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  1. apparently visiting AU, uga, tenn...i think
  2. amazes me that the Asante kid never really has played at AU. wasn't he a LB starter for the tar heels? he does seem small/short for middle SEC LB tho
  3. Look at his stats vs south cackalacky
  4. Vizzina not coming to AU, from I’ve been told. Really need to keep Geriner
  5. True...but when will “healthy” come? Calzada showed cant bank on anything being quick and easy
  6. As a consolation...good friend of mine is a cousin to David Langner. As you know, entire clan all big bammers and David was the black sheep bc he went to AU. Well, this buddy’s daughter and my daughter became friends in elementary school....my daughter converted her to the good side! They have been roomies at AU for 3 years and both will graduate in the spring. My buddy has told me that hat he never thought he would like AU, the town, and spirit as much as he does.
  7. Depends...last year some 5-7 teams made it bc not enough 6 win teams to fill ALL of the bowl spots
  8. They will play w passion but bammer will stack the box and play man coverage. No reason not to really. Miracles do happen tho!
  9. so....anyone confirm or deny if the RB Cobb was there last Saturday? TIA
  10. what to expect? i know nothing about them, except one of my daughter's friends cheers for them. i don't think any game will be easy for us right now. hope there is not a HUGE let down after last weekend. there will be less people in attendance and campus not as rowdy. hope we get up early and big, allowing Geriner and others to play some.
  11. All I’ve heard is that he was a QB at Oregon and didn’t play a snap in 2 years. He is fast and deer-quick. He’s very emotional and I also heard a few coaches say that’s why he was passed over during HS recruiting. I’m no expert and not bashing, but he does tend to throw bullets from centerfield. Hey we won, I’m happy. WDE
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