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  1. I didn't address you first. It was the other way around. You sure are sensitive.
  2. Don't worry, you couldn't say anything that would hurt me. How about we end this silly back-and-forth and watch this game? You can have the last word.
  3. Two. They had to change the rim after the 1st one, and the backboard after the 2nd.
  4. We can win this. Our players believe.
  5. We just don't have enough fouls left, I'm afraid. Spencer fouling out might help us, though. If he jacks up another rim-chipper or air ball from 27 feet, I'm gonna puke.
  6. Spencer is a liability on offense. He needs to become a dunk-only shooter. But he's shooting 3s.
  7. Doing it for him is the only way to do it without him. Let's go.
  8. Looks like Horace Spencer will start in place of Okeke. He was interviewed with the "starters" yesterday at Auburn's press conference.
  9. Me too. My shoulder is getting sore.
  10. It's simply an opportunity for someone else to step up. Danjel with 31, Wiley with 15/10, or whatever. I think we'll beat Kentucky on Sunday. Whatever we lose without Okeke will be made up with a resolve to win it for him. But then again, see my profile pic. I'm a verified Sunshine Pumper.
  11. I think we'll win, even without Okeke. Last night we ultimately extended our lead after he went down, even though NC initially decreased our lead. We're too inspired to miss out on the Final Four.
  12. Amazon currently has these on sale:
  13. I'm thinking the opposite. I think NBA execs will want to see him prove the health of his knee in college for another season before they draft him at a spot (1st round) which would pay enough for him leave. If he leaves unproven in the summer/fall, I don't think he will be a first rounder. But if he comes back and plays well and stays healthy next year at AU, he might be a lottery pick. Either way, I wish him well.