn't change my mind completely about Gus. I do hope he learns from this and it makes Auburn better. 1..)We need to consistently FIND and develop QB's who can pass better than they run. I'm not against a QB that can run but I hope his passing is even greater. The Cam's of the world are few and far between. 2) Defense has just begun to shine the last two years. First time Auburn's has been noted for that since Tubs. Please keep Steele. 3) Play calling needs to continue to be fresh. 4) Recruit the best talent from every part of the U.S. ...players like Braden Smith and Carlton Davis are located about 800 miles from Auburn and some of our better players. the Number one is most important though.....Gus's last two years have been bad because of bad QB play....sorry Johnson and White....but they weren't good QB's that's why we were at only 8 wins. If Gus does these things....yes stay