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  1. You should see the government housing in Nola. You wouldn’t know that’s what it was just by looking. Very modern look and good amenities. All post-Katrina of course.
  2. NO, THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE, nor is it a discussion about that preceding comment itself. Expect a volatile ride in the energy markets. Investors are now extremely cautious because of the disruption. Prices have already increased drastically due to these attacks, which took place in the Strait of Hormuz, "through which a third of the world's seaborne crude oil is shipped." @Brad_ATX what's the move if you're on Wall Street?
  3. I was down in Cuba at the exact moment President Trump "unwound" Obama's travel-deal. Such a cool place.
  4. Says the dude who claims others are “an insult to our Founders.” 😂
  5. Which is exactly why we have the electoral college. Good points DK.
  6. That’s your way of saying “thanks Nola.” I am glad I can be your flower. Hey, keep your chin up. Don’t let what she said get to you too much.
  7. Now we all know why her post resonated with you so much. Don’t worry, we can get you help, little one 🤗
  8. Certainly questionable if done in his capacity as coach/employee. Side note: Anyone else notice that the author of this [poorly] written article said that the coach’s actions were “illegal” ???