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  1. Recent record and distant accomplishments as "in the courtroom" ? Not necessarily, but perhaps you can expound. (assuming I understood your question correctly)
  2. I would make the recommendation primarily based on one's track record and success in court.
  3. What a legendary response. You are clever.
  4. I figured you disapprove of any lawyer on "Team Trump." Notwithstanding, Dershowitz is a hell of an attorney. Has won some very big criminal matters that will be printed in casebooks for years to come.
  5. CNN settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann stemming from viral video controversy
  6. You can barely see the spot on its tail if you look close. Redfish in the gulf of mexico (the one in the picture) tend to have a silver color to them. Whereas inland Reds are more brown/darker.
  7. I’ve been spending my days catching redfish and specks. Actually no golf in about 3 months.