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  1. i hope he is right too....that new updated logo is just not proper. who decides these types of things? please ditch it and go back to our usual AU. will this be on the side of helmets? i know its subtle, but to old guys, this is a travesty.
  2. finally, is this some truth to the "bammer bump"?
  3. guy named spivey from south florida on radio this AM said he expects sanders to uga and dj williams to bammer. idk personally, just passing along info
  4. again, why do we believe josh moon and "where" does he get his supposed info?
  5. WHO would "other" be??? you have listed all QBs on roster next year plus a transfer choice. just curious, thats all edit: Cox is a senior and doesn't qualify😝
  6. middle daughter will be trying out for tiger paws in the spring for fall semester 2019. i will NOT revisit this thread ever again
  7. what is your opinion of T-Will? I have always liked Garner as a recruiter and coach, but this year's DL was a disappointment to me.
  8. BUT, Dean's int in our game and was quickly reviewed by "the booth" without a timeout request by kirby. just goes to prove the point more.
  9. wish some journalist would do a spreadsheet/table on targetting calls for the past 2-3 years for each team/game. that way we could see how many called against each team, how many reversed for each team, how many upheld against each team, etc,
  10. so this brohm guy....lost to teams he shouldn't and beat someone he shouldn't.
  11. Cole shouldn't even give PF the time of day. His advice may be better served talking to AU ppl in the works, not on goofballs show. just my $0.02
  12. quoting your lord saban from 2017 on his so-called analysts....."they make their contributions there, in the coaches meetings. They are really not involved with the team." seems rather contradictory, doesn't it? i wish someone could find the rules of these analysts but the rules are probably so obscure, saban and emmert could then construe them to fit their agenda. btw, didn't bammer go thru an entire year of football without a holding call on their OL? now, thats insane.
  13. sounds like a good guy and OL. but if he thinks AU is small, wait til he sees starkvegas.
  14. I pray KJ is good to go but Gus saying "hoping as close to 100% as he can" kinda scares me. KJ also played in seccg and we saw how that venture went. I want him and AU to demolish ucf