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  1. NolaAuTiger

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    Does Trump unequivocally condone white supremacist dogma? I would think an answer in the affirmative would be necessary to espouse what you purport.
  2. NolaAuTiger

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    This is what you said: “I don't know, but it's clear he is willing to overlook or accept blatant racism if he thinks it benefits him politically.  I am dismayed and a little shocked that so many on this forum are willing to do the same. I would have hoped we were all better than that by now.”
  3. NolaAuTiger

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    Because you’ve conjured it in your mind doesn’t necessarily make it objectively clear. Your take on it is based on silence. That’s poor reasoning on your part. Further, how do you conclude that others on this forum are willing to overlook or accept “blatant racism” in exchange for benefit? You’re free to make such assertions - but when you do, you should at least provide plausible support to accompany. Unless of course, you mean that disagreement with your assessment equates to the same “atrocity” you’re accusing Trump of.
  4. NolaAuTiger

    Why Can’t Trump Just Condemn Nazis?

    Would you find it objectively odd if someone asserted that Obama could not single out Black Supremacists as unacceptable becuase he didn’t want to disturb his base? Such an assertion would be absurd as a matter of principle, much like yours. Do you seriously maintain that Trump empathizes with racists? The logical extensions of what you purport and inferences spawned therefrom are facially offensive to white and black people who voted for Trump.
  5. NolaAuTiger

    Get ready for this lawsuit!

    New York plans to cap ride-hail­ing ser­vices in­clud­ing Uber Tech­nolo­gies Inc. and Lyft Inc., be­com­ing the first U.S. city to take such a step. If you need a subscription to the journal to read the article but don’t have one, just google the matter for further inquiry. How do you guys see this panning out?
  6. NolaAuTiger

    This tweet is interesting

    In your opinion, does “contact” suffice for collusion or does there need to be an “agreement?”
  7. NolaAuTiger

    41 Republicans Voted for Ginsburg.

    What’s the respective “why” of each statement?
  8. NolaAuTiger

    This tweet is interesting

    Thank you for the answer. I appreciate it. Please do not take presume my inquiry to be in jest. This is interesting. Is it accurate for me to characterize your position as follows: Collusion requires "agreement." In other words, you would draw the line beyond mere "contact."
  9. NolaAuTiger

    This tweet is interesting

    What do they mean by “colluding?” Also - if I have a drink and then I drive, doing so may constitute driving while intoxicated. I would think it would depend upon whether or not I consumed an intoxicating beverage as well as the amount of said beverage consumed. Until the latter are established, the point just seems minute to me.
  10. NolaAuTiger

    Why Russia Will Help the Democrats Next

    We want to help you.
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but (under previous admin) the spending slowdown was primarily caused by gridlock, not Obama moderating demands.
  12. Must’ve accidentally mixed his meds with fruity drinks.
  13. This is what you do every day, thanks to Trump 😂😂😂
  14. NolaAuTiger

    Top CBS Exec Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    Can you verify that stat? Do statutes of limitations have any bearing?