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  1. Oh yeah, you're moot. Boom shackalacka. (Messing with you Dub. Hope all is well)
  2. Really? Ha. Dude, you can’t manipulate filings. All court documentation is “government controlled.” I think you’re messing with everyone.
  3. NolaAuTiger

    The Democrats' Culture Divide

    And thanks for the edit, for real. Sorry.
  4. NolaAuTiger

    The Democrats' Culture Divide

    This isn’t the smack talk forum. Do better.
  5. NolaAuTiger

    Trump Appeals To Insecure Males

  6. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    Don’t worry PT. HV is just facetious. He’s a good guy. Gotta commend him for helping poor Homer out 😂
  7. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    I’m sure. You’re reasonable. Leave the cheap shots to Homer lol. You actually provide good counter views on here when you want to.
  8. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    If Kasich runs in 2020, he’ll have my vote before DT does
  9. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    Brother, let me put it like this - President Trump is a sum’bitch but I like some of what he’s doing.
  10. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    What do you mean by my allegiance to President Trump? I criticize him when it’s warranted. Am I a “Trumpist Hack” ? Hell I like you a lot hahaha. Seriously, I do. I still owe you a response on the immigration thread. I have not forgotten.
  11. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    Instead of blaming President Trump on your losses, how about you quit making dumb ass investments???? My portfolio is doing quite well. It’s a shame that a want to be lawyer is doing better than you. I only have a handful of investment years under my belt.
  12. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    So, old hag, why mention it? I can read you like a book. I demand better from you.
  13. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    I’m not. I still own you in those discussions too. 1 2 3 “Trump is guilty,” dummy.
  14. NolaAuTiger

    “No collusion!”

    Also amazes me when people yell out “TRUMP” after a sell off.