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  1. The key is having 5 guys to choose from which gives 4 other factions of fans on here something to complain about.
  2. But they can. If these big money donors truly love AU they would be fine with that. AU was placed on academic probation with the risk of losing accreditation for giving these people too much influence. It had nothing to do with the failure to provide a quality education. It was 100% related to the sports program.
  3. The problem is we are still discussing the PTB after going through this in the not too distant past. AU got as close as a school can get to losing its accreditation because of influences and money issues within the athletics program. I appreciate every dime donated to support the programs. It needs to be clear your donation gets you nothing more than maybe great seats and a name on a building.
  4. You are really close. It was an avg of 12.8 for every FBS and FCS team.
  5. There is no sense to make. The same basic group that put AU's accreditation in jeopardy 20 years ago is getting crap started all over again. You hit the nail on the head. They have all the money they want so they are only looking for power and for someone to stroke their ego.
  6. First and foremost we are all message board junkies. Not a dang one of us actually know what all is happening. Things are never as bad as we think they are and never as amazing as we believe. The coaching hire also brought a culture shock along with it. There is probably more of a chance that the expectations placed on players are higher than they were in the past versus the culture being toxic. Change isn't instant and will take some time regardless of who is running the program. The vast majority of us cannot imagine how many kids on every team are unhappy with where they signed. Add in a coaching change and it can get worse. The portal just gave them an easy out and they are taking advantage of it. My daughter is a college athlete. Through my time as one of her coaches I have gotten to know so many girls that are now playing in college. I also know several that quit during their first semester or absolutely hate where they are. There is a difference between the coaches they meet during recruiting vs the coaches they have when they get to campus. There is a tough transition so many go through balancing school and a sport while being away from home for the first time. Look at the portal and this isn't just an AU issue. There is an average of 12.8 players transferring from each DI program (129 FBS and 125 FCS). Sports Illustrated tweeted Wednesday that a record 3,000-plus FBS and FCS players have entered the transfer portal in the past two months. This week alone, 173 players have hit the portal, according to 247 Sports.
  7. I would not say a total rebuild but you are moving from one set of offensive and defensive philosophies to another set. It does take some rebuilding to get the players you need to run the system.
  8. RHN1975


    I picked up an Oklahoma Joe's Bronco barrel smoker. Fill the basket up and light one side and I have ran it 12 hours and basically not touched anything. Really impressed by temp control on a none electric. Once you figure out the air flow setting for the temp you want it basically handles the rest by itself.
  9. AU by 10. 37-27. Something is clicking with the team now. We saw things against Ark we had not seen. The passing game opened up and hit big plays. We actually got pressure on the QB. I think the same things are in play here but there is also an added factor. Corral is a superstar and one of the best in the country. I heard someone talking yesterday and they mentioned his numbers when under pressure and he basically completes about 35% of his passes. I may have misheard but it was said that getting pressure on him is the way to stop their offense. Using a spy and having the line get after him will be a huge part of this game.
  10. One play stands out to me that would not have needed up like it did with Nix in the past. On the scramble TD pass against LSU he stopped and set his feet before he threw the ball at the last possible second. Last season he would have slung it while in mid air jumping out of bounds.
  11. Mine loved Fan Fest when they were younger. Their list of must do were Tiger Walk, Pep rally, Fan Fest, Eagle flight, Toomer's lemonade, and Little Italy pizza. Yes there are better places to eat but for kids you really can't beat it if you kids love pizza like 90% of them do.
  12. My first thought was Gus was back calling plays. First and goal at the 1 foot line and we pass?
  13. I think the rumor simply went up in smoke.
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