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  1. This was my freshman year and probably my favorite game ever tied with the kick 6
  2. Imagine actually thinking Auburn is doing well...
  3. This is the dumbest comment ever. To make an argument that pay and performance dont have ties.
  4. None of those coaches were making top 10 salaries either. Combine this with the extreme deficiencies bird spoke of and you have an overpaid hack who is either too stubborn or stupid to admit his O is obsolete and needs to let go, hire a new OC outside his tree and give them autonomy.
  5. It doesn't say we win or lose, just the probability of that win or loss. Nice strawman. We know you aren't stupid enough to believe AU actually has a good chance to win against some of these teams we we are currently playing and being coached. Our highs under gus have mostly been with dumb luck, we cannot always count on the blind squirrel finding a nut.
  6. I hope AU wins just like FL in the Miami game. Ugly, nasty, terribly coached, but a win. Then we win every game like this. Then we fire a natty winning HC and bring in a real winner.
  7. Almost like the guy in charge isn't doing his job.
  8. Only 1 change is needed and it is a replacement of the HC. Fire gus. Period. Paragraph.
  9. On O we lost the battle up front Have no viable WRs outside of 3 -4 players with no development. We are extremely predictable in playcalling We have no SEC quality passing concepts We continue to abuse one RB for carries with out #2 guy probably not starting on any sec team We won this game 100% off of depth, just like last week. 2 weeks in a row that we were taken to the woodshed by inferior athletes with better coaching. Glad we won, but can't wait until this buy out can happen. AU deserves better than a has been
  10. Holy autocorrect from phone batman.
  11. It isn't a zone read. No one. It gus knowns who needs the ball. No meat mortal player cam read the D better than his premonitions
  12. He won't be fired today, but defending gus when he ignores parts of his job is frekin stupid. And here I thought the HC got paid because it's his program and everything is ultimately his responsibility.
  13. Gus is responsible for the WR coach and he has his little minion with no real experience or qualification as his pass game coordinator and asst OC
  14. Freshman qb doesnt excuse the o line, the rbs the wrs the drops, the lack of effort, the garbage product being out on the field, or the piss poor s*** tier playcalling.
  15. We out talent Tulane also. That argument doesnt work.