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  1. The last 2 drives were 14 plays for 35 yards. They forced us back into going to the behind the line short yardage dunk and dunk approach and dared us to beat their man coverage, like all night, we couldn't. The 2nd to last drive perfectly exemplifies the point made by OP. Theu knew we couldn't sustain a drive and March methodically down the field.
  2. Let's not pretend that literally half our yards came in the 4th quarter only after UGA switched to a zone to prevent the big play TD. They prevented themselves out of a shut out. As soon as it became a 1 score game, they go back to name and we get 0 separation and back to back failed drives. Fire gus. Make Auburn Great Again.
  3. So I should delude myself ad pretend that Saban isnt objectively the best coach? Should I rah rah a garbage tier, needs to be run out of town Gus? Sorry you aren't able to comprehend this. I hope you didn graduate from Auburn. Your idiocy and bias are astounding and something I hope no AU grad holds.
  4. Yes, freak accidents that are unpredictable and impossible to avoid are totes Saban's fault.
  5. Tua wasn't hobbling. He wasn't limping around and unable to move and nothing in his play indicated he shouldnt be out there in an SEC game. If tua is 100% this injury still happens. We can play the hindsight game all day, but freak accidents happen. There was no reason go pull tua.
  6. Saban didn do anything wrong. Tua didn even injure the same body part. If you're going to bash the best coach of the modern era, at least have an actual bad coaching decision.
  7. I didn realize you could call a penalty on review.
  8. Finally a call that shows some ****img balls
  9. Our playcalling is retardedly predictable. This O is an embarrassment to football and gus is an embarrassment to Auburn.
  10. Anyone who TPs and ***** with Gus's house can count on my for bail
  11. Wrong. Nameplate is part of horse collar
  12. What kind of pansy spineless loser doesnt go for the block on that punt?
  13. If you support gus, you are a loser.