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  1. KolchakAU85

    Ideas for the Program

    I didn't say anything he said was a lie. But he seemed to relish the opportunity to throw public shade at Auburn during a time when we were down and hurting a bit. I like Tubs a lot, and I think he wants to be remembered as the guy who beat Bama 6 times in a row. I'll always remember him for that. But it seemed to me that he went out of his way to make Auburn look bad. There are kinder yet honest ways of saying "Auburn has some problems" without firing both barrels.
  2. KolchakAU85

    Ideas for the Program

    Yeah, Tubbs had some very unkind things to say about Auburn. Before that, I would have been all for honoring him. But not now.
  3. Gus has nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by betting the house on next season: If was fired after this season, his next job and forever ceiling would be Arkansas. If he's fired after next season, his next job and forever ceiling will be Arkansas. If he turns AU around and saves his job next season, he's regained his self respect and stoked his ego, and remains head coach of an upper echelon D1 football school. And no matter what, he will still have more money than he'll ever need.
  4. KolchakAU85

    Mullen opening practice

    He closed practice because he doesn't want anyone to know that he's preparing a 4-QB game plan, sorta like the 3-QB game plan he came up with against Clemson a while back. Hell, the word I'm hearing is that he's got this one play where Stidham will be a tackle-elgible receiver... The plan is to play no QB two plays in a row. To keep Purdue guessing. I'm excited just thinking about it. Of course it's all rumor at this point, but who here would bet against such a hair-brained game plan from Gus?
  5. KolchakAU85

    Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    I so hated to lose that guy. He was a tough player.
  6. KolchakAU85


    I do too. I was a Whitlow doubter, but he's grown and shown toughness.
  7. KolchakAU85

    Dream Conference Realignment

    I like most of what you wrote. However, I want us to remain in the SEC West. It's the most respected conference in college football, and I'd like us to stay there.
  8. KolchakAU85

    Saban to Green Bay

    Because of this, I think: he would become the so-called prime example of why college coaches shouldn't "get in over their head" by becoming an NFL head coach, Pete Carrol notwithstanding. "The greatest college football coach of all time couldn't cut it in the NFL, and fell flat on his face". He's heard those words in his mind, whether or not he's ever actually heard them with his ears. The only thing bigger than his paycheck is his ego. Please understand I'm not saying this would ever happen. I'm just saying that if anything would make Saban want such a move, it's his ego and wanting to prove his detractors wrong about him not being able cut it in the NFL.
  9. KolchakAU85

    men vs Dayton Preview/Review

    Absolutely he's the most valuable player on our team. Maybe not the best, but the most valuable. And hell, maybe he's the best as well.
  10. KolchakAU85

    men vs Dayton Preview/Review

    Yes. I miss Mitchell. Can you imagine if we had the 3 transfers we lost? Heron, Murray, and Mitchell could form the core of an NCAA Tournament team. Pearl said the Mitchell transfer surprised him the most. He said he never saw it coming.
  11. KolchakAU85

    men vs Dayton Preview/Review

    Some random thoughts from watching the game last night, in no particular order: I loved our blitzkrieg defense in the first half. We can frequently cause periods of absolute havoc for opposing offenses. At one point early in the game, Dayton had 5 turnovers in 6 total possessions. I'm sick of seeing Spencer and McClemore shoot 3-pointers. Hell, I'm sick of seeing so many 3-pointers from the other players as well, but that's Pearl's style, and is part of what makes him a player's coach. HOWEVER, he can be a player's coach and still limit 3-point shooting to the shooters. Besides, when our center is shooting a low-percentage shot like a 3-pointer, he's by default nowhere near the damn basket to help rebound that almost-assuredly missed shot. We were not tough last night in the 2nd half. We got senselessly out-rebounded during some stretches. Doughty is improving, and I'm starting to see some of the so-called "Swiss Army Knife" diversity in his game. However, as I stated in another post a couple weeks ago, he is not yet anywhere near spelling Moustapha Heron. But I'm very interested to see how he will improve, and how he might eventually be able to help us in ways that Heron could not. I miss DeSean Murray. A lot. He would have made us tougher on the boards last night. J'Von McCormick is improving. I've been hoping to see that, and was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. I can't wait to see Danjel Purifoy play. Maybe he will improve our 3-point shooting, and make us tougher as well. Chuma Okeke is not an aggressive player by nature. He's just not. And I'm not sure Pearl can pressure him into becoming one without stunting his game in other ways. He's an Andre Igoudala, not a Ben Wallace. I'm afraid that our "bad habit of playing to the level of our competition" isn't just a bad habit. I don't believe we're quite as good (yet) as we're being given credit for. I think we may be in for a rather unpleasant surprise when the conference schedule grind begins in January, based upon our periodic lack of toughness and tendency to throw up too many ill-advised 3-pointers. But I think we'll see our weaknesses and adapt over time. We need to ESTABLISH a low-post presence, instead of just giving it some cursory attention every now and then. Wiley could become a monster if Pearl would make it an emphasis. But doing so would diminish the number of Pearl's beloved 3-point attempts, so I'm not holding my breath. I've never been one to wear rose-colored glasses, and I see some blemishes that are easy to overlook given that we've vastly improved since Pearl's arrival. We used to be judged by how we compared to the bottom of the barrel. But Pearl has put us in the position of being judged by how we compare to the top of the barrel, where even small blemishes can have large impact. But I'm sure glad we're finally in that position. It beats the hell out of where we were. My predictions: 1. We'll finish either 1st or 2nd in the regular season SEC race. 2. We'll finish either 1st or 2nd in the SEC Tournament. 3. We'll make (at least) the NCAA Sweet 16. And an Elite 8 appearance isn't a stretch.
  12. KolchakAU85


    Moon would be my guess. He probably overheard part of a mumbled conversation between Waffle House waitresses and heard something that wasn't there.
  13. KolchakAU85

    Saban to Green Bay

    The only things I've ever heard that might drive Saban to the NFL once again: 1. No matter how many college championships he wins, he will ALWAYS hear whispers and laughter behind his back that he couldn't get it done in the NFL. 2. Like anyone would after accomplishing what he's accomplished in college football, he has a gargantuan ego that knows no boundaries and will never stand to be underestimated at any level. He said more than once if he had been allowed to draft Drew Brees, he'd probably still be coaching in the NFL. And now another once-in-a-generation QB (Aaron Rogers) needs a head coach and is still in his prime. I don't expect it to happen, but it would not be out of character at all for him to decide he wants to erase that one big blemish on his career.
  14. KolchakAU85

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Asa Martin was very deep down the depth chart for a reason, and it wasn't attitude or rules violations (at least not that I've heard). Someone posted on this forum last night that during the Liberty game, his body looked a bit "light" (build-wise and strength-wise) for SEC football. IDK. But I don't think it's a big loss. Just my opinion.
  15. KolchakAU85

    Malik Willis

    ^^^^^^^^^^^Exactly. I have no confidence in Willis. None. However, struggling thru next season with him (or Cordwood or Gatewood) may be necessary (and beneficial) to allow Bo Nix to redshirt.