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  1. I am missing something. Did this kid have a restricted license? What were the restrictions? Was he defying any of them? If the answer is he had an unrestricted license then all this arguing about whether he should be treated as an adult is horse-pooey.
  2. There is no double standard here that is just something in your head. Spare us please.
  3. Neither one of those would apply if this had occurred in such a state. Whats your point? Common sense is optional as long as you follow the law?
  4. W should definetely let the perp off the hook but REMIND HIM he wet his pants big time on this one!
  5. only because some on here have weird points of view.
  6. THIS IS NOT BOYS BEING BOYS! If we as a society really believe that then a 16 year old boy has NO FREAKING BUSINESS BEHIND THE WHEEL!! Let them mature a few more years.
  7. NO it is NOT! Anybody who believes this kids "alibi" is seriously out of touch with reality!
  8. Please stay in Tennessee and far away from roads near me. Too many careless drivers causing problems for the good drivers.
  9. He may be ok during preseason but he is too in-your-face at other times.
  10. Please take your personal vendettas elsewhere.
  11. You Only Live Twice has always been special to me. Bond 'dying' in the first five minutes just blew my 8 year old mind lol. The theme song by John Barry was fantastic as well. Miss Sean Connery he seems to be retired from film and living the good life as he should!
  12. ChltteTiger


    Thanks for posting about your condition 72. We are all praying for you to beat this mean ol' cancer. Give 'em hell brother!