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  1. Can build an entire lego set back there with all that time in pocket.
  2. clwn


    Also the same Miss St team that lost to the LSU team we just beat and team that was down 3 scores to LA Tech. They're pretty bipolar and really not that great. I like our chances like said if we don't get in our own way.
  3. clwn


    Yeah, true to both of their defenses have gotten pretty bad. If we can run on them and just keep the foot on the gas much of the game in doing so keeping possession then we really shouldn't have a problem. However, both Ark and OM have dual threat QBs that can also pass fairly well. Those types give our defense fits. Say we key on stopping the QB runs and draws, that usually leaves some receiver ready to have a career day against us lol. It's like it's always one or the other. And if a shootout happens, I don't like our chances that much.
  4. We played a lot better than what the score shows. If it wasn't for 2 could have been TDs (first drive and the over throw across the field in the end zone) game would have been a lot closer and close games at home I like our chances. Plus the no PI call ugh. I'm proud of the team regardless, they fought hard against a much more complete team and possible champs. Damn I just hate losing to UGA.
  5. clwn


    Agreed. I only see 2 games left where we should win and will win if we don't get in our own way. That's Miss. St. and South Carolina. That leaves us 6-6. Arkansas and Ole Miss should be scaring our fans more than it seems like it is.
  6. I hate refs. More and more it's like they want to dictate the outcome of the game. Save it for the NFL.
  7. Damn. The route starts if we don't hold them on this drive since they get it 2nd half. Our receivers suck so bad, spiderman gloves wouldn't even help them.
  8. Who wears shirts to games? If you ain't shirtless you ain't cheering. *flexes my lineman physique self* 😉
  9. Our 2010 National Champions Team lives rent free in so many opposing fans and haters heads that it makes me love that team even more and more. Cracks me up.
  10. No idea what to say lol. Was totally expecting the worst at the end there, guess 2 decades of losing down there will do that. But wow, so proud of this team. Great freaking win!
  11. True. But I was playing along the line of if the rumor turned out to be true. Meaning our main RB doesn't dress out and it pours down rain would totally be our luck down there.
  12. If true, wonder if it still has something to do with being pulled last week? Either way, the voodoo of LSU away game starts. *rolls eyes* Supposed to rain to I hear lol.
  13. Why is this even a question? If you're smart, you start the guy who came in and sparked the team and won the game on a 98yd drive. If you go with the guy you benched you risk looking like a bonehead and losing the team. Should be TJ's job to lose now. I imagine Harsin is not saying anything about it naturally so LSU has no idea like the rest of us. Sure come kick-off we'll hear TJ. I'm more interested in seeing Tank redeem himself from that fumble and being taken out on last drive. I hope he runs for 150+.
  14. Auburn - 34 LSU - 31 It's been 20+ years since we've won down there. If we some how pull it off getting that monkey off our back, then I don't care if Harsin eventually doesn't pan out. Give that man a statue lol.
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