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  1. they kicked too him again!!!!! omg! fire gus now!!!
  2. it’s unconscionable! ohh wait,, gus still coaching special teams? regardless,, unconscionable!
  3. where was he looking on the play nix scrambled out right in early 1st quarter,, looks like he wasn’t even on same planet. 😞
  5. “ i got 7 million a year for waffle house whether i coach or not”! , ,,,Y’all know that’s right”! So wake me up when you get finished cause i got players to coach up so we can play better! what an embarrassing doofus if there ever has been!
  6. mike leach! if we would have hired him years ago when we should,, he’d have us rolling! Look at what he’s able to do at washington st every year!
  7. add the vandy game ~ 4 yrs ago to the list when kerion was badly banged up and needed rest. He should have never been used! Gus and co should have had a backup plan going in to that game; as usual they didn’t! Gus ran Kerion absolutely into the ground untill he had to leave the game. Can’t recall who the next smaller was that came in and got banged up before Gus brings in a 4th string Pettway. KP who probably never expected to see the field becomes instant highlight reel and saved Gus’s job and bought KJ enough time to get reasonably healthy. Remember then Gus did his absolute level best to run him into the ground too rather than alternate and save both. It was maybe the worst display of coaching regarding the use of 2 awesome running backs ever witnessed in major college ball? It was exactly what you’d expect to see most friday nights at your local highschool games. infact that about sums up how our program has looked for much of his tenure except save a few accidental flashes of brilliance due to the amazing talent we’ve had,,,in spite of Gus Mahlza,,, not because of him! No deference to the awesome 2nd string walk on snapper who weighs less than 150 lb sopping wet,, that Gus put into that same UGA game and tried to catch the balls sean white tried to throw him with the separaed shoulder! (who in the universe didnt know he was in severe pain! if i was SW’s dad i would have whipped gus’s ass when he stepped off the bus! man was SW tough!) Fasr forward,,, weve not recruited or either developed enough at wide reciever so that the walk on snapper is now one of our best recievers going into this year before (wait for it........ ) he goes down with an injury! Newsflash; the only thing surprising is he made it past his 2nd sec game and got up after being leveled after a few hits! (*^^%%!!!!! WTF! Howwwww?) is there anybody there trying to keep the highschool coach in check and/or reminding him that his offense needs a mobile qb and receivers who can block? What kind of coach after having success with nick marshal and a nat’l champ thanks to cam newton goes on a 3 year streak of recruiting “statue of liberty” quarterbacks? Only a freakin moron that’s who!!!! someone who should be coaching a low grade highschool team! It absolutely pains me to say this because im so proud of the past and still clinging to the “Running Back U” (maybe because i personally witnessed all the Bo Jackson years live and in person as well!). I hope some mothers don’t see this comment but if i had a son who was a stud running back i would never send him to play for Gus Mahkzan!
  8. war eagle shaun and momma worm! exited to see his career take off at au and glad y’all chose to become part of the auburn family.
  9. yo “jd”,,,so your thinking heath woke up one day and says to himself,,, “you know i think i’m gonna send gina a pic of my johnson today”! ,,she looked good running around the office and smiled when she dropped off my coffee”. never mind these things provide a permanent record and hundreds of my athlete brethren have already been ruined doing exactly the same thing,,, i’m just gonna wing it anyway!” “ let the good times roll! Sorry jd,,, for you and others so naive or willing to blindly accept the talking points,,, it doesnt work that way! The innendo and back and forth communications had obviously reached a sufficient level where,, if he did it,,, he felt very secure sending a pic or his privates! (duh!) Yeah,,No doubt whatsoever she’s as guilty and perhaps even more so than he is. yep,,,”can you hear me now”? (btw,, i’d like to remind you, her and other snowflakes out there,, the block function works very well!) WDE!
  10. in the day and age of these wonderful cell phones (blogs too!) one of my favorite features is the block function. Apparently she hated receiving the pics so much she continued to receive more! (lol) yeah,,, she led him on and rec’d them just long enough to set him and others up,,, ruin a family or two but to surely compile enough evidence for another golden parachute settlement from the network! Sorry i ain’t buying it! most of these chica’s are not the “pure as the white driven snow fair maidens” the media or conspirators make them out to be. yeah heath’s prolly guilty? guilty of being played by an extremely cunning; deceitful, manipulative chic who had no other skills to deploy. guilty of being a toxic masculine Male!
  11. has anyone seen real evidence before the “group think me-too bus” pulls out of the station? personally i like to give auburn family members the benefit of the doubt before piling on. i recall Mc nab was proven guilty of this a few years ago and he’s known to behave and act this way. Farve turned out to be pulling similiar stunts but came clean with his wife so it’s possible the accusations are true? Unfortunately in this “climate” it’s always the dudes fault,,, no matter the circumstances. Charles Payne, from the Fox business channel (who is black and engaged in consensual relations with the attractive white lady) seems to be the only Male who has been able to survive these types of accusations; no matter what happens being a guy means you are guilty before trial. thank goodness charles happened to save his phone messages or he’d have also been destroyed! Remember It takes “2 to tango”! (Unless of course your the duke lacrosse team in which case it was supposedly 7 or 8!) i’m giving heath the benefit of the doubt like i did charles payne,,, we’ll see
  12. this couldn't have been more on display than it was on saturday. Simply maddening seeing 3 guys greet kj in the backfield on that delayed handoff over and over and over again,,,like fingernails on a chalkboard! what in the H E double L were they thinking taking that game plan in there against that speed? (did they watch any film or heed the advice of that receiver?). Ohhh nevermind,,, its Gus and we don't have but 4-5 plays and there all pretty scripted and designed this way. Sorry move along here,,, nothing to see! Good news is most sec teams won't have time to prepare for us like the part time coach at ucf did? Oh wait,,washingtons got a whole summer and no matter how much time the Gusturd has,,Stidham won't be developed anymore than what we see out of him today. That's just the way it is playing for Gus. If you need reminding think back to our quarterback situation the past few years and how unprepared they've been. If we didn't hit on a couple of superstars,,,, like the one or two in a generation kind,,, capable of ditching the play and improvising,, we wouldn't be talking about Gus today. (i give him credit for recruiting cam but nick marshal was a safety or corner and an accident just like petway and hastings, etc.) I've always maintained we've won in spite of Gus,,, not because of him! However often times or at least in big games or when coaches have time to prepare for us,,,,we just can't overcome his ignorance, arrogance and highschool tendencies! It's a shame since we're constantly pulling in top ten classes and have at least the top 3 best defensive coordinators in football. Just dream for a moment,,, If Gus's performance on offense had to match what happens on the defensive side of the ball; we'd,,,,,,,, BEAT BAMA and UGA! yeah,,, it actually happened twice last year for the first time in forever! My wife and step daughter went to a couple games w/ me last year and experienced the roller coaster we all go thru. even they noted the horrible play calling and after the game asked why we didn't just fire Gus. I tried to explain it was very complicated and tried to move on when i knew i could'nt answer it in under 5 minutes. I have to say it hurt badly when they got behind uga and we're pulling harder for them than they were for auburn. However there's no way i could blame them! Dang it! UGA has a heck of a football coach! Now we have at least 2 other coaches on our schedule every year (kirby and Jimbo fisher) in addition to saban that will no doubt "out coach/out scheme" the "Gus-turd". Things are not gonna get any easier for Au and co. War eagle and happy new year.
  13. watching bama game now and shocking news! they installed several new looks and wrinkles in their offensive game plan. i guess we can only dream. darn the arrogance and ignorance of our head coach gets my blood a boiling ? stidham has definitely not made the improvements he should which is so typical. I remember gus would never even let qb's work out w/ a private coach till this season cause he was scared they'd mess up his work! Laughable if it wasn't so darn pathetic! If this criminal spent half as much time getting this team ready as he and sexton did executing his extortion game plan against us we'd have won by 2 scores.
  14. Another "Gus-turd" layed in a bowl or big game! it's definitely the norm rather than the exception! I sort of halfway suspected this might happen so did'nt go to game even though tickets could be had for reasonable prices and i could have been home in time to watch most of the uga game. I sure hoped i'd be wrong! NOT! As someone said "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig" and that about sums up our "7 million dollar man". He's an average coach at best. If good coaches have time to study our "3 plays",,, he'll always come up short against Gus. We hope he gets better and maybe he does ever so slightly,,,,but definitely not enough,,, and surely not in time to save us from these mediocre performance we're routinely exposed to. Yeah,,, the other part time coach and team knew what plays we were running before they were even called! Same reason Carlson had so many field goals blocked. Because the arrogant "Gus-turd" can't get out of his own way! :-(
  15. hey doc,,, i'm w/ you about Gus doing well w/ a good qb. Why didn't we have one or several identified and developed last couple years? No offense to Sean White,,dudes tough as hell,, but this is the SEC,,,why in the world would we have "put all our eggs in one basket w/ a kid that weighs 160 lbs sopping wet? Secondly why after you've written a nice little book and are hailed as an "offensive guru" w/ dual threat quarterbacks (and won a nat'l champ w/ one and came close w/ another,) would you even consider recruiting quarterbacks who can not run at all! I don't wanna hear the typical "there were none available" either; They are all over the south w/ a potential candidate on at least one football or basketball team in every county in south alabama/georgia; they just need to located and more "importantly" developed. Fortunately he stumbled upon nick marshall but thats not why he was here. Pettway was another accidental discovery. I'm glad to have malik as our #2 and excited about gatewood. Nevertheless i still remain dumbfuzzled by his lack of recruiting a quartrback that fits w/in his system. I'm thrilled Lindsey is here to take over the quarterbacks and keep Gus away from them. I hope we've graduated from those level of mistakes and hope its been part of that "gus maturing as a coach thing"? At 7 mill he needs to! I'm optimistic about 2018 if we can get that offensive line nailed down and those 2 princes ready to protect king stidham! Receivers and routes will get better. Steele will have it handled on defense,,, it sure is nice knowing that side of the ball is handled. Maybe gus can fire himself from special teams and horton too and try something different and we're in great shape!