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  1. yes amphetamines are schedule II. they are narcotic per se, but not opioid (as in pain meds). and yes to all of your other questions.
  2. to prescribe/give Vyvanse without proper consent, verification/documentation of diagnosis, and vetting patient thru the alabama pdmp, is ILLEGAL. i have to incur 2-4 hours of education every 2 years to keep my AL controlled license certificate. however, there are enough MDs involved in the REC that would probably put their license on the line for the mighty tahd (2 of which are in my group). Vyvanse is not a "steroid" and is very dangerous.
  3. if dad wants him at UA as someone stated, will dad get "the package" on his visit to turdtown?
  4. if they score on us running a 4-1-7, we have serious issues 😏
  5. this is a nice play, but only worked bc the CB blitzed.
  6. Cord Sandberg helps with the play calling??? did I read that correctly?
  7. i thought biscuits showed up in the gatewood thread the other day...maybe i am wrong (certainly not the 1st time and wont be the last)
  8. wasn't this guy the 3rd qb who has seen action for OM this year?
  9. i agree to some extent, esp the older guys. but hard to find someone like T-will regardless if he's from AU or not, that is just icing on the cake.
  10. get norvell from memphis, keeping dilly/caddy/garner/T-will/steele from current staff and then let him fill spots as fit. idk, gonna be a cluster, but i doubt if gus survives now. does AU folks really have the $$?
  11. just curious and then i've got work to do.......can JG come back to AU if coach change is made sooner than later?
  12. i have thought about that QB too...could be more of the same (ability-wise) but JG situation was not handled well by Gus. and not sure why JJ is piping up so much....he was given all kinds of chances and was just not a big time QB.
  13. ^^^ my favorite one yet