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  1. Pro life here. No murdering babies allowed. Incest or rape? I don't know. I'd err on the side of caution. Which is pro life. No murdering babies allowed. Call it what it is, instead of "Planned Parenthood". I don't care what you think. Yet I do. Sort of. I'm right, regardless. I think. No, I know. I think.
  2. I'm excited about the season. First class D, good wide receivers, experienced OL, underrated RBs, and a true dual threat QB (Gatewood). I think we'll win 10+ games. But then again, I'm a sunshine pumper.
  3. If he's not completely sold on AU, then let him go elsewhere. We're not beggars anymore. We're choosers, thanks to Bruce Pearl.
  4. Yeah, I can't see Willis sticking around very long. I wouldn't be surprised to see him starting at QB at Troy or Jacksonville State in the future.
  5. I'm afraid we aren't going to keep both...they both could start at a lot of schools, and they know it. I think Gatewood will win the competition, and I don't think Nix will wait around for more than one year, if that. Bit Nix is an AU legacy, so maybe that will entice him to stay. If Gatewood wins the competition, does anyone think Nix will redshirt? Where's ol' Corch when we need him?
  6. Acknowledged. I'm an idiot. My wife wouldn't argue. Bit I'm rooting for Davis.
  7. Yeah, obviously I was wrong, and thinking about Slayton. Sorry. Too much wine tonight... But I hope Davis makes the Patriots final roster.
  8. I was referring to Davis. Anytime a junior declares for the NFL draft and goes undrafted, I'd call that "throwing away your senior year". But your opinion is just as good as mine. I'd wager if he had known he would go undrafted, he would have returned to AU for a shot at upgrading his draft status. But that's just my opinion.
  9. Hell, I hope he's gone. We need to distance ourselves from even the appearance of impropriety.
  10. Let's see if he makes the team first. I'm sure going undrafted wasn't his plan when he threw away his senior year. Belichick has a history of taking chances on players (and cutting many of them) when he has nothing to lose. And in this case, he has nothing to lose.
  11. I didn't address you first. It was the other way around. You sure are sensitive.
  12. Don't worry, you couldn't say anything that would hurt me. How about we end this silly back-and-forth and watch this game? You can have the last word.