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  1. lets see what DJ can do! i saw noah cain playing for penn st saturday night
  2. think any holding will be called this week on whomever is blocking D Brown? i hope we kill the gaytors
  3. just curious....how does a high school kid visit any college 10 times?!?!
  4. cool article for sure, but atmore is not in baldwin county 😉
  5. heard he was at uga-notre dame game. we still good here, right? i would take visits too, can't blame him. hope injury not serious
  6. wondering the same thing....all i know is they beat kentucky saturday
  7. injuries may play a HUGE role for us. i hope not, but have the same fear. really hurts that Hall is probably not gonna play...good pash rusher. btw, where has nick coe been hiding?
  8. siposs is not kicking 60 yarders, but his punts have NOT been low line drives either. the other 10 have to get down there in spots and make a tackle.
  9. clemson at home only scored 24 on the ags. clemson O is supposed to be the best ever with lawrence, etienne, ross, etc. kinda scares me that they only put up 24---either little mistakes cost them OR aggies are very good on D (i did not see much of the game). on an injury note, will shedrick jackson be back soon? he seems to block well for those WR screens/on the edge, puts forth 100% every play.
  10. guess i am too old school. most of this is nonsense. michigan st looks arena league or nfl europe. louisville with NO red. BIG RED with black jerseys (understanding their attempt, but a fail to me). Vandy = black and gold, so lets have grey uniforms!
  11. i hope he is right too....that new updated logo is just not proper. who decides these types of things? please ditch it and go back to our usual AU. will this be on the side of helmets? i know its subtle, but to old guys, this is a travesty.
  12. finally, is this some truth to the "bammer bump"?
  13. guy named spivey from south florida on radio this AM said he expects sanders to uga and dj williams to bammer. idk personally, just passing along info
  14. again, why do we believe josh moon and "where" does he get his supposed info?
  15. WHO would "other" be??? you have listed all QBs on roster next year plus a transfer choice. just curious, thats all edit: Cox is a senior and doesn't qualify😝