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  1. Anything over the middle of the field and/or on 3rd and long. Seems like every team converts 3 and forever against us yet we stop them on 3 and short. So any play they run on 3rd and long lol.
  2. Great job Coach Harsin. Keep up the good work.
  3. Was ready to jump during GA St. scare. Officially jumped with the Miss. St. debacle. Don't care if it was one season, the poor coaching decisions made during winnable games that turned to losses just spoke way too loud.
  4. lol right. "I believe in Auburn and love it. Hey, see ya later."
  5. Dana Holgorsen probably gonna have a blast scheming this one. First play: across the middle Second play: across the middle Third play: across the middle lol...
  6. I expected a tougher more physical well coached team than under the previous staff. I knew it would be an average season, but as long as they fought hard in the losses all would be okay. Well, got a more physical team, but horrific coaching in the losses and the GA St scare.
  7. Besides all of this time left on the clock should be meaningless when it comes to an Iron Bowl. Remember the 1 sec for the kick-six? Why it was crucial to keep Bama's offense off the field. We needed just 2 yards to give them zero chance of anything.
  8. Because our chances of making a first down and putting the game away is way more than say 40 less seconds on the clock and Bama's offense hitting the field. You're giving them a chance. The point was to give Bama zero chance. Which is why the focus should be on that 3rd and 2 call not Tank's out of bounds. So you rather go against Bama's offense with time on the clock than try 2 times to get 2 yards? Got it.
  9. It's also easier to get 2 yards on 2 tries. Which Tank put us in, had he not bounced to the outside we would have been in 3rd and long and Bama uses their last timeout. Then we eat 40 extra seconds off the clock and give the ball back to Bama. That's the situation people seem to have wanted, to have 40 less seconds for Bama to work with. The point I and others are simply trying to say is the chances of winning are 99.9% if you get the first down. Since Tank almost got that by bouncing a stuffed play outside. He increased our chances a ton to put the game away by now having it 3rd and 2 with 2 attempts to get 2 damn yards. A good coach would see that as a great opportunity to seal the deal knowing you run a sneak twice or anything other than the run play that what was called to get 2 freaking yards on 2 attempts. Your chances decrease a lot if you give the damn ball back to Bama. Giving the ball back to Bama should have been the last thing you want to do no matter what time is left on the clock. I like the chances of the opposing team not scoring when they don't have the ball.
  10. I don't understand why people keep focusing on this particular play/down. Tank was giving a 100% effort to get the first down to put away game. If it wasn't for that effort then no way a 3rd and short exists in that situation. The play and down people should be focusing on was right after it. 3rd and 2 now and stupid coaching costs the game by going for a run play out of the shotgun that's been blown up majority of the game lol. You had 2 attempts to get 2 yards and blew it. If anything people should be thanking Tank for putting us in a situation to put the game away.
  11. Scapegoat. Bobo's part in the hybrid scheme was the successful part. This reminds me of when Gus would fire and get new OCs. Does anything really change? It's Harsin's offense since day one and will continue to be his offense.
  12. Agreed. The players played their hearts out and deserved the W, but the lost falls on bad coaching like the previous 3 games before. As mentioned earlier, some really bizarre coaching decisions made this season.
  13. Yea to fall forward and be pushed. Odds are you going to get a yard or so and not lose 2 or more. Or better yet, remove the QB and go wildcat with Tank. Least then he gets a running start than just handing it to him out of the Shotgun.
  14. And instead you rather call a running play 5 yards back in the shotgun formation when all you need is 2 yards? You do know TJ is 6'7 and can easily just go to the left or right of the center while Tank pushes him forward.
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