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  1. They'll be in the playoffs again next year. He's built an elite program. Go look at his recruiting class this year. Clemson will be relevant for a long time unless Dabo leaves. Auburn was supposed to be Clemson back in 2013, but Gus got away from what worked.
  2. Our offense was lethargic. Boring and awful to watch. LSU brought in Joe Brady and won a national championship. Please can we get rid of Gus, I'm tired of watching his boring and outdated offense.
  3. Spot on here. Gus doesn't know Henson, so mark him off. I'm prepared for an underwhelming hire, and it'll be someone Gus used to coach with or coached when they were a player under him.
  4. Just now seeing this news about JB leaving, and I'm surprised I'm this apathetic towards it. Guess I'm numb at this point and fully expect multiple losses due to poor offense again next year.
  5. im so ready for gus to get fired mid-season next year. He's a freaking embarrassment, and finding new and creative ways to embarrass Auburn. WE LOST TO DANG MINNESOTA!
  6. Love this pickup. Bama is super salty about this, which makes it better lol!
  7. As can I, however there are 2 top rated OT's in Georgia in Ratledge and Jones, and we have an open spot for one of them. Missing on top OT talent that's in our backyard has become a very common and bad trend over the years.
  8. This is hard for me to comprehend as well. O-Line is one of the more difficult positions to develop. Why would Gus not heavily recruit all the 4-5 star OL, rather than evaluate lesser known recruits in hopes they'd fit his offense?
  9. I'm sure Grimes has another one waiting in the wings to replace Cohen.... *sigh*...
  10. Very happy with this hire! Could be exactly what Gus needs on offense, a support system that he trusts.
  11. I want the Cotton vs Memphis/Cincinatti. The easiest path to 10 wins, and a NY6 bowl over Bama. Would be a great ending. Dont give a rip about beating Michigan in the Outback Bowl.
  12. he's not getting fired. And ADAG didn't say anything very catchy or interesting TBH.
  13. I feel like this is where Gus is getting Auburn into trouble. He gave up on the run against Florida, LSU, and UGA and it cost us. I realize all those teams have good run defenses, but we needed to keep pounding the ball on the ground.
  14. Hopefully the final "holdouts" finally saw the light this season. I researched it and the defense ranked 6th in most plays played this season in all of FBS, all while maintaining the 13th best yard per play average in all of FBS. An elite defense that spent entirely too much time on the field due to an offensive genius who couldn't figure it out.