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  1. Gave me chills and brought a tear to my eye. Just like it did when I was 13 years old. I miss the guts and hard work that Pat Dye instilled in his teams.
  2. I've been on that board since 2006- I have always thought that guy was either a troll or bama fan in disguise. Everything he has ever posted should be taken with a big grain of salt.
  3. Malzahn went into half last year with all the momentum and 3 time outs in his pocket. He's scared shiteless of this team.
  4. thought he was a great addition to The Eagles
  5. We were 5-0 in 2014. Ended up 8-5. Sorry.
  6. I think our D kept it respectable, but I agree that the game was never in doubt. These 20 year old kids are playing a mid-tier out of conference team that they've never lost to. Were they up for us in 2011? Absolutely. But that was light years ago. I'm sure they're as sick of playing us as we are of them. And we've done nothing to inspire fear and respect in an opponent since then. 8-5, 3-9, 12-2, 8-5, 7-6, 8-5. Except for 1 year, we have been woefully inept. Everyone gripes about our record against UGA and UA. And rightfully so. But me? I'm SICK of losing on a big stage to other Power 5 conference teams. FSU, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Clemson, Clemson. It's embarrassing.
  7. Clemson got up for the Heisman winner and Louisville, who gave them a game last year. They didn't get up for us, because it's the same as Ohio State getting up for Vanderbilt. It's sad, but that is the state of our program right now
  8. Hello to all. I was "blacklisted" on the other site, so enough is enough.