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  1. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Isn't that the truth.
  2. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Malzahn? I say this because Willis is the type of QB Malzahn prefers to play. A true read option QB that is a real running threat.
  3. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    Not a pumper, but I try to be practical. There are 2 variables this year that will tone down the old Gus that frustrates the hell out of us: 1)He has his first new OC in years (that's outside his inner circle); Lashlee has been with him forever. 2)We have a new QB. I'm frustrated, but I think as the season goes on he's going to get more and more comfortable letting Lindsay call the plays. Minus the turnovers last week, we had a QB who threw for 364 yards and that's what I like to see... balance, which has been missing for years. Auburn led the league in rushing last year, but was last in passing, we need more balance and we're starting to see it. I think we over-power Mizzou, but MSU in 2 weeks will really give us an idea of where we're truly at.
  4. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I'm having a hard time coming to a decision on this issue. We played Adams against Ga Southern, keeping the RS intact for Willis. I feel confident we'll handle Missouri and Stidham will run a smooth offense; Willis won't be needed. I'm more concerned about hitting an offensive wall against MSU, similar to how we did against Clemson. I think if that happens, then Gus burns the redshirt to try and switch something up offensively. I'm interested to hear what others think. Its a very interesting situation.
  5. 2018 Schedule released

    Refreshing to see Tennessee on there, reminds me of the good old days. Now put Florida back on there and make things right again. Hopefully Coach O and Coach Bilema are still employed next year.
  6. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    38-6 AU. Missouri is giving up 442 yards per game. Pettway isn't anywhere near full-speed so I don't expect break-out runs from him. We won't have 5 turnovers again and I think we see another good passing performance.
  7. Mercer 10 Positives

    I am focusing on the turnovers more so than the score. The margin of victory would've been much higher against Mercer had we held onto the ball better. Malzahn mentioned they'd be doing ball-security drills this week, hope it shows up against Mizzou.
  8. Byron Cowart

    And Muschamp. He received valuable playing time as a true freshman, but didn't breakout like Marlon Davidson, Derrick Brown, and Monty Adams did. After it appeared he wasn't cutting it as an end, they moved him to DT to try and take advantage of his size and speed and it still didn't work out. He hasn't really seemed to take his opportunity here serious, with the silly Chuckie doll in his locker, to the Twitter post. I wish BC well and hope he finds what he's looking for. WDE BC.
  9. Byron Cowart

    Nothing to do with Malzahn, he simply didn't develop into an SEC player and kept getting outplayed by younger guys. He's had every opportunity to excel on the d-line but can't get it together.
  10. Byron Cowart

    I don't losing a defensive lineman, can never have too much depth there.
  11. Who Do You Want?

    Mason would be my choice as well. SEC experience and has turned Vandy football into a respectable program, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Class act too. DJ Durkin coached for/with Harbaugh and Meyer, very good experience and great recruiter.
  12. Where is Kam Martin or Malik Miller?

    Will we see either of these two this weekend? Also, is it possible CCL has individual plays set up for them but is being overruled by CGM?
  13. Sean White dismissed

    More worrisome is how did he manage to get arrested in Auburn, being a well-known QB, on a Saturday night when the cops could take their choice at a PI arrest. I don't think I want to know.
  14. Sean White dismissed

    I'm a big fan of his as well. He's a tough kid.. I'm thinking aloud, but maybe he can play for Kiffin at FAU? He'll be closer to his family and have the support he needs while playing for a school near his hometown. I'm really just pulling for the kid to come out on top. Good luck Sean and thanks for all you've done while at Auburn. I look forward to watching you play again. WDE.
  15. Sean White dismissed

    They better dress Stidham in a suit of armor.