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  1. Ceiling at Auburn is a national championship. Ceiling for Ole Miss is second in the West in years Auburn is down.
  2. It was the post-game presser, where he said something to the effect of “leave it to a bama guy to end an Auburn win streak.” That clip has somehow gotten lost in the shuffle over the years.
  3. What’s John L. Smith doing these days?
  4. If this is true, then we are about to find out how important money is to Gus. This would leave him with two choices: do what's best for the team, or coach for his buyout. Of course the problem would be that Chip Lindsey has very little experience and was hired by Gus to be his yes man, and now we need him to be a good coach, and his offense to be a good offense. Let's hope he's up to it.
  5. And on the failed pitch to Chandler Cox, our tight ends were standing still while nobody got a hat on Clemson's linebackers, which makes it clear they had no clue what to do. If the defense is going to know what play we are calling, it would helpful if at least our players knew the play as well.
  6. Bingo. We go go round and round about all the reasons for our struggles, whether Gus could ever coach or not, who gets credit for what seasons, etc. But the one thing that can't be argued is that Gus' giant-sized ego is killing us. And as I have said in a previous thread here and many times on the other board where I have posted for years, we, the folks that love Auburn, are yet again being held hostage by someone who loves their own ego and their bank account far more than they love Auburn. And it's sickening. We deserve better. But 100 X more important, our players deserve better.
  7. He still was responsible for recruiting both to Auburn and coaching them up, and designing an offense around them that utilized their talents. And he was responsible for recruiting all the other pieces around Marshall in 2013. And someone on our staff in 2010 did one hell of a job coaching Cam on his throwing; he left Auburn a much more polished passer than he arrived as. Even urban meyer begrudgingly acknowledged this in the BCS title game pregame show. That's the thing, we can't with a straight face act like Gus has never been able to coach before. The turnaround we achieved from 2008-2009 was remarkable, and the turnaround from 2012-2013 is legendary. You can't pretend those aren't part of his record or explain them away. Even if the "fluke plays" don't happen in 2013 that's still a turnaround from 3-9 to 9-3. No, it's like he's forgotten how to coach, and that's what is so befuddling. Best I can tell is that other defenses have figured him out and he has no answers, which means he was a one-trick pony, and in typical Auburn head coach fashion he hires a bunch of yes men as assistants who are way under-qualified for their roles. No doubt the guy is stubborn and has a Texas-sized ego, and that ego is crippling us.
  8. You may be right. I base my comments on his taking a huge pay cut to leave here for Arkansas State when he wasn't allowed to run his offense his way. He was so adamant about running his offense his way he was willing to cost himself a lot of money. Now the alternative to being told how to run his offense is a truck load of money. A multi-million dollar buyout, a year analyzing games for bspn, and a job at some Conference USA-type program where his offense will work and everyone will leave him alone, and he has no pressure. Vs. his current reality, where I bet even the Waffle House managers are down on him. I think we are both saying that his ego will drive whatever happens, just in different ways.
  9. And yet this is the same coach who won us our first national championship in over 50 years and played for another 3 years later, and did it at a time when bama is on their best run ever. I'm not saying that to argue your point. I'm saying that to point out what an enigma Gus us, and really what an enigma Auburn football is.
  10. I had completely forgotten we were actually ranked #9 at the time. I had also managed to block the meerkat memories. They just came rushing back to me in a flood. The score of the Tennessee game that year was more palatable and less headline-grabbing than 3-2 but it was just about as ugly.
  11. My comments considered only two options, trying to force Gus to let go of the reigns and him refusing to do so, or getting out of Gus' way and riding out the season. You present a third option, which is to fire Gus now to salvage the season. I don't argue that that isn't a viable option to consider. I just remember firing Tony Franklin in the middle of the season in 2008, and that didn't salvage our season. Different circumstances I know. If that option is on the table, you have to wonder if Gus doesn't just say screw it and take the money and run. I don't think he will allow himself to be forced to do anything. At any rate, the Auburn fan base is in a familiar spot, held hostage by a leader or leaders who care more about their own personal agendas than they do the program.
  12. Paying the buyout may not be a problem, but holding Gus' feet to the fire is. If Gus knows a pot of gold is waiting at the end of the rainbow, what leverage does anyone have to hold his feet to the fire?
  13. I actually saw this differently. I saw many times where Stidham had the opportunity to scramble and didn't, or waited too long. His hesitancy to scramble to me was just as much a detriment as his hesitancy to throw the ball. It almost looked to me like he had been coached not to run. Especially considering the fact that there were no RPO plays or QB draws called.
  14. With his buyout, ain't nobody holding his feet to the fire, they can only try. At this point I think we are better off for everyone for the sake of this season to get out of his way and let him do things his way the rest of the season, and if he fails on his own merits let him suffer the consequences for it after the season, than to engage in a week-to-week game of tug-of-war. That's what happened in 2008 and it's what's happening now, and the results are equally inept. And our players deserve better, much better.
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