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  1. Just committed to bammer. He is 205 lbs but he will be 220 lbs before he sets foot on campus. Bammer knows how to play the game.
  2. Wow, had no idea Muschamp felt like that about DD. Every team needs a DD to keep them going. One of my favorite players. I also lost a little of respect for Muschamp over this one. DD should send him his All-SEC award, but that's not DD. He will be a success whether he makes it in the NFL or not. He just has the will to excel.
  3. The best was to see Stidham have a great game and our seniors that worked their rear ends off for Auburn go out in such great fashion. Happy for the players. They deserved a game like this one.
  4. I don't get overly hyped based on this bowl game. So much of the game is mental. I give Gus absolute credit for having the team ready to play from the opening kick-off. Purdue was not ready to play. In these bowl games that happens. It has happened to us on several occasions. We owned the trenches and that allows you to do a lot. It allows the QB to step up and make reads and good throws. It allows the LBers to make tackles in the holes. Unfortunately, there were several games during the season where we did not own the trenches. The OL played better down the stretch. I have constantly bashed JBG but I do think he coached improvement in the OL during the second half of the season. His recruiting issues will continue to plague us. So it will be interesting to see if this bowl game transfers to the off season and spring practice. I don't think we will play many teams next season that are mentally not prepared or that we will own the LOS. I hope that I am wrong.
  5. Grimes ain't going anywhere. Who do you think Gus could hire as an OL coach? His circle of trust is so small. We are stuck with Grimes for another year. His OL will be a large factor in next year being Gus' last one.
  6. HUGE Miss!!! We were desperate to get some positive news on the OL recruiting front. I hope Gus has enough awareness to understand when he is fired next year that bringing back JBG will be in the top 5 reasons. Nah, he will be too busy counting his millions!!! JABA
  7. I complained at the start of the year when Brown and Marlon didn't make 1st Team SEC. I was wrong. They didn't earn 1st Team SEC. Maybe not 2nd Team SEC. Have they improved or developed over their 3 years at Auburn? No one has more 1st round draft potential than Brown and look at where he is. He might slip into the late first round if he shows out at the Combine, but most likely a 2nd rounder. Has Marlon improved? Has Russell improved. Named one player on the offense or defense that has improved? We don't develop what talent we have and we don't have that much. Yesterday is what you get when you are completely overmatched. Our secondary is garbage. How many plays did out corners make? How many plays did out safeties make either providing support to long passes or coming up and breaking up crossing patterns. They are always late wherever they are. Just a very poorly coached team. I think some of it is due to the defense giving up with our anemic offense.
  8. He can blame the Gus offense with no offensive line, no running attack and poor passing route tree and every scout in the NFL would understand and agree. His stock has definitely been damaged. He did not show the ability to make decisions and step up in the pocket. I think he could grad transfer to an air raid offense and everyone (NFL teams) would understand why. How in the world would you trust Gus to develop a passing attack in the off season when he wouldn't or couldn't do it last year. Even with Freeze, there is high risk that Gus would maintain control of yet another offensive disaster. Why does anyone think the OL is going to be improved? What history with Gus and JB would indicate this? I bet he gets the hell out of Auburn the second the lower tier bowl game is over.
  9. It was BS and for most teams it would piss them off and they would remember it the next time we played, but our guys never seem to get pissed off about anything. 1. If you have to find motivation to play UGA then something is wrong with you and 2. Team takes on the personality of their leader. We are wussies. UGA was glaringly bigger, stronger and tougher than us. They would knock your head off and we arm tackle. Every time we made a tackle, their RB was falling forward. We just didn't seem to have the heart to lay it on the line. I think the team would follow Deshaun Davis to hell and back. Not sure there are many more of those on the team. Too soft.
  10. I would be thrilled with #7 right now. I am fearful we are going to lose some of our top recruits. I hope we can convince them to stay on board and let's see which assistant coaches we can get to try to turn this disaster around.
  11. So that's what a talented, well coached OL looks like? They are massive and get to the next level. Our LBers were getting road graded all night long and they have RBs that can take it to the house. We have Gus' buddies that can't recruit and can't coach. Our OL looks like a HS team. Hard to win when you get dominated at the LOS all game. But as we have always heard, stars don't matter. BS. And it doesn't help that we do not develop the players we do bring in. Total FAILURE by the coaching staff. Hope there are several all american OL transfers this year.
  12. I have 0% confidence we have the offensive coaches (OC, OL, RB) to improve this offense. The handwriting is on the wall. If we cannot run the ball on USM and Ark we will not run the ball on Miss St, UGA, and bammer. The coaches apparently do not have the ability to shift our offense to a pass first attack with short slants and passes over the middle. After seeing USM use crossing routes and pseudo pick plays I said USM has a much more advance passing attack versus our passing game. I think our D keeps us in most games (not UGA and bammer - both blowouts). We play Miss State close but they beat us at home. We will fight tough games against UT, TAMU, Ole Miss. Probably an 7-5 season with not much optimism about the OL and RB for next year. I think Stidham leaves either way after this year. Pros or grad transfer. He knows he needs to be on a passing team that has an OL and pass routes to get open. Sounds like the sky is falling. If Gus was a quality HC that cared about AU he would go ahead and start looking for a new OL coach that can coach and recruit and a new RB coach. But we all know that is not going to happen. I have seen nothing the last two weeks that show our offense is improving. Harsh reality.
  13. If your only criteria is to come in and start year one, we are a great choice. Unfortunately, starting as a true freshman is pretty unlikely especially with Gus. If your criteria is to go to a school and get bigger, stronger and get coached up to be a 1st round draft choice, UGA and bammer are much better choices. How painful is that to say. Gus has brought in retread buddy JB would can't recruit and sure isn't doing a lot of coaching. You think bammer isn't driving home that Webb shouldn't go to Auburn because we will not get you ready for the next level. Anyone watching Horton or Kim out there completely overmatched? Smith absolutely should have been a 1st round draft choice for us on the OL last year but wasn't. Gus had a chance to go out and get a young, energetic rising OL coach and as usual he went with what was comfortable - JB. Don't recruit that OL and this is what you get. I really hope that I am wrong here. Why Troxall and Brahms didn't get some playing time yesterday is beyond me. Yes I know that the coaches know much than me, but when you play like that coming down the stretch leading by 10 and can't sustain one drive, you start questioning how much the coaches really do know. We didn't steal JB away from USC, Ohio State, UGA, or any other power. We took him away from UConn.
  14. What ever Will does in life, he will be successful.