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  1. LOL. He said it like a man that enjoys football. He didn't call any team or person out in particular. I love the confidence. I haven't seen Gus come out about the comments; if I'm a coach I'm loving natural enthusiasm to succeed and work hard. I'm sure some ya'll are equally as offended by Stidham coming out saying he believes we can win it all this year. How dare that man show confidence, he's got a target on him now. Can't wait to see Mr. Shivers suit up and play, and what a luxury to have a player in which we will never have to question his work ethic, determination, and personal motivation. WDE
  2. In case you haven't heard, Trump's zero tolerance policy is splitting up families of detainees who are crossing the border illegally. The controversy surrounds children being split up from their families. "The children are believed to be between 4 and 10 years of age, and they're crying because their parents have been detained elsewhere after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border," From ABC news
  3. TigerFanAU

    Greene VS Jacobs

    You do realize one of the biggest part of the AD's job is networking and fundraising , right? The face of the athletic department. Greene is as likable of an AD out there. It was awesome seeing him out in the crowd during basketball season loving life and cheering. He was also highly recommended by the inner circles of Athletic Departments. Also, few AD's have total control of everything revolving athletics, the board members and president have heavy influence in the decision-making.
  4. TigerFanAU

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    I really have no idea what look the Auburn administration is going for. I woulddve preferred we never had that Jumbotron because we've built onto a cheap ugly project and made the stadium uglier. The Jumbotron is concrete gray, shows the interior beams and now we have that terrible brick glued to the side of it. Sorry guys, but let's call it what it is, cheap and ugly. Maybe they can paint that gray and blend it in but that looks awful.
  5. TigerFanAU

    Starting running back today per Horton

    Exactly, or else you end up with where we're at now.... no clue on who the best back is because they weren't utilized.
  6. TigerFanAU

    Starting running back today per Horton

    I was about to say the same thing. Pettway was 3rd string at the tim, prior to Jovon Robinson being kicked off right at the beginning of the season. Went on to run for 1,200 yards at 5.9 yards per carry that year.
  7. TigerFanAU

    Starting running back today per Horton

    Frightening and sad that it took the following to finally get Gus to admit he has a problem with RB development: -Losing the SECCG because we didn't have another developed RB -Losing the Bowl game, because again, our primary RB was injured -Spring practice is over without a clear leader at RB It's like now the light bulb, or should I say stubborness has worn off and Gus is finally ready to admit he messed up BIG TIME in not developing a stable of backs for the long haul. Its hard enough getting to the SECCG, why ride just one RB in this league? Let us not forget that Gus made Pettway carry the ball 34 times, while injured, against MERCER, and Kam Martin never saw the field. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. It's hard to duplicate a KJ, but the other backs are all guys Gus recruited, so use them!!
  8. TigerFanAU

    Oddsmakers expect another ten win season

    Me too. The very least they could eliminate us having to travel to both Athens and Tuscaloosa every other year. Not even mentioning how difficult those games are, but from an economic perspective it seems like the town of Auburn suffers in the month of November because we travel to both UGA and UA with only the cupcake homecoming game (that struggles to draw attendance), and a conference game at the beginning of the month. I don't have any data to back it up, but just seems unbalanced on the surface. I also wouldn't be opposed to moving the DSOR to the first week of November when Bama/LSU play. Any additional time to heal before the Iron Bowl is important.
  9. TigerFanAU

    Devan Barrett as WR

    All these injuries, making us all nervous lol.
  10. TigerFanAU

    Devan Barrett as WR

  11. TigerFanAU

    Devan Barrett as WR

    Obviously the coaches are seeing the players everyday and evaluating, but on the surface Devan was the RB with all the tools to be an every down back: Size, speed, blocking, catching, and smarts. It seems a red-shirt would've done him well to bulk up a bit, but he's listed at 6'0, 190lbs. I just don't want to see this talent be buried in the depth chart.
  12. TigerFanAU

    Rhett comments on his departure

    I can think of additional painfully obvious games where he refused to adapt: Clemson 2017: Ran a 50% Pettway 22 times. Kam Martin never saw the field Mercer 2017: Injured Pettway 34 carries against MERCER, Kam Martin never sees the field UGA 2016: An injured Sean White plays the entire game. I realize injuries to key personnel are devastating, however the game plan's never shifted away from those injured players, and instead Gus kept doing the usual as if they're healthy.
  13. TigerFanAU

    defensive line can be 'more dominant

    I thought our defense was great last year. Plenty of 3-and-outs from our offense that kept the D on the field longer than they needed to be. Give me more of last year all day long.
  14. TigerFanAU

    Eli Stove -- Torn ACL

    Lawd, not the news you wanna hear from Spring Ball. Quick recovery Eli!
  15. TigerFanAU

    Was that CBP last game?

    I suppose Bruce should've been monitoring CP's bank accounts and phone records to catch those bank wires and phone calls to agents. The FBI didn't include Bruce, however it seems there are a few journalists and fans that are determined to .link Bruce with all this. smh.