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  1. I hate watching this team play
  2. Props to Chuma. Outside of him this team is so painfully bad and underachieving.... even for an Auburn team.
  3. I was thinking anywhere from a C+ to a solid B, but I think a case could be made for a D or F based on the bad OL haul. OL is arguably the most important position (group) on offense- especially ours- and we NEEDED quite a few quality guys in this class. We didn’t sign nearly enough and the guys we got are talented but not all-world day 1 starters. Getting Nix and those 2 talented backs won’t mean much if our line is garbage.
  4. Late practice tonight so didn’t get to follow game at all... how’d we do?
  5. Welp... just got home and can’t say that I’m surprised by the score
  6. I’ll never get used to bammers at Auburn games yelling row tahd from the urinals or our bowl competition shouting it after the game. It’s like I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but I am every time. The game was fun in pretty much every facet. The pain that was being emitted from the butthurt Purdue students sitting next to me (in an AU section) made it that much better.
  7. Exactly. Glad I’m not the only one who thought this.
  8. I left about 2 series into the Williscat in the 3rd quarter. That was painful to watch (play calling and execution). Didn’t get to see Gatewood but my God he can’t be worse than Willis.
  9. Soooooo turns out we’re better than Purdue at football.
  10. I don’t think it’s 5-1 from what I’ve seen so far outside the stadium. I’d say 3-2 Purdue. Maaaaybe 2-1. To be expected though
  11. Man, I’m as painfully cynical as they come and this post still rubs me the wrong way. Not wanting to go is one thing but cheering for Purdue? Damn dude