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  1. Welcome to the Trump administration Nikki

    Too young to nap
  2. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    Probable cause**
  3. Another part falls off the "finely tuned machine".

    Yo Brad, now Trump "warns" if he doesn't believe meeting with Kim Jong Un will be productive, "we won't have it." How convenient. Watch, I bet this is actually a guarantee that it won't happen. I suppose it's a relieving statement for you (and I don't mean that in a confrontational way). But wouldn't you also understand my "eye roll" about this statement? It's just kind of frustrating that Trump stirs the pot on certain things occasionally, only to back off when the rubber meets the road. Granted, I think we can both agree that his tactic sometimes works in his favor, while also conceding that it's kind of annoying to those who voted for him (myself). Again, I try to stick with my base, but I've learned that he sometimes makes loyalty a difficult task because of his unpredictability. Again, unpredictability has its benefits, but at times it just makes me shake my head. Am I way off on my take? Didn't he also revisit the TPP thing as well?
  4. Welcome to the Trump administration Nikki

    My apologies. I thought you were referencing Haley, but was confused with the "he." Studying for finals turns my brain to mush. Granted, I probably shouldn't be on here as much as I am. First exam at end of this month
  5. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    I think law enforcement unlawful use of deadly force is rare. But when it happens (or when an incident occurs where it is questionable on the surface because of a ten second cell phone video clip), it saturates news outlets. IMO, It's the news coverage that influences reactions, not the frequency.
  6. Welcome to the Trump administration Nikki

    About "Come on... think Dub?" Also, who are you talking about has seen enough?
  7. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    This is all meaningless. You weren’t actually responding in the way I thought. You were being sarcastic. I don’t know why you even took the time to twist my words
  8. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    Sarcastic statement I get it. Makes your “standing” comment a bit out of place. On that same note, I didn't say it doesn't happen enough to influence how people - especially black people - might respond to such an incident as this. Rather, I said it doesn't happen enough to warrant you (Homer) proposing that they should be "grateful" they weren't shot - which you have confirmed was a sarcastic statement.
  9. Welcome to the Trump administration Nikki

    Obviously the "manner" of my post did not catch your eye.
  10. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    I said it doesn't happen enough to warrant your response. Let's not twist words. I just find it to be an odd proposition (they should be grateful they weren't shot). Like, what's the reasoning behind it?
  11. BREAKING: The author was somebody that went there on a Sunday looking to get a Chicken Sandwich, some Waffles Fries, and a lemonade.
  12. Welcome to the Trump administration Nikki

    And a good ******* resume filler, Dub. I would take a position at the WhiteHouse in a heartbeat! I don't give a damn if Hillary's fat butt was in Office. Come on... think Dub
  13. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    the primary cause for the backlash - any form of racism is fundamentally against modern tenants of our Nation's values.
  14. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    It doesn't happen enough that black people should be "grateful" every time they encounter a Cop without being shot to warrant the response you gave. Bad form Homer, and bad form on my part before edit. Do those thoughts run through your head whenever a cop encounters a black person?