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  1. Awe, here I’ll fix it. Is that better? 🤗
  2. Coming from Tex and the rest of his puppets, you should feel honored Salty.
  3. Oh come. Lighten up. I wasn’t being a jerk.
  4. Just trying to fit in. Get Rhoades on board, quickly.
  5. If Congress was smart, they would bring Chuck Rhoades on board. Obstruction is immensely complicated due to its associated substantive technicalities. I guarantee you Rhoades is Congress' best bet.
  6. I disagree. Yes. I attributed it with the quotation marks.
  7. Are you familiar with Lincoln and the Ghost Amendment? The "first" 13th Amendment that never was? That's just one of the many examples that surprised me about Lincoln. Numerous other "surprises" also. I would encourage you to read some books about Lincoln if you enjoy that type of stuff. I think you will be surprised, much like I was.
  8. You would enjoy the full speech. I greatly appreciate his theological and philosophical insights. I find them quite compelling. Obviously, opinions will differ on that.
  9. Smarter than to say the town yokels are complaining about Trump again? **"Trump only loves himself." He is an "unhinged, egomaniacal lunatic."** A different day, a different thread/topic.... and the same complaints. Is it because I used the phrase "town yokels" ? Quite a provoking observation
  10. Do you have anything more specific? I think "support" in this context can be a loose term. I would disagree if you mean that I am president-disciple, steadfast in loyalty. To be sure, I am not calling for his impeachment. But I've been quick to criticize him when I think his administration should be and I have applauded him when I think his administration should be.