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  1. Chuck Person

    NCAA can't hold the school responsible if the HC or Athletic Dept know anything about it. Example Louisville and the stripper scandle.
  2. Chuck Person

    Yes unfortunately but no wrong doing on AU part
  3. Chuck Person

    Did anyone else watch the press conference, he said that the persons (coaches and student athletes) intentionally defrauded the school.
  4. Chuck Person

    Do you really believe this?
  5. Chuck Person

    I believe it might be worse for schools that have apparel licensing agreements with Adidas. An exec paid 100,000 to a five star recruit to attend Louisville and then sign with Adidas after school.
  6. Chuck Person

    To many schools are involved. With the evidence presented the schools would not have known about the transgressions. I'm not sure what the NCAA will be able to do. They aren't going to be able to punish every school mentioned.
  7. Chuck Person

    One coach shouldn't be able to bring down an entire program especially if that program didn't know. How would they supposed to know? This could be the fall of the NCAA.
  8. Chuck Person

    Doesn't the coach and players sign an agreement that says they did not participate any NCAA violations?
  9. Kerryon Johnson

    If it was a pull or tear I would think he would need assistance off the field. I also believe I saw him just standing on the sidelines with an ice pack.
  10. Passing routes

    After re watching I noticed that the wide receivers aren't moving right when the ball is snaped. Perfect example at 53:08 at the bottom of the screen the receiver just stands there after the ball is snapped. QB never looks his way apparently already fixed on the other side, you can see the wide receiver standing at the bottom of the screen with no one around him for 5 yards.
  11. Kerryon Johnson

    Has the hamstring strain been confirmed or is this speculation, if so do we know it's a grade 1 or higher. The severity will determine whether he'll be ready for Clemson or not.