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  1. I hope it does help w recruiting. We may have to replace three D lineman and of course we need to sign a potential game breaking tailback. Wish I could have seen Gatewood more, but he is very athletic. Think Willis is better suited for a smaller school. Great win and the fact that Purdue beat OSU by 29 is no fluke. Beating them by 3 or 10 maybe, but not that decisive.
  2. I tend to agree. The HUNH will not matter w a pedestrian QB like Stidham. I hope he doesn't play the entire game and Gus at least let's Willis, Gatewood and Sandburg get meaningful playing time with play calls that are not turn around hand offs. But, then again it is Malzahn the not as good college offensive mind as small highschools in Arky. He better go all out. I would respect that much more than just trying to win a mid-tier bowl game. We all basically know he has 19 to turn this around and at least appear as a prepared game time team and one that utilizes the talent that comes to AU! With that said, I am going out on a twig and saying: Auburn- 33 Purdue- 23 War Eagle
  3. The New York Times is nothing but a glorified tabloid. Idiot Yankees who know zero about college football.
  4. Good one. Seems like we heard that before each game this year. That is all Gus talk.
  5. I agree. We have now lost a potential very good TB due to an inept offensive coaching staff. It will be the same thing next season. Gus has been digging his own grave for three years now. Last year was not really that special if you ponder it. He will likely never get another high profile head coaching job after AU. Something in his DNA just doesn't translate to a major head coaching job and it is the players and fans who will pay for it for years to come if the program continues to just spin around and around circling a funnel drain. AU is not capable of hiring true coaches and letting them run the program. There is always too much meddling from boosters and others like an idiot for a President handing out ridiculous contracts. Plenty of the schools that are in and remain in the top 10 every year have figured it out, just not us. It's a clown show and all of college football knows it.
  6. Agreed. This circus will continue until AU takes control out of the hands from Leath and finally rids themselves of Gus. It was blatant AU couldn't run the ball this year. So why not give a talented kid like Asa a chance? Did he not know the play book? Well, the OL appeared that way all season. It speaks volumes when parents have to point out to coaches that their sons minimal play has burned a year of eligibility. Only one word for that! PATHETIC. Just a continuation of stupidity and mediocrity associated with AU. I love Auburn, but when will it ever end?
  7. He's obviously a talented kid. Question is, did he commit to AU or a coach w zero pedigree for developing talented kids? I believe I've said numerous times in other posts, but Malzahn has no background in truly grooming QB's. He is an overpaid insignificant laughing stock of a coach/ leader. He is already well done and we can only hope we hang on to a few recruits. Think about how many 5 stars have come thru and flamed out or never got coached up to their true potential. Currently, AU football is irrelevant and very unlikely to change for at least 2 to 3 more years. Bottom line- It is and has been a very poorly managed athletic department forever. No decent coach in his right mind would want to deal with the crap, unless they are a highschool coach getting paid what the moron Prez gave him. The program has never been consistent and likely never will be. After 40 plus years as a fan, that is how I see things.
  8. Agreed. The HUNH which worked in 2 seasons for Gus, w Cam and year 1 w Marshall is not the typical hurry up other teams play. I honestly believe the O under Gus is stale and he is unable to coach his way out of it. It's obvious he gets 19 to try and fix things, but I also don't see Kelly Bryant as a piece that will actually correct the flaws. We do need a TB that goes 220 w speed and our O line is in shambles. The improvement by the line late in the year was against very inferior opponents. Generally, an O Line issue takes at least 2 years to resolve. I have zero faith Malzahn can bring the program back. We don't need 1 year fixes, we need consistent seasons being in the mix the last few games of the season and 4 out of 6 years, that has not happened. Our O is brutal to watch. No rhythm and no play calling. So, if everyone wants him to take over offensive duties, I honestly see nothing getting better and more top talent being wasted!
  9. I am close to this score also. Our O will do little to nothing leaving the D on the field, but our fearless leader will promise everyone the O will be much better next year. ALA 39 AU. 13
  10. That's true, but the bottom line is they will go where there is a coach they believe in, such as Mullen and AU is still left still reeling in mediocrity. I mean, we got beat by two teams, TN and MSU, with first year coaches. There are so many posters on this board that are split about Gus, but how much brighter is the future really looking, as he claims? Six years! This program under him is not growing and progressing. Just my opinion.
  11. I agree. Next season is already bad. Nix may be talented, but how does this O line improve in the off season when it has shown zero progress all year? That's where the O starts. We need Noah Cain, the TB to sign, but that is most likely a dream. He would just get run into the ground. The 2 best SEC teams rotate their 2 or 3 best tailbacks due to the punishment they take. Our idiot of a coach keeps saying " we are going with the hot hand", that is until he ends up hurt or less than his normal self. It's a real shame. I wish I saw the sunshine side like so many of the people that post on here, but I think the program is already set back for the 19 season and possibly 20.
  12. Agreed. He will be the coach , but I just don't think we finish as high as past years in recruiting this coming year. We are in such desperate need of so much and I for one just don't think Malzahn can turn AU into at least a consensus Top 15 team. I mean come on, the guy has had six years and the program really shows zero improvement. The longer he's here, the further AU falls behind the teams he has beaten and even further behind to the teams he is generally unable to beat. Think about it, beating GA and Bama last year really did nothing. They played for the Title and as usual, his teams were ill prepared come Sec champ game and the bowl game. We had 2 losses before this wins and then won two and turned around and crapped the bed the last two. Zero consudtency during his tenure with the exception that one year out of every four or so he gets a talented enough QB to run that ridiculous offense that is just painful to watch. So yes, we will lose out on high caliber recruits and the ones we do sign, will never be developed into the talent they truly possess! I am yet to see him develop a talented QB and take him to the next level.
  13. True but he didn't have to be very good and wasn't, with Herschel back there.
  14. This makes sense . Was listening to Bucky Belue on ATL station today and he was talking about the ways GA wins. Jokingly, I think, he said show up. He then went on to say they have to run well against us as Miss St and Tex AM did. He also said explosive plays and did not believe we could have any against them, as our O Line is pretty weak and that's even him admitting GA doesn't sack the QB much but that their safety's play a well positioned area of the field to negate big plays. Ok. That being said, I don't think we will be able to run that much, but I am thinking our O Line may be able to create just a couple of more seconds for Stidham. He seemed to have better touch on the ball last week. That being said, I see it AU- 19 GA- 30. I just think our running game and the O Line play are too weak this year. Living in GA, I would so love to be wrong though. Also, we need Sipsoss to keep booming punts away from Mecole Hardeman.
  15. I don't see where I mentioned his weight as 172. Nonetheless, he runs hard, but doesn't get enough touches in my opinion. Hope that changes this week at GA.