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  1. Top Ten Comebacks in Football History

    A game that will live in our hearts forever :-)
  2. UGA will be favored in every RS game next season except MAYBE AU, unless something unpredictable happens like a scandal or crazy number of injuries.
  3. Prayers please

    Sorry for your family to have to deal with this. Prayers being offered!
  4. Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    When you have talking heads like PF and Laura Rutledge who don't know a thing about playcalling, scheming, etc then to fill the time until a good interview comes up they love to stir the pot.
  5. do we make top 10

    Amazed we made the Top 10. I would have had us just a notch below. I wonder if any team has ever finished in the Top 10 with 4 losses. I seriously doubt it but then look at what we accomplished to deserve it!
  6. Bama vs Georgia

    sounds vaguely familiar. Auburn?
  7. Bama vs Georgia

    Was he crying?
  8. Bama vs Georgia

    Its been gone pretty much since the end of the 20th century. The younger generation is mostly into crap.
  9. Auburn Lost a Good One on Tuesday

    May you know God's peace as you deal with the loss of your Mother.
  10. Holland going pro

    We would be better served to build for a 2019 title run by playing the younger QBs next year. If Stidham want to leave well don't let the screen door hit you.
  11. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    If nobody cared why did we even play in the game? Ridiculous...
  12. Season in review

    Oh ok we as fans should accept this roller coaster crap as ok because we might lose a recruit? Makes sense to me.
  13. irritation about our fan base

    Alabama fans are the epitome of delusional entitled spoiled brats. Who cares what they are ranting about!!
  14. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    My perspective is unless you watched UW play multiple games this year then you would probably have no real idea how they stack up against us. But theres nothing wrong with picking our early 2018 record its just innocent fun.
  15. Coaches

    Can't get in his head but it seems to me that disappointed unmotivated feeling should have only lasted a few days after the SECCG not all the way up to the Peach Bowl.