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  1. Yea **** the police. Give them legally required s*** and shut the hell up. Film everything. Police killing and beating people isn't a black thing it's an everybody thing.
  2. Why the **** are you answering any question a cop asks? Produce the legally required docs and shut the hell up.
  3. The most recent I saw, from a decent "insider" was iron bowl was the cutoff. Quality PT between now and then or shegone
  4. Seeing more and more smoke about DD transferring if not given any PT. Anyone else seen this or have any reputable people saying one way or a other? As of now 100000% a random rumor, just curious is it's making it rounds.
  5. Auburn has a losing record against real teams this season. Plus a last second save from being upset by ga st. We shouldnt be ranked.
  6. Well the entire purpose of the 2A was to shoot cops and other state officials. Too bad we got away from that
  7. If you don't think your statement was anti gun you're just ******* stupid.
  8. Well your anti gun tirade has nothing to do with anything I said. The gun in question doesn't matter one if it's an AK an AR a pistol a shotgun, ammo selection, fmj, hollow points, frangible, etc are all an attempt to move the goalposts. The only question needing to be asked is did Kyle have a good shoot in rosenbaum. Also, you'd ******* hate my gun room lmao.
  9. Oof tell me you don't know about guns without telling me you don't know about guns. Not an AK and 100% definitely not armor piercing. Not even penetrating like encorperated I'm most modern military ammo for better barrier defeating. Using the ammo or the gun selection in this for prosecution is 100% pandering to those who are not familiar or knowledgeable about firearms. After watching the entire trial, if a jury actually finds him guilty, it won't be from the facts if the case.
  10. Obviously the politician won't be held accountable no matter how egregious they act. The fact that most aren't in jail for all kinds of shady s*** I'd be poped for is paramount. The reference to Biden is just showing the scope of people who jumped on the bandwagon to hate and paint this kid with extreme defamation.
  11. He is going to get paid huge. So many libel cases from everyone from sleepy Joe to CNN spouting white supremacists even murder.
  12. The evidence was so weak its not really a win. Plus the defense destroyed the witness testifying on the video
  13. So closing for the prosecution just tried to argue that since Kyle had a sling, it's unreasonable to think that Rosenbalm could have taken the rifle. That Kyle didn't run away from a child molester long enough before standing his ground. That kyle, running for his life trying not to shoot anyone while Rosenbalms friend fires his weapon into the air, didn't notice another way to run and thus is guilty. That because kyle, when forced to shoot, didn't stop after every shot to check on the guy, is guilty. This entire case is a political farce. #freekylerittenhouse
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