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  1. Lets Go was always my Cars favorite (Benjamin Orr did the lead vocals, we lost him a number of years ago)
  2. Who were the great WRs in 2006? My memory is hazy but it seems like we mainly won because of defense that year.
  3. I don't consider myself a "downer" (although like most everyone else I was down on Gus last season) but what exactly does 2010 and 2013 have to do with where we are now and the issues Gus faces? No, I am not going to recite the issues everyone knows what they are by now.
  4. Is there any evidence to suggest Nix can take a pounding? Just wondering. He certainly isn't as big as JG.
  5. You have posted every other post since at least the end of the game. That concerns me.
  6. Do you always have to have the last word?
  7. Hey Mama Worm your son doing very well tonight!
  8. We doing what we supposed to be doing tonite!
  9. So for those of us looking for a Seth update we should look elsewhere? 🥺
  10. Apparently you did not carefully read the original post and my reply; we are talking about a hypothetical 5 year average. Pat Dye certainly averaged at least 9 wins a year from '82-'86 (47-14 record) and likely did even better later on when we won 3 straight SEC titles. I believe Tubbs also managed 9 wins a year from 2002-2006.
  11. If Gus can manage 10 wins a year for the next 5 years in the toughest division in CFB they should probably name the stadium after him! I would like to "realistically" see an average of 9 wins a year with at least one outstanding (12 or more wins) season mixed in.
  12. Probably not but either of those two would probably have found a way to coach AU to victory in the 2017 SECCG.
  13. We had to go to OT against a sunbelt-type team early in 2015. You can blame it on the QB issues but that kind of scare should not have happened but it did.