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  1. We need as much help in the trenches as we can get. That's where we are being bulldozed by the other big programs.
  2. Phillip Marshall, JG Tate, and Marcello have ZERO CONNECTIONS. I’m not mad about this hire, but the above mentioned shouldn’t be listened to ever again.
  3. Thamel tweeting Bryan Harsin. Any legs or Thamel being Thamel?
  4. I 100% believe this. Rane, Harbert, Gaines all trying to act like Jerry Jones is what it sounds like.
  5. Difference is if Freeze takes on a couple coaches they want kept would be my guess. Agree. And it’s amazing how they’re bending the rules jus to keep Steele so they can walk around the sidelines acting like Arthur Blank or football owners.
  6. Lol, AU leadership won’t give Napier the program, but will give it to Freeze and his show cause. I’m about done with AU.
  7. agree. Napier will never be a AU candidate again. AU boosters and board spooked him. Same with venables and likely cristobal.
  8. I believe it to be the opposite. The BOT and boosters have caused such a mess, that they're passing it off to Greene to clean up.
  9. Because it’s a stupid plan if it was a “plan” like you’re suggesting. Why let Steele get trashed, why all the committees and drama. stay quiet, have the guy picked out BEFORE you fire the $22 million dollar man. I have 100% belief the BOT and boosters thought they knew what was best and have screwed this up, and are backtracking at Usain Bolts speed.
  10. Greene is protecting us from Rand and Harbert. Greene is a sports guy and knows his stuff.
  11. The what’s the point of interviewing these guys if we’re just leading them on as you suggest?
  12. $21 million to fire Gus just to hire another HS coach. We are a joke thanks to a few clueless rich guys on the board.
  13. This is embarrassing. Why did it so difficult for the BOT to stop meddling???
  14. Greene is no fool. If the crusty board members aren't atleast halfway letting him make suggestions, then he we can kiss the hope of another outsider AD goodbye. No one decent from the outside is going to come in just to be a smiling face and a fundraiser. It will result in the auburn good ole boy network back as AD.
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