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  1. Herb Hand to Texas

    Not a bad thing. Nice guy, but the offensive line took too long to develop under Hand.
  2. Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    im going to take the championship quotes as him saying he likes to win at every level.
  3. Auburn moving forward

  4. uat arrogance

    At the end of the day they know got beat by us and backed into the playoffs. We'll always have the argument that they didn't win the division to temper any arrogance about this year. We do NOT want UGA to win. Since 2010 they've been broken by the fact that we have a more recent title than they do. Alabama can chalk up another title under Saban, but we'll never here the end of it from UGA if they come out victorious. BTW, I live in Georgia lol.
  5. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    What is his actual size? He's listed at 5'10, 170lbs, but looks more like Roc Thomas.
  6. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    I've been voicing my concern about this for months now. Without KP and KJ, we really haven't developed another back to carry the load. I'm sick of seeing Gus run the wheels off a guy and failing to develop a real stable of guys who can carry it if someone gets injured. Kam Martin is quick, but small. Malik Miller seems to be just okay. Didn't see enough of Barrett to develop an opinion.
  7. Georgia Recruiting

    He's a good recruiter but he was able to take advantage of several programs that are going through changes. Tennesse, Florida, and FSU all have new coaches coming in, and they all had a bad year. I don't think it'll be the new norm to see UGA grab six 5* players each recruiting cycle. Once Tennesse, UF, and FSU get cranked up again we should see it level out more.
  8. Georgia Recruiting

    This is pretty incredible. Kearis Jackson, James Cook.
  9. 2018 4* CB Jaycee Horn

    A 3-star? 38 offers from all the best schools in the nation lol.
  10. Wiley and Purifoy

    Great point. The players are the ones hurting the most from this. It's been weeks, give them some direction about their future, don't leave them hanging.
  11. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Agree. Business acumen is important, but its the ATHLETIC department in the end. Other than her NFL job, McKenna-Doyle has never worked in athletics. Most of her career was at Disney. I want to swipe a current AD from a big university, turn-key AD.
  12. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    Not that im losing sleep over it, but with his offer list, anything other than 5-stars is laughable. Kid is a stud.
  13. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    I don't really say Cam 2.0 about anyone..... but this kid sure looks the part.... unreal. He'd do wonders in our offense. Also, he's from Franklin, Ga which is only 63 miles from Auburn. He'd be very close to family while competing for SEC/National championships.
  14. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    Didn't realize this. Thanks E.