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  1. NolaAuTiger

    How guilty people act

    Completely wrong. This operates on the fallible notion that presence of evidence goes towards culpability. Your assertion is erroneous on its face. Sometimes the relevance foundation of evidence is conditional or collateral. Other types of evidence allow for permissive inferences in jury instructions, none of which directly prove an underlying fact. Read the Relevance Rules under the Federal Rules of Evidence, instead of shooting from the hip.
  2. NolaAuTiger

    Return of the Blood Libel

    Should there be consequences for people who illegally enter the country?
  3. NolaAuTiger

    Return of the Blood Libel

    America has never been against immigration, just illegal immigration. No one goes to jail for doing it the right way. The parents are not being forced to cross the border illegally. There's a right way to do it.
  4. NolaAuTiger

    Return of the Blood Libel

    They're entering the country illegally. That's a crime, you know.
  5. I'm not defending Trump whatsoever. I said he was wrong for doing it because mockery is wrong, but not merely because the guy who he mocked was disabled. Y'alls logic is essentially, mockery is condemnable when it's done towards disabled people, and it's ok when it's deserved. And I disagree. The world would be a better place if we didn't tolerate mockery, period. Part of the problem is that we tend to categorize it (i.e., it deserves public condemnation if the person being mocked is disabled). The only reason this causes fussing is because under an extension of my view, it means that mockery of Trump is wrong as well. And you and your counter parts won't tolerate anything, no matter how trivial, that has to do with Trump unless it aligns with y'alls own view. And no, it's not fair to take snippets of what I say and ignore everything else that accompanies it. I've provided more than enough clarity for my position. Hopefully you will one day learn to understand the views of others, and not whine when someone doesn't share your views.
  6. I appreciate you at least understanding my point. I understand yours as well
  7. There’s the “clear” logic.... You’ve failed to comprehend my point. So has Elle
  8. No, I’m not. You’re can’t impose your will on me. They’re my words and I explained them
  9. NolaAuTiger

    Return of the Blood Libel

    Why is it that the party that loves massive and burdensome government regulation conveniently turns into anarchists when it suits their need? Perhaps because they have no principles? Didn't you say you don't care about the laws on this subject matter? Legal immigration is what we want. Illegally crossing the border between checkpoints is what we don't want. It's very simple. No. He prosecutes people illegally crossing the border, some of which have children. Sucks for the kids but not his fault. It does not follow that all forms of immigration are beneficial, but by all means, post arguments for how the exploitation of the poor immigrant proletariat is conducive towards growth.
  10. The latter I suppose. Though I do think even comedy takes it too far at times, but I can choose not to watch it. I should've used a better example.
  11. NolaAuTiger

    Return of the Blood Libel

    Yes. We live in a police state now. We "tear the children from their parents and throw them in cages, then we punt them like a football back into Mexico." I wonder if this dumbass fussed any when Obama wrapped immigrants in tin foil. Nvm, forgot Trump is president now. Nothing else counts. Would probably be better to just let illegal immigrants come and go as they please, in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I'm sure Madison and his buddies would approve.
  12. NolaAuTiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    haha if i was in charge of what she wore.... nvm
  13. But seriously, thoughts? Robert Mueller has attacked the news media, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, for reporting "inaccurately" on the Russia investigation. The rebuke came in a court filing Thursday, which asked a judge to issue a 19-page questionnaire to potential jurors in the special counsel's coming trial in Virginia against Paul Manafort. Manafort, who's in jail while awaiting trial, is the one-time Trump campaign chief who came under close scrutiny during the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Mueller is preparing to face Manafort in a Virginia court on July 25 and wants to ensure that jurors aren't biased by things they've read in the media before the trial begins. In a footnote, the special counsel singled out two stories in The New York Times and The Washington Post last year, which indicated Mueller's office had conducted "no-knock" raids of Manafort's house. Here it is: The Times cited two anonymous sources "close to the investigation" to report that FBI agents had picked the lock on Manafort's door rather than announcing their presence before raiding his house. Many other news outlets, including the BBC, Vox, and Business Insider, then cited the Times report on the no-knock warrant. Mueller's office later denied carrying out no-knock raids, though until Thursday it had stopped short of attacking specific outlets over claims to the contrary. The Thursday court filing said: "The reporting, at times inaccurately, comments on the nature of the evidence collected in the case or activities of the parties. "Furthermore, the amount of publicity about this case is only likely to grow as the trial date approaches, and such publicity increases the possibility that jurors will form biases or pre-formed opinions that may prejudice one or both parties."
  14. NolaAuTiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    Of course it's not fake news that she's hot Anyways, not like the media would be falling at her feet and praising her otherwise. They hate the Trump family. Water under the bridge.