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  1. Agreed. Our offense was called, at times, today just to slow down the game/speed up the clock. My point was Nix has his faults/has played terrible in some games, but IMO, today wasn’t one of those games. He was the only bright spot on our O. If shed catches that pass on sidelines and Seth catches the long one, totally different game...at least for a bit.
  2. Saying “bo isn’t even slightly a good qb” is hate in my book. We have hashed footwork to death. How good would Mac Jones be on this team?
  3. I don’t get the nix hate. He’s not Aaron Rodgers no but he played his ass off with ZERO help. Yes too many back foot throws, but that’s what you get with a crappy OL all the time. If his WR could catch and block (when needed), games would be more exciting. And please stop w the gatewood crap—he can’t even play at Kentucky the only 2 coaches we have worth a hoot are Caddy and Bicknell
  4. Then just cancel the whole **** season then
  5. and no way in hades chris davis runs this kick back 109 yards!🤔 while i agree, very improbable, but not impossible
  6. If we lose this guy...it’s beyond ridiculous. Do we even have a “true” OT on the team? I recall hearing some analyst say we have really nothing but guards. Bicknell, Gus and whoever else better get to work
  7. Just playing....but wonder if muschamp thought that!
  8. Didn’t know if anyone has heard specifics. I know Gus can’t (hipaa) and wouldn’t anyway. Hope this game kicks off and the construction Orange gets buried on Dye field.
  9. Thanks I’ll get him to try espnu telling him how to search on YouTube or setting dvr for sec network...not worth it. War eagle
  10. Anyone know when or where someone could watch a replay? I’m not sure since was on cbs. My FIL missed it and wants to watch entire game. Thanks if anyone knows....
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