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  1. Lane kiffen is the tits. Dude is f*cking awesome. As far as the bull**** claim here about having players go down as dirty and classless, let's just ignore all the times Auburn has done the same s***. To bad we didn't get the Lane train as HC
  2. Damn that was a ******* amazing pass by nix that deal dropped.
  3. They have had a fumble recovery inside the 30 and a PI that led to points to go along with the refs literally throwing the game last year lmao
  4. Why can't we run the zone read from these open formations. It's been obvious AF every time we line up to run.
  5. To be fair, cam had 50 total TDs. Half were rushes. Also come-on. It's cam ******* newton.
  6. Could bo actually be good but because of bad line and scheme he has always looked bad? s***. I'm going down the bonis good hole
  7. It's bull**** that a ball carrier can grab a facemask but if a defender even look at one it's a flag
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