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  1. AUGunsmith

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Willis is another great athlete who we have put at QB. Nothing more. Gatewood,as of now, is just a good, large athlete we have put at QB. The coaches may see something in JG that says " damn good passer with some coaching up", but overall, that hasn't been the MO. Can we please stop recruiting QBs based off athleticism and get guys who are 1st and foremost passers?
  2. AUGunsmith

    What do you want to see in week 2?

    As soon as the backups are in, I hope to see a 50/50 split in playcalling. At the 2s run the full O, let them try to score and develop. Sportsmanship is not as important as development of backups.
  3. AUGunsmith

    First offensive play of the season

  4. AUGunsmith

    First offensive play of the season

    Orbit motion fake power, fake the end around super long slow developing pass where everyone goes so deep, they show up in Athens.
  5. AUGunsmith

    My Thoughts for the Upcoming Season

    Muahaha, tis not A4E!
  6. AUGunsmith

    My Thoughts for the Upcoming Season

    Kodi should not be a position coach at a major school with playoff opportunities. With elite talent, he produces only average WRs.
  7. AUGunsmith

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    Just another casualty of the war on drugs. Can we please decriminalize everything? This is just another reason I am an AnCap
  8. AUGunsmith

    Our Backup QBs

    QBs throw the ball and control the offense, not run. No QB at an auburn level school should be run 1st.
  9. AUGunsmith

    Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Pppsssss, come closer, I have a secret. God doesn't exist.
  10. AUGunsmith

    Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    I hope someone paid for the electricity, water, etc. Otherwise, you have a public institution spending money promoting a specific sky zombie over other people's chosen sky zombies.
  11. AUGunsmith

    XFL making comeback

    If they open it up to 19-20yos, basically past freshman season, many will jump. Getting paid, without NCAA to dodge, to play while also getting professional coaching as a full 40h per week job would do much more for a prospective pro prospect than the limited time allowed in college. Imagine the baker Mayfield and fromms and tuas and if they were able to be true athletes 1st.
  12. AUGunsmith

    Offseason Coaching Changes

    Hopefully this means Kodi will get a nee job and we can have a qualified WR coach, a true TE coach, and an OC or HC(depending on who is actually in charge) who can run an effective O that isn't so easily derailed.
  13. AUGunsmith

    Offense in 2018

    I don't see it as pessimism as much as realism. If he hasn't learned that college requires actual passing in 6 years as an HC, he shouldn't be employed at a place like auburn. New OC, same ol dog and pony show.
  14. AUGunsmith

    Offense in 2018

    As long as Gus is HC at Auburn, we will never have a sophisticated downfield passing attack. We will continue to abuse one back all season, get a ton of rushing yards, then get shut down by teams who actually coach and adjust. We have no offensive development(especially at qb), refuse to bring along backups, ignore HB and TE in passing, keep the same obvious tendencies, and ever few years get lucky with a juco kid. Thus is life with this idiot of a coach.
  15. AUGunsmith

    Malzahn Extension

    Schools with better HCs than Auburn TCU UWASH. Utah PSU Stanford Oklahoma Okie st Miami Florida Wash st Boise st Pretty long list especially when the majority are paid much less than ol Gustav the great.