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  1. Still think it will be after A&M game. Gives the interim WKU week to rally everyone to get one last win from the season before going into the Bama game.
  2. "If only they would change the rules to just one half I'd be good."
  3. 3 year extension lol.
  4. Probably this: Cause it sure as hell ain't coaching.
  5. Give it to Monken and have him bring Muschamp with him as the DC. We'll have a good Offense w/ a heck of a line and QBs who actually get coached.
  6. As long as he brings Coach Luther with him. Dude had a mean defense. Great show.
  7. Brightside, it'll be over quickly and Gary Danielson won't be calling it.
  8. Apparently he laughed at the notion from what I heard. Something about not wanting to fill his life with disappointment. Sucks if true.
  9. Did the team celebrate the "victory" in the locker room? Even if Harsin could recruit, he sure as hell can't coach. As much as his lack of recruiting gets discussed, his lack of coaching (making proper adjustments) should be discussed more.
  10. Bingo. Going back to all the stupid decisions last season to ones currently. Dude cannot coach beyond his script. When we were up 14-0 after 1st quarter I noticed Mizzu had adjusted and knew then we were not scoring anymore unless given a short field and they would tie it up soon. 4th and 1 and you're in your kickers easy makeable area... KICK IT! As for the Deion being the coach. Sure, be great, but I don't see it happening. Makes me think it's going to be another "we had him ready to sign but..." stories.
  11. How any one ever feels sorry for a football coach that gets paid millions of dollars guaranteed whether they do great or take a massive crap is hilarious.
  12. Out of just two options: would be today's turd of a game. In general: I think the Utah State game of 2011. First game as defending National Champs and almost completely crap the bed with that scare. Took onside kick and scoring twice all in like last 3 minutes of the game to pull out the win.
  13. Lost, but won. Like many have stated, it's not a W to celebrate. I knew it would be a crap fest (look at my score prediction in score prediction thread), but not handed to us like it was. This team is so badly coached, that even the dreadful 2012 team would beat them. Cause apparently come 2nd half any one can run all over the Defense, and as usual no adjustments made to the Offense side. 2012 had Tre Mason so that's why they would have a field day on us lol.
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