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  1. KolchakAU85

    Meaning of the phrase "mighty white of him"

    You beat me to it. It was a Dirty Harry movie. I can still see that scene in my mind. I heard that terrible phrase many times in my youth. But then again I remember "White Only" signs above water coolers in Sears, circa 1969.
  2. KolchakAU85

    Bill Maher and American Political Reality

    I didn't vote in the last election, which I very much regret now. I really do. But if I had voted, it would have been for Trump. I couldn't bring myself to vote for either Hillary or Trump, because I disliked both immensely. However, I'm a believer in the "lesser of 2 evils" philosophy, so I'll vote for Trump in 2020 (or Pence if Trump is impeached), unless the dems nominate Ann Coulter or Bill Maher, my two favorite political comedians.
  3. KolchakAU85

    Bill Maher and American Political Reality

    I'm conservative as hell, but I love Maher's show, and never miss it. He's wrong most of the time, but he's funny and I like to laugh. I'm especially entertained by his "frenemy" relationship with Ann Coulter, who I like as well for entertainment purposes. She rivals Maher as a satirical political commentator/comedian.
  4. KolchakAU85

    I really don’t think we’re a bad team....

    Yeah, that's the reason Patrick Ewing had to agree to "fire" his own son when he took over at Georgetown (his son was the Director of Basketball Operations). Georgetown's "nepotism clause" prevents the head coach from having his own son on staff. I have little respect for anyone who works for "daddy".
  5. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Thank you. But Bruce is stubborn in this regard for some reason. I can't figure out why he's so enamored with Doughty - he probably couldn't start for Vanderbilt.
  6. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    I hope Bruce doesn't seem all giddy in his post game interview, after barely beating the most pathetic team in the SEC.
  7. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Vanderbilt beat themselves. We didn't beat them.
  8. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    This game is a race to see who can beat themselves first.
  9. KolchakAU85

    Post LSU

    Care to rethink that after last night?
  10. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Bryce Brown 0-for-5 shooting.
  11. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Ole Miss has only 2 turnovers.
  12. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    On my 2nd beer...
  13. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    OTOH, we're playing good D.
  14. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    We have 5 turnovers and 9 points, in 12 minutes of basketball.
  15. KolchakAU85

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Okeke needs to beat his man in the post instead of passing it back out.