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  1. I don't blame any kid for struggling under Gus. His HS system and lack of development has striffled too many to count.
  2. Didn it come out that art was in fact just an innocent scapegoat? Also, most the kids starting at major D1 schools are in bs programs and wouldn't even qualify without their athletic prowess. At least auburn was this was in the early 2010s. Players need to be paid tp be athletes. It's the only řeason many are even at school. If there was semi pro ball, that's where you'd find the best players.
  3. JG was never going to be a D1 QB though. Not in any real, modern passing O. Even after transfer to an O which fit his skillset, he was pedestrian.
  4. He wasn't taken down hard. He slid at the 1 to not score and keep the clock running. Also he did it because he made 375k because of a prop bet over whether there would be a streaker.
  5. Oh definitely, it's just a stark difference from the,my perception, of the attitude on the importance of form now compared to when I was working out with different S&C coaches at Auburn a decade ago. Of course it is just a single example from a single promo video, so I'm probably just talking outb of my ass.
  6. The issue is that the catch is happening with all the weight going onto the wrists. The weight being thrown around will end up causing an injury.
  7. How are you going to make a promo video with a guy doing a clean then not even have him in proper form. 🤦🏼
  8. That's what govt subsidies for useless lib arts degrees gets ya though.
  9. When I was working with 2 of the major 3 abiut a decade ago, there would be 100s of shoes and shirts and shorts and jackets stuck in storage that they couldn't use for official s*** after 1 year that admin, support staff, etc would raid. Even after players and staff would ask for something like shoes or required clothing getting worn out.
  10. Pay to play is fine. Most major college athletes aren't exactly the smartest around. People who couldn't even sniff the academic jock of the last man accepted into Auburn every year are allowed in solely for athletic ability. You have entire degrees built around keeping the unintelligent academically eligible. Just look at the s*** show surrounding business admin degree at auburn.
  11. UC doesn't even belong on the same field as alabama. Being undefeated as a mid tier school shouldn't matter for national considerations. This just goes to show that D1 football is too big. Trim out the fat.
  12. Hell i can name specific names from 2 different sports who i saw get paid while working for the athletic dept. The Auburn fan base of accepting mediocrity while claiming some moral nigh ground fits in perfectly with the hypocrisy of existing in the Bible belt. This isn't a comment on Christianity, but a comment on the culture and beliefs of the lowest common denominator of the region as a whole.
  13. Major college football needs to break away from the NCAA and operate like a semipro league. Salary caps, contracts, etc. Let those who honestly have no business in higher academics major in football. Those who can pass muster for general. admittance let them do as they please schooling wise.
  14. Can auburn fans please stop the bama buys players bull****. Elite talent goes to bama because they win, because they have the best coach to ever grace a college campus, because they have a real shot of making it to the show. UAT does nothing more or less than any other school. Well except maybe tenn
  15. Remember bois and gurls, democracy is naught but a failed God. Support secession and end the state for a more prosperous and free tomorrow.
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