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  1. AUGunsmith

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Lol, no, that's not how any of this works at all. Holy hell that's some super awesome incorrect info. This is a face palm groan $hitty CBS csi level stuff.
  2. AUGunsmith

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    Plus, the RPO isn't the base O but a variation used to place the D in conflict and reduce the number of keys the D can use
  3. AUGunsmith

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    But running an RPO base isn't a ZR base. It requires a person who is more than just an athlete at QB. All offence evolved from the single wing and wing t, doesn't mean all are the same. In a RPO the QB will not run as much, only as a last resort. The blocking schemes are different, etc. It is more of a variation of the zone run than the ZR.
  4. AUGunsmith

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    It was a good read th at well outlined how easy It is to stop a ZR. It also makes mention of the RPO as the evolution.
  5. AUGunsmith

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    Because most people are surface only fans, they remember it worked and don't understand why it worked and why it doesn't any longer.
  6. AUGunsmith

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    Hence why the RPO was invented. It takes the deficiencies of the ZR, and attacks the D as they do what is needed to stop the ZR. In a few seasons, the RPO will fall just like the ZR and a new scheme will have taken over. Thus is the cycle of football
  7. AUGunsmith

    Roster outlook: Quarterback

    Calling bs
  8. AUGunsmith

    Roster outlook: Quarterback

    Too small. He would be stuck as a situational player. His best shot it a Percy harvin like utility guy.
  9. AUGunsmith

    Roster outlook: Quarterback

    Possibly. We really don't know much about his downfield ability. With his skill set, he could be very good for someone like the pats though.
  10. AUGunsmith

    Roster outlook: Quarterback

    Agreed, but he isnt the super receiver stud his receptions indicate. From a true WR, route running, not bull**** bubbkes screen standpoint, we didn lose much
  11. AUGunsmith

    Roster outlook: Quarterback

    There is no doubt ting Ryan Davis is electric with the ball in his hands, but let's not forget the vast overwhelming majority of his receptions were bubble screens, not him running good routes or getting seperation against defenders.
  12. AUGunsmith

    Pat Nix Questions

    If the kid wants to be at Auburn aboveall, war damn and welcome. If he wants to try to make this football thing a career, someone made a terrible choice.
  13. AUGunsmith

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    A rebuttal? To the utter lack if a response you made which would get you laughed out of even a 3rd grade debate? You have displayed 2 more fallacies. In your "hur dur me smart " rant. Please keep on, it makes life easier judge intelligence, or lack thereof.
  14. AUGunsmith

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    Lol, so many assumptions and baseless claims. Claims of intelligence, being smart, calling others idiots, holy fallacy Batman! Please, oh please, tell me more oh wise, smart defender of knowledge and truth. We aren't worthy of your presence!
  15. AUGunsmith

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    He isbthe king if collegefootball. His actions to reporters are not bad. Stopping stupid questions or the same thing over and over isn't being mean. Hootie and cam didn get any charges. Plus even if they had been charged, they wernt major charges like you say. Sean white was always drunk and on drugs and never caught any major flak from Gus until it became a public problem and he needed to save face. You are wrong abiut the rule. Just a few years ago, the O did not have to slow down for the D to sub. This is one reason the Gusplayer specific packages worked, the D couldn't put the players in specifically to stop it like they can now. Saban get a more scholarships than anyone else? Hmm, I didn know that. Wonder how he signs so many and the NCAA doesn't stop him from having 100000000 people on the sideline. Lots of people want to play for and be the best. Alabama is the best. Halen knew he wasn't the starter. He has played a lot all year and is the darling and fan favorite of that team. Also the hero after the SECGC. No one stopped him from transferring or redshirting. Dont spin a story to fit your narrative. You can doubt my career all you want, but I worked with baseball and football pre Cam- 1 year after his was fired. You can believe what you want with your head in the sand about the sainthood of auburn, but we do everything other programs do. You're just salty our archrival has the best coach in CFB history. Runs a clean program and wins. Maybe one day auburn will have the next Saban, but as long as Auburn pretends to be some super moral place where only saints can coach, we will miss on major clean, quality, upstanding coaches as we claim a moral high ground as a consolation for losing on the field.