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  1. Okay Karen. Way to make up stuff "threaten" lol. He did no such thing if you read the uncropped DMs. Which means, only a trash human would make up stuff right?
  2. The Freeze Burners? Freeze Burn?
  3. Love the hire. I think Coach Freeze will give Caddy a shoutout at the presser I imagine. I hope he goes after DJ Durken for DC. Be a good one, plus another middle finger to the cancel mob lol.
  4. Couldn't be more happier. Great hire. Way to not listen to the hysterical mob AD Cohen. Welcome Coach Freeze. War Eagle!
  5. Should be: Freeze Will be: Whatever the hysterical pansy mob deems okay apparently
  6. Fanbase should sue him for distraught. Take a good chunk of that money back and put it to an NIL fund.
  7. Auburn: 21 Miss. St: 35 Auburn plays well I think under Caddy, but MSU just has field day passing and it's too much.
  8. He's a douchebag Bammer. Of course he's going to say such things, he as the rest of them are upset about it cause they wanted us to remain bad with a bad coach.
  9. That wonderful feeling after you fill up the toilet bowl and watch the mess flush away. Feel good.
  10. Should TP his house every night since you can't Toomers because of him. Dude really is a turd.
  11. The BOT and Boosters weren't making stupid coaching calls during the game.
  12. Watch us beat Ark, Miss. St, and WKU and go to a bowl game without none of his help of course, but that those teams just lay an egg playing us that Saturday (minus WKU, talent should win that one). They give him another year lol. Talk about meltdown.
  13. Stephanie at Academy Sports. She can never keep a secret.
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