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  1. White but really never used the blue option til now. Kinda like it but not the dark
  2. Can someone put my AU student on that list.....just so she can get in the b-ball game???
  3. The cluster that no one wanted but everyone saw coming except ones who “make the rules”
  4. Holy cow. Somebody wake me up when this is all over 😌
  5. Sounds like the REC for years and years
  6. Just to be on the flip side, once someone is “established” as a 1st rounder, say game 8 or 9, why play rest of the season?
  7. I like these except I’d change #1 to....what’s the story w DD, in all honesty?
  8. “Posters” are not Nix family members, unless there a few unidentifiable ones here on the Fam. Man, please don’t ever let them venture over to tRant
  9. Just keep personal issues OFF public platforms and well, keep it personal.
  10. Just curious, but any insight to why Tennison left AU? Latter half, he seemed to be playing more and getting better. Oh well, the new college football, I guess
  11. bump, for anyone who really knows what is up here.....
  12. Good grief...attends AHS and tweets “University of Auburn”
  13. did UTenn change their colors full on halloween?
  14. have to admit, it does sound fishy. this is not dad's 1st time doing this..... edit: did not mean to sound derogatory or black helicopters here. i hope and believe he is all AU with no doubts.
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