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  1. This is embarrassing if true. Pull the trigger on whoever is responsible:
  2. So sick of this incompetence!!!!!!! His ass shouldn’t be on campus!!!!!!!!! FIRE HIM!!!!!
  3. Overtime with Mizzou should be sufficient "for cause" to fire without pay.
  4. It just amazes me. You would never find such outrageous terms in any other line of business.
  5. Sports = the only realm of life where contracts are this overwhelmingly one-sided and stupid. @Didba
  6. I know Trump signs in yards are not "people," but give @homersapiena few Bud Lights and then put him behind the steering wheel of his John Deer . . . those signs might not make it through the night.
  7. Lol. Jennifer and Huff Po need Trump back in office, for their own well being at the very least.
  8. When I was in law school, I successfully represented a family from Turkey who was seeking asylum here in the United States. When the Court granted judgment in our favor, it was one of the happiest moments I’ve ever had. With that said, you do raise an interesting issue, and one I had to maneuver around for my Turkish asylum seekers. A lot of people don’t realize that asylum seekers who travel to America are not entitled to relief if, in the process, they spend a requisite amount of time in another country that offers safe harbor. While that alone doesn’t make them “law breakers” when they show up at entry, in most cases it does forfeit their right to successfully claim asylum in the US… unless they have a brilliant lawyer. 😎
  9. Okay, then just assume you had only two choices: (1) the people, through their elected representatives; or (2) an unelected Supreme Court majority.
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