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  1. Kerryon Johnson will play in peach bowl

    I pray KJ is good to go but Gus saying "hoping as close to 100% as he can" kinda scares me. KJ also played in seccg and we saw how that venture went. I want him and AU to demolish ucf
  2. 2018 3* RB Kavosiey Smoke

    Don't get me wrong....I hope shivers is the 2nd coming of "lil train" at AU but rushing LB are more stout, taller and athletic than when Lionel James was there.
  3. 2018 3* RB Kavosiey Smoke

    remember tho, with shivers, he will not be an every down back due to his size. he has big play potential on occasion but will be used probably like Omac was---although his HS highlights show him enjoying contact (not running to sidelines like Omac did, but man, was he fast!)
  4. Tre threat transferring

    tre is a good kid and comes from good family. as I have said in another post, just not quite fast enough for SEC football. I haven't seen/talked to him over holidays though, so no insight on where he's going.
  5. Player Development

    not a professional evaluator by no means, but Iggy seems to have straight-line speed but has not developed/does not have very good vision. this can be coached somewhat, but also is inherent. as an example, look @ how KJ runs versus KP. we desperately need help with special teams.
  6. Tre Threat

    just curious, what do you mean?
  7. Tre Threat

    Tre was gonna be a tweener in college. In HS, he essentially played OLB and excelled but doesn't have the speed for that position on the SEC level. He's not quite big enough for DL either. I often wondered why not move to middle LB on run downs, like Tre Williams. He could be asset on offense, as he played some HB/TE in HS. Needs coaching and attitude to succeed. BTW, he seems to be good lives about a mile down the road and fly AU flags all the time. (My daughter graduated w him from SF)
  8. Arkansas wants Gus

    post ULM presser....I'm sure ol' Creapa will bring it up as he has been ordered, and when he does, Gus should shoot him down quickly and sharply.
  9. David Langner

    very good friend of mine is/was David's cousin. he was toughest guy you'd ever meet. mark, my buddy, said he was somewhat a loner and blacksheep in the extended family---most family were/are bammers and David was AU. but to this day, 1716, is a number used in some of my passwords!
  10. do we have concrete knowledge of who "sources" are? sounds like back-stabbing, mole-driven spew.
  11. Pregame Sights & Sounds - AU vs. UGA

    Pics are awesome to see....wish I was there but so glad my 2 oldest daughters are there! (1 student, 1 visiting her sis). Beat the pups into oblivion
  12. Would love to see my SF Toros play them in 6A championship! But we are kinda weak @ LB , so he'd probably run all over us. Btw, Toros up 35-6 halftime against Pelham WDE!!!!
  13. Injuries heading into UGA Game

    Was it Horton that got shoved badly on the FG block?
  14. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    wonder what assistant said this....
  15. Dontavius Russell

    speaking of REC, for those that want to investigate further....I have discovered there is a Mobile-Baldwin REC meeting on Monday Oct 23. don't now any other details, maybe someone else can enlighten us (are there any SW AL prospects due to commit soon?) yes, this is my 1st post on the Family but just thought I would share here, since I cannot post a new topic yet. BTW, D Russell came to north EZ @ conclusion of GA Southern game and took pics with my 2 younger daughters, and others as well. very cordial. WDE