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  1. Well taken. I especially appreciate this: “We have relationships with a variety of countries out of necessity...” but that doesn’t make a particular country an ally, i.e, Russia. Thanks.
  2. In an attenuated sense I suppose they are. What do you think Tex? Edit: since to sense. Sorry I cannot spell.
  3. Tex, what do you think is the strongest admissible evidence in this matter? Let’s assume the Federal Rules of Evidence apply.
  4. In other words, you ardently disagree with my extremely brief assessment of Bird’s post: “Your opinion is spot on.” That’s fine with me. But your expression of that disagreement was unnecessarily acrimonious. It dissuades the recipient from engaging in a meaningful exchange, an exchange that you ostensibly want.
  5. Look at his response to my simple comment from this morning. Maybe the pain pills are doofing him up, but then again maybe not.
  6. ???????????? Talk about an irrelevant and cowardly statement. This only serves to underscore your remarkable ineptitude. I cannot honestly say I expect more from you. Surprise me and try to do better. Thanks.
  7. I don’t think it has moved the needle for either side.