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  1. UF throws short passes trying to get WRs in 1 on 1 matchups in space. Our DBs are VERY good tacklers. That is the key to stopping them.
  2. If you know anything about Todd Grantham, you know he is going to attack the run game. They will blitz a ton and I expect they will test the middle of the line. Bo's passing numbers outside the pocket have been very bad so far this season and the middle is the weakest part of the line (particularly Kim and Horton). If they get pressure from there they will at least get Bo to move out of the pocket.
  3. Almost forgot - the 1987 Halloween game. Night game, 2 top 10 teams, and we blew out a rival. It was Halloween night, so tons of parties after the game. Great time to be a student.
  4. Favorite story I heard was from the 1988 game in Gainesville. It was 3-0 at half and Wayne Hall told Dye "Its enough". We went on to win 16-0, Hall was right.
  5. They won't pay the players for 2 reasons: 1. Title IV. If they pay the players in revenue sports, they have to pay the players in all sports. Not only that, they have to pay them the same. Most athletic departments operate in or very close to the Red. There is no ability to pay. They will be forced to end the programs or drop to lower level where they can compete. 2. Lawsuits. Lawyers are pushing for this so they can sue the Universities. Once you pay the players, they become employees and all that entails. Pro players are not employees, but contracted to play. The schools will be liable for workman's comp claims (in addition to a whole host of other potential lawsuits). Lawyers see this a potential slush fund of money. If forced to pay players, this will destroy college athletics (not just football) as we know it today. Most likely the college programs will be replaced by club teams like you see in European basketball and soccer.
  6. That is a recruiting video. When Auburn says it is family, it is family no matter the path you take.
  7. Simple rule. Never bring home anything acquired during a game in which we lose. As a student I would break my wood shaker and throw it away on the way out of the stadium. Can't let the evil live on.
  8. Ha ha ha. I thought he had injured his foot in the 2nd scrimmage but I could not find anything afterwards.
  9. Any word on his injury? Is he playing next week?
  10. Don't take my comment as a reflection on Bo, but I always want to see it at this level before I say it is a sure thing. If anyone has been properly prepared it is Bo.
  11. I just want to see him navigate the pocket with confidence and not let his eyes drop, especially when there is no pressure. Stidham's pocket presence was his biggest shortcoming. His eyes dropped quickly and he bailed often when he did not have to. Hopefully he is able to improve on that in the NFL, but it is really hard to teach.
  12. But it was funny when he was asked. During his stammering and stuttering he said AL did offer 4 year scholarships, but it was just a lie. Saban had many other "guarantees" to offer recruits that certainly boosted recruiting.
  13. "All 3 have left saying Saban can be manipulative and deceptive." Shocking. Tell that to the countless 4 star players he processed over the years. I am sure they would be equally shocked as well. I still remember how flustered he was at the press conference when he was asked if he would start offering 4 year scholarships after Auburn announced they were going to.
  14. Maybe it is just me. I have heard so much negativity this summer, maybe I am just over sensitive to it. I did think the comment about "probably" not naming a QB until kickoff was unfounded.
  15. "Malzahn probably isn’t going to name a starter until game time in Arlington, Texas, for the season opener against No. 13 Oregon." is not supported by anything we have been hearing on / off the record the entire pre-season. There is no evidence to support it and is just an attempt to create the aura of more chaos. Why no mention of probably the best recruiting summer in a couple of decades? Feeding the doom and gloom of the Auburn fan base for clicks is just sad.