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  1. We might just be a basketball school after all! WAR EAGLE! WAY TO GO BRUCE AND TEAM!!
  2. Slow? Not hardly check out the news today from Nashville!!
  3. In the words of the legendary Neil Diamond: "Good times..gotta make em"
  4. Entire D? What about the 3 starting linebackers leaving?
  5. Kinda like 2004 national championship that USC vacated. No number one anymore, AU highest-ranked at #2.
  6. woo hoo we are no longer 0-8 for the 2012 SEC season!!.
  7. Definitely an anti-AU bias especially that Conor blowhard.
  8. Did not answer the question as usual.
  9. Posts like yours its always best to skip to the closing remarks to understand what your mojo is. The snarky tone (which is in pretty much every post) tells us you give Gus on a regular basis. You are the lone Gus apologist that merely confirms our majority opinion that Gus is driving the program downward by poor planning and/or bad hires. need for that crap....edit
  10. From another board, someone quotes Marcello as saying Bell to AU.