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  1. WDE2829

    Gus going for it on 4th dn to open game

    I've not been the biggest fan of CGM this season, but I liked that call. In fact, I was quite pleased with a fair portion of the play calling tonight. Hopefully CGM has seen the writing on the wall with all of the heat coming down on JJ and will keep his noggin out of his bottom the rest of the season
  2. WDE2829

    Will Hastings

    He ran a great route for sure. I worry that his body won't stand up to too many punishing hits due to his size, though. It's definitely fun to watch him play. Hopefully he and JS can continue to hook up on these long balls the rest of the season.
  3. WDE2829

    AU 10 pt favorite vs Miss St

    I think that number is high, but MSU looked terrible. So maybe we can continue to click and cover that spread.
  4. WDE2829

    Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    Either way, I think we both agree that our team CAN DO BETTER. My fear is that we are going to have to endure another frustrating season.
  5. WDE2829

    Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    I wonder how long his body will hold up to the every down treatment.
  6. WDE2829

    Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    Sorry, anemic may have been a poor choice. Perhaps inept would be the more appropriate adjective. Given the 5 turnovers, we would lose to any other team in the SEC. Ball security should not be such a glaring issue right now. I don't care if Stidham puts up 1000 yards and has a perfect passer rating. If the receivers are fumbling, those stats are just message board fodder. At the end of the day, these stats don't mean a damn thing if our team isn't punching the ball across the goal line as often as they should. Points win games, stats win arguments. I'd rather win the games and lose the arguments. What about you?
  7. WDE2829

    Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    Top 10 talent? I think so. The execution just hasn't been there on the field. I'm not completely done with this team yet, but I inch closer to the edge with every anemic performance out of this offense.
  8. WDE2829

    Sean White arrested

    I'm not all tore up over this. This isn't some shocking thing for a 21 year old college kid to do. The only reason anyone is talking about it is because he's on scholarship at AU. Moving on...
  9. WDE2829

    Where is Kam Martin or Malik Miller?

    Seems like this game would've been a great opportunity to get them some game reps.
  10. WDE2829

    ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    Glad to have the win. But it sure was painful to watch at times. WDE anyway
  11. WDE2829

    Who Do You Want?

    I could see this being a great hire if he's given the time to get his feet under him. I mean, Auburn is quite a step up from UAB. However, I feel like Bill Clark is a phenomenal coach who has done well at most if not all of his coaching stops. The main question in my mind would be whether he has the guts to stick it out with the heavy handed PTB.
  12. WDE2829

    Next day...still just as angry

    Well said OP. Here it is Tuesday evening and I am still pissed about how terrible the O looked. Like others have said, it's unimaginably frustrating to lose close games like this. We should be bragging about 2 in a row against Clemson this week instead of soul searching and trying to figure out what just happened.
  13. WDE2829

    Who Do You Want?

    The "/s" denotes sarcasm. Really just being more cynical than anything.
  14. WDE2829

    Who Do You Want?

    I wonder if we could convince Rush Propst to leave Colquitt County? /s