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  1. Working on contacting the Chick-filet office, anyone else have ideas (or a ticket), call me!!
  2. None of that kind of spam here...
  3. It was about 5 or 6 years before they started with bar codes. Pretty sure that started around 2003-04 season. Most stubs were taken off before then. You would be shocked how many complete tickets are out there though. Just have to be patient and not scared to ask....
  4. Ive got my Delorean's Flux Capacitor fixed.... it's never too late.
  5. sorry, it was killing me waiting to get to 50 before you could post!! didn't mean to hijack the thread, it was the one that I figured no one would mind.
  6. I already have a stub, looking for the Full ticket!!
  7. Hey there everyone.... I am looking for an old ticket from the 1998 peach bowl. It is the from the year THE TIGERS beat the other tigers 21-17. It was played on January 2nd 1998 and is blue in color. I am looking to find a FULL ticket with the stub attached at the top and bottom. I am trying to get full tickets for my father for all of the games we went to over the years for his 70th birthday, which is later this year. I will pay a very good price if you can help me. The picture below is what it looks like. If you have a FULL ticket or know where I might be able to find one..... please shoot me an email or a text. or 704-999-0163 Thanks!!