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  1. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    31-10 I don't think LSU has the front guys to stay with AU for 4 quarters. I think they will come out fired up and fight really hard but AU pulls away in the second half.
  2. War Damn Legatron

    Only 117 behind. I think he is good for 10 FG's the rest of the season we only need the offense to score 87 touchdowns so he can get the extra points.
  3. We are going to beat Ole Miss and LSU

    I totally agree. Suddenly we have gone from fire the coach and we are terrible and will be lucky to win 6 games to we are going to win out. Sit back and enjoy the improvement the team is making and let's see how far they can go.
  4. It appears that one of two players

    There really is no way to know the impact on our program until this plays out. As other teams we compete with get involved it will lessen the hit on us. The hit to the program and the black eye will be there but the same situation will be at other places as well. The UK's and Dukes of the world even if sucked into this will survive and rebuild faster but programs like bama, USCe, and OSU will be in the same shape we are.
  5. Chuck Person

    To me this has to look worse. Having an associate AD who is your compliance liaison for the SEC involved seems much worse than having an assistant coach doing it. He had to help out with all the one day investigations that were patented in tuscaloosa.
  6. Chuck Person

    The fact Kobie Baker was a former member of the NCAA enforcement staff and bama's SEC liaison on compliance doesn't make this look good at all.
  7. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    Sorry my math skills are not what they were when I failed my first algebra class twice!
  8. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    I'll go with 31-13. Two field goals to go with four touchdowns in a game where the offense is not perfect but shows it has made one more step toward playing well. Our defense is great but NF is a talented player and will be able to get a little going on a couple of drives.
  9. Chuck Person

    You are not giving us enough credit. Don't you realize a bammer grad is the AG and over the Justice Department. Trump actually appointed Sessions at saban's request so they could hammer our basketball team because we actually had a chance to turn things around. I have read plenty of conspiracy theories on Auburn boards over the years so there is no telling what we can come up with.
  10. Chuck Person

    I am afraid it will. First we have the issues in softball and now basketball? The NCAA is drooling at the chance to get down there and start digging.
  11. Chuck Person

    How long until someone blames Shelby for this since he is a bammer and is the AG?
  12. Worth Replacing Gus?

    It's definitely not wishful thinking and as the dad of two girls I hate that something like this crap even happened so I hope it isn't worse than what we have heard. I just have a feeling with the Title IX complaint and investigations into that complaint we will learn more about how things have been ran with the program. I would never post names on a board like this but there are people that have been around the program I really don't trust and don't like the way they do things. I also have no more inside information than any normal fan just my gut telling me something else will come to light. Having my first few posts on the softball board is just coincidence. I had lurked here a while and the board has really grown while the one I used to follow has gone to crap. The softball changes happened about the time I came on board.
  13. Worth Replacing Gus?

    I doubt JJ is the AD this time next year and I don't think it will have anything to do with football. Even though we have made a fresh start and a great hire the softball issue will come back to bite him hard. I have the feeling there are more issues that will come to light with some NCAA involvement and that will be the end of him. I am hoping Gus can keep the wheels from falling off this season so a new AD can have a year to evaluate the program and make the right decision.
  14. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    I have been down as anyone on our coaches but I honestly think some things will come together this week. I think it will wind up something like 41-10. 5 TD's and 2 FG's for the good guys. If Stidham can keep making accurate throws and our running game helps it may get the offense clicking.
  15. Part of not being retained at GSU probably has a lot to do with the University of Ga system combined Armstrong St with Georgia Southern starting this year. They had two successful programs and one had to be eliminated. I would imagine it was cheaper to keep a coach coming over from a DII school versus Smith.