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  1. TigerFanAU

    Can't make this up

    Same here. Wouldn't be surprised to see UAB keep it close early, then lose it in the second half strictly due to more depth of a P5 school.
  2. TigerFanAU

    Can't make this up

    And people don't want Bill Clark..... UAB has the 3rd best defense in the nation.
  3. TigerFanAU

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    Although the link I posted above is about the 2013 AU AD budget, I would imagine the percentages are similar to 2018. In 2013, the AU Athletic Dept generated $103.7MM in revenues, of which $31.8MM were donations from boosters & fans. So, roughly 30.6% of the Athletic Dept budget is supported by donations. Like I said, the article is from 2013, but I would think it's been around 30% for a while. I think I read Alabama's is a similar percentage.
  4. TigerFanAU

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    That's exactly right. Whether Gus is gone comes down to numbers. The 2012 season resulted in a 2013 net loss for the AU Atheltic Dept budget. It was the spill-over effect from a loss of revenues, donations, and ticket sales. That's why the Malzahn buyout is inexcusable. Auburn was in this same position just a few years ago. https://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2014/03/auburn_athletics_department_re_2.html
  5. TigerFanAU

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    This is roughly correct. $32mil buyout, 50% due withing 30 days. The rest to be paid out over 4-5 years. The remainder of the buyout should remain on Auburn's Athletic Dept balance sheet as a long-term liability and would result in a reduced net worth figure. It would remain "on the books" unless someone plans on writing a check.
  6. TigerFanAU

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant

    Please, please, please.
  7. TigerFanAU

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    I have saved this post. Nothing personal, but this is a bold post and I like to know which posters actually have real information, and which ones post wishful thinking. Btw, if you're going by info from the SECRant, that is basically a troll site.
  8. TigerFanAU

    2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe commits to AU!!!

    I pretty much agree, appears he and T-Will have a solid relationship. I suppose if he was headed to a different campus and just enjoying the festivities of the recruiting process then its not really an issue. But packing his bags, making the 200+ mile trip to a place he's already been before is really odd. But I guess technically he wasn't on an official visit last time and didn't get to enjoy the pampering experience that schools typically do on OV's.
  9. TigerFanAU

    2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe commits to AU!!!

    Time to start worrying? Pappoe would do great under T-Will, look at the way Steele and T-Will have developed D. Davis. But it appears he plans to visit Knoxville again. That's twice in 45 days. We have just as much playing time opportunity as Tenn does at LB, but we are a much better overall program. It's going to take years, if its even possible, for Tenn to even think about making it to Atlanta. However, OP appears to be headed back... https://n.rivals.com/news/simmons-mailbag-haselwood-pappoe-sopsher-and-more
  10. Pure speculation here.... but it's possible that the buyout talk was just that.... only talk, and Green knew that. That's why he said the "Gus will be back " comment so off-the-cuff, as in "people don't really think we're firing him and wasting all that money so soon, do they?" I have been skeptical of the buyout all along. My guess is after the Tenneessee loss, the 'worst case scenario' discussions started about how to raise the money IF the season was to tank like it did in 2012. I think Gus saved himself with the Ole Miss win and all that buyout talk probably died down amongst the top brass, and probably hasn't been talked about since. Just my guess and only trying to piece the puzzle together.
  11. This. Also, its amazing how some posters in this thread think $32 million is an easy sum of money to pay off. I understand that $15mil is due immediately, but that's still an incredible amount of money paid to one person. SOMEONE from Auburn approved that contract, and that's why we're in purgatory. I've said this numerous times, but last year after the LSU game was when Gus should've been fired. Instead Amen Corner happened and caused an epic failure in the outrageous buyout. Think of it this way, we've still never seen Chip Lindsay's true offense. We had that chance after LSU (Steele interim, Chip OC). At this point I think the fanbase has to swallow the medicine Leath and the BOT gave us and preserve the recruiting class, collect the bowl money payouts, try and get Kelly Bryant for a year, and try and get Freeze for 2 years. "Band-aid" approach for 2 seasons. The national outrage against Auburn if we were fire him after year one of his huge contract would likely be ugly. It'd be something like this: "With rising college tuition prices, increasing student fees, and college players not making a nickel for their efforts, despite the commercialization of college football, Auburn is paying one man $32 million dollars. Wreckless behavior by admin, putting athletics before education, etc...." I wanted Gus gone LAST YEAR, but it doesn't hurt to think about the financial and reputation risks to our beloved Auburn.
  12. He recognized the poor job our football team has done this year. He called Gus out saying Auburn expects to win more than just a normal program. Greene:
  13. Same here. Now we need to focus on recruiting and finishing. Meanwhile the AU admin who agreed to the contract on behalf of look like they get a free pass. Such an Auburn move.
  14. TigerFanAU

    One game doesn't fix it

    No. I didn't mean to imply that at all, not sure how you took it that way either. They're the power people with signing authority who negotiated on Auburn's behalf. Jimmy Sexton took advantage of short-sighted and emotional Leath and BOT members, who became blinded by the UGA & UAT wins. Of course there were negotiations, and Auburn's side did a poor job of negotiating his contract.