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  1. Well that's a false equivalence,but I pass because of professional recommendations from my Dr. Wife, Dr. Sister, Dr. Infectious disease friend, and PharmD friends.
  2. I loved nicks time here. But I never want to see that offense again.
  3. But this guy is leaving LSU because he was looking at possibly being the #3 guy. I dint see him being able to come here and unseat bo. If we take someone, I think it will be a waste when there are other positions with more glaring needs.
  4. I think DD ends up transferring, but I also think that this kid wants to go somewhere he will definitely start sooner rather than later. I forsee the kid from savannah being the next guy to multi year start.
  5. No way he comes or even seriously looks. With Bo and DD he would have to fight his ass off to ever even see the field.
  6. Yea, hard pass on the vaccine, but ill still come hang out with 87000 friends.
  7. Its worth it. I watch a lot of these and sark is a genius. It's funny because he says in the 1st 5 mins that people think its just spam rpo
  8. Alabama doesn't spam RPO, there is a sark coach clinic on YouTube you should watch if thats what you think.
  9. Nothing shown here is NFL QB worthy. It is great athlete with a great arm making plays either on a scramble or a one read throw. If you want to promote Willis like this you've got to use the less exciting clips showing reads and progressions over flashy highlights.
  10. So we have s*** head cops who aggress upon otherwise peaceable people for drug possession to be caged by the state for a victimless crime which leads to problems upon release with jobs and housing thus leading to more violence. Then to compound the issue with even more violence, since people want drugs, and since there is money to be made providing drugs, you end up with all the fun street crime. Just more proof that democracy is a God that failed.
  11. This thread is the perfect exame of the US justice system. Emotional sentencing based not retribution and retaliation.
  12. Not surprising. Being a good athlete doesn't mean much anymore. He is a dime a dozen in physical attributes. He was constantly not getting any separation, dropped many passes, perpetually slacking on the field, and had an attitude problem. Sure some of this may be in very small part to malzahn, but ultimately, this is on Seth.
  13. That was a lot of words about Seth Williams to say an uninspired, beta, waste of talent when not getting the ball.
  14. I think this is a false dichotomy. It isn't a choice of either state control to the extreme we current see or ever man for himself. Especially when the average person doesn't actually realize exactly what all the state does. Humans are social creatures and will naturally work together for mutual benefit. There is no useful state function that wouldn't exist in a free market absent the states monopoly.
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