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  1. AU/UCF Score Predictions

    UCF gave up 55 to Memphis in champ game and over 40 to South Fla. Those were their last 2 games of year I believe. If KJ is really healthy and KMart and Barrett get some meaningful carries to take the load off of him, then they will not stop our run game. Stidham should have his normal day of 230 to 250 and at least 2 Tds. Their quick tailback will have to run for his life in order to continue his collegiate career in a normal capacity. I hope we get good news from Holland, C. Davis, Stidham and KJ in the days after the game. I see AU- 46 UCF- 20.
  2. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I agree to an extent. I believe MM has some issues reading holes that open up. Just my assessment from watching what little I've seen of him. Think KM should be used more like Onterrio was a few years back. Still baffled why Barrett has not had that many carries. He is fun to watch and seems to have really good hands too. I do think KJ goes pro and KP was a non factor all year so we can look forward to Asa Martin and hope we sign one more 200 lb plus back as well.
  3. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Please stop the Kiffin talk. He may be a great play caller, but just as Gus, he is stubborn and not head coach material for a large program. I've been an AU fan since I was old enough to realize it, but AU has always been pathetic as far as Upper Management goes. Nothing leads me to believe they will hire a reputable or decent AD. Plus I expect Leath and Jacobs to break the bank trying to keep Malfraud.
  4. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    No reason to give him a raise or an extension. If he wants to take more money to go to a school where he will never be able to recruit against the regular SEC powers, then for the love of AU, don't overpay him. The offensive play calling after the first drive was Gus at his best? He ran KJ into the ground. That killed us tonight. A&M just got better w Fisher hire. Division is not getting any easier than it was this year. At least Mullen is gone and I bet in 2 years FL is a threat to GA again. I'm not saying fire Gus, but why give him a raise and new contract? He's mediocre at best. Politics and wealthy boosters who think they know football have ruined Auburn forever. Plus dumbass AD's that are just plain and simple Morons!!!!!
  5. The Trenches

    We don't seem to have the intensity. Good year regardless, but I wouldn't make Gus a saint. We lose, he prob bolts for Arky where it's safe and 8 wins are great. Play calling tonight seems like Gus' stupid play calling. He's not brilliant or innovative, just relys on trick plays and stupid screens. It's been a good run but GA is not fooled this time. Kirby is much smarter. Hate to say that because I live in GA and absolutely hate the dawgs.
  6. The Trenches

    Currently just before half, our O line is getting pushed back. The stupid little underneath screens have produced less than 10 yards. If our O lime doesn't hold up and we can't throw down the field, then we are done. Lots of adjustments needed at half on both sides of the ball.
  7. Stidham - Will he stay or will he go?

    He doesn't have the experience to go pro. Be in his best interest to play at least another year.
  8. SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    As is àlways, most games are won on the two lines abilities. I know GA will be much more intense this game. Our entire D is special and that wins games and championships. But, it is going to be so difficult to stop their 2 backs and hold them to under 50 yards again. I still think if we hold them to 150, we can win, but that stat will change no doubt. Now, I expect D Brown to still get pressure on Frohm, even tho GA has changed the OL up a bit. He's just as good as the 5 Star billing he was given. Our O Line, will have a tougher time. GA defense is very solid and they realize they played sloppy in prior game. I don't really expect KJ to be the factor he was in the last matchup. Hope I'm so wrong. Really think Gus ran him in ground in mid season even when we had enormous leads. I like Kam Martin, but he is much like OM a few years ago. Can't run between the tackles, due to his size. I do however, think the true frosh Barrett is the real deal. On passing plays, bring in Miller. He's bigger and can at least pick up a LB. Going to be much closer this go round, but Stidham and our WR could make up for the lack of rushing yards.
  9. Next year's team

    Also on the. Holland topic! As good as he has been, I believe he needs another year to fine tune and dominate. His stock will def rise after this season, but he would unlikely be taken in first three rounds. One more year like this, could raise his stock substantially.
  10. Next year's team

    I personally think KJ stays. Very few Rb's are taken in the 1st round like they used to be and if they are it is usually toward the end of the round. The NFL is now predicated as being a mostly passing league. Not saying backs aren't used, but they are no longer at the top of the wish list as they were 10 years ago. It's all about QB's, OL, DL and elite WR's.
  11. Injuries heading into UGA Game

    I agree Maverick AU. Pass protection means nothing on a designed run call. UGA and Bama defenses are best we've seen since Clemson. Yes, T& M had a good sack total, but regardless, why not spell KJ for at least 12 to 15 rushes a game. UGA has great backs and can afford to rotate them keeping them fresh. On non passing plays, let's see what Martin and Barrett can do. If they don't block as well as KJ in practice, that's one thing, but the bottom line is some guys perform better in games than practice. It is going to come down to our OL and how well they protect JS.
  12. Roberts graded as the best Safety

    Swagger is good if able to be backed up. Roberts has has a solid career. We need secondary to cover well against UGH, so safeties can be freed up somewhat to come in and focus on shutting down their run game. Make Fromm beat us.
  13. Injuries heading into UGA Game

    Don't want to start a new post, but here is my question/concern. Barrett looks really quick and somewhat tough when he's gotten in games. Since his redshirt is burned, are we maybe going to use him as a wrinkle or change of pace back vs. ugh and crud next three weeks? He needs more touches as does Martin. To me, that is crap play calling not getting them the ball and it has moronzahn written all over it! Thoughts?
  14. Intermediate Passes

    I agree. Canella has dropped a few easy passes this year. Want to see #85, Harris thrown to at least two times a game. We have always had good TE's until Gus took over. Bring back Borges, because look what he did for Campbell, a pocket passer! Stidham is much more talented than Campbell. We also must recruit a top tier tailback that is at least 195 lbs coming out of highschool.
  15. Score Prediction- Georgia

    If the following happens: O Line holds up well. D gets at least 8 to 10 Qb hurries and 3 sacks. Stidham has an accurate and efficient day. Goes for 250 or better. No more than 1 turnover and force at least one. Punter continues to punt well as he did vs A&M. Kerryon goes for at least 95 and Martin and Barrett spell him to combine for at least 100. No special teams gaffes. And last and most important, Gus stays away from the play calling. I see it 30 to 17 AU in a statement win. I will not predict what happens otherwise.