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  1. Is this really ever going to happen under Burns tutelage? How many years has he been there and nothing changes..
  2. Why do you talk like we the fans have any power to fire Gus? If we did we would have done it several years ago. Give it a rest!
  3. 1975 Bama game at Legion Field Shug's last game.
  4. Do you have any other fairy tales you could share with us today?
  5. The conversation is about GM's bowl record of 2-5 not about the most recent bowl game. Try to keep up.
  6. Who? Kodi? I agree who should Gus hire?
  7. The parallels between this "affluenza" POS and the Bramblett killer are kinda sickening. Sorry if bringing this up makes you want to vomit.
  8. They didn't want to win it that badly after all. Gus sure didn't.
  9. The D sucked in this game and the Bama game so don't make out like KS is superman.
  10. The man said in the presserwhen asked about the offense this year that it was "solid". You just ignored that little tidbit but thats not surprising.
  11. Lets hope the parallels to 2006 continue and we are looking for a new coach 2 years later. 2020 woud be nice but we would probably have to suffer through a miserble season for it to happen that soon.
  12. You are going to continue to be lectured but only if you allow it. Boundaries!
  13. I don't agree that AU had the toughest schedule in the country. Maybe its in the top 5 or whatever but to me S Carolina and Texas A&M had the toughest.
  14. I don't understand it at all. My post earlier that mysteriously got yanked by a butt-hurt mod tried to get into this subject but I guess its off limits here????
  15. Fifty needs a lot more than a beer. Apparently the weed isn't getting it done,