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  1. From Hoover..... got smoked by the bulldogs 6-1. Went w usual hitting lineup and only 3 hits. Pressure should be off kids by now, just let loose and play.
  2. if so, we may have more TE than WR 😝
  3. With all the unrest, just curious...where does coach stand in his contract? We seem to love to pay coaches to go away.
  4. This is not even fun to attempt to follow anymore. I just want college basketball, not a freaking merry-go-round
  5. Gave up runs in 7th, 8th and 9th unbelievable. Becoming very difficult to watch. Just think....what does butch say? I’d hate to be him but it’s what he gets paid to do.
  6. in regard to ppl talking about Hudson and his "volunteer" position.....did he just volunteer to do it and save AU money, or is there no such asst baseball coach position?
  7. @steeleaglebob jones is 7A HS, so largest in AL. pretty decent competition, although 6A may be more competitive due to shear number of teams.
  8. Belle, apparently, collegiate sports don’t work like that anymore. Much to my chagrin
  9. Certainly not bad luck. Just very costly mistakes. Somehow, we are going to run out of ways to lose a baseball game, and win 1! It is killer that nearly everytime we score a run or 2, the next half we give up a run at least. ZERO momentum.
  10. Then you will have 95+% of disappointed uneducated athletes, whom most will never be a professional in ANYTHING.
  11. @gr82be no banter intended but jobs and the portal are no where equal, to me. They may be to you and that is perfectly fine.
  12. everyone has to do it now, but this transfer portal junk is about to ruin college basketball, IMO.
  13. Any reason reported why the finkley kid from HT is not interested, or is AU not interested?
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