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  1. paper shakers on wooden sticks?!?! say it aint so....WDE
  2. if he's that good, please don't let it be another ian jackson situation. how comparable are the 2---this morris kid and the bailey kid from gordo(?)
  3. maybe i missed it....but what are the family ties to AU? just seems odd that coaches who do this day in/day out dropped the ball?! especially since for the past 3 months all they could do was contact players. maybe we flip him in the end.
  4. anyone follow it very much? just curious as to how well its going. track scholarships seem odd after watching my receptionist's son over the past year. he is a 110m hurdler by nature, also can compete in 100m and 200 sprints. he was 7A state champ in 110m hurdles last spring, and he is a good student (made 25 ACT) while running track and playing football @ McGill. his college offers were from Miss St, Kentucky, Troy, USA, ULL, and host of smaller schools. a few in our office thought it was odd that neither AU nor bammer offered him---I told them it was probably a numbers game. I was just wondering how AU hurdlers have been performing bc this kid is legit. his HS coach said a few may have prematurely "turned their heads" bc this guy is only 5-10, and they want hurdlers to be taller. any insight?
  5. as i alluded to in the recruiting post, i love the depth but that is ALOT of freshmen to keep happy for 3 years. hope we can! i loved Ed West growing up
  6. not built the same but he runs like derrick henry to me.....deceptively fast. legs don't seem to be moving fast but no one catches him. in those highlights, its like he never hits 5th gear, just cruising in 4th.
  7. while i love getting quality players....if he comes to AU, what does our TE room look like? we suddenly went from 1-2 TE to 6? just seems odd, but in a good way
  8. just curious to my ignorant does one recruit drop (or move up for that matter) 40 spots when no practice, games, or injuries occured?
  9. thoughts, expectations?
  10. have to admit.....when i saw the thread title, i thought BO JACKSON.
  11. somebody should have asked him about apple watches....
  12. WR marquis mcclain transferred didnt he? hard to believe moultry and britt will be seniors
  13. yes amphetamines are schedule II. they are narcotic per se, but not opioid (as in pain meds). and yes to all of your other questions.
  14. to prescribe/give Vyvanse without proper consent, verification/documentation of diagnosis, and vetting patient thru the alabama pdmp, is ILLEGAL. i have to incur 2-4 hours of education every 2 years to keep my AL controlled license certificate. however, there are enough MDs involved in the REC that would probably put their license on the line for the mighty tahd (2 of which are in my group). Vyvanse is not a "steroid" and is very dangerous.
  15. if dad wants him at UA as someone stated, will dad get "the package" on his visit to turdtown?