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  1. Eli Stove -- Torn ACL

    Lawd, not the news you wanna hear from Spring Ball. Quick recovery Eli!
  2. Was that CBP last game?

    I suppose Bruce should've been monitoring CP's bank accounts and phone records to catch those bank wires and phone calls to agents. The FBI didn't include Bruce, however it seems there are a few journalists and fans that are determined to .link Bruce with all this. smh.
  3. Tony Barbee

    Barbee is such a child.
  4. Was that CBP last game?

    Yes, he'll be back, along with the other head coaches who had assistants dabbling in schemes for their own PERSONAL gain, not the university. Honestly, I find this poll and thread to be poor form.
  5. Practice stock report after week 1

    You should be looking at at over the course of 12 months rather than individual training sessions. Sure they could go 2-3 weeks straight, but why do that? August-January: Summer practice, regular season, bowl game March-April: Spring practice That leaves February, May, June, and July as the only months without formal practices. This method keeps the players minds fresh, and gives the feeling of year-round football so they don't become complacent. It keeps the players on the field the longest throughout the year. The goal isn't to grind them during spring but teach a basic foundation.
  6. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    I remember when Ole Miss started landing 5* recruits under Hugh Freeze, I kept asking myself HOW and WHY out of nowhere they became a recruiting powerhouse. Well, now we know. UGA landing the near top recruiting class of all time, with the little historical success they've had is billowing smoke in my opinion.
  7. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    Agree, looks like a wide receiver first who happens to be extremely fast. Catches the ball cleanly in all the different routes he runs.
  8. Hurts wears auburn jersey

    LOL, is this for real? Is there a part in the video where Jalen set the Auburn jersey on fire? There must be based on this reaction. Its good light-hearted fun. Him putting on the Auburn jersey was plenty. Imagine Stidham wearing an Alabama jersey, no thanks! Props to Sir Charles and Jalen for keeping the rivalry respectful.
  9. Deshaun: "We've got to finish"

    Love it. Man is on a mission.
  10. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    I've read chatters about it as well. And its VERY interesting the kid is going to choose to sit behind Fromm for years, when he could've likely started at several SEC schools.
  11. Whitlow like a Pettway and Kerryon mix

    Gus is being lazy. He could very well train up the other backs, just gets comfortable and would rather not deal with it. The offensive wizard has been retired.
  12. SEC Postseason Honors

    All this. It's absolutely ridiculous how Bruce and our players were treated with these awards. Borderline cowardly and petty of the other SEC coaches. But that's fine, lets use it as motivation and keep on winning.
  13. What Gus Malzahn said about the 2nd day

    the best news in the whole article.
  14. Malik Willis looks like a starter

    I didnt see anyone say bench Stidham. Its okay to be excited about a player.
  15. 2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    Me too. He has the build for it, now just needs the reps.