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  1. Agree, and I don't like it. The SEC sold its soul when it expanded in 2012. Auburn was doing fine before conference expansion. The SEC caused this. It's really a shame we have to wait to play Tennessee again in 2025. For those saying its "too hard" to play UGA and Bama, then what do you want? Miss St isnt easy, LSU isn't easy, Florida isn't easy, Texas A&M isn't easy. The SEC, especially the SEC West, is the hardest conference in football. All we did with this move was trash a historical rivalry game to swap it out with another difficult opponent. Makes no sense.
  2. Hate this idea. Can't wait to play LSU and UGA back-to-back and end our season by the first week of October. They should've just switched up the home/away games against Bama/UGA before moving the oldest rivalry in the South. I swear conference expansion has done nothing but damage to the history of the SEC. Think about it, we don't even play UF or Tennesse anymore, but we play Texas A&M every year. Just sick to my stomach about this. A cold and frosty DSOR is one of the staples of my life and its gone.
  3. Some Auburn and some from other schools (UT, FL). The chatter is Kirby negatively recruits his ball$ off. Makes up lies and talks crap about other programs. I don't think it's hard to believe either. In no way, shape or form, should Justin Fields have signed with UGA. Fromm was a Freshman and Jacob Eason failed to beat him out, Fields wasn't going to either. But $omehow Kirby convinced Fields that UGA was right for him. It failed and its already backfiring and making the conference look bad (racism, unfair treatment of athletes, Al Sharpton getting involved). Like someone else said, it depends on how many toes Kirby steps on, but it doesn't appear that Kirby is earning the trust of the power brokers like Saban has. It has a very wild feel to it, similar to Freeze and Ole Miss. Juvenile.
  4. I don't know. From several forums, it appears Kirby is really burning some bridges amongst some other coaches. I don't know the unwritten rules when it comes to coaches and recruiting, but it sounds like Kirby is breaking them.
  5. Don't forget that bag of trash trying to run up the score on us last year too. Pretty sure Gus didn't appreciate that. I want that program to get busted.
  6. I'm laughing at people saying he may not qualify. Kirby just snuck a crap load of cash to Pickens and his family without getting caught. Getting him to qualify isn't an issue.
  7. thats exactly what happened. God I want Kirby to get busted so bad. The guy is cheating his backside off while burning bridges in the process.
  8. Absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous. Terrible job by the coaching staff on this one.
  9. Guess its too much to ask of our staff that they recruit actual offensive lineman.
  10. I had a geology class with Cadillac and Brandon Cox, and Cadillac was as nice and humble of a guy as you'll ever meet. There I was, a random student, and the best RB in the conference wasn't too good to talk to me. Some younger folks may not realize just how down in the dumps Auburn was after Bowden left. We were hurting bad. When Caddy came to AU it was a like a new energy hit campus. I'm sure he has a learning curve as far as recruiting sales pitch, but he has good support around him. I'm really excited to have him back. One other thing, Cadillac signed a $30+ million dollar contract when he was drafted, so he's most likely not broke and needing work. Also, he went back and finished his degree after a decade of NFL football. That being said, its obvious his heart and mind are in the right place.
  11. very happy to see this. Playing a P5 at the beginning of the year has done very to little overall good.
  12. This thread needs to move or die. Can't believe its still on the front page here.
  13. Not sure where Slayton will land. He has all the tools, but certainly had his own problems catching the ball this year. That's not Kodi's or Gus's fault.
  14. Deshaun is a great player and an even better person. He has coaching in his future. Players will do well both on and off the field under his guidance.