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  1. But its the statism that has allowed the current situation to happen. You'll never rid the world of dissenting thought, but you can dismantle the apparatus that legalizes violence against peaceable people.
  2. Whole lot of talks about racism here while ignoring the statism that is actually the issue.
  3. Blah blah injuries arent the point of topic. A decent QB with 3 1st round stud WRs and a freak animal at RB put up silly numbers. If you dont think a 1st round draft pick would have done better you're homer is showing.
  4. He was arrested not NOT driving drunk and disorderly aka pissing off the police catch all charge. He didn't aggress upon another's life, liberty or property. Idgaf who he is or what he does without the above aggressions, his arrests are bull****. Your yes daddy obey the law attitude is nothing but statism and needs to be eradicated for the possibility of a free people to exist.
  5. Ooo I cant wait for you to cited federal law saying a noose in and of itself is a crime. Also I hope you are able to realize that your entire rant is literally a feelings opinion based tirade and the exact opposite of objective fact. Sense when did majority opinion become an absolute truth? How can an opinion be right or wrong when it's an opinion in a subjective issue? There is a lot of "Reeeeeeeee" in your response.
  6. Substance abuse classes, esp the ones put on by the athletic dept are a joke. Without know what the disorderly was from, I see nothing the guy did wrong.
  7. Considering I both disagree with your statement and thought the tweet was funny, it seems you need to reevaluate what a fact actually is.
  8. Sure, he can be a soyboi all he wants, doesnt stop others from blasting his weak and s***ty stances.
  9. Tbh, I'd take his class just to **** with him. Every assignment would be filled with anti-abolitionist, pro war, pro prison propaganda
  10. Sadly, this joke of an apocalypse will probably ruin the season. I dont see a way any university will be allowed to have more than 40% capacity if any at all. It will go down in the books as season with an asterisk as the craziness wont take place without the crowd.
  11. Auburn doesn't have the balls to hire a badass like the pirate. The whole,**** , good christian, saint of a coach is why we will always have a B tier coach. EDIT..... We do not use that word on this site.
  12. Healthy tua turns it into a 3+ score victory for Alabama. Uat was able to move the ball at will with a backup, game manager, not a stud QB.
  13. Quality of joke doesnt matter to the sentiment as a whole, but that's neither here nor there.
  14. Wow, all that for a joke? Someone must be a blast at parties.