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  1. Just my opinion, but if the QB race was clearly won by Nix (and by many accounts it was), then he needs to know that's he's the unquestioned starter, and that he's not gonna be yanked if he makes some early mistakes. And I'm not sure if planned Gatewood usage jives with that.
  2. I'm thinking that Nix has won the job, and it probably all came down to passing accuracy. In the spring, when the QBs went "live", Gatewood got to showcase his strength: running. And he obviously impressed. But even then, I remember reading reports that Nix was the more accurate passer. With no "live" QB running on display in the fall, the coaches probably saw Nix outplay Gatewood regularly in the passing game. And I guess he should, being the son of a good QB and having been a varsity starter since he was in the 8th grade (9th?). No way Gatewood will stick around after this season if Nix secures himself as the starter going forward. And I can't say as I'd blame him.
  3. Damn, I'm getting anxious for a starter to be named. Yet the anticipation stage has been fun, and continues to be. I was all about Joey Gatewood all summer long because of his bruising running ability. However, the "word" I've heard from fall camp is that Bo Nix has been the more accurate passer, and has been the first QB to take first-team reps along the way. So I'm officially changing my prediction to "Bo Nix". And that means Cord Sandburg had better step up and be ready to play in a pinch, because there's no way Joey Gatewood will stick around for very long watching Bo Nix start ahead of him. Oh, and I'm smoking a pork butt today getting ready for game day tailgating. May your existence be as pleasant.
  4. South Lincoln County. Near South Lincoln school.
  5. 56-year-old male. Born and raised in Anniston, Alabama. Graduated from AU in 1985 with a degree in Applied Math. Been working in Huntsville, AL as a Software Engineer ever since. Currently live in Fayetteville, TN (just north of Huntsville). Have a son who graduated AU in 2012 with a degree in Wildlife Sciences, and was on Auburn's fishing team for 2 years.
  6. Mark My Word: Bruce Pearl will appear on ESPN's College Game Day in the season opener, and he'll crack everyone up on the panel. Mark My Word: Our offense will struggle early in the Oregon game, but the defense will dominate and we'll win. Mark My Word: For whatever reason, both Gatewood and Nix will start (one of the big six) games this year. Mark My Word: T.D. Moultry will have a breakout season. Mark My Word: We will beat LSU and Alabama.
  7. OK Tiger, I'll be glad to answer this question (if possible) tomorrow night. Hell, you pose a great question. Not trying to dodge, but it's bed time and I haven't even eaten supper, which is a Zaxby's chicken salad with ranch dressing. I promise, I'll revisit this question and provide a full answer tomorrow night.
  8. It's definitely a tough dilemma. Absolutely. I admittedly have no good answer for the fate of an unborn child in the case of rape or incest. I sometimes try to imagine being a pregnant woman in one of those two situations, and I'd sure as hell not want some holier-than-though man telling me what I could or could not do with my own body in that situation. And I firmly believe that if men could get pregnant, then abortion rights would be in the Constitution of the United States. But I guess "men" (biological women identifying as such) can get pregnant these days...but I (intentionally) digress... I guess I take more of a "principles oriented" approach.
  9. Well, I deleted my post, because I was afraid it might get me banned here. But since you quoted it, I'll stand by it, and hope I'll still be allowed to participate in the sports forums. And since you're a moderator, please feel free to re-post the post I deleted. Now, to answer your question: honestly, I don't know. You posed an excellent "damned if I do, damned if I don't" question. I guess if painted into a corner, I'd be more afraid to support abortion than to walk on wet paint. Messed up paint is much easier to fix than the death of an innocent child as a matter of "convenience".
  10. Yeah, agreed. But his huge buyout contributes somewhat to this.
  11. OK, it doesn't look like Prince Tega Wanogho has been taken. If not, I'll take him.
  12. OK, I'll check the availability and choose someone else. Thanks.
  13. No, I didn't mean to grab an already-taken Gus. Sorry. I'll choose someone else. And yes, he's gonna redeem his self this year.
  14. OK, I'm going with............... GUS MALZAHN!!! It's early. Get over it.
  15. The smell of pork ribs on the smoker at a cool 3:00PM getting ready for a nippy 7:00PM kickoff.