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  1. Gee, thanks. You could have just said "I'm no analyst (which you're clearly not), but we just got beat badly and Bo Nix sucked", and saved yourself all that typing.
  2. So, to the important question we've all been wanting to ask, but were afraid to: Is Whitlow's nickname properly spelled "Boobee" or "Boobie". I'd guess that Sean Connery would vote for "Boobie", but that's just his wishful thinking from past conquering glory days. I Googled it, and there seems to be no definitive spelling consensus. Although I'd wager that the trend of nicknaming Justin Bieber "the Biebs" would never officially apply to Whitlow, for obvious reasons.
  3. No disrespect to Whitlow, and I hope he returns to full health soon, but I see this as an opportunity. IMHO, Whitlow is not a true feature running back. I know he's had some good moments, but he's a far cry from the feature backs we've had in the recent past. I hope some of our younger backs now get a chance to invigorate our running game.
  4. Look, I was on Team Gatewood all summer and part of fall. And I'm sure he can run very well, like he did in spring practice. That is, until the opposing defense figures out that he can't pass very well, which is probably what happened when they went head-to-head in fall camp with full playbook, instead of the limited playbook that was utilized in the spring. Orange jerseys notwithstanding. The only way Gatewood will see significant playing time at AU will be if Nix is injured, or has several more games like the Florida game and needs a break to clear his shellshocked head. And if Gatewood gets his shot and proves to be a good passer as well as a good runner and overtakes Nix for the starting job, then fine by me. I just don't believe that will happen. Go ahead and buy yourselves a Bo Nix jersey.
  5. You linked an article written back in April. That's pretty much a different era. The same things were said about Woody Barret. In fall camp, the reports were that Gatewood couldn't lead the team to score touchdowns, while Nix could. I'm sure Gatewood can run somewhat like Cam could. Arkansas State will be overjoyed to get him next year. Or the next.
  6. I think Gus truly believes that Bo Nix is the future of Auburn football, and Gus is going to give Nix every opportunity to prove that. And I think Gus is right to do so, given the fragility of freshmen egos.
  7. Like you? Or (add name)? Hell, I'm big enough to admit that I'm ignorant. But not willfully.
  8. Yeah, I guess I'd know better. LOL. Every report I heard from fall camp said Nix clearly outplayed Gatewood. Nix has been groomed to play QB at AU since he was in the 8the grade, by a former great AU QB. Gatewood has been a QB since the last couple years? Come on. Look, I love Gatewood. But get used to waving goodbye to him, because we'll all be doing that after this season, or next. Then he can become a running specialist for Arkansas State. Which is where he belongs, in the grand scheme of things.
  9. We were exposed. Our OL sucked, and so did our QB. Reasons? Let's wait for the venerable Corch to tell us that (ha ha). But the truth of the game is that our OL and QB sucked. Play calling? OMFG. You "play calling Gus haters" have no ground to stand on. Because when our OL is getting beat on every play, it wouldn't matter if Steve Spurrier himself were calling plays.
  10. Respectfully, Gatewood is riding pine all game (or most of it) because Gus does not want a QB controversy. Gatewood will be a nice complimentary piece to our offense, but will NEVER be put in a position to appear to be a viable alternative to Nix. That's the last thing we want - to shake the confidence of Nix to his core. And Gus is right for playing it out like this. Gatewood, while effective within his limited QB skill set, is never going to be the offensive leader that Nix is. And Gus knows it, so he guards against any hint of a QB controversy. Look, I understand you Gatewood lovers. He's a good player, within certain boundaries. But Nix clearly outplayed him in fall camp. Nix is, and deserves to be, the unquestioned starter. But he's a freshman, bound to make some freshman mistakes, and deserves to make them without having to look over his shoulder all the time at an oncoming Gatewood. Gus has (rightly) put all AU eggs into the Nix basket. Accept it and move on.
  11. So what nasty commentary did Finebaum hurl at Pearl last year?
  12. I think you are exactly right. Our OL is not capable of being great. The talent/size/whatever just isn't there. You can't draw blood from a turnip. That's why I think the hate-mongering of Gustav's play calling is completely misguided. What the hell can Gus do about play calling when the OL gets dominated on every play? After the Oregon game last week, I browsed their fan forums just to see what they had to say. It was unanimous vitriol of "play calling got us beat in the 2nd half". But hell no, it wasn't their play calling. It was our defensive adjustments that negated their game plan. If (a big if) our OL improves, play calling will magically fix itself.
  13. We need a pass rusher. We need to eliminate drops. We need a pass rusher.
  14. My take, after a sleepless night caused by endless indigestion from eating a large Pizza Hut pizza and drinking a 6-pack during the game: 1. Our offensive line got man-handled, from start to finish. 2. Boobee Whitlow is not a true feature back. He may be our best, and he seems to be ahead of the rest of our backs. But I don't think that says as much as it may seem. 3. The play calling can never look good while our offensive line plays poorly. If we can't run the ball early and often, which is what our offense is predicated upon, then how can play calling fix that? I'm just a fan - not an analyst - but it seems that play calling can warrant only so much blame, when the likes of Tulane is dominating our all-senior offensive line. 4. Our terrible punt coverage will lose us a game, much like the loss to LSU 2 years ago. 5. Our wide receivers are a work in progress. 6. Bo Nix is a work in progress. I sure liked the look of Joey Gatewood running the ball. He gives us a dimension that Bo never could in that regard. 7. Our absolute ceiling is 9-3. And that's if we play really well as opposed to our potential.
  15. Yes. And I was there when Hanley was president.