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  1. What is the key to an IB win?

    Keeping our special teams, aside from extra point squad, off the field. When you think about it special teams average about 20 percent of plays during a single game. This scares me to death this year because our ST play has been the worst I can remember in over 45 years of AU football. That said....War Eagle and Beat Bama
  2. Tuberville on SEC Network

    Maybe you don't understand what a GOOD receiver is supposed to do. A GOOD receiver -runs sharp accurate routes making cuts on a defenders non plant foot to gain separation. -blocks well downfield and holds his blocks to allow long gainers by RB's once they break into the second level - lastly, and most importantly, a GOOD receiver catches the fricking ball...each and every time it hits them in the hands. It doesn't bounce off their doesn't hit the ground after hitting them in the doesn't get caught against the body but out away from the body with the hands....all bad habits various receivers on this squad have done/shown. Yes...they have POTENTIAl...but potential doesn't catch the ball for them. Practice and having soft hands does. I won't EVEN get into how some of our supposed "beastly" receivers, with all the size and speed to be NFL prospects (according to some in our camp) are out fought for slants and posts by far lesser db's.'s called screening gentleman...using your body to keep the defender at a disadvantage while allowing yourself to be in better position for the catch and/or a PI penalty for the defender attempting to go through you to get to the ball. But these things require coaching from a legitimate wide receivers coach...not a nice guy who moved to receiver for one season (a season where he had a whopping 11 catches and 1 TD mind you) and who happens to be one of the current HC's pet assistants. But I digress
  3. thoughts on backfield

    The problem with the way we have been running it are the personnel utilized on the goal line situations. Does any defensive player really believe that Stidham, in motion, will get the hand-off from KJ? Of course's a worthless fake that fools absolutely no-one. Now replace Stidham with Stove, or Willis, and then you have a run or run/pass threat. But having Stidham motion to freeze an LB from crashing the line is as useless as tits on a boar hog. Nobodies buying it whatsoever. Against Mizzou several of the WC runs were nearly blown up in the backfield because not a single LB/Safety was buying the fake and merely crashing the line at the snap. One of KJ's TD's was only because a d-back missed a wide open tackle which should have gone for a 5 yard loss on the play instead of a TD. On another the play was designed to go to the right side, but Mizzou.(MIZZOU people!) had way more defenders at the point of attack than we had blockers. That play as well would have gone for another 4-5 yard loss inside the 5 but for KJ's cutback, which he did on his own, to score. Yes... the stats say the WC did exceptionally well last Sat. Reality and a rewatch of the game shows at least 3 ,if not 4, of those WC TD's would have gone for big losses inside the Red Zone against any reasonably talented defense. I guess we will find out this Sat.against Miss St...but don't expect the WC to work worth a damn unless Gus and Chip make adjustments in both personnel and philosophy when running it.
  4. All great points. One thing I saw on replay was Barrett should have had a TD on that first swing pass, and would have if not for an intentional trip by the defender that had been taken to the ground. It was clear as day and an absolute crapshow by the refs for missing that call.
  5. AUF Anglers

    She was somewhere between 7 and 8, probably closer to 8. Pic looks a little deceptive because I'm 6 ft and around 240 these days. I'll say this, in spring with a full load of eggs and a full belly she would probably have been knocking on the 10 lb door. Easily the biggest mouth on one I had ever caught and I've had maybe 50 or more in the 7-8lb range. Released her back to make some more baby hawgs in the future. Pond is next to my best friends house in Harris County,Ga. He was telling me there weren't any more big fish left in there about 5 minutes before she hit.
  6. AUF Anglers

    Good one that tried to take my Whopper Plopper away from me in late July