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  1. WarEagleJersey

    2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    I think you said it best... not playing on the national circuit certainly has hurt his stock. But you and I can both agree, ESPN’s rankings are the worst of the power rankings.
  2. WarEagleJersey

    All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    So let me get this straight... I responded to everything in Bird's original post, in which you just went into more detail about covering everything I've already covered, and yet you're still going to say "I don't think you really read what Bird wrote"? This is why I am defending my position that I "didn't read his entire post". We're talking about 5 sentences. The rhetoric that "You didn't read everything he wrote" is pretty juvenile in a 5 sentence post, in which I covered everything he wrote. I think what he wrote was a little misrepresented and also not fully understanding Mikey's post. So I defended it. That is all. Just because somebody disagrees with someone and calls them out for saying something that was borderline wrong, doesn't mean the army has to defend it's leader. And @lionheartkc, thanks for the post count reminder. It would BEHOOVE me to know who I'm talking to, or I could just look at the profile and see hes a moderator. :eyeroll:
  3. WarEagleJersey

    2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    Whats crazy is he actually dropped 16 spots in their new (and final) rankings. Really interesting that he's a top-75 player in Rivals and #276 in 24/7
  4. WarEagleJersey

    All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Another person comes to the defense of a post that bears little comprehension. Ten person army defending this guy... Below is the full quote from Bird. Bolded is the text quote I took. Explain how I took it out of context. Go ahead. Explain. That simplified text pretty much explains his point. There's no way it could be taken "out of context". Explain...
  5. WarEagleJersey

    All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Actually it's not, based on the original text quote. Context is key and you clearly don't have it. The original statement made by Bird was simplified to the above text, and nobody can deny my position in this conversation.
  6. WarEagleJersey

    All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Me: You: Bird:
  7. WarEagleJersey

    All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Kyle Davis did not just play the "Big Slot" role. That just happened to be the position most fans saw him succeed at. What Mikey is trying to say is, when you add another player to the offense, you need to consider taking reps away. I dont think anyone is saying McClain shouldn't have played more, and this idea is of importance on our minds because of his catch against UCF. Lets also not act like Cannella played all that much too. Once Lindsay saw his drops, he was riding the pine.
  8. WarEagleJersey

    If You're Not in the Loveliest Village...

    Philadelphia, PA
  9. WarEagleJersey

    next Head Coach

    This is an opinion article and should in no way be considered fact. Or else, he probably wouldn't be coaching currently...
  10. WarEagleJersey

    next Head Coach

    Greg Schiano would be an excellent hire! Was the HC at Rutgers and brought them from a dump to top-10 team (look at what they were before and after he left). NFL experience (although not great, like Saban). Excellent recruiter, can do it nationally but keys are Florida and East Coach. Coaching under one of best coaches ever. Passionate dude and easy to get along with.