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  1. I believe he was reffering to Clayton Bigsby.
  2. I have been saying this for years. Saban has my upmost respect for his ability to lead and build a program. On game day with equal talent I would take GM and about 20 other coaches over him. Saban has a process and a plan and once it gets outside of that he is screwed.
  3. AU- 31 uat- 17 Gus is suddenly going to realize that running the hurry up is what got him here. uat will not expect us to run our 2 minute offense early and by half time there D will be gassed since they do not have the depth they had in the past.
  4. I don't care if GM loses to uat and finishes 8-4. He is not going anywhere this year. An interim president is not going to sign off on him being fired and paying out that kind of money. He is getting another year and once a new president is in place the clock will start ticking. At that point it is win or be gone.
  5. GM is not going to be fired. The AD's comments after the BOT meeting yesterday give me 100% confidence GM will be here next year if he wants to be here. Green didn't give the dreaded AD endorsement of a dead man walking. He praised the coaching staff and the team and pointed out it was the toughest schedule in the country yet they competed every single game. He also said the more he is around the staff and players he realizes what great AU men they are and how well they represent the university.
  6. There is absolutely no way that Smart and uga went soft on AU in the 4th quarter just so GM could keep his job. uga has a loss to SC and they needed a statement win against AU to help their resume for the playoffs. The best case scenario for UGA was a 21-0 win not a 21-14 win with one Nix pass away from it going to OT with AU having all the momentum.
  7. It was a freak injury and was still the first half of the game. There was no reason for him not to be in there. uat fans are screaming he should have sat this saturday and the one coming so he was good for the Iron Bowl. The rust he showed in the first half against LSU showed why he needed to be in the game this past saturday. There is so much timing required with offenses now that he has to get work in to be effective.
  8. No I don't see it happening. Finacially it would be a stupid move this season. I am tired of having an offensive offense but for the future of the program I don't want it to happen. The buyout would put a very large dent in the cost of the new football complex. If AU wants to make a move wait a year or two if things don't implode and have that shiny new building dangling out there like a carrot for the perfect hire.
  9. Honestly if true this doesn't surprise me at all. Probably has zero to do with GM and all to do with Sexton. He has one job to do and that is maximise earnings for his clients which in turn maximises his earnings. If he isn't doing this he is not doing his job.
  10. I think the $7-10 million more a year they are pulling in by being in the SEC makes both Mizzu and A&M happy to be here. A&M would be much better off had they not over payed for an average coach. He gets paid almost a million more the GM and they will be lucky if they ever get a 10 win season out of him.
  11. I think is more about the design of the offense than developing QB's. I also think good QB's are more of a product of the player themselves than a QB coach or HC. If there was some magic coaching formula to help talented athletes develop into good QB's there wouldn't be a struggle to find 32 starting QB's for the NFL. (My math may not be perfect here but it's close.) 66 QB's have appeared in a game this season in the NFL. North Carolina St has the most former QB's with appearances this year which is three. AU, Louisville, UCLA, Oklahoma, Wash St, Cal, Mich St, and Houston have 2 former QB's that have appeared. The other 47 came out of various other schools. P5 schools produced 47, G of 5 produced 12, and FCS or lower produced 7. PAC-12 and the ACC have produced 13. The Big-10, Big-12, and SEC have produced 7 each. Harvard and Samford each alone have more QB's in the league than uat, Florida, and LSU combined.
  12. Had BW not gotten hurt he would easily break 1000. I see your point but he would have gotten there.
  13. Our outdoor lighting at work is supplied by leased LED fixtures from Alabama Power. Granted it is about $300 cheaper than we paid for the old ones but I have 7 out right now and they have replaced some of them already. They were installed in the summer of '18. If I am getting hit for about $1400 a month they definitely need to work all the time.
  14. I know there is a sophmore Juco kid doing an official this weekend for the uga game. Not sure where another "9th" could come from. Also losing players to transfers isn't always a negative. If they are not starting they are taking scholarship money that could be offered to someone that may be able to come in and compete for a spot. There isn't a cap on the number of players that can be signed in a class like football so if there is money laying around they can pull in more athletes.
  15. I wouldn't worry about a lot of movement through the '22 class. the 20's-22's were the ones caught in the middle of the rules changes. There have been a bunch who have changed around the country. One of AU's former committs just committed to UM which is the third school she has pledged to. I think there are more open spots for the 21's at big schools than I expected there to be at this point. Big time coaches are watching 21's at showcases this fall when it seemed like their classes would fill quickly.