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  1. Are you counting basketball games or something? That cannot be right in just football. We have won 3 of them since national title season.
  2. 2015 was one regular season loss away from a "wheels come off" type season. Nobody was excited about the Birmingham Bowl but the win there gave Gus a winning season. Apparently Jacobs thought everything was fine and dandy?
  3. I kinda think from all I have read here and observed in general over past 5 years or so that the biggest problems with Gus are roster mismanagement (mainly the offensive line) and not playing to the strengths of your team (on offense).
  4. 1.) Barfield 2.) Got to attend Shug's last game the 1975 Iron Bowl with AU grad family members, I attended AU starting in 1978 and even though Barf's teams were not very good I still got hooked 3) So many great games since Dye took over. Top 4 are the 89 Iron Bowl, 82 Bo Over the Top, 2013 Kick Six and 2010 BCS National Title Game
  5. What is P Marshall saying since the UGA loss? Anything of value? His commentaries prior to the season were pretty negative about the whole situation.
  6. So being unhappy with Gus has turned you into a troll? Nice.
  7. It feels a little like the Barfield years at this point. Gus has obviously accomplished more than Barf did with the 2013 SEC title and title game appearance (there was no SEC Title during Barfield's time but a Barf team would not likely have won a division anyway.) Barfield got fired for a winless SEC record in 1980. Gus worst SEC record so far was 2-6. How much weight do we give Gus for 2013? To me 2013 is getting further and further in the rear-view mirror. Get on the bus Gus. to Arkansas.
  8. Stupidity masking as arrogance. Hopefully the dude disappears under his rock for another season.
  9. Kinda surprised there are not many recruiting posts lately. I know there has only been the one recent commitment the JUCO OL. Isn't an early signing date coming up in early December? Does anyone hear anything about how the teams (cough) underwhelming record might be playing with any undecideds at this point?
  10. Totally unrelated but.. the Panthers suck this year AGAIN!
  11. I have not seen any posts this season by the "usual suspects" saying they agree it is time to get rid of Gus. Instead what I have seen is stupid posts calling the rest of us "disloyal" or today saying we are driving away recruits.
  12. Oregon is overrated they play in a defense-optional conference. You know that so don't pretend they are world beaters. Defense rules in the SEC . Gus cannot scheme a good game against a solid SEC defense.
  13. Nothing would come of it. Gus has had many, many opportunities since that ill-fated BCS game to reconsider his approach. Nothing really has changed.
  14. He may be unemployed but he will be set for life.