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  1. Wish I had been in a position to have met coach Dye. His Players and coaches must be treasuring their memories of him more than ever today. Rest in Peace Coach Dye.
  2. Get better soon coach Dye. You da man!
  3. Has E'Town been officially laughed off of this site? If not may I have the honor?
  4. Its coach Dye not coach Die. You did know that right? That was a very satisfying game. I had it on VHS tape for a few years.
  5. So which game will be a night game? Kentucky?
  6. Just what we needed to hear at this difficult time right? The POS is out of treatment, at home under all kinds of restrictions including an ankle monitor. Probably gets his regular nickle bags delivered thru a cut open screen
  7. Prayers for 72 that God will reach out and bless him and his family in a very special way!
  8. Good memories of that season and the last really good Pat Dye team
  9. If CGM cannot get us a win over UGA this year then he needs to go ASAP. ASSUMING THERE IS A SEASON!
  10. Don't forget the rematch in 2017. Totally choked by not having another RB ready when it was obvious Kerryon was injured.
  11. Just seeing this thread. Sorry you have to go thru this E will be praying for your mom that she has a mild case and gets over it soon.
  12. Like everybody else I don't know what things will be like in late August but I do predict a lot of the first games of the season will resemble last years Florida-Miami game i.e. a lot of sloppy play!
  13. You cannot have any of mine so don't ask me. Nyaah Nyaah!