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  1. How the heck does UK have 3 OL on the first 2 teams and we have 1 OL on the 3rd team? And how does UGA only have 1 OL on the first 3 teams with all the 5 star OL they have recruited?
  2. My prediction for the Top 5:: Bammer, Clemson, UGA, LSU, Auburn
  3. Like Richardson's family being paid to house sit for the bammer alumni, I'm sure the bammer players are being paid to take care of the cars provided by bammer alumni car dealerships. I wouldn't be hard if the NCAA wanted to find out. But they don't. Its all about the millions being made by college football.
  4. Probably best. It will save a lot of bitchin and moaning posts about not landing Bro Jones!!
  5. Worry about the OL. The DL will be solid as long as we have Garner.
  6. We don't realize how much we are going to miss Marlon and DB next year. Those types don't come along often.
  7. Agree about Gus reactions after the interceptions. What QB wants to run off the field after throwing a bad pick and see your coach on his knees with a why me Lord look on his face. Pull him over and coach him. Give Gatewood a series and have Dillingham get on the head set and calm him down. Focus on the fundamentals like footwork. Looks like Bo likes to scramble and throw on the run but that is not a formula for success. Step up in the pocket and deliver a strike. Start the game with a few short slants to get his confidence up in a big game on the road. It was a terrible start and Bo's
  8. Amazing how similar Bo looked yesterday vs Stidham last year. They both scrambled at the hint of pressure. Both inaccurate. Our passing game is not about timing. We have no quick slants or passes to the RB or TE(HB) to off set the strong pass rush. We are clueless and make no adjustments. We do not COACH our QBs to step up in the pocket and deliver a strike. It is a passive type attack. We always seem to be on the run. Maybe because on 1st down we either run or throw the bubble screen and end up with a lot of 3rd and longs. Yesterday we had a lot of 3rd and shorts and our OL get obl
  9. Punt and kick-off coverage was very poor. We need to make some changes to our coverage teams and tell our punter to kick it higher. We will give up a TD return very soon if we don't make significant improvement in that area.
  10. Just committed to bammer. He is 205 lbs but he will be 220 lbs before he sets foot on campus. Bammer knows how to play the game.
  11. Wow, had no idea Muschamp felt like that about DD. Every team needs a DD to keep them going. One of my favorite players. I also lost a little of respect for Muschamp over this one. DD should send him his All-SEC award, but that's not DD. He will be a success whether he makes it in the NFL or not. He just has the will to excel.
  12. The best was to see Stidham have a great game and our seniors that worked their rear ends off for Auburn go out in such great fashion. Happy for the players. They deserved a game like this one.
  13. I don't get overly hyped based on this bowl game. So much of the game is mental. I give Gus absolute credit for having the team ready to play from the opening kick-off. Purdue was not ready to play. In these bowl games that happens. It has happened to us on several occasions. We owned the trenches and that allows you to do a lot. It allows the QB to step up and make reads and good throws. It allows the LBers to make tackles in the holes. Unfortunately, there were several games during the season where we did not own the trenches. The OL played better down the stretch. I have constant
  14. Grimes ain't going anywhere. Who do you think Gus could hire as an OL coach? His circle of trust is so small. We are stuck with Grimes for another year. His OL will be a large factor in next year being Gus' last one.
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