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  1. Damn the reefer madness is jamming in here atm. Damn kids and their devil's lettuce. 😂🤣
  2. Because pro sports and other venues which serve alcohol as just bastions for violence and fight club. /s If you are so scared that drinking at a sporting event causes you to avoid the event, you have a problem/irrational fear.
  3. What is the gatewood most talented QB nonsense. He may have to scrape for 2md most talented. Best athlete, yes, but that doesn't make you the best QB and people here, and Gus, need to realize that.
  4. Schools like Auburn should never be hiring someone withiut knowing how good they are. This is a $100M a year dept. It's one thing to hire an up and comer from a low d1 or d2 school who is pumping out great backs with average players, it's another to grab a HS coach regardless of name. Ability to do =/= ability to teach
  5. Implying there is something wrong with a beer bong and chicks.
  6. I don't care if he does hookers and blow every night as long as he doesn't aggress upon others. Auburn needs a Thad Castle
  7. Lol, no, that's not how any of this works at all. Holy hell that's some super awesome incorrect info. This is a face palm groan $hitty CBS csi level stuff.
  8. Plus, the RPO isn't the base O but a variation used to place the D in conflict and reduce the number of keys the D can use
  9. But running an RPO base isn't a ZR base. It requires a person who is more than just an athlete at QB. All offence evolved from the single wing and wing t, doesn't mean all are the same. In a RPO the QB will not run as much, only as a last resort. The blocking schemes are different, etc. It is more of a variation of the zone run than the ZR.
  10. It was a good read th at well outlined how easy It is to stop a ZR. It also makes mention of the RPO as the evolution.
  11. Because most people are surface only fans, they remember it worked and don't understand why it worked and why it doesn't any longer.
  12. Hence why the RPO was invented. It takes the deficiencies of the ZR, and attacks the D as they do what is needed to stop the ZR. In a few seasons, the RPO will fall just like the ZR and a new scheme will have taken over. Thus is the cycle of football
  13. Too small. He would be stuck as a situational player. His best shot it a Percy harvin like utility guy.