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  1. I just wish they'd switch up the home and home with UGA/Bama. It's basically come down to Auburn having to take every other year off because its seemingly impossible to go win at UGA and Bama within a 2 week time frame. Our only chance to make a run is when we play them both at Auburn, like we did in 2017 and now in 2019.
  2. i love these videos. Glad to see the guys working hard and enjoying their summer at the same time. There seems to be much more chemistry this year than last.
  3. I think Oregon is huge. 2017 and 2019 environment's are totally different. Gus hadn't signed a massive extension in 2017. Then he lays a huge egg the next season -- maybe 70% of the fanbase has given up at this point, and ready for the next guy. He was also still living off a little of the 2013 success in 2017. Now add in the historic basketball success and baseball success of 2018, and Gus has pretty much become the third favorite coach amongst the big 3.... And he did it to himself. I'm really pulling for the guy for the sake of Auburn athletics as a whole. I'd love to have 3 championship-caliber coaches at the big 3 sports, but skeptical he's willing to adapt and change.
  4. I don't see the rankings being that far off, with maybe the exception of Oregon and LSU. But Dan Mullen won 10 games in his first year at UF last year, so they'll be better, UGA and Bama are annual powerhouses, Jimbo will have TAMU in better shape this year. Oregon:
  5. It did come out kind of backwards, but I though Greene's follow up comments cleared it up nicely. He's looking for ways to cut costs. Not because we're in fiscal trouble, but being responsible. It sounds like Greene is really focused on the big picture, which is upgrading our facilities. Time will tell.
  6. Sounds like we got some people up in here who go out to dinner every night, and have financed their $80,000 GMC Denali for 10 years at 8.50%, just to fit in. I like the suggested cuts by Greene, especially the travel cuts-- fiscal responsibility is important. If its an especially long trip, then maybe make an exception. But I seriously doubt a recruit is going to make his decision based on what restaurant he will be eating at on a road trip. Same with a bus ride -- they're all going to be on their I-Phones the whole time anyhow, plane or bus. More important is to get the football-only facility and upgrade our existing facilities! That's where players and coaches will spend the majority of their time, not at Outback in Gainesville, FL. Nevertheless, its good to see Greene sticking his neck out there and making decisions. Its the best way to judge his performance and get a read on him, good or bad.
  7. Sounds like a weak excuse, and sour grapes. Perhaps Green isn't the yes man that JJ was and its making some a little fussy at the top. Besides, Green has been stuck in a power struggle and contract mess since he arrived.
  8. Still have time possibly, right? Say Lincoln Riley heads to the NFL next year, Gus gets canned this year. Maybe he will like our new coach, and not want to move to Oklahoma if Riley isn't there.
  9. i listened to his interview on why he chose Oklahoma, and he said he connected with Lincoln Riley and Oklahoma felt like home. He also said his Top 3 were Oklahoma, UGA, and UF, but that he's happy with his decision and doesn't like the recruiting process and wanted it to be over. Also, said he can't wait to put the OU sticker on his truck lol! Seems like very grounded young man. At the very least, glad we don't have to face him in the SEC!
  10. I disagree with some of the comments in the video. Gus isn't being set up for failure, he's had years to earn trust. And if people really are hesitant to donate money because of Gus, then its unfortunate that negative stigma is going around. Donors should be viewed as supporting Auburn football and not Gus Malzahn. Gus's coaching career and the football complex are 2 separate things. Coaches come and go, but facilities have a much longer life span. And if we want Auburn football recruiting to remain competitive, then we need to get this thing built.
  11. 100% spot on. Donations/donors shouldn't be characterized as supporting Gus if they give $$$ towards the facility. Even if Gus wins 9 or 10 games this year and is retained, he's likely going to have another 7 or 8 win season the year after, if history means anything. And the facility will take years to build. We should have already been breaking ground on this project. The Gus/AU divorce is inevitable, he's lost too much support with his stubborn attitude and pathetic 2018 season.
  12. Same here. We're going to have to fork over roughly $30 million for Gus's buyout if he craps the bed again? And fund $60 million in a new facility. All in the same year?? Call me extremely skeptical. That contract has us so handcuffed. EDIT: I just remembered his buyout isnt due all in the same year, but I believe he'd still be owed $10-$15 million within a month of firing.
  13. I took the above comments as the board acknowledged and understood Gus desired to be involved in the planning/design of the facility, so they gave him a chance and asked him what his recommendations were, but he didn't do his homework on other teams facilities, and basically failed to put anything on the table for constructive brain-storming. He's made it well-known he wants the facility, but based on some of the comments here, it sounds like he doesn't have any detailed input on what he actually wants in the complex...... all in order to make his football team better (i.e. layout of the weightrooms, film rooms, medical facilities, entertainment, cafeteria, AU football memorabilia, decorations, etc.). I hope AD Greene will tour some other teams facilities to get some ideas, but this project really, really needs to happen if we want to keep up. Below is a link to Texas A&M's.
  14. That was really great to watch! Glad to see some life is being pumped back into the program, which seemed to be missing from last year. And agree, gut wrenching at the end, I'm still in disbelief. War Damn Eagle Forever
  15. Are ya'll seriously just now seeing that photo shopped pic of Gus? Its been up for months. And pops up anytime you google his name. It started sometime last season when things were going to sh*t.