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  1. Arkansas wants Gus

    arkansas is a rough gig. He's start completely over. Best case is Gus wins the SEC and gets a raise and extension. I really don't want to go through a coaching change. Gus seems to have turned a corner since LSU.
  2. “Give it to him”

    I still cant believe the hands on slayton. great catch
  3. Its been a crazy year. I can't remember a year where so many emotions have been involved. BUT I am coming around to believing that Gus is finally showing us he knows how to coach and knows his players. Something about that LSU game has set us on a different course, and its a good one.
  4. Gus quote

    23, I don't expect a response from you, but you are spot on about Gus/Auburn being a different team since LSU. Its not even debatable. I don't know if Gus took the LSU loss to heart, or if he's mad as a hornet, or if its a learning curve as a head coach, but the last 3 games are what I and others knew Gus and Auburn were capable of (it seems since LSU he's let go of some demons that were previously holding him back). This team is very talented and can make a run. Like you said, the talent is a Top 5 team, and over the last 3 games Gus as unearthed all that talent he's amassed. I hate coaching changes, despise them. I hope Gus wins it all and earns himself a very nice pay raise and is the Auburn head coach for a very long time.
  5. end the hot seat talk

    We've certainly turned a corner since the LSU loss. I hope it broke Gus's heart like it did ours. At the least I hope he realized he can't sit on leads in this league, or in big games, its just took risky and the teams are so talented. If Gus really did take the LSU to hearth, then I do not want another coach. I hope Gus turned over a new leaf and will be our coach for several years to come. I hope bringing in a new AD will make things easier for him as well.
  6. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    I had a UGA buddy spend several hundred dollars at the last minute for him and his father to go to the game. OUCH! lol. Great review OP.
  7. Gus

    I don't. It appears we're on the verge of Gus truly turning over a new leaf. Whether you can admit it or not you can see how good we can be when he's not meddling. There's been flashes of brilliance that have been frustratingly muffled over the past 4 years, particularly in big games. Did he finally learn to coach as a head coach? Its looking like it, and I'd love to see this play out, especially with the recruiting classes he's put together.
  8. Sorry needed break from board.. I am back

    We have the talent to win the SEC and more this year. That's why I was so adamant about firing Gus after the LSU game, I simply didn't want to waste the championship-talent on this team due to a bonehead coach. BUT, I really felt like the second half of the Texas A&M game was Gus turning over a new leaf. Arkansas was an expected win, but the adjustments in the ATM game gave me alot of confidence and made me believe he learned from LSU, finally!. I hope Gus continues to trust his coordinators and game plan, even when the going gets tough. I'm not going to lie, after that first UGA touchdown drive I said "welp this is going to get ugly", but we stayed the course. Great game overall. Lets keep it going.
  9. How bad do you hate UGA

    They are the most smug fan base in the SEC, undeservedly so. I can't stand them. At least Bama has something to stand on in terms of wins. Inside they are so furious we've won a national championship in 2010. Georgia fans are just terrible. I live in Georgia.
  10. Intermediate Passes

    We threw a quick inside 7-yard curl route to hastings in the red zone and it worked out beautifully, first down and a 10 yard gain that led to an eventual score. We're going to need those against UGA's defensive line.
  11. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    The East is the worst I've ever seen it. Tough to get a read on how good UGA really is. We have to get to their young QB very EARLY and rattle him. This is a MUST. We need to lay some serious shots to him and scare him. I still see UGA as trying to play like Alabama, but they don't have the o-line that Bama has. Im quietly thinking to myself that Stidham wins us this game.
  12. Jacobs stepping down

    I've always thought we could've done better, but regardless he should've stepped down years ago. Its clear the job became too much for him with all these terrible black clouds over several athletic programs.
  13. a loss could cost job.

    All the more reason to get rid of Jacobs yesterday, last week, last month, last year...
  14. a loss could cost job.

    He could leave for Arkansas. I believe that's a real possibility. We all think its crazy, but him being born and raised there, and walking on at Arkansas, leads me to believe there's some interest.
  15. No Excuse to not beat Texas A&M

    I agree with all of this. Gus needs to stay out of the way. If we score 60+ points who cares, let the kids play and let the coordinators do their job. Gus needs to worry about winning championships and building the program.