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  1. So who wants to keep him now?

    Even if we are in the playoffs and the nattie? Thats a bit unrealistic.
  2. 3 point underdogs right now to bama

    I do not recall the final scores but Oklahoma drubbed Bama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl and Tubs waxed Sabears 2002 LSU team
  3. Gus

  4. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Keep it up Tigers at JHS make it jet engine loud when the mutts have the ball all 2nd half!
  5. Sportscall

    If we lose to Arky I hope the players stay away from social media cause the fanbase is gonna get really UGLY!
  6. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    I don't buy that. Would you be a reluctant yes-man if it meant you could be unemployed in a few months?
  7. realistic expectations

    All of us sane fans feel the same way. Time for a change!
  8. realistic expectations

    The author of the article was probably a "kid" or not even born during the post-Bryant years. He is a fool for making it sound like turmoil ruled throughout that period.
  9. realistic expectations

    If Pat Dye's teams had played 12 regular season games a year like we have been doing since the mid to late 2000s the average for those years you quote would have likely been higher!
  10. New Gus Theory

    What would be wrong with Muschamp after we run Gus off. Doesn't he appear to be a better HC with several years of experience behind him?
  11. Last Chance

    Your mindset is the reason AU Football is stuck in mediocrity!
  12. How bad was it? This illustrates it

  13. I Love Auburn

    Can't just throw our hands up and "Woe is me" put up with this garbage. Its time for a change!!!
  14. I Love Auburn

    Not me I am fed up with the Ron Zook- type incompetence.
  15. 17 consecutive first down runs

    Who is talking to the PTB about the real problem?