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  1. Heron

    He may "test the waters" by asking the NBA to assess his game film, but the NBA will tell him to stay put at Auburn. He's definitely not ready for the NBA, and may never be.
  2. Men vs. Clemson

    I mean, you'd figure with the law of averages, we'd eventually start hitting shots...
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    It's hard to believe how bad we've played since the Bama win.
  4. Men vs. Charleston

    Pearl seems little excited and awkward in the post-game interview.
  5. Men vs. Charleston

    Hopefully, this is our "get the rust off" game.
  6. Men vs. Charleston

    We got it now.
  7. Men vs. Charleston

    Shot clock is off, we lead by 4
  8. Men vs. Charleston

    Go Jared!
  9. Men vs. Charleston

    Come on Bryce...get hot.
  10. Men vs. Charleston

    Okayyyyyyy...we need to get hot from 3
  11. Men vs. Charleston

    Mustapha seems to be our best player tonight. Let him take over.
  12. Men vs. Charleston

    I'm late to this party (worked late), but I can't believe how bad we're shooting, from the field, and from the line.
  13. Men vs Alabama

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're getting at. One word paragraphs aren't very informative.
  14. Men vs Alabama

    I love AU and always will, but ATM this is sickening. We've shown no life in the 2nd half.
  15. Men vs Alabama

    We out rebounded them in the first half, maybe because we hit a lot of shots and there were fewer available defensive rebounds for Alabama. I don't know. Our lack of an inside game is pathetic. They dunk over us, and we can't even get off a shot inside the paint.