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  1. Those Dye teams of the eighties were pretty #$% good for sure but sometimes they would lose to inferior teams. See 84 Bama game and 86 Florida game for proof.
  2. Dan Mullen appears to be losing control. This was not a good week in Gville!
  3. Its a good time for this kind of AU football discussion as there is no football news right now. I always learn something I did not know from these discussions. Heck I wasn't even alive in 57!
  4. ChltteTiger


    Keep fighting 72 we are all rooting for you!
  5. MSU did not have to pass we let them keep moving the chains on the ground!
  6. Will be interesting t see what comes out of the roundball investigation, whether that changes NCAA modus operandi.
  7. I wish I had shed tears but mainly just groused. Had to take a sleep aid!
  8. We did not choke let those folks saying that choke on their #$%% vomit!
  9. Emmert probably has something to do with it.
  10. disappointed but proud of this great team of Tigers!!
  11. Indeed why not AU 2019 Mens BB national champs?
  12. Living the dream.. football team what football team? lol!!
  13. You saying we have no chance to win two more? Naah!