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  1. TAMU's secondary is vulnerable. If we can throw then we can win. I will very surprised if we have a good running day. They held Clemson to just 120 yards rushing and they sacked Trevor Lawrence twice.
  2. TAMU's run defense is #1 in the league with 64 yards per game allowed. UGA is second with 70. I am very nervous about this game. We won't run well on them, and our passing attack isn't very good right now.
  3. Please take this idiotic opinion to 5'7" Barry Sanders and watch him laugh in your face.
  4. Thank you for posting this. The most GLARING issue I saw is we don't attack the middle of the field at all with our passing game. Its all deep passes, screens, or passes to the outside. We were moving the ball in the first half, just couldn't capitalize. Its clear we started to get a push from the o-line in the second half. All encouraging.
  5. I believe we'll own the trenches on both sides of the ball. Justin Herbert will get his yards between the 20's, but I think Oregon will have a hard time scoring. We should be able to over power them. 35-13 AU
  6. Agree 100%. If the coach doesn't know what offense he wants to run, it leads him to recruit all different types of QB's. Gatewood seemed the part for a Malzahn offense, but he got beat out. And if Bo doesn't strive in Malzahn's offense, he's not to blame. Kind of like how Stidham is thriving in Pats preseason being in an offense that fits his skill set.
  7. Bo is a very good QB. But I still worry about him producing in Malzahn's offense.
  8. I agree, pick a guy and roll with him. Use Joiner in the wildcat if needed. He's 6'3 and can jump over a house. Supreme athlete.
  9. In my opinion we should be team "QB competition." I want the best man for the job to get AU back to winning games. If its Joey great. If its Bo great. I just want to win again.
  10. And one letter off from some guy in Tuscaloosa that's been a pain in our a** for a decade. You can't make this up. Its almost like they're trolling us with this.
  11. apparently the font is called "Sabon"??? Is that for real??
  12. A couple things: the DL was solid for us last year. The OL was not until the back part of the season. So if the OL dominated the DL yesterday, then I think we could conclude the OL put in hard work this offseason, and were young/new/inexperienced/injured last season. But it sounds as if there are still issues with the OL, despite a full offseason together and staying healthy. There's still time to get better, but I don't think its unreasonable to conclude from all the information from yesterday combined with what we saw last year, that the OL still some work to do.
  13. By combining all that was said. Even our own coach said our defense dominated them. Tega admitted they got to them. Then there's all the random tidbits from insiders and people who were there. Gus even said he's not happy. I think you can reasonbly assume the line still needs a ton of work.
  14. But it sounds like they haven't improved nearly enough. Even after bringing everyone back. That's troubling and scary. I just hope they can get it together within the first 3 games.
  15. Terrible decision. Between this and moving the DSOR, its been too much this week.