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  1. So a program in basically it's first year lost to a program in year 3? I think it's very explainable. Before the season that game would have been considered a toss up as most thought UAB might win two games, Alabama A&M and maybe Rice. It didn't hurt to have Spencer Brown emerge as a monster RB. He was a stud in HS against good competition and all around good kid with grades but had 1 single offer and that was to UAB. We could use a fast 6' 235lb back at AU.
  2. I don't have a problem with Gus being nominated but having Bill Clark left off the finalist make this award a joke. There is no one in this country that can touch the job Clark did this year reviving a program and putting it in a bowl.
  3. Most Wins last 100 seasons

    The link has write up on a couple of big games from the year. I was very surprised to see SMU/TCU produced 677 yards of total offense and 42 first downs. I know Sammy Baugh was great but he attempted 43 passes in the game. I didn't know they ran any offenses that were that wide open back then.
  4. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    100% agree with this point but let a sex scandal, discrimination lawsuit or FBI probe into another sport pop up and see how important they are. Let the people hired to handle the football team handle it and support them 100% while laying out clear expectations. It is much easier to manage because of the media scrutiny football gets at a large school. It is the other sports without as much attention that can cause major issues for a university.
  5. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    At the same time what does having AD experience have to do with dealing with internal investigations? Just because you have experience does not mean you have dealt with anything like what is going on at AU. I have been in leadership in the same industry for 21 years and see something new every week.
  6. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    The won-loss record was not the only problem with Jacobs. Many of his problems came from other management issues outside of actually sporting events. Just because someone is a "professional" AD does not mean they will make good hires. Take a look at the situation UT just went through with their professional AD. The key to insuring you have success on the field/court is hiring the right people and knowing when someone is not right and it's time to move on. A well ran organization with a true leader will be successful on the field. I want a leader that will take a hands off approach and let the coaches coach while giving them 100% of the support they need. Give them the tools and make it clear it is their responsibility to be successful. No AD can be 100% involved in managing the 19 teams that AU fields across all sports. They may know football but what about basketball, baseball, or softball. There is no way for anyone to know everything about every sport so the right leadership will rely on the people under them to be successful.
  7. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    As much as is said about college sports being about student-athletes we all know that is a stretch. College athletics have become a business and it is a business to entertain fans and promote the university. She has stints at Disney, Universal, and the NFL which are all top tier entertainment companies.
  8. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I don't think fundraising is as an important role for and AD as we like to believe. Who is the head fundraiser at bama? I can promise it isn't Greg Byrne. He is the guy running the dept but the money comes from the short guy running the football program. I highly doubt even 50% of a successful AD's time is spent worried about fundraising and it's probably down around 10% at best. If they are worried more than that about raising capital we have a major issue.We have 4 or 5 departments related to generating money through gifts and ticket sales. The AD's big worry about fundraising is having the right people heading these departments.
  9. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Of course not but you are hiring a specialist at that point. I am not against someone having AD experience but this isn't the same athletic department it was 20, 15, 10, or even 5 years ago. This is the SEC where athletic departments are now basically major corporations. Excluding coaches and support staffs directly tied to individual sports there are over 225 people listed online as part of the staff of the athletic department. The key is having a leader that can hire the right 30-35 associate/assistant AD's and let them run their departments to make the department as strong as possible by hiring the best possible people under them. How many donors and supporters would be happy writing a check to a department that is well ran from top to bottom knowing that their donation will be well managed?
  10. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    You don't think she has had friends in every position she has held? You don't get to her level without being able to do the right thing at the right time regardless of your friends opinions. It isn't always popular but those are the kind of decisions that leaders have to make. Personally I think the position you are taking about her not having athletic department experience is a little off. Working on the leadership team of a 13 billion dollar sports league would make her pretty qualified for a collegiate athletic department that brought in 137 million last year.
  11. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Do you not think that someone with her background could not manage our fundraising. You said here that she has experience in marketing which could drive the entire process. You cannot get to the level she has reached without having excellent leadership skills and that is the AD's #1 job, to lead a multi-million dollar department.
  12. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    You would not leave a board level post with the NFL to be the SID at AU. She is more than qualified to be the AD and it would be a good move for AU. Hire a highly qualified candidate who also would be a great PR move. Salary might be an issue here. I could not find current salaries but in 2009 Goodell made about 9 million and the lowest paid executive VP made 1.2.
  13. Alabama Only Team That Can Beat Clemson

    Perfect scenario for me would be Clemson beating bama by 40 and UGA beating OU so at least the conference doesn't look weaker to diminish the season AU had. Then I would enjoy watching Clemson rip one away from UGA at the last second to tear a deeper hole in their hearts because they thought they had a chance.
  14. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    A couple of guys whose names haven't come up as big losses are Ike Powell and Tyler Stoval. Their positions do not get headlines unless they screw up so it is great that we do not hear their names more often. Carlson is a great kicker but without the consistency these two brought to snaps and holds he could not have done what he did. One extra points alone they have made 195 straight good snaps and had 195 straight good holds or Carlson doesn't have 195 straight PAT's.
  15. On to UCF

    We will jump them in the final poll once Clemson beats them.