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  1. RHN1975

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    5. 2000 Beating them at home in our first trip there. Sitting two rows under the upper deck dry as a bone while all the Tide Pride folks around us were miserable. Winning the west at their house after hearing two old guys talk about tradition for three hours was the icing on the cake. 4. 1993 Watched on the screen at Bryant Denny. The joy of watching Nix to Sanders and seeing the reaction of the place when Bostic broke his run was amazing. 3. Camback 2. Bo over the top 1. The "Kick 6". I am an AU fan because of Bo over the top but 2013 tops it for me. We were in St Augustine, Fl at my sisters for Thanksgiving with my family. My sister and parents are huge bama fans so my brother-in-law and myself decided it would be best to watch it at a local sports bar. We met a friend of his there to watch the UF-FSU game before ours and all of those fans stuck around for the real game. Basically this was a bar full of Gators and 'Noles plus the two of us and one obnoxious bammer (Can't avoid them). On the plus side everyone hates bama so it was a friendly crowd. As it came down to the end and saban got his one second back I was sure we were about to have a Tiffin moment but felt good that if he missed we had it in OT. When the kick came up short there was a big cheer and then the unexpected happened and the place went nuts. It was one of the best atmospheres ever.
  2. RHN1975

    facing #1 teams football and basketball

    Our football Tigers are experts at hitting 3's. Too bad threes in football do not help like basketball.
  3. RHN1975

    Mark My Word 2018

    Mark my Word: bama winds up 3rd in the west. Massive QB controversy destroys the chemistry in the locker room
  4. The sad thing for the rest of the country is AU can finish 6th in the SEC and still host a regional and have a shot at a super.
  5. RHN1975

    Softball Recruiting Areas

    That situation would be the only reason Clint Myers was at AU. Granted a person with that particular organization has done a ton for AU softball and as a fan I am very appreciative. The softball world is also a very small place where you see and hear things that you can't and won't repeat. I will just say I enjoyed the heck out watching Coach Myers build the program and seeing the success but I also am very glad that era of AU softball is in the past.
  6. RHN1975

    Softball Recruiting Areas

    Just had another commit from the Bandits. A 2022 infielder, Taylor Pannell. I guess after the disaster of our Bolts connection brought us we have now moved to using the Bandits as our feeder club since our new hitting coach coached for them.
  7. RHN1975

    Demographic Curiosity

    42 Male Birmingham area (North of town) Went to USA and UAB. Been a AU fan since Bo and my first football memory is watching Bo over the top on a 13" black and white TV.
  8. So a program in basically it's first year lost to a program in year 3? I think it's very explainable. Before the season that game would have been considered a toss up as most thought UAB might win two games, Alabama A&M and maybe Rice. It didn't hurt to have Spencer Brown emerge as a monster RB. He was a stud in HS against good competition and all around good kid with grades but had 1 single offer and that was to UAB. We could use a fast 6' 235lb back at AU.
  9. I don't have a problem with Gus being nominated but having Bill Clark left off the finalist make this award a joke. There is no one in this country that can touch the job Clark did this year reviving a program and putting it in a bowl.
  10. RHN1975

    Most Wins last 100 seasons

    The link has write up on a couple of big games from the year. I was very surprised to see SMU/TCU produced 677 yards of total offense and 42 first downs. I know Sammy Baugh was great but he attempted 43 passes in the game. I didn't know they ran any offenses that were that wide open back then.
  11. RHN1975

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    100% agree with this point but let a sex scandal, discrimination lawsuit or FBI probe into another sport pop up and see how important they are. Let the people hired to handle the football team handle it and support them 100% while laying out clear expectations. It is much easier to manage because of the media scrutiny football gets at a large school. It is the other sports without as much attention that can cause major issues for a university.
  12. RHN1975

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    At the same time what does having AD experience have to do with dealing with internal investigations? Just because you have experience does not mean you have dealt with anything like what is going on at AU. I have been in leadership in the same industry for 21 years and see something new every week.
  13. RHN1975

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    The won-loss record was not the only problem with Jacobs. Many of his problems came from other management issues outside of actually sporting events. Just because someone is a "professional" AD does not mean they will make good hires. Take a look at the situation UT just went through with their professional AD. The key to insuring you have success on the field/court is hiring the right people and knowing when someone is not right and it's time to move on. A well ran organization with a true leader will be successful on the field. I want a leader that will take a hands off approach and let the coaches coach while giving them 100% of the support they need. Give them the tools and make it clear it is their responsibility to be successful. No AD can be 100% involved in managing the 19 teams that AU fields across all sports. They may know football but what about basketball, baseball, or softball. There is no way for anyone to know everything about every sport so the right leadership will rely on the people under them to be successful.
  14. RHN1975

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    As much as is said about college sports being about student-athletes we all know that is a stretch. College athletics have become a business and it is a business to entertain fans and promote the university. She has stints at Disney, Universal, and the NFL which are all top tier entertainment companies.
  15. RHN1975

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I don't think fundraising is as an important role for and AD as we like to believe. Who is the head fundraiser at bama? I can promise it isn't Greg Byrne. He is the guy running the dept but the money comes from the short guy running the football program. I highly doubt even 50% of a successful AD's time is spent worried about fundraising and it's probably down around 10% at best. If they are worried more than that about raising capital we have a major issue.We have 4 or 5 departments related to generating money through gifts and ticket sales. The AD's big worry about fundraising is having the right people heading these departments.