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  1. Tank just needs to watch some Boise film. He will stay.
  2. My guess is several people had their own plan and we got to see them conflict in a public spectacle. I believe we have several boosters who picture themselves a modern day Bobby Lowder, but none have centralized control like Bobby did. I am not advocating for that, just observing from afar.
  3. Really wish we had been able to get Cristobal. Three 4 stars and one 5 star. https://oregon.rivals.com/commitments/football/2021 Kingsley Suamataia OL Orem, UT 6'5" 285 6.1 9/8/20 SIGNED Jonah Miller OL Tuc
  4. I would recommend to flash that he transfer to school like Oklahoma. He would get a chance to be featured in a passing offense and he would put up big numbers in the league. One year there then he could go to the NFL.
  5. And probably ending college sports as we know it. The workman's comp, Title IX, issues, etc. will destroy all the sports. The only 2 making money are football and men's basketball, the other sports cannot support pay.
  6. Still needs to get bigger. I think he was playing at around 275 this year. He is very strong, but needs mass to play OT in the SEC. Zierer was around 295, so he still needs another 10 - 15 lbs at least.
  7. MSU's defense is actually pretty good but MSU does not run the ball. As a result I expect a low scoring game, baring a rash of turnovers. Bo is bad on the road, so I say 20-13 MSU.
  8. One of his big flaws is he does not seem to believe in competition. Best player plays. Also, I am going to recruit 3 more at your position who might take your job. The most obvious example by who has run out at RB for the first series the past few years. Decent players, but not the best. On top of this Gus mettles too far in the weeds on who plays instead of delegating to his assistants. It seems defense has been somewhat immune to these issues as Gus takes a hands off approach.
  9. Yeah if Hamm goes pro, Coffey ends up at RT. He needs to put on a good 20 lbs. Zierer was the number 1 JUCO OT, so I am hoping he has talent. He needs about 10 lbs.
  10. I would like to see the following: LT Zierer LG Manning C Council RG Jones RT Hamm If Zierer is not good enough to start, we are in trouble at LT. Troxell and Jackson were not good. Manning was Ok at LG and flashed sometimes. Brahms has been manhandled at center this year. Council was pretty consistent, so I would put him at center in an effort to get the best 5 on the field. Jones has been OK at RG, hopefully he will improve going into his sophomore year. Hamm would be much better at guard, but this is where we are. He is the best option at RT. If Ziere
  11. It is always about the right guy. Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin, Spurrier at UF, Sweeny at Clemson, etc.
  12. Mounds turned his life around before he got to Auburn. Players followed him to Auburn because he was a leader in the community by the time he got to AU.
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