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  1. I think there is merit to that proposition. What good is any law when it does not reach beyond the paper it is printed on because people ignore it, right? But your initial assertion as stated is demonstrably mistaken, in my opinion.
  2. To the extent you are suggesting law enforcement officers-"pre-body cam era"-had unfettered discretion to "literally do anything they wanted to someone and were immune to consequences" so long as they used certain semantics in their report, I am almost positive that the text of any state constitution written in the 18th/19th century--and courts applying same--would counsel that perhaps your statement is not accurate. To be fair, I agree with you that body cameras are of great benefit, both to the officers wearing them and the persons with whom the officers interact.
  3. @TexasTiger read through this docket if you have some down time. SCOTUS recently granted cert in same. https://www.supremecourt.gov/docket/docketfiles/html/public/20-843.html
  4. I am well. Staying busy but suppose that's a good thing! Good to see everyone still holding down the fort on here.
  5. Any other state would be sued for breach of contract?
  6. Oh wow. I had never actually read through his twitter feed until now. Bobby Knight/Lou Holtz 2.0
  7. Have family who raise Wagyu cattle. With steaks, you want to actually cook to medium rare, or even medium. The rendering of fat content truly separates Wagyu from other beef. Their diets are expensive, and its not uncommon for Wagyu to go for $25/oz. I hunt on our Wagyu farm and can even tell a big difference in our venison meat, as the deer consistently get into the Wagyu feed. Also never a bad idea to send some Wagyu fat trim in with your deer meat - makes excellent ground beef. As loof alluded to, there are different grades of Wagyu. We are hopefully getting some Japanese Kobe t
  8. I do not have an immediate response to any of the regulations that contrasts substantially from the OP, but I am hesitant to conclude that any of the six (with a possible exception to no. 5) would meaningfully "stem gun violence in this country," particularly in cities most saturated with gun violence on a daily basis.
  9. Thanks. Just trying to understand what you meant by, "Some Georgia lawmakers are trying to argue that the Bill only prevents partisan campaigns from giving out food/water, but that's not how the Bill is actually written..." Perhaps those lawmakers are referring to subsection (e), which as I appreciate is intended to be an interpretive provision regarding poll officers?
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