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  1. AU plays Tenn at home and S Carolina down the road from me at Williams-Bryce. I believe they said schedules will be announced tomorrow.
  2. 5 losses in a year with fewer games would be disastrous. I would be thrilled if we ended this season as high as #11. (Well as long as there are no blowout losses)
  3. Plenty of folks have been listening to the radical leftist ideas (obviously that is what you are refering to as outside thoughts and ideas) for so long now that we now have identity politics, non-binary gender and about 1000 other totally whacked out social policies taking over this once great country. But I am glad you can sleep at night being WOKE and all.
  4. He has no business trying to "educate" our young people. He is only there really to indoctrinate.
  5. Why does this clown's Twitter screed have anything to do with how conservative AU is or isn't? He shouldn't keep his job even if he was on Columbia's faculty.
  6. Like most sociopaths ol' Harve was eat up inside when he stopped getting the attention he was used to. Maybe thats what killed him. Good riddance creep!
  7. That was a fun game if you like offense, no doubt. I seem to recall Spurrier was constantly going for it on 4th down, and making it.
  8. If AU is willing to travel to N Carolina (say, Charlotte) then its doable. Its all in the details, and the $.
  9. Two biggest reasons for the spike that started in June: 1. A bunch of leftist immunologists made a statement regarding the BLM protests that it is ok for folks to get out there and raise hell on the streets of our cities because controlling the pandemic would have to take a back seat to BLM. 2. Young people heard that and decided "what the hell" and did whatever they liked from that point on. DJT had nothing to do with any of that but keep spouting your never Trump b.s.
  10. You need to be aware anything uttered from Aubie Fifty is going to literally scream of hypocrisy and idiocy. Arguing with him will only put you on high blood pressure meds (so not worth it).
  11. None of those 5 bullet items are marks of the anarchist liberals (I assume you are one of them) who now run the democrat party. Not a single one..