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  1. Great move. Anyone draft eligible wanting to go pro needs to jump ship before next season.
  2. I've literally never told you to shut up 🤷🏼‍♂️ Idk who the **** you even are bro 😂
  3. There are a few mods here who are butthurt limp wristed ninnies.
  4. This while frame by frame thing is such garbage. Yes, intent and actions can be distorted, objective truths like down or not, td or not cannot he distorted. Ffs these cats are retarded.
  5. He is right. a 3 and out almost guarantees thatbthey score again with the time ofnpossission and lack of rest our D has. Making this a 2 score game at half will do a lot for Flecks team to believe they can win.
  6. This playcalling is typical gusball bull****
  7. I think that's part if the problem. He has been just serviceable. Auburn hasn't had a truly elite return man in a while. Meanwhile, others in the SEC have a guy every few years who we kick away from.
  8. Big play, 1st down up the gut. Always. Period. Paragraph.
  9. Itll require at a minimum the search for a new OL coach
  10. Dilly was a figurehead OC with norvell in Memphis. He moved just to be back with a guy who he has had a long working relationship with.
  11. Moving in the right direction would mean firing the OL, WR, QB and possibly the RB coaches and hiring legit quality replacements along with an OC who is given free reign over his O. Anything outside of this is Gusball as usual.
  12. Being anti-state is literally as far away from a boomer as you can get. You cant even insult me correctly. But, yes, I'm an AnCap so of course I'm against war.