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  1. I’m so sick of his coach speak. We always have the best practices and the best players and the best matchups. Cannot stand it
  2. chimes

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Hahahaha please no. Saw OJ a good bit in HS too and poor Jalen just doesn’t quite match up.
  3. chimes

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I’m just referring to what I saw with my own eyes. Never watched any tape on him
  4. chimes

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I actually grew up with Trott and played with and against him in multiple sports. He was just a big guy who’s dad played at Auburn. He benefited from having a big frame and playing against woefully undersized competition. His older brother was 10x the athlete and I was always shocked that little bro got the scholarship offer instead of big brother. Jalen was a great pass catcher in high school. Fluid, well above average hands, and ran solid routes. He always looked like a receiver in a DE’s body to me. Unfortunately he blocked like a receiver in a DE’s body too. Weird how the script flipped when he got to AU.
  5. chimes

    Music City Bowl vs. Purdue

    Man, that is right up my alley. Really appreciate it
  6. chimes

    Music City Bowl vs. Purdue

    I was at that ‘10 Outback bowl too- what a freakin game. I agree with the others that bowl game atmospheres really aren’t the same as an Auburn home game. I’ll be in middle Tennessee around Christmas and am planning on getting some tickets. Where/when should I look for the best prices? Obviously I can go through AU tickets but didn’t know if anyone else had luck elsewhere. Also, Toragirl, any suggestions for food/anything fun to do for that morning and evening would be very much appreciated.
  7. Ellitor, I’ve been interacting with you for years now- since well before the merger - and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I think you’re a well intentioned guy but oftentimes having a conversation with you is like talking to Arnold in T2. Arnold was awesome and saved humanity and you’re definitely appreciated for the legwork you put in regarding Auburn football. That being said, sometimes I wonder if you’re really just some elaborate computer code that’s been programmed to track Auburn recruiting
  8. If this post doesn’t sum up ellitor in a nutshell then I don’t know what does
  9. What happened this weekend?
  10. I agree with most of your posts but this is over the top. I’ve worked with people who stole, lied, cheated etc. and this is not the same thing. Gus is simply incompetent. It’s maddening how much he gets paid to suck at his job but it is what it is.
  11. chimes

    Men vs. Dayton Game thread

    Those War Eagle commercials are really bad
  12. chimes

    August 2019

    Last ones to jump off are....dead?
  13. chimes

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    I can definitely respect this post and your point of view. I think the coaches really mismanaged AM and that had more to do with him transferring than anything.