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  1. The program will have to drastically improve as well as much much more money spent to ever not be middle ofnthe road. We've been middle of the road on the field for so long and lower half in facilities even with the new football only. The programs needs to get a big time nil deal for a player asap as well. Milo's ain't gonna cut it when other schools are pumping out 7 figure deals.
  2. Yea, so stream them all. I've "borrowed" every game played for the last like 7 years.
  3. Dudes, just stream games. Why pay?
  4. Forget harsin, Drinkwitz won media days.
  5. Gotta toe the narrative lines or you'll be canceled.
  6. Ooo big scary covid boogeyman. Who gives a s***.
  7. I see some here can't handle s*** talk.
  8. Everyone knows where it is. Paying coaches to not coach.
  9. It's almost like buffalo athletics and auburn athletics are different. 🤷‍♂️
  10. The fact that teams were taking busses on some if these trips is alone enough to go after the guy. I'll be damned if I'm a major recruit spending 8 hours in a bus wheb every other real team is flying.
  11. Its good the forum is gatkeeping news this big whilst saying gimmie dat money
  12. Well that's a false equivalence,but I pass because of professional recommendations from my Dr. Wife, Dr. Sister, Dr. Infectious disease friend, and PharmD friends.
  13. I loved nicks time here. But I never want to see that offense again.
  14. But this guy is leaving LSU because he was looking at possibly being the #3 guy. I dint see him being able to come here and unseat bo. If we take someone, I think it will be a waste when there are other positions with more glaring needs.
  15. I think DD ends up transferring, but I also think that this kid wants to go somewhere he will definitely start sooner rather than later. I forsee the kid from savannah being the next guy to multi year start.
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