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  1. KolchakAU85

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    I am not upset. I made a simple comment to a moderator, and you felt the need to interrupt and insinuate the I'm not an adult. Negativity seems to abound here.
  2. KolchakAU85

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    It's probably a better course to altogether eliminate easy mouse-click negativity. Give people the choice to like it, be indifferent, or skip it. That's the best way to prevent animosity from building.
  3. KolchakAU85

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    I was afraid Gatewood might transfer. Yeah, Freeze would probably need a few years of "proving himself" before he was deemed an acceptable head coach.
  4. KolchakAU85

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    I'd like to kindly and respectfully encourage the elimination of both the "Face Palm" and "Dislike" buttons. Kinda in the spirit of "Say something nice, or nothing at all"... If people disagree, that's fine. They can post and explain their disagreement in a respectful manner and actually participate, instead of just giving a middle finger.
  5. KolchakAU85

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    I like your thread. For some reason, a few people around here can't seem to enjoy speculation, and enjoy demeaning other people's posts. I see what you mean. This thread is tangentially similar to the thread I made which pondered the possibility of Gus retiring, which admittedly is a fringe topic. I asked this question in that thread (paraphrasing): "Is there any circumstance under which Gus would resign?" If we followed your premise, and let him sink or swim for the next 7 years with no buyout, there is a possibility (however small) that he would reach a point where the losing, embarrassment, ridicule, humiliation, and complete loss of reputation would make resignation a not-so-bad alternative, considering that he will at that time have $15 million in the bank (if not much more).
  6. KolchakAU85

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    Best scenario: 1. This year, we barely become bowl eligible. But we do, and benefit from the extra practice. But we lose the bowl game in utter embarrassing fashion, due to a really poor offensive performance. 2. Jarret Stidham leaves town for good, right after the bowl game, via declaring for the draft, or transferring. 3. Chip Lindsey leaves AU, by some means (resign or fired). 4. We hire either Hugh Freeze or Kendall Briles to be the OC. 5. One of Joey Gatewood, Cord Sandberg, or Bo Nix becomes our next great dual-threat QB. Then Freeze or Briles are around to assume HC duties whenever Gus leaves, preferably after next season.
  7. KolchakAU85

    What if Gus resigned?

    No, but he's a real pro in negotiating deals for his clients, and I'd say he holds most of the cards here since Dr. Leath signed such a bad deal. We're desperate for change, yet we're legally committed, and he knows it.
  8. KolchakAU85

    What if Gus resigned?

    The scenario was hypothetical, assuming the specific criteria (among others) of being financially set for life. Under the specific circumstances that I mentioned (including the intense pressure and possible complete loss of reputation), I think a lot more than 1% would resign. This has unintentionally diverged into a psychology discussion. But since there's no good football to talk about, psychology is as good as anything I guess. And I don't want to make enemies. I just had a thought of Gus' resignation as a remote possibility and thought it intriguing.
  9. KolchakAU85

    What if Gus resigned?

    Good thought. A negotiated, lesser buyout. I could see that as an optimal solution. But Jimmy Sexton is one hell of a negotiator. Our new, highly touted AD would be going up against the best. That would be an interesting match.
  10. KolchakAU85

    What if Gus resigned?

    Oh, come on. Not 99%. I think you fail to consider some of my original (maybe implicit) criteria. The scenario has him already set for life financially, yet failing miserably for the next 2.5 years as a HC, at which time he would be under the most intense pressure a HC could possibly face, with his reputation almost completely tarnished. I think well more than 1% of people would resign in that situation.
  11. KolchakAU85

    What's the best case scenario for the Contract?

    I hope Dr. Leath is held accountable in an appropriate manner for someone who stepped far outside their realm of expertise and signed an average HC to an expensive seven year extension, with virtually all of the money guaranteed, thereby handcuffing the incoming AD when it comes to managing a possible fallout, that has now occurred. We can't come up with the buyout after this season, unless some rich guys pony up big time, but then they'd want a say-so in who we hired next. As much as I hate to say it, we had better just resign ourselves to having Gus next year, and we had better make a lot of noise about hiring Freeze or baby Briles as OC. I don't know how much fan expectations play into such hires, but it can't hurt if we let our voice be heard. I guess.
  12. KolchakAU85

    Two Words...Final Four

    I think this team could be in the Final Four. We have the potential to be great. We have the coaches and players to be great. But all great teams have some measure of fortune along the way (i.e. luck), and at some point we'll need that as well. We'll need the good fortune to avoid injuries to key players, the luck of a call here and there, a bounce here and there... We'll see. I'll be watching every game, I can guarantee you that. Every game. I can't wait.
  13. KolchakAU85

    Austin Wiley Injured

    I'm so glad to hear this. I hope he can ride a healthy streak after that.
  14. KolchakAU85

    What if Gus resigned?

    And don't forget, my hypothetical scenario has Gus at AU through the 2020 season. Which would mean he has many more millions than he does now. And much more pressure as well.
  15. KolchakAU85

    What if Gus resigned?

    I don't know about that. If I had $10 million in the bank, plus a salvageable career and (most importantly) reputation, I would not trade away my career and reputation for any amount of money beyond that. Is it really dumb to think that way?