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  1. NolaAuTiger

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Fire Gus and offer Bill Belichick $35M/year
  2. NolaAuTiger

    The Stock Market

    Why such a small amount? 😎
  3. Thank you for this!! Unfortunately, he is blinded by delusion.
  4. NolaAuTiger

    So which moron buys this?

  5. NolaAuTiger

    So which moron buys this?

    More embarrassing that he’s owning you liberals. You’d “think” he’s a pushover. Can’t wait to rub the primaries in your little face 😂😂😂
  6. You’re still addressing me. Do not chat unless chatted to. Got it? This your final warning.
  7. You’re still chatting. Notice how no one other than Elle is amused/entertained by you? Don’t engage me unless I engage you first. Understood?
  8. So do I just have to find one “competent” sentence? Paragraph? How does this work?
  9. NolaAuTiger

    The Stock Market

    “40 years of investment experience” ha!!!!! You made a patently false statement. Own it.